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I once read a "very short introduction to" book about sleep/dreaming and every single scientist HATES Freud. They despise him. They talk about how much they hate him even when it's unrelated.

God, I need to read this book. Freud bashing is my jam. I want it on my tombstone when I die. ‘Could not stand to exist in the same world that produced Freud for a moment longer’.

concept: me, sitting curled up in a comfy armchair, wrapped snugly in a thick blanket. there’s a mug of tea on the table beside me and a sleepy cat purring in my lap. i have all the time in the world to read books about wlw history


He sees her and goes like…. “Where have you been my whole life?”

And she’s like… you know that line in the book about her young dream lover, whose face was a shifting shadow and she never quite see him. It’s that face, his face like she can finally see it. In all its dashing Northern beauty.

I’m getting all touchy feely about this. This is like five-six years of crack shipping them hoping they finally meet, wishing in my hearts of hearts that they will meet because of all the parallels and foreshadowing.

And it’s happening….like ahhhh the looks they’ll share and give each other. They’ll be speaking to each other and sharing things about themselves. He’s gonna take her down the caves to see the dragonglass in Episode 4.

It’s kinda romantic of Jon. Hah. King in the North pulling some moves there…and well there’ll probably be some handholding, you know how dark these caves can be… slippery steps. He’s being gentlemanly and holding a torch and one hand holding hers tightly as he led her in. Arck like a medieval first date. OMG 😱😱😱 how I love them together!! 😍😍😍

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What kind of style do you HC the Strawhats+Law+Ace+Kid+Killer would want their ideal s/o to have? (Ask 2/3)

omg this got a bit long but I hope you enjoy it!! ♥ thank you for stopping byyyy! I didn’t know if you meant like style talking about clothes or…? But i made this, so i hope that’s okay? I hope you enjoy it omg 


  • He likes someone fun, strong and nice
  • He’s really not that picky about his s/o, if they’re nice and they can have a laugh with him, that can be enough for him
  • He would like someone strong, though, even if he’s such a cupcake and helps everyone who deserves it, he thinks someone that can take care of themselves is really cool
  • He thinks smart people is really cool too! So if his s/o likes to read or something like that he would be very fascinated, but a bit pouty when they’re paying more attention to books than him


  • Someone strong is like the most important thing, like Luffy, someone that can take care of themselves and that enjoys getting stronger, of course
  • He’d like someone quiet, but not too quiet, but he enjoys to sleep and such so a s/o that is happy yo take naps with him and just being around each other in silence would be nice
  • Some a biiit cocky and sarcastic because he likes to tease and would like someone that tries to tease him back, just for fun, of course
  • He’d also like someone that can hold their alcohol, because he enjoys sake and he’d like to enjoy it with his s/o


  • She’d like someone smart and fun, but not too loud because she already has her nakama in her life
  • She’d like someone that doesn’t know a lot about navigation so she can explain to them everything about it
  • She’d also feel attracted by somone who’s strong, so that’ll motivate her to become stronger herself
  • Like Zoro, she’d like someone to be teasy around and just mess around for a bit
  • She’d also like someone that is willing to buy her things, of course


  • Someone fun and easy going is his ideal type
  • He likes to have fun with Luffy and Chopper so he’d like his s/o to act like that around him too
  • Also someone strong because he’s just around strong people, lol
  • Someone who enjoys hearing his adventures lies 


  • Someone who enjoys the art of food, of course
  • His s/o will never be sterved, so he’d like his s/o to appreciate his efforts
  • Someone who enjoys his compliments, too
  • He’d like someone who’s nice to be around with. Someone who’s smart and that knows how to use their words on those moments where conversations get serious and stuff
  • Someone gentle and nice and sweet 


  • He’d like someone smart and that has a bit of knowledge on medicine so they can talk about new antibiotics and stuff like that.
  • Also, someone funny because he likes to be silly
  • Some who likes candy 
  • He’d really like some who’s willing to try and help people and someone’s who prices him for his hard work as a doctor


  • Someone who likes to read and that knows a about a lot of things
  • Maybe she’d feel attracted by someone who does art too
  • Really she likes to talk about books and her dream 
  • So she’d like some who likes to listen but that also have things to say
  • Also someone funny because she likes to laugh


  • He’d not be that picky
  • Someone nice, smart and super cool would be nice 
  • Extra points if they like robots because REASONS


  • Someone who enjoys music, obviously
  • Someone funny and nice
  • He’d like someone who enjoys to sit around and just have a cup of tea with him
  • Extra points if they know how to play an instrument so they can have duet


  • Someone smart, quiet and just not annoying
  • He’d like someone a bit louder that him, but not too much, please
  • He’d feel really attracted if his s/o shows interest on his work and knowledge, so he’d try to teach them a lot of things
  • He’d like an s/o that can read him, because he usually doesn’t show his feelings
  • He’d also like an s/o that can give him space, but just for a little while because he enjoys to be around his s/o


