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mm yeah hey guys here’s your friendly reminder not to do the whole “what if being gay in night vale was normal and that’s why everyone accepts cecil and carlos being so open lololol” rhetoric for several reasons

first, there is literally no proof of being gay being “the norm” in night vale. like are we even listening to the same show. straight couples/characters are shown no hate or disapproval, and the number of confirmed straight relationships is about the same as confirmed gay relationships. what the fuck guys.

it undermines the fact that night vale has gay representation for gay representation’s sake. cecil and carlos are gay not because it’s a political statement or because it’s important to the over all plot, but rather because gay people exist and because we can have narratives outside of our gayness.

it’s homophobic to think that the acceptance of gay relationships/gay people is just part of the ~~~night vale weirdness~~~ because it implies being gay is weird and it implies that being straight is normal. yeah, being straight is THE NORM, as in it’s what’s common in society, but to say it’s normal implies being gay is weird/wrong/bad, which it’s fucking not. and again, this undermines the representation aspect of night vale. 

thinking gay acceptance is weird is also homophobic. like, i don’t even need to explain this one. if you think accepting gay people is weird then you’re a homophobe. (and again, there is a different between “what is common in society” and “this is what i think is normal in society”. while gay acceptance may not be COMMON in a lot of places in society, it doesn’t mean it’s weird.)

despite the feel of the show, night vale represents a future in which people are accepted for who they are and who they love without judgement. to think that this is weird or wrong or that it’s just part of the show’s ~~quirkiness~~ is messed up, especially considering places like this DO EXIST irl even if they’re not common. anyways, here was your friendly reminder. cut that “being gay is part of the night vale weirdness” shit out guys lol, it’s really not cool

Oh My, My, My - IV (Bucky Barnes AU)


SUMMARY: A love story from start to finish.

WARNINGS: a little bit of angst and language… and like fluff for 5 seconds.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: soooo…. i hit 50 users on my tag list but I did get additional people asking me to be on it… so I’m opening up 50 more spaces. yayyyyyyyy!!! lol 
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Days passed since the incident with Bucky at Tony’s house and you wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out of it. Your mom pressed for details that night and morning after but you weren’t going to tell her you were madly in love with Bucky Barnes.

“So, how’d the party go?” Natasha sipped on her Starbucks drink.

“Shit. It was shit. My God, I hate myself. I still want to die just thinking about it.” Your hand came to palm you in the face.

“It couldn’t have been that bad.” Natasha chuckled.

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Connor Murphy x Reader + Strict Parents

- keep your window unlocked because he will NOT hesitate to pick/break the lock and scare the shit out of you
- he met your parents and it was awkward for everyone involved
- he’s a 6 foot tall punk looking guy with long hair who paints his nails black and constantly looks pissed
- and your parents were like “so this is your boyfriend,,,,,,,,,,,,”
- he was on his best behavior but you know he’s kind of a dick
- you gotta specify WHEN and WHERE you’re going with him and EXACTLY what you’ll be doing
- you both learn to be sneaky
- “Connor got tickets for us to see A Christmas Carol from 8 to 9:30 and reservations afterwards.”
- sike the tickets were Zoe and Alana’s
- you’re actually going to a Fall Out Boy concert
- eventually your parents meet Connor’s parents
- “(Y/N)’s been such a good influence on Connor!”
- after meeting this well adjusted family, your parents chill out a little bit and make your curfew 30 minutes later


A ton of anti-ace/aro shit in this mess is about painting aces and aros as horrible and evil to the point where it’s okay to treat us as something other than (a real, diverse group of) people.

There are a number of ppl extremely dedicated to this and I think that’s a huge part of the reason why shitting on aces and aros has become kinda shockingly common here in circles where you’d not have expected it. I mean, literal blatant troll posts (such as the “arobot” one even though it was from 2-3 years ago) will easily get thousands of notes talking about how bad and privileged aces and aros are. Even though it’s absurd.

Then ppl will take shit a single person or two said without any support (”ala”) and claim it was a Thing in our communities overall. Again they’ll spread lots of posts with hundreds and thousands of notes about it.

Aside from this, they’ll take actual widespread problems in our communities (that are also widespread problems in other communities) and use them to demonize us including those of us harmed by these very problems (so that you get for example white ppl acting all smug about racism in the ace and aro communities as if it’s an ace/aro thing, which is bizarre).

