Is that how it works?
You find and meet someone whom you deeply connected with. Someone who made you the happiest during some of your darkest hours. Someone who saw your flaws and turned them beautiful. You meet someone, and that person becomes your first and last thoughts of the day. That person becomes one of the reasons why you’re not afraid of thunderstorms and oceans. That person becomes a part of your routine: the 3am thought, the 6am cup of drink, the 10am poem, the 1pm sunshine, the 3pm music, the 6pm sunset, the 10pm moon, and the midnight wish. You meet someone who cherished talking to you and making you feel special. You meet someone who gave you butterflies unlike before and showed you a side of the world that’s beautiful.
Then you lose that person; or rather, that person leaves you. That deep connection is cut short. Your darkest hours turned darker, even though you didn’t think it was possible. The beauty in your flaws fades away, and the glaring truth about them resurfaces. How foolish was it of you to think he saw their real beauty. That person is still your first and last thoughts of the day, but the thoughts taste bitter and melancholic now. They’re no longer beautiful. That person is still a part of your routine: the 3am tears, the 6am empty cup, the 10am poem, the 1pm storm, the 3pm silence, the 6pm shadows, the 10pm darkness, and the midnight sadness. You realize how insignificant you are. You also realize that those aren’t butterflies in your stomach anymore. Rather, they’re thunderstorms. You have just drowned yourself in his world.

Running this blog isn’t about how many people I can get to click that follow button. It’s about finding others who share similar interest and can fan over something that’s equally important to us. It’s about creating a place where others feel safe enough to unload all of the awfulness they have to deal with in their lives. It’s about inspiring people. It’s about feeling like you’re not alone. And above all else, it’s about the family we choose to create. 

Jokes about shakespeare that are very very overdone and which i am bored of:

- romeo and juliet were dumb teenagers
- I’ll let you into a secret……….the comedies arent funny!!!
- shakespeare is boring/only idiot upper class people like it
- all people who enjoy shakespeare are only pretending in order to be pretentious/dont realise that they don’t understand it
- I’ll let you into a secret…….all the female characters are stupid and weak and upper class!!

Looks like I was somewhat right in my predictions about MoC here. Yeah, Jared really does care only about Sam’s stroylines, he’s all about Sam, so anytime he talking about something? assume that it’s connected to Sam.

Yes, the mark was used as a bait and switch in the last episode, but the writers can always bring it back, and since Dean is “tainted goods” now, I guess that only Sam is “worthy” of having the mark. I mean, the writers brought the thing back to give it to Sam, they emphasized on Sam’s worthiness, that sure fits the pattern on this show. Don’t you agree?

You know what? If being good means siding with Chuck, if being worthy is equivalent to becoming the servant of heaven or following Chuck on this show, then, I am happy that Dean is tainted now. Sam can fanboy all he wants about Chuck, with Sam’s history of killing innocents and shifting blame I’m sure that he is indeed “worthy” in Chuck’s eyes. No surprise there, tbh.

Your name is DETENTIONAIRE FANDOM, and you have a little bit of an OBSESSION for CONSPIRACIES. You’re still an EXTREMELY SMALL FANDOM, and as such you are VERY SHORT. You have MANY DIFFERENT TALENTS, though you don’t quite ENJOY SOME OF THEM. You LOVE art, and tend to DRAW A LOT, mostly of your MULTIPLE SHIPS and THEORIES. You rather like to THEORIZE, especially about CONSPIRACIES, but you often get CAUGHT UP in your DAYDREAMS and RAMBLE. You are very adept at SNEAKING AROUND, and you are often UNNOTICED or FORGOTTEN about by OTHER PEOPLE. You have a very intense HATELOVE for GREEN APPLES and their PRODUCTS, as well as KNOCK KNOCK JOKES. You are proud to be ASIAN, however you’re EXTREMELY PALE due to your mixed heritage, leaving only ASIAN EYES and DARK HAIR. You also may or may not have a HUGE CRUSH on a certain HALF-GHOST PHANDOM, but you try to convince yourself that it’s just INTENSE FEELINGS of the HUMAN EMOTION CALLED FRIENDSHIP.