  • He’d like someone who can accept him and love him for what he is and not for who his father is
  • He’d like someone smart, strong and funny
  • Someone a bit positive since he can get very negative and depressed sometimes, so he’d like his s/o would give him comfort on that kind of times
  • Also someone that enjoys to eat and sleep! Maybe if his s/o can cook that’ll make him fall even more for them

Kidd (oh boy I hope this is not too oc, Kidd is very enigmatic for me najs)

  • He’d fall for someone strong and that can stand his sarcasm and even fight back with some sarcasm aswell
  • Someone not too whiney nor annoying because he’s not very patient
  • He’d like someone funny, but not loud
  • Someone fun and smart and able to bring him back to reality when he wants to break someone’s throat
  • He’d die for someone who’s able to fight him, like with fists and al

Killer (i hope this is not too oc, too help)

  • He’d like someone easy going and paceful
  • Someone who can listen instead of fighting everyone and everything (aka not someone like Kidd)
  • I think he’d like someone cute and sweet, that kind of person that likes animals and babies
  • But also someone strong, because he’d like to practice here and there with his s/o
He Loves Me (Chapter 4)

Chapter 1 I Chapter 2 I Chapter 3 I Chapter 4 I Chapter 5 coming soon…

Richie started to worry when Eddie hadn’t shown up to work for a week. Like really worry. He hadn’t fucked up that bad, had he? Kas never messaged Richie since he sent that last message. He shouldn’t have expected him to, but he did for some reason. He wanted Eddie to fight for him, to show that he cared. No one had ever done that for Richie, so why was he expecting it now from basically a total stranger? No, Richie had to remind himself, Kas, well Eddie, is not some total stranger.

They’d talked for for endless hours about their favorite books, and their dream cities, and what made them passionate, what kept them truly alive. Eddie knew almost everything about him, well except his name or face. There was comfort in that anonymity, in the facade, but the idea of telling Eddie hasn’t left his mind since their- uh- “date” last friday. Richie decided it was finally time to see what was wrong, what had kept Eddie away from him because honestly it was driving him crazy.

He knew where Eddie’s house was, they lived about a half mile apart so after he finished his shift alongside Eddie’s cover, he’d head over. This winter was bitter in Derry and Richie didn’t have his car, so for once in his life he zippered up his jacket all the way and trudged through the snow.

After 3 knocks to the front door, Eddie appeared, and Richie admitted to himself he missed seeing that face.

“Richie? What are you doing here? It’s 11:30 at night. If my mother heard you at the door at this late-”

“I’m sorry, Eddie.”


He was sorry. Sorry for being an asshole, sorry for hiding, sorry for not having the strength to tell him even now, but “I’m sorry” will have to substitute for all of that right now.

“Can I come in?”

Eddie was raised an eyebrow at him, having not made up his mind yet, but gave in anyway after a couple seconds of wariness. Eddie cautiously led Richie to his room with him and closed the door behind them. Richie couldn’t quite hold back the word vomit of questions that have been brewing at the bottom of his stomach for a week.

“Where have you been? I mean a whole goddamn week and you’re just gone? Look, I know I was an ass, but was it that big a deal? I mean come on, Eds-”

“It was a big deal, Richie. That was a really shitty night for me.”

“Eddie, just tell me, who stood you up?”

Eddie looked like he could break, and Richie felt totally responsible. I mean, he was totally responsible.

“You know how I didn’t tell you his name? It’s because I don’t know it myself. It was supposed to be a date with this guy I’d met online, and I know how dumb it sounds, but fuck, Richie, he knew me better than anyone else. I mean, we told each other everything. I think I was in love with him.”

Richie’s words were caught in his throat. Eddie Kaspbrak loved him, but then he realized how Eddie had put it.


“Well, he didn’t show, I stayed at the diner until closing, and then he messaged me and said-”

Eddie looked like he would cry and without second though, Richie wrapped his arms around him. He put Eddie’s head in the crook of his neck as quiet sobs escaped him.

“He said he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore, Rich, I don’t know what I did wrong.”

“You did nothing wrong, none of this is your fault.” Richie whispered to him, nose buried in his hair, “You’re perfect, Eddie Kaspbrak.” He felt Eddie go stiff in his arms, but he didn’t regret what he said. Eddie slowly pulled away and reached for Richie’s shirt collar, looking up at his lips, as if to ask “is this ok”. When Richie nodded, Eddie pressed their lips together slowly and lovingly. Eddie brought his hand to Richie’s cheek as Richie slid his hands to his waist. Richie pulled out of kiss after a few seconds, guilt flooding him in his chest.

“Kas, we can’t do this-”

“What you just call me?”