And I know I suck at not engaging ppl spouting bullshit a lot of the time lol, but honestly? It’s really not worth it usually. Most ppl who come across like they hate aces/aros in this because they do stuff like talk shit about “ace tumblr” or ‘jokingly’ call themselves “aphobes” really really do. They’ll say they don’t and then they’ll support ppl spamming our positivity tags or tell us to not talk about our orientations or compare us all to horrible ppl.

So they won’t change their views. If you call them out for something they can’t easily refute or otherwise make them look bad in a conversation, a ton of the time they’ll get extremely nasty, or simply stop responding (which when you just called them out for something really shitty that they then don’t ever address is… well). They’ll also frequently do this when they ask for evidence for shit and you present it. Often they will ask just in the hope of being able to pick that evidence apart, or probably of being able to accuse you of making crap up.

So like. What I think is most important here is to spread posts that show how the anti-ace/aro shit being flung around is bullshit and toxic and does real ppl real damage. So ppl not so deeply involved in this mess can easily see how harmful and absurd it is to call us “ace tumblr” with a scoff and paint us as evil. And that’s a big reason why I put way too much time into this post regarding proof of anti-ace/aro shit on this site even though I initially never wanted to make it.

So I think I’ll try (not for the first time, wish me luck lol) to engage ppl spouting bullshit even less and focus more on making posts that sum shit up and explain important things about anti-ace/aro crap in this mess.

anonymous asked:

So I just saw this post: “London pride having room for asexuals and corporations but not bisexuals and Tumblr having pride flags for asexuals but not lesbians while also flagging the lesbian tag as nsfw really speaks to why we filthy allogays are concerned about ace inclusionism lol” | I feel sick. I struggled with being queer for the majority of my teens and only figured out I'm ace 2 years ago, and I honestly don't know how to respond to this

1. Don’t respond to it.
2. Learn the context of London Pride’s failing for yourself from actual news not angry people who likely only were using bi erasure to shit on aces. I don’t know the context of London pride but I believe it was likely deadline bullshit caused by rainbow capitalism.
3. Anyone who calls themselves a filthy allogay is throwing up internalized homophobia. Step away or you will get vomit on your shoes.
4. I find it highly hypocritical that non-binary people and pansexual people “HAVE” to be grouped under T and B but not having the lipstick lesbian flag is sacrilege 

jeffersonjaxson  asked:

do you think peter would be able to lift mjolnir? bc since I've left the cinemas all I can think is homecoming!peter is 100% worthy. and he probably stands there dumbstruck w tears in his eyes realising that he is worthy, OR doesn't have a clue about it and just picks up the hammer one day like 'whoa this is so cool what's it made out of?' while the other avengers lose. their. shit.

Peter soooooooo would, no one is worthier than Peter Parker. Like honestly he probably does just pick it up like “hey cool thor is this your hammer” and he’s SO WORTHY that it’s nothing and he’s like “lmao you guys said this was super heavy? you’re all lame this is light as fuck” and they’re like PETER and then yeah he gets emotional and he’s like “i’m obviously ALLERGIC to mjolnir anyway I’m going to BED” and wipes at his eyes when he’s turned away from them and they’re all too confused and baffled to realize that he also carried it away with him, probably to send a snapchat of him holding it to Ned 

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it

Ah yes, the ship that must not be named. Or that I like to call err0ri because it’s like an error in the matrix or idk. I’m not directly answering the ask because I don’t want it to show up in the search and have any brats in my inbox lol.
Alright, sit down, my child because this turned out so long, holy shit X”D

