Okay, so what if y\n forgot Harry’s bday and he feels hurt and y\n tries to make it up to him in a non sexual way,like making him breakfast in bed or giving him a homemade gift!

As I said, I didn’t even realize what the date was when I scheduled this one, but it’s about as close as you can get to Harry’s actual birthday (it might actually be the 1st in some places). It was a complete coincidence…I’m not clever enough to plan it.


You hadn’t meant to forget; it had kind of just happened.

You still felt as though you were trying to catch up on all the work that you had been putting off over the Christmas break, and you had celebrated with Anne and Robin and Gemma a few weeks ago back in London, so for some reason, your brain had you convinced that Harry’s birthday had already passed and today was simply another normal day.

You had gone to work early that morning, leaving a sleeping Harry in your bed and giving him nothing more than a quick kiss on the forehead before you scurried to the shower and then out the door before he was even awake.

It didn’t even cross your mind throughout the day that today was February 1st. You and Harry had been together for several birthdays by now and you knew that Harry wasn’t one to text you and be all, “Hey, remember today is my birthday.” If anything, he would try to avoid the subject as much as possible because he didn’t want anyone to make a big fuss about it.

But he still enjoyed when you made a big fuss over him; he blushed every single time you gave him a compliment and any amount of extra love – whether it be physical or simply words – always made him blush and giggle and pull you close so he could snuggle. Birthdays might not have been the biggest deal in the world to him, but he still appreciated the effort that anyone put into the day for him.

You had done nothing; you were officially the world’s worst girlfriend and you didn’t even realize it yet.

You got no texts throughout the day from him; you assumed that he was in meetings with Jeff or simply wandering around LA doing errands or doing some writing. It wasn’t unusual for the two of you not to text each other while you were both busy, unless you needed something. You hadn’t meant to stay at work as long as you had; it was well past dark by the time you finally packed up and said goodbye to your boss. You were starving, but you chose to wait until you got home to perhaps order some take out with Harry and spend the rest of the evening plopped down in his arms – perhaps in a nice bath – and talk about your day.

The house was dark when you got home and you quickly realized that Harry wasn’t around. You sighed, throwing your stuff down on the couch and flopping down on the cushion. You were still starving, but you didn’t know what time Harry would be home, so you opted to eat without him, rummaging around in the fridge until you found enough ingredients to put together an average meal that didn’t require a lot of work.

It wasn’t until you were wandering around the house with a sandwich in your hand that your eyes finally fell on something that made your heart drop. You happened to be walking by a stack of Harry’s books and papers and the edge of a calendar stuck out from the side. The first day of the month was circled in big, red pen and, although there was nothing written in the square, you immediately knew what it meant.

Today was the 1st. Today was February 1st, and it was Harry’s birthday and you had completely forgotten and done absolutely nothing for him.

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Why do you love imperial Russia so much?

I find it utterly fascinating. Not that histories of other countries don´t have their great and interesting moments, but somehow the Imperial Russia holds a very special place among them all. I believe it has to do with the fact it represents a civilization that was almost completely destroyed, wiped out, stomped into the ground and for a long time, in a big part of the world (including my country), a taboo. Even after uncovering the many ugly truths and facts about it, it still holds a shimmering aura of something mysterious, great and distant. Perhaps no other country has had a past so full of contradictions and differences. It was a country of incredibly fast progress and yet much of the nation was still etched in middle-ages. It gave the world some of the greatest artists, yet many of them had to fight to even publish their work. It had the most incredible, magnificent court, yet many common people were treated as nothing more than cattle.

There is so much to explore and study in Imperial Russia! From the Tsar and his family (and Romanovs were a dynasty packed with fascinating personalities and engaging stories), to the writers, dancers and composers, to clergy and military, to the lowest of all - the moujiks. You can learn about cities practically springing out of the marshlands on a whim of one man, about miracle-working icons in breath-taking cathedrals, and about shabby, dark houses where nihilists were planning where to plant a bomb next, whose blood to spill next, to achieve their goals. And you can learn about girls in white dresses, who slept on narrow camp beds. And about courage, cowardice, sacrifice, good intentions and pathways to hell.

Russia, not just the Imperial one, breathes with stories that capture my imagination and amaze me with their beauty and horror. It is a country to which, long, long time ago, my ancestors belonged to. It is fascinating to me. It is great.

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*sits next to you* *kisses your face* *braids your hair* *cuddles you* Someone should write a little drabble of that art you just reblogged. It's too precious.

I’ll do anything if you play with my hair. This is also for haroldzayn. <3


The taste of mint will forever remind him of Zayn, of those first clumsy kisses back when they didn’t understand what was happening until their mouths touched and everything made sense again.

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Switzy was up late as usual walking about her dark house, Heidi yawned before setting a candle on the table beside the door. Rain pounded on the roof, giving everything a depressing mood, a knock on the door caught her attention. She raised an eyebrow, reaching over and opening the door only to see a shocking site, "Lovino, what are you doing out here?" ((For Romano))

“Open the fucking door and let me in!It’s cold out there…Er,I mean,i was taking a stroll and it started to rain.” Lovi smiled goofily,and rubbed his hands together in attempt to stay warm.