concept: me, sitting curled up in a comfy armchair, wrapped snugly in a thick blanket. there’s a mug of tea on the table beside me and a sleepy cat purring in my lap. i have all the time in the world to read books about wlw history


–Wild Space, by Karen Miller

This is just a sampling of some of the times Obi-Wan has thought about Anakin during this book.  Or dreamed about him.  Or had visions about him. Or groaned his name when half-conscious.  Or just when he has five minutes to himself, his thoughts drifting to Anakin.

All of these (and more!) happened in one book.  Even Bail is like, “….wow, those two are attached at the hip.”  Hell, even Mace and Yoda are like, “Should we be worried about how married these two are??”  I DUNNO, MAYBE???


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Heyo!! I was wondering if u had any recommendations for good poets/poetry books? Thank u and I hope u have a good day/night!!

aside from my usual embarrassingly quick response of “richard siken”, here are some of my favorite books of poetry:

  • two headed poems by margaret atwood 
    • the poem about the hangman’s wife has haunted me for five years
  • litany for the city by ryan t. teitman
    • there is a poem about honeybees and coming back from the dead and idk how else to convince you that this book is lovely
  • the big book of exit strategies by jamaal may
    • this book is wonderful in its entirety but it would be worth it for the poem about zombie jesus alone
  • miraculum by ruth l. schwartz
    • this book is so soft. each turn of phrase is perfect. it just feels… incredibly lonely
  • my love is a dead arctic explorer by paige ackerson-kiely
    • this is the book you want to get if you are a fan of strangely sexual religious allusion and a thin veil of sarcasm covering real, deep hurts and longings
  • everything faces all ways at once by zulema renee summerfield
    • this is a delightfully strange book about dreams and visions, including my favorite line of poetry ever: “holy shit! that’s not art! that’s rattlesnakes!”
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Name: Cloé
Age: 16
Country: France

I spend most of my time imaginating stories and watching tv series or movies! I am also interested in music, travelling, art, learning about people, psychology, languages, books, plants and a lot of things (when i am not tired of school and dreaming aha)
As I live in a small town I don’t talk to much people but I would like to, and maybe even creating a long lasting friendship!

 I would prefer someone of my age or older, and speaking english or living in norway or netherlands as I am interested in those countries 😊

#001: valentines

01. seokjin

You wake up to the smell of breakfast, the taste of rose-petals against your lips. You wake up to Seokjin’s smile and a long, soft kiss, and a murmur of—happy valentine’s day. He puts the bouquet of flowers by your bedside, right next to the tray of all your favorite foods. You barely get good morning passed your lips before he sets the tray in your lap and carefully climbs into bed next to you, looping an arm around your shoulders, pressing his lips into your hair, fingers swirling against your shoulder in a way that makes your stomach turn, your body go soft. You smile and curl into him. You spend the day with laced fingers and pressed lips and words he’s said a million times before, written anew along the lines of his smile. You spend the day laughing till dinner time rolls around and you find yourself swaying through the living room to songs older than the both of you care to remember and when he kisses you before you close your eyes, he tells you that he loves you and you nod and tell him that you know, that you love him too, and neither of you need to say a word to know that every single word is true.

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Suffers because,

His leg hurts.

Suffers because,

he has a stomachache.

He reads a lot of books

About human existence.

In dreams want to stay

Emperor penguin

And hide deep

In arctic ice.

AUTHOR : Przemysław Szawłowski

1. One of his family members told him not to be with a girl who showed so much skin. We were in her bed not a week later. He smiled at me and I smiled to myself. We fell in love

2. He was older. Had curls like mine and said he didn’t want alcohol in my bloodstream anymore, even though his lips had the same intoxicating affect on me and my cheeks seemed to be stained rose red around him. He was all hands and confidence and I was clumsy and dizzy. A bit later I was sick with “kissing disease.” We never spoke again.