Eddie shoved Richie off of him, backing away from Trashmouth himself. Richie tried to explain, to get close to Eddie again, barely realizing he let the name slip from his mouth.

“Look, Kas, I can explain.”

“You can explan? How the fuck could you do this to me?”

“I’m not good enough for you, Kas, I-”

“Oh bullshit! Don’t even go there, Richie. I mean you broke my fucking heart. Don’t you get that?”

“B-but you said you love me.” Richie was about to break down. This is why he didn’t want to tell Eddie, this is why he was the trashmouth, he never wanted to let his emotions show ever again. Tears threatened to spill when he starred at Eddie, the boy staring back at him like he was a stranger. Eddie knew all too well though, that Richie was the furthest thing from a stranger at this point.

“I said I loved you. And not you, I loved him, the boy I met who cared and was sensitive and- I loved Trashmouth, you, you’re not that. You’re an asshole, Richie!”

Now both of them were crying, staring at each other through blurred vision.

“I’m so sorry, Eddie, I don’t know how many ways I can say it before you forgive me-”

“Forgive you?! You know that’s just perfect! Let me just forgive you for keeping me up at night for a week, for keeping me from eating for a week, all because I thought I’d fucked up. You’re the fuck up, Richie! You’re un-fucking-believable!”

“Eddie, I know you’re hurt, but so am I, ok? Can you not see that? I shouldn’t have stopped whatever it is we had, but don’t think for a second that I stopped thinking about you once since I sent that last message. Hell, I haven’t stopped thinking about you since we first started talking! I’m in love with you, Eddie. I’m the disappointment and you’re the fucking poster child for perfection. You deserve better than the disappointment, and I guess you get that now, huh?” he scoffed, Eddie finally speechless, not knowing how to fight back. “I should go.” Eddie, still dumbfounded, couldn’t ask him to stay in time, couldn’t apologize in time, before Richie was out the door. Eddie would be up another night, Eddie wouldn’t eat another day, Eddie would cry until he worked up the courage to get Richie back.

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–Wild Space, by Karen Miller

This is just a sampling of some of the times Obi-Wan has thought about Anakin during this book.  Or dreamed about him.  Or had visions about him. Or groaned his name when half-conscious.  Or just when he has five minutes to himself, his thoughts drifting to Anakin.

All of these (and more!) happened in one book.  Even Bail is like, “….wow, those two are attached at the hip.”  Hell, even Mace and Yoda are like, “Should we be worried about how married these two are??”  I DUNNO, MAYBE???


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Heyo!! I was wondering if u had any recommendations for good poets/poetry books? Thank u and I hope u have a good day/night!!

aside from my usual embarrassingly quick response of “richard siken”, here are some of my favorite books of poetry:

  • two headed poems by margaret atwood 
    • the poem about the hangman’s wife has haunted me for five years
  • litany for the city by ryan t. teitman
    • there is a poem about honeybees and coming back from the dead and idk how else to convince you that this book is lovely
  • the big book of exit strategies by jamaal may
    • this book is wonderful in its entirety but it would be worth it for the poem about zombie jesus alone
  • miraculum by ruth l. schwartz
    • this book is so soft. each turn of phrase is perfect. it just feels… incredibly lonely
  • my love is a dead arctic explorer by paige ackerson-kiely
    • this is the book you want to get if you are a fan of strangely sexual religious allusion and a thin veil of sarcasm covering real, deep hurts and longings
  • everything faces all ways at once by zulema renee summerfield
    • this is a delightfully strange book about dreams and visions, including my favorite line of poetry ever: “holy shit! that’s not art! that’s rattlesnakes!”
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Name: Cloé
Age: 16
Country: France

I spend most of my time imaginating stories and watching tv series or movies! I am also interested in music, travelling, art, learning about people, psychology, languages, books, plants and a lot of things (when i am not tired of school and dreaming aha)
As I live in a small town I don’t talk to much people but I would like to, and maybe even creating a long lasting friendship!

 I would prefer someone of my age or older, and speaking english or living in norway or netherlands as I am interested in those countries 😊

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Ughhh i really need to stop reading/watching things that make me think about anything au!bucky. First I read a book about bikers and dream of biker!bucky and now I've started watching the show vikings and can't stop thinking about viking!bucky. When will the torture endddd

Welcome to my lifeeeee

#001: valentines

01. seokjin

You wake up to the smell of breakfast, the taste of rose-petals against your lips. You wake up to Seokjin’s smile and a long, soft kiss, and a murmur of—happy valentine’s day. He puts the bouquet of flowers by your bedside, right next to the tray of all your favorite foods. You barely get good morning passed your lips before he sets the tray in your lap and carefully climbs into bed next to you, looping an arm around your shoulders, pressing his lips into your hair, fingers swirling against your shoulder in a way that makes your stomach turn, your body go soft. You smile and curl into him. You spend the day with laced fingers and pressed lips and words he’s said a million times before, written anew along the lines of his smile. You spend the day laughing till dinner time rolls around and you find yourself swaying through the living room to songs older than the both of you care to remember and when he kisses you before you close your eyes, he tells you that he loves you and you nod and tell him that you know, that you love him too, and neither of you need to say a word to know that every single word is true.

