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海がきこえる -  ファースト インプレッション 

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The most shocking thing I learned from the 2017 Tony Awards...

Apparently younger Broadway fans do not know the legend of Gavin Creel????

Gavin Creel, whose voice is literally butter, who can make you cry with one well placed riff during Corner of the Sky, who basically invented being gay on Broadway?????

The only person to ever end up dating a fan he met at the stage door (like half a decade later but still).

The OG politically active Broadway Boy. 

The man who dated JGroff before he was even out of the closet.

He closed down Hair and chartered a bus and took everyone to the Equality March! He was a singer songwriter before Matt Doyle even got his first Broadway credit. 

Gavin Creel is the reason any of us are even here. HE is EVERYTHING. 

i decided to have a go at drawing these guys (this guy?) properly instead of just doodling in class. for some reason i decided to go for this artstyle - i normally only use it for hs related stuff - and i think it turned out p nice.

gonna draw the other two at some point, just gotta get the energy/motivation.


and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart


from a mountain in the middle of the cabins // panic! at the disco


But I guess I was never much of a writer (insp.)

I’d just like to formally say that I LOVE lesbians who for a long time found home in the bi identity before finding that the lesbian label fit better. You guys are rad and important and I rlly appreciate your contributions to both the bi community when it felt like home for you and the Sapphic community in general xxx


Ok I’m trying to get this OC out of my system so I can get back to drawing the gems everyone knows and loves. It’s not my fault, she’s really cute! Well, maybe it IS my fault, considering I created her…

I’m really flattered how many people seem to like her! The last picture I posted has over 300 notes already. You guys are so sweet!

Anyway. Under the cut I babble about what life is like for Aquamarine’s Pearl.

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[GSC Style] Pokémon Sun/Moon - Malie City (Day)
Jilly Shears

Malie City has a cool aesthetic. 👀

No rom hacking for the music this time, just a Famitracker module with one channel from the N163 expansion chip so I could use the waveform from Ecruteak City. The map mockup was made with GoldMap and a ROM of Pokémon gold.


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