In honour of my finishing the final chapter of Insatiable, and sending it over to my wonderful beta Rosie to review before it is posted, I decided to spend my afternoon revamping my Insatiable side blog. Here, you can find all edits/chapter updates/asks/spoilers/headcanons and AUs for my JW fic so feel free to follow and get in touch if you have any questions about the fic, about Ellis, or if you just want to chat about your love for Jurassic Park in general. 

I just want to say thank you to everyone that has followed Insatiable for as long as you have, who has stuck with Ellis and her story. Thank you for helping me through the past two years of writers block hell and seeing the other side with me. You guys are all amazing.


Related to this incident a few days ago where I was f-r-e-a-k-i-n-g o-u-t that I couldn’t sign in for two hours #dramallamas

I’m sorry, Seven, but imma still go for Juju so just wait. Your. TURN. B O I .


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“I was talking with my friends and I told them, ‘If you want to write something on my grave, it should be ‘empathy.’’ I’m always working towards empathy, even with the characters who do wrong. Audiences usually put themselves in the shoes of the good characters. They never put themselves in the shoes of the person who has done something wrong. And there is no challenge when you put yourselves in the shoes of the good people. The films where characters are heroic and do lots of great things are satisfying and comfortable to audiences. But I want audiences to put themselves in the shoes of characters who have done something wrong. In order to do that, I have to create empathy for the character. And [the audience] can then ask themselves, if I were in his shoes would I do the same thing or not? And if I were to do that, what decisions would I make after that? This is kind of an excuse for the audience to make self-realizations.” — Asghar Farhadi

Read: Everybody Has Their Reasons: An Interview with Asghar Farhadi, by Matthew Eng


“A bitter ending is better than an endless bitterness.”

About Elly (dir. Asghar Farhadi, 2009)

One of the best film I’ve watched in a very long time. Farhadi’s control over his script is praiseworthy and allows him to build a constant state of tension and confusion until the very last shot of the film. And what a great cast too.

Your fave is problematic: Liam Kosta
  • refuses to wear a goddamn shirt for his big emotional character-building monologue
  • sir your abs are distracting
  • do I need to up the thermostat, your nips could take my eye out
  • this is like James doing pull-ups during his intro scene all over again
  • send help