Tbh this ship never made any sense to me, and I was baffled when I joined the fandom and found out that it’s the biggest/most popular ship in the fandom. Like wtf the wrong with y’all?? First of all there is the obvious age gap. Why you gotta turn Levi into a pedo? He just doesn’t strike me as the guy that would fall for a teenager. He might care for them as a father figure and superior because he’s empathetic. But romance? Never. “But it’s only fiction!!!!!!!!!!!” Have you seen how teenager boys act nowadays? How can you look at someone as immature as Eren and think he would be able to take care of a man in his 30s irl? You wouldn’t. And idk what should be so different in the snk verse. Eren is immature and egoistic and definitely not, NOT. AT. ALL. suited to take care of someone like Levi who went through so much shit, grew up underground and lost so many people that were dear to him. They are on totally different levels. But there is more to it than just the age gap. There is a total lack of chemistry. I just don’t see it! But the worst is that the whole ship is built on an act of violence. How can abuse be the base for a ship? When I joined the fandom in 2013 it was totally a thing in err0ri fanart that Levi would beat Eren up before anything romantic or sexual happened. It looked like violence was a foreplay for them and that’s simply disgusting. Abuse was heavily romanticized and played down in this fandom. But it was just a trick to get Eren into the Scouting Legion right? Also it was the plan of Erwin, the evil guy that stands in the way of this ~dream ship~. Let’s just ignore how Levi did not only beat Eren a second but also a third time. The second time was just Levi’s way of bonding with his new squad, right? Lmao this was such a fucked up “meta” post that I read. For the third time they couldn’t even make any excuses. They just simply ignore it. Like basically everything else that happens in canon. This ship is so damn ooc. It’s like they are two completely different characters that just coincidentally look exactly like Eren and Levi. This fandom is an expert in mischaracterizing characters and I’m also talking about third parties, like every other character that could come in the way of the ship is a potential danger, an abuser and rapist. Maybe it’s because most shippers are very young and just see Eren as a self insert. Maybe they haven’t written many fics and that’s why they can’t get the characterization right. Who knows, maybe I would’ve fallen for this ship too when I was 15. (Though I was always into height differences, so who knows?) However, there are also enough people that are not teenagers or even around Levi’s age that ship him with Eren. I honestly can’t come up with any logical reason why you would ship these two. I don’t understand it and I honestly don’t want to. The only reason I can somewhat understand is “they are my favorite and second favorite character so I just want to see them together and fuck canon, I make up my own canon/AU”. Or if someone ships them for the ~aesthetics~. I don’t see these aesthetics, but tastes are different.

I gotta admit that in the beginning I was just unfazed by this ship and felt just indifferent. I didn’t mind if it showed up on my dash, I scrolled past it and sometimes even took a second to appreciate the art itself even if I didn’t like what it portrayed. But the more time passed the more I’ve learned how nasty the shippers are. Istg the shippers made me hate this ship with a burning passion. Now if any err0ri shows up on my dash, I get physically sick. I totally wish I could go back to indifference instead of feeling like puking, but I can’t. I’ve seen too much shit. And I’m totally aware that there are normal shippers, and that other ships have black sheeps in their flock too. But there are just so many err0ri shippers that can’t stay in their damn line. They have to take art of other ships and turn change Levi’s partner into Eren. They have to leave nasty comments under eru/ri art like “I think you meant to draw Eren as Levi’s husband instead of Erwin” or that the artist drew a rape scene under a simple nsfw drawing. And don’t get me started on the shit that goes on in the eru/ri tag on AO3. Why do so many writers have to tag their err0ri fics as eru/ri? Istg no matter when I check the tag, there are always 20-25% err0ri fics. I’m so fucking tired of this shit. I don’t want to see it! NO ONE goes into the eru/ri tag to see this endgame err0ri crap. Especially not if all of them turn Erwin into a monster. Aren’t they tired of reading their own same shit over and over again? Can’t they come up with anything new? Why does it always have to be Erwin who is the bad ex and Eren the knight on a white horse who rescues Levi? Levi is no fucking damsel in distress. He would never let Erwin abuse him and he’s definitely not unable to defend himself. He doesn’t need a third person to get him out of there, especially not someone as unsuited as Eren lol. But I‘m repeating myself and already talked enough about mischaracterization. I just wish they would take a random OC instead or just stop to tag their fics as eru/ri if it’s just a past relationship and not the endgame. And NO, eruri/ren is NOT the solution. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. If I already hate err0ri, I definitely don’t want to drag Erwin into this shit as well. Leave him out of it. I know multishippers exist. I don’t understand how you can ship both of them when eru/ri is basically perfect while err0ri is the bad kind of trash, but ok. But I’ve never got along with those kind of multishippers. I talked to some in the past but it never ended well. So I prefer to avoid any people that are shipping err0ri tbh. Oh and one last thing… why do so many of them are such apologists? Whenever they are confronted with the “pedo argument” (yes, I’m aware that pedophilia is the wrong term and it should be actually hebephilia/ephebophilia but most people use pedophilia as a synonym for a minor/adult relationship), they get so defensive and aggressive and try to find stupid excuses why this ship is not problematic. Suddenly Eren is so mature because he’s in the military and that automatically makes him an adult. But once he has to face punishment for insubordination he’s a sweet child that doesn’t know any better. That’s so fucking pathetic and hypocritical. Just admit that you like a problematic ship and that’s it. It’s not that hard isn’t it?