3. We spent the night under the stars. No one has ever seen me so raw. Oh god, I wish someone would have told me intimacy doesn’t fix broken people. I tried, I tried. But it didn’t work and neither did fucking. There’s a scar on the middle finger of his left hand of my initial and a heart carved into his skin. I still wonder if the girls after me hate it as much as I did.

4. It was dark, our hands didn’t fit together right and I could barely feel the metal in his lip. He laughed nervously and told me I talk about my ex quite a bit and I pretended not to notice the hurt in his voice. I left my hair clip in his pocket. I didn’t reply when he texted me two days later asking why I didn’t love him.

5. He got high all the time and he had a cute smile. It was messy and neither of us wanted to be seen with each other; I knew he had someone else on his mind. I could taste it. I wonder if he knew I did, too.

6. He helped me with my biology homework and he drove a nice car. He told me my lips were perfect, kissed me in every seat of that damn infinity, but never once outside of it. We stopped talking when he left for university but we still send each other happy birthday messages and the occasional “Hey, it’s been a while. How are you?” I heard he’s getting rid of that car. I hope he doesn’t

7. He had dimples, a raspy voice, and loved nature. We talked about books and dreams and animals and how pretty the sky is around 7 pm in California. We snuck into a new movie theater and held each other’s faces. We could’ve been great together, but our timing was always so, so wrong.

3. We were both different people than before and I guess you could say I relapsed. But that’s okay. He’s all the way across the country now and my heart isn’t heavy anymore.


8 Boys I Kissed, (technically 7)

inspired by porn4smartgirls 

We all have that one person that makes us forget everything we said we’d never do. The one we keep going back to because even though they aren’t ideal (according to our own standards), they’re essentially perfect for us and in the end, there’s no one else we’d rather be with; well, besides the one we write about in our dream book.

You know, the one that’s cute, funny, smart, athletic, perfect, etc. The problem with looking for someone that meets all of our criteria is, they don’t exist and we’re setting ourself up for disappointment. “In his new book, ‘The Science of Happily Ever After: What Really Matters in the Quest for True Love,’ University of Maryland Psychology Professor Ty Tashiro suggests that the secret to finding enduring love is to embrace a willingness to settle for less” (Elite Daily).

While this person is not everything you ever wanted they are exactly what you need. Sure they’re a bit more witty than you’d like or they don’t make as much money as you wanted but their wittiness balances your seriousness and they manage the money they do have very well. Don’t be afraid to lower your standards. But don’t lower all of your standards. Especially those of morality and religious beliefs because you still want someone that will treat you right as well as believe the same things you believe. However, love is not about choosing who best fits your standards, it is about choosing who best fits you. It’ll be the one you least expected. It’ll be that one person we would have never given a first chance. That one person we’ll go back to because even though they are nothing like what we imagined, they’re exactly what we need. I guess that’s just how love is.

If I’m not reading a book then I’m taking photos of books and if I’m not taking photos of books I’m looking at photos of books and if I’m not looking at photos of books I’m thinking about books and if I’m not thinking about books then I’m dreaming about book and if I’m not dreaming about books I’m writing books and basically books because books, always.

@takingbackourculture have been talking lately about how readers want more diverse characters in the books they read, though white authors shouldn’t write lead non white characters because they wouldn’t be able to understand and capture the struggle.
i’m so annoyed because my mizrahi (moroccan\algerian) mom is an author; she has four published books (mostly children’s picture books) and more to come. she tries to write mizrahi characters, for example giving the lead character, who’s a princess, a “mizrahi” name.
while working with the illustrator, she asked them to draw the princess with brown skin. the illustrator wouldn’t do it, and my mom was left with a book about another white princess.
while working on her third book about a kid that dreams on being a superhero, she asked the illustrator to draw the kid mizrahi. the illustrator wouldn’t do it, and although this time i made my mom insist, she was again left with another book about a white, blond, child superhero.
it’s difficult even for mizrahi (”non white”) authors to write mizrahi (”non white”) characters, because in most cases the publisher or illustrator whitewashes your book.
so @ everybody who’s complaining - please don’t blame non white authors for lack of diversity in books.