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We all have that one person that makes us forget everything we said we’d never do. The one we keep going back to because even though they aren’t ideal (according to our own standards), they’re essentially perfect for us and in the end, there’s no one else we’d rather be with; well, besides the one we write about in our dream book.

You know, the one that’s cute, funny, smart, athletic, perfect, etc. The problem with looking for someone that meets all of our criteria is, they don’t exist and we’re setting ourself up for disappointment. “In his new book, ‘The Science of Happily Ever After: What Really Matters in the Quest for True Love,’ University of Maryland Psychology Professor Ty Tashiro suggests that the secret to finding enduring love is to embrace a willingness to settle for less” (Elite Daily).

While this person is not everything you ever wanted they are exactly what you need. Sure they’re a bit more witty than you’d like or they don’t make as much money as you wanted but their wittiness balances your seriousness and they manage the money they do have very well. Don’t be afraid to lower your standards. But don’t lower all of your standards. Especially those of morality and religious beliefs because you still want someone that will treat you right as well as believe the same things you believe. However, love is not about choosing who best fits your standards, it is about choosing who best fits you. It’ll be the one you least expected. It’ll be that one person we would have never given a first chance. That one person we’ll go back to because even though they are nothing like what we imagined, they’re exactly what we need. I guess that’s just how love is.

If I’m not reading a book then I’m taking photos of books and if I’m not taking photos of books I’m looking at photos of books and if I’m not looking at photos of books I’m thinking about books and if I’m not thinking about books then I’m dreaming about book and if I’m not dreaming about books I’m writing books and basically books because books, always.

@takingbackourculture have been talking lately about how readers want more diverse characters in the books they read, though white authors shouldn’t write lead non white characters because they wouldn’t be able to understand and capture the struggle.
i’m so annoyed because my mizrahi (moroccan\algerian) mom is an author; she has four published books (mostly children’s picture books) and more to come. she tries to write mizrahi characters, for example giving the lead character, who’s a princess, a “mizrahi” name.
while working with the illustrator, she asked them to draw the princess with brown skin. the illustrator wouldn’t do it, and my mom was left with a book about another white princess.
while working on her third book about a kid that dreams on being a superhero, she asked the illustrator to draw the kid mizrahi. the illustrator wouldn’t do it, and although this time i made my mom insist, she was again left with another book about a white, blond, child superhero.
it’s difficult even for mizrahi (”non white”) authors to write mizrahi (”non white”) characters, because in most cases the publisher or illustrator whitewashes your book.
so @ everybody who’s complaining - please don’t blame non white authors for lack of diversity in books.

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I love your challenge idea so much, Renuka!! I'm so doing it! But I need your help. Can you recommend any Historical Fiction book and any Fairy-Tale Retelling? I'm at a loss here.

Thank you so much May! <3 I am planning to do a post before each month starts of my favorite books from that genre (or books that I want to read from that genre). But here are some of the ones I can think of from the top of my head! 


  • A Countess Below Stairs - Eva Ibbotson
  • A Spy in the House - YS Lee
  • The Secret Garden/A Little Princess - Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • The Book Thief - Markus Zusak
  • Prisoners in the Palace - Michaela MacColl
  • The Pale Assassin - Patricia Elliot
  • Fever 1793 - Laurie Halse Anderson

Fairy-Tale Retelling

  • Cinder - Marissa Meyer (Cinderella)
  • Entwined - Heather Dixon
  • Scarlet - AC Gaughen (Robin Hood)
  • The Frog Princess - ED Baker 
  • Ella Enchanted - Gail Carson Levine
  • Just Ella - Margaret Peterson Haddix
  • Princess of the Midnight Ball - Jessica Day George

For historical-fiction I tried to stay away from adding magic and fantasy because those I plan to do for other months (although you can cross genres if you wish!) and for Fairy-Tale Retelling there are so many more that sound so good but I haven’t read yet! 

More Fairy-Tale Retellings (that I haven’t read)

  • Strands of Bronze and Gold (Bluebeard) - Jane Nickerson
  • My Name is Rapunzel - KC Hilton
  • Midnight Pearls - Debbie Vigue (The Little Mermaid)
  • Beauty Sleep - Cameron Dokey (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Before Midnight - Cameron Dokey (Cinderella)
  • Winter’s Child - Cameron Dokey (The Snow Queen)

So I personally, plan to do one of the ones above because they sound so good! Hope this has helped you find something that you want to read! 

Happy Reading!