Thanks for your ask, and sorry that this got so long :”D







'Anti-soulmate' fic preview

Castiel is demoted from distinguished guardian angel to… cupid. He is given his ‘Hail Mary’ assignment: to bond Dean Winchester and Lisa Braeden together as designated soulmates. But Castiel is posed a problem: Dean is adamantly against the idea of soulmates, and Lisa Braeden hates the ever-living shit out of him. Castiel is determined not to fail. Dean is determined to not let him succeed. And why does Castiel’s overused heart seem to beat faster whenever Dean is around him?

Question: who would like to be tagged in this when I post it? It will be on ao3 and tumblr, in a couple of installments. Please comment below or pop a message in my askbox.

future writings :))

so i was tagged by the lovely nessa, @teamspider-man for listing my wip’s

List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you like then tag some friends to see what they’re working on: writing, art, gif sets, whatever.

“Lost My Heart to You” (Part 3)

Paring: Bucky Barnes x Reader AU

Snippet: It didn’t seem like you were the only one ogling. When you snap out of your little trip over his form, you notice he’s been eyeing you the whole time, too. And why wouldn’t he? Unknowingly, you had put too much efforts into getting ready for a wedding you aren’t even a part of. Even though it took you all morning to apply your make-up and do your hair a thousand times, it was all worth it. Because the way Bucky was gazing at you right now said it all.

“I know I’ve already told you, how beautiful you look in this dress. And I also know you asked to tell you something you don’t already know,” Bucky stops chewing on his bottom lip, “But, to be honest, right now I have no words to put together. God, you’ve made me speechless.”

“Ready to Run” (Part 3)

Paring: Bucky Barnes x Reader AU

Snippet: Bucky huffs, slipping his phone in his pocket, “What do you want?”

He knows you so well. You giggle and wind your arm through his, snuggling in closer with your best friend. “Can I pleeease lay my head on your shoulder for a while?”

“Fine, but only ’cause you’re so adorable, requesting me like that.” Bucky swears to God, he could never say no to a face as bright and cheerful as yours. You sigh happily and rest your head on his shoulder, your eyes flutter shut as you felt his lips press against your forehead.


Paring: Bucky Barnes x Reader AU

Prologue: The afterlife is a painful journey for those who don’t get closure. Some get past that barrier too soon, some take a while and for some it might even take forever.

Everybody hopes it doesn’t take long enough.

What’s the difference between life and death, if you never had a peaceful life that you wanted when you were alive and even after you died? (There’s more here, but I don’t want to give away too much ;))

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prinsesopdepingpongbal  asked:

Hi Steph! I'm new to tumblr but was introduced to the TJLC fandom through the TJLC explained videos (which I still really love). I have some ideas and want to write metas, but have no idea how to do that. Do you have some tips? Aside from sharing my weird ideas about BBC Sherlock, I mostly want to write metas to hopefully meet some new people and talk about TJLC with them. So I guess that would be a second question, on how to make friends on tumblr. Anyways, I love your whole Nonny Q&A thing

Hi Lovely!!

I’m so happy you’ve come into our corner of the hell hole, LOL. For meeting new people and interacting with the fandom, I’ve actually written about that before, so you can check out these posts here and here. Plus, English doesn’t have to be your first language ;)

As for meta writing, some people have a method, like brainstorming it all out on paper in really complicated steps, but for me personally: I just jot down whatever comes to my head (sort of a “thesis” line") and springboard from there. I literally have no direction whenever I write original meta, and it’s mostly lines of shitposts to refine into a cohesive narrative written in a style that will appeal to my audience. That’s honestly it.

My advice: don’t write a meta just because there’s a place for it; write about it because you are PASSIONATE about your view on the topic you are writing, especially if there is some sort of personal experience involved. For instance, I write passionately about Mary’s character because it helped me understand the motives of a person in my real life and helped me come to terms with the fact that I can’t change said person, so cutting them out of my life was the healthy option. I write passionately about Sherlock’s character because I too feel like a lonely outcast who loves too much and tries to hide it. I write passionately about the narrative arc because I hate things not making sense, and in order for me to make sense of it, I thrive on connecting the dots and helping others do the same. Your readers will KNOW how much love and thought you put into your meta if you’re writing it not for the views but FOR YOURSELF. The notes and additions to it are always a lovely bonus to it. One of my fave metas turned into a community discussion about people’s life experiences, and it REALLY was so amazing to me to see people just as passionate about a character and his life as I was.

