about hamilton

Hamilton was so so great, y’all. Like, my boys didn’t notice how much time passed and everyone thought it was hilarious–so much funnier than you catch from a cast album. That was exactly what I was trying to explain to my kids on our way to Chicago. Live theater just isn’t the same as other mediums.

It did make me miss being on stage.

I forgot my dress shoes for the show, so ended up wearing my combat boots with my knee length skirt and sparkly shirt. All black, of course. With my blue hair it was a little more punky/gothy/something than I originally intended, but it was obviously meant to be.

The best thing was watching my kids talk about the show after. They were both excited, but my 10yo had a certain “this has changed my whole life” air to the way he spoke. I attended a concert like that when I was about his age– Yo-Yo-
Ma was the artist who made me a professional musician. Maybe Lin-Manuel Miranda is that artist for my kid.


As an artist, you need something in your creative bank to understand different sensations, to be able to project them and play them convincingly on screen or stage. ‘The exile’ was added to this bank account of sensations and emotions I have. I can use this as an actor now.       

                 Happy Birthday Golshifteh Farahani! (10 July 1983)


I just hear the news about Nelsan Ellis and I became so sad at the though of him gone.

I seen him in another shows, but True Blood is one of my favorites shows and his character is one of my favorites.
Nelsan Ellis did an amazing job with Lafayette and send a very nice message to the viewers: be who you want to be, no matter what, even if shit happens, you rise up stronger, cos’ you are the baddest bitch in town.

So with this post I don’t want people to grieve, I want to celebrate his life and encourage you to be whatever you want, look however you want and love yourself and anyone else.

R.I.P sweet boy
With love D. ❤


“A bitter ending is better than an endless bitterness.”

About Elly (dir. Asghar Farhadi, 2009)

One of the best film I’ve watched in a very long time. Farhadi’s control over his script is praiseworthy and allows him to build a constant state of tension and confusion until the very last shot of the film. And what a great cast too.


What do you want from me? Admit that you wanted to get rid of me the whole time. Tommy knows this area better than- Agh, fuck that- Well, I’m sorry, I trust him better than I trust myself. Stop with the bullshit. What are you so afraid of? That I’m gonna end up like Sam? I can’t get infected! I can take care of myself. How many close calls have we had? Well, we seem to be doing alright so far. And now you’ll be doing even better with Tommy! I’m not her, you know. What? Maria told me about Sarah. And I- Ellie! You are treading on some mighty thin ice here. I’m sorry about your daughter, Joel, but I have lost people too. You have no idea what loss is. Everyone I have cared for has either died or left me. Everyone - fucking except for you! So don’t tell me that I would be safer with someone else because the truth is I would just be more scared. You’re right… You’re not my daughter, and I sure as hell ain’t your dad. And we are going our separate ways.

every time the media tries to navigate the complicated system of relationships in hollywood they always get it WRONG. like taylor dated harry and harry made out with kendall on a yatch (among several other places) but kendall was never friends with taylor. she’s friends with taylor’s friend gigi who dated joe who taylor and demi also dated. and demi was childhood friends with selena until she became best friends with taylor, so demi hates taylor and shaded her (and essentially every person in this planet) mulitple times. and selena dated joe’s brother nick, who is good friends with demi and also dated miley, who was demi’s best friend and never liked selena, probably they both dated nick. but miley’s smoking weed and engaged to liam, so she’s kind of irrelevant to the social circle now… as is a guy who’s name is also taylor, who both selena and taylor, who are best friends, dated. but more importantly, selena also had a thing with niall, who is in a band with harry and was interested in demi. niall also had a thing (SEX) with ellie, meanwhile ellie was  seeing ed, who wrote a very defamatory song about the incident. and ellie remains friends with taylor even though taylor is best friends with ed, who’s also friends with harry and wrote songs for justin, who’s selena’s ex. and justin also had a thing with kendall and kendall’s friend hailey. hailey is also friends with gigi who is now dating zayn who was in harry’s band and selena said she was open to dating but never did. and gigi’s ex cody is also friends with justin. zayn also feuded with taylor’s ex calvin, who is friends with ellie. and both gigi and taylor are friends with cara who selena may or may not have dated. but cara definitely dated harry, who again is taylor’s ex. and now selena has a thing with abel, who dated gigi’s sister bella, but bella was never really friends with selena or taylor. they were just in the same social circles…. is that so hard to get????