Sehun saw our signs and tossed me his light stick BELIEVE ME PLZ

Apparently some people didn’t believe Sehun actually tossed me his light stick after seeing my and kati’s signs at the Dream Concert, and since I am ridiculous, I wanted to make a proof post. lol. So we’ll see if this is actually convincing to anyone. IT REALLY HAPPENED OK???

Ok so first, here is a picture of the things we got for buying standing room tickets. Everyone who bought these tickets got these things: A Dream Concert towel, a book about the Dream Concert and all the artists, and a pass to wear. We were in “Standing Section C”.

Next, here are some pictures to prove our location!!

And just for kicks, here is a picture that I took on my phone of Got7 walking past us, on the same walkway that Sehun was on…

Here is a picture of the signs we made. Mine said “오호랏” and Kati’s said “예헷” (Ohorat and Yehet).

Alright. Next is a >>fancam,<< focused on Sehun during the finale. Around 3:56 is when he sees our signs and tosses the light stick to me.

And just for more proof if you didn’t see it, look closely here and you can see my “Ohorat” sign:

and last here’s a picture of the light sick, right after he tossed it to me, and a better shot I took today:





We are a group of book bloggers who are tired of seeing people bullied and harassed for reading and loving certain books, for liking to read e-books, or for stating their opinion on certain topics.

The Bookvengers blog is run primarily by books-cupcakes, bookphilebooksturnmugglesintowizzards, and about-books-and-dreams. But everyone on the blog roll is part of the Bookvengers and every single one of them will come to a fellow book-lover’s aid when needed.

We’re still trying to iron out all the details so please give us time.


We created this group so that people can refer to us, a help line if you will, when they feel upset, harassed, bullied, or even threatened over reading certain books, preferred reading formats, or for expressing certain views* about books, etc.  Whether you need someone to listen, someone to come to your defense, moderate an argument, or cheer you up.

If we can’t protect the bloggers,  you can be damn sure we’ll avenge them.


Because everyone has the right to read what they want, however they want, and no one should ever be afraid of expressing their opinion on their own blog. 

We don’t care if you love Fifty Shades of Grey or if you only prefer to read e-books. No one has the right to tell you that you shouldn’t like something because they don’t, or that your way of reading is wrong.


You can either message us directly on bookvengers or pick any person from the blogroll and speak to them. 

Tag the post as: bookvengers,  or refer to us in a post.

We will respond in one of two ways: if one of the bookvengers sees a post that stinks of bullying or harassment we will answer it.

Or if the bookvengers get a request for assistance, depending on what kind of help you want, that is what we shall try to give you. Whether it’s answering a post in a constructive manner, cheering you up, telling a person to back off, or simply trying to provide you with an answer the Bookvengers shall assemble and come to aid you in any manner that you need.

To Join:

Send us an Ask with the oath:

“I, [insert your username], solemnly swear that I will come to a book-blogger’s aid when I see that they’re in trouble, or if they ask, even if I don’t necessarily agree with their opinion. I shall defend their right to read what they want, and how they want to, as well as their right to have their own opinion on their own blog.”

Or we shall send you an invite. Please give us time to add everyone before resending a request.


* Just to make it clear: constructive criticism is not bullying nor is giving an opinion.

If someone tells you “I really don’t like reading e-books because I prefer the actual books”, they are giving you their own opinion.

But if someone says “Ew, you like reading  e-books? What’s wrong with you? It’s because of people like you that the industry is dying” That is bullying!

If someone says “I really don’t like that book because I think it propagates sexism and portrays violence against women in a positive way.” That is constructive criticism and an opinion.

But if someone says “It’s disgusting how you like to read that kind of books. You’re a sick, twisted person, and I hope you die.” That is an opinion, and is bullying.