Also: don’t be discouraged to write just because you think someone has already written about it! No one has written how YOU view the scene or story or character, and adding your two cents always helps to engage the fandom in your meta! As well, especially if you’re starting out, cite other meta or posts that may have inspired you to that conclusion, and DON’T BE AFRAID TO TAG “MORE POPULAR” PEOPLE" who share a similar viewpoint; they’re all just like you (many of them just not even aware they have any pull in the fandom) and are always up for interesting discussion about anything.

What else? OH If you’re going to write your meta directly into Tumblr rather than in a word or textedit doc, THE “SAVE DRAFT” BUTTON IS YOUR FRIEND. Dear lord, after every paragraph or if you leave your browser window for a few minutes to make accompanying gifs or to find links to add to your post, SAVE DRAFT. I cannot tell you how many meta I have lost and said “fuck it” to because I just wrote it all for hours and didn’t save and my browser crashed or I have accidentally closed the tab instead of going back to the tab (which is mostly MY problem, because I literally have 50 tabs open on any given window, so it gets… small)… this happens more when I do asks (which a large portion of my meta are nowadays) because it’s easy to forget to save it as you’re writing.

Pictures as supporting proof is always a great way to break up walls of text as well. Even if the pics are just used as section headers, it just really gives the eyes a break. Sometimes our eyes get tired, and showing with canonical proof often leaves a greater impact. Have a nice ratio of images to text, your readers will thank you for it :) Image width for tumblr is currently 540px for the dashboard. Though all blogs have their own ratios; find out what yours is, and tumblr *should* auto-resize that pic to fit the dash ratio, so long as it’s over 150px, I believe.

Finally, as you write more and more, I recommend keeping an RTF document of EVERYTHING you’ve ever written, especially if you’re gonna post to tumblr. I myself do have an efficient tagging system, but after awhile it gets messy and harder and harder to find some of my posts since tumblr doesn’t have a way to look at the tags at-a-glance, so I have been cataloguing my posts and replies on a document so I can find them later so I can reference them. Referencing your own posts keep you from not only constantly repeating yourself, but also saves your regulars from reading the same thing over and over again – a link will give people the option to read your extended thoughts on a topic if they so choose. Eventually, your blog will become a Wikipedia of meta – as in THERE’S NO WAY OUT LOL…. Seriously though, people appreciate if you tell them what your posts are referencing or if you just keep a succinct liner about your thoughts with a link to additional thoughts.

Other than that… JUST HAVE FUN. Seriously, just enjoy it! And if-when you do write your meta, feel free to DM it to me! (I get tagged on a lot of things so I tend to miss them, LOL)

Happy writing, Lovely!! <3

Haikyuu Band Au

• Kuroo, Kenma, Tsukishima, and Hinata are in a pop punk band together. 

• Hinata is the lead singer, Kuroo is on drums, Kenma on bass guitar, and Kei is lead guitar and backup vocals. 

• Bokuto, Akaashi, Iwaizumi, and Ushijima have a heavy metal band. 

• Bokuto is on drums, Akaashi is the lead singer, Iwaizumi is the bassist, and Ushijima is the lead guitarist. 

• Yamaguchi, Daichi, Nishinoya, and Asahi sometimes collab to make  digital/electronic music used for stoner raves. Mostly remixes, but some original club music. They’re internet famous but they mostly try to keep anonymous.

• Matsukawa and Hanamaki are amateur rappers with a joint YouTube account. 

• Oikawa, Kageyama, and Sugawara are in a boy band. 

• Each has a specific personality type that makes them more appealing to their fans.

• Oikawa is the super ~~charming~~ and flirtatious one. He likes to play around with the fans a lot, especially when performing, like going down to the edge of the stage to grab their hands or take pictures with them or give them kisses on their hands (though he has to generally be pulled back by the other two before he’s mauled; you can hear Kags call him a complete dumbass, even if he moved his mic away some). Sometimes during music breaks, he likes to pose around to give his fans a chance at some choice pics. Sometimes he gets a bit “frisky” with the microphone stand to rile the girls in the front up or strip layers of his sparkly clothes off.

