Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses. - Ann Landers

No one can convince me that Marinette wouldn’t do it for Adrien!


“[…] Fred Astaire is all about sex, really - the kind women most dream of. He had a way of seeming as if he were trying to please his partner as much as himself, an intensely ardent and affectionate way of looking at her. He also was forceful and gentle at the same time; he dominated without being domineering about it and the result was unique […]” (x)


It was only a matter of time before I did a dark path AU, specifically because as soon as I saw a certain scene in the movie my mind spawned a lot of “WHAT IF-” questions, so here we finally are. There’s also some notes on the pics themselves if you full view.

Basic rundown: Tadashi survives the fire and arrives back in San Fransokyo after a 2 year coma to find that all is not well. In his obsession and want for revenge against Yokai, Hiro has fallen to the dark path of things, and has taken his friends with him. Forced to take a stand and fight against his best friends and little brother, Tadashi works to discover the truth behind this madness, and ultimately put a stop to it.

I’ll explain more overtime, kinda like I did with armordashiAU ahahah, also here’s a ref sheet for Tadashi that I did a while back (and yes his gauntlets are based off these cool things):

To all you Hux lovers out there

Headcanons that you do NOT want to imagine:

- do nOT imagine Hux’s parents marrying simply because of power and money, with no love involved, and having sex literally enough times only to have ONE child, because praised families need to have heirs.

- do nOT imagine Hux being a small baby, born in a family that has no love, and the only thing he receives from his parents that comes from a place of love is his first name.

- do nOT imagine tiny baby Hux being taken care of by droids because his parents simply don’t have time and don’t care that much about him. They check on him sometimes when he’s sick but that’s it.

- do nOT imagine baby Hux crying because babies cry and instead of his mother or father arriving, a droid comes in and takes him into his arms to put him to sleep.

- do nOT imagine Hux being trained since he was little not to cry and respect each and every order he’s given.

- do nOT imagine Hux’s father putting him inside a dark room whenever he cries, and not letting him out until he has stopped.

- do nOT imagine Hux never being taught to apologise after walking out of the room. He’s just taught to accept his place and learn from the experience.

- do nOT imagine Hux never crying since he was three.

- do nOT imagine Hux being used as his father’s experiments to see if his program really works.

- do nOT imagine Hux’s mother always watching and never changing her cold stares to the boy she created.

- do nOT imagine Hux’s parents calling him Hux instead of his first name because he shouldn’t have anything that is his, not even his first name.

- do nOT imagine Hux’s father leaving a seven years old Hux in Snoke’s hands to train and never ever seeing him again after that.

- do nOT imagine teenager Hux forgetting he has a first name at all (because everyone calls him Hux now) and only remembering when he finds a small drawing he had made of him and his parents with their first names under each sticky figure.

- do nOT imagine Hux having dreams of a perfect family while he trains to be the most feared general of all time in the first order.

- do nOT imagine Hux finishing his training and letting go of all the things that reminded him of the family he never had, by burning all the drawings and pictures.

- do nOT imagine Hux finally giving up and admiring that he’s /Hux/ and he will never be anything else by the exact machine the First Order wanted him to be.

- do nOT imagine Hux actually forgetting his first name until one day when that stupid, ridiculous excuse of knight Kylo Ren /calls/ him by his first name.

- do nOT imagine the nightmares coming back to hunt him.

- do nOT imagine Hux’s first name being the thing that breaks him out of that brainwashing the first order did to him.

- and especially do not IMAGINE a happy ending where Hux and Kylo go to the light side and it’s not more Hux and Kylo because everyone calls Hux is first name and he feels free because it’s him and Ben and everything is finally on place.

I don’t have a life


How ridiculous… So many pathetic creatures, scattered across a handful of islands, drifting on this sea like fallen leaves on a forgotten pool… What can they possibly hope to achieve? Don’t you see? All of you…Your gods destroyed you!

Everyone wants to talk about Kylo being groomed from a young age, but like so was Hux you guys.

Maybe he didn’t have literal voices messing with his head, but that’s because he was BORN into all the evil shit. His dad was a part of the empire, hand picking cadets to train to be champions of the empire. Like… His son becoming the general of the First Order is not a coincidence. Hux likely had no childhood whatsoever. Think of how ruthless Brendol Hux’s training for Commandant’s Cadets had to have been. Like, the initiation was to kill another cadet and make it look like an accident. That’s the initiation. These were kids who were supposed the best of the best for the empire to regrow. You think the Commandant’s son is gonna get off easy? Like once he was out of the womb, no doubt baby Hux was immediately started in training. Like, Kylo was seduced by the dark side, sure, but Hux had it beaten into him. Probably literally, since no kid is going to pop out as a perfect solider and strategist. Commandant Hux is the man who said “coddling weaknesses would prevent the development of a strong herd.” There’s no way he would’ve let his son have ANY weakness. Young Hux grew up in the Unknown Regions with a father who was so hellbent on the glory of the empire. Ben Solo got pulled into the dark side, definitely, but Hux grew up in it. He had no chance for goodness.

N2° AHBL 6 2015 - Jensen Ackles
Photo credit goes to the amazing Redteekal