about your perfect faces

Tomeo and Maemi

SO I just wanted to doodle Mama and Papa Hamada because I’m just having so much feels now.

NOW if you guys don’t mind I will share SOME headcanons.

  • Tadashi takes after his dad. Tomeo has a smaller nose and Tadashi most likely got his ears from his father’s side and also THAT JAWLINE.
  • Hiro looks a LOT like Maemi. Like he takes after her hair volume! Also, he most likely got her button nose, those cheeks, and THAT SMILE.
  • Tomeo may look all cool on the outside, but on inside he’s a big nerd who’s extremely doting and he loves his family very much. His cool exterior is usually poked on by his wife and he just loses it when she’s around. XD
  • Maemi is quite sassy, very opinionated, and extremely intelligent. She’s a tough, sometimes serious but very gentle lady and Tomeo teases her A LOT about the time he first met her and she was such a tomboy. She would give him playful punches once in a while, like what she used to do back when they were in college.
  • THEY DEFINITELY MET IN COLLEGE and have been together ever since. Tomeo was such a goober trying to ask her out. He could have melted ON THE SPOT. XD
  • Maemi surely thought Tomeo during the first time she met him, NEEDED to brush his hair and find clothes that would fit him well. She also thought that he was extremely shy while she’s the more outgoing one.
  • Tomeo LOVES baseball and Maemi would gladly take him out on dates to see some games. Tadashi got to watch with them back when he was only 4 years old.
  • In family photos, Tomeo is the one who gives Maemi “bunny ears” and Tadashi would ask his dad what it was. Maemi would see the photo and playfully give Tomeo a jab and she tells Tadashi that you do it to the people you love so that they would look “cute.”
    Tadashi believes her. XD
    Tomeo is a medical engineer who first took a major in Pediatrics while Maemi is an Astrophysicist that loves to build her own model aircrafts, robots, and even dolls at times. She says it’s a hobby she picked up back when she was little and she fondly remembers building her own hovercraft. :3

OH AND… I kinda drew Tomeo with Daniel Henney in mind. Would you look at that…

Eyebrow game too strong. XD

ANYWAY. WOOH! I still HAVE SO SO SO SOOO MANY ideas and headcanons! If you have some, do talk to me! I would love to hear them! <3

can we please talk about “probably perfect” by bobby tho???
  • “I always pined for your face before falling asleep , But it’s not because i miss you but because I love you”
  • “Your presence like this is my greatest blessing”
  • “It’s probably a habit that I always have your name on the tip of my tongue”
  • “When it’s cold, I’ll lay my arm over your shoulders and pull you in for a kiss”
  • “Until I am able to wipe away your tears, I will wait for you”