• Kageyama is the “tall, dark, and handsome” one of the group. He’s kinda seen as a bad boy, of sorts. Maybe even a sad, broody type. His voice is gentle and melodic so he mainly sings the love songs. One time, he brought a fan up on stage and sang happy birthday to her. He lost his favorite lip ring that night. She had to be escorted out of the arena and he had to be carried away with a towel over his face.

• Sugawara is the funny, playful, and fashionable one of the three. And quite honestly the most sensible. He knows to play and interact with his fans to keep them interested, but he also knows that they’re like feeding piranhas and to keep his distance. He’s usually the one to answer fan messages on their joined social media sites or posts about upcoming tour dates and changes to schedules. He has the pretty/innocent boy complex about him. He also has the most male fans!

• Kiyoko and Yachi as idols. Kiyoko influenced Yachi to join her, despite her being nervous (Yachi has the sweetest voice ever and can hit some serious high notes) and helped her push past it and made her discover how much she loved performing. The screams from the audience make her feel more confident. 

•Kiyoko is the gorgeous, sexy one and is super social because of how popular she is. She is effortlessly talented, but she doesn’t rely on her natural ability. Yachi admires how hardworking she is and that is one of the main reasons she joined Kiyoko in the first place.

•A lot of fans ship Kiyoyachi ;)

• Kuroo and Bokuto have completely opposite musical visions. Kuroo is into alternative, scene kid, pop punk, “get out of this town” fun music and Bokuto likes classic rock and heavy metal, especially old British bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and Metallica. Because of their varying artistic visions they clash… a lot. And their fans eat this shit up. They start off with a lowkey rivalry that turns into social media wars (tagging each other in shit posts about the other’s band), then they move to actual verbal arguments, until it escalates even more.

• Kuroo (about Bo’s band): “this shit isn’t even music, he’s just gutturally roaring in a microphone and smashing his head on a table” 

• Bokuto (about Kuroo’s band): “lol look at these fucking pussies. their music is about as real as those clip-on piercings”. 

• Their war escalated to an on-stage fight. It started out with a typical concert. Bokuto was ending a song and taking a quick break to get some water and ask the fans if they want one more song. Then Kuroo struts out with a microphone and says “to the dumbass owl who talked pure shit all last week behind his twitter handle, Bokuto what’s good son?!” They end the entire performance with a fist fight, which involves security separating them and sending everyone home. Right before they get all cleaned up (and stitched, in Kuroo’s case - right above his left eye), they take a picture together and laugh it off. It’s posted on Bokuto’s instagram with the caption “homie for life tho. #Tetsubro” 

• Oikawa’s group gets involved with them too because their label wants them to take on more of a bad boy persona; Oikawa gets distracted by Hajime’s arms though and they’re both annoyed that Ushijima falls for him.

• Sugawara, Yamaguchi, Tsukishima, and Daichi all sit back and watch the chaos unfold. 

• Yamaguchi supplies the drugs and they pass it around. Tadashi and Kei shotgun it.

• Daichi barks out for Tsukishima to cut it out and save that shit for the hotel, to which Kei replies with a middle finger behind Tadashi’s head. 

• Kageyama and Hinata figure out that their voices sound angelic together. 

•Kenma convincing Kei to dye his hair with him. Kenma goes with soft pink hair and Tsukishima with punk-blue tips. Suga and Oikawa get matching mint highlights. Nishinoya changes the color of his fringe.

• Tsukishima has lots of piercings. Literally everywhere. Tongue, nipples, lip, hips, ears, and bridge. Hinata has piercings all up one of his ears. Kageyama has a lip ring. Bokuto has an eyebrow ring. Kuroo has a little stud in his nose. Akaashi has a bellybutton piercing, as well as a tongue ring.

• His fans found out about his nipple rings, because Kenma is a literal troll. He loves pranking the others cause they’re so easy. He especially loves messing with Kei and riling him up. He just makes it so easy! He managed to catch a picture of Kei coming out of the shower and zoomed in hella close and posted it to his insta, with the caption “nice nipple rods bro #whysocoldlmao” and RIP Kei.

• Akaashi likes to torture his fans and take pics with Kenma (close friends, sometimes have been known to collab on softer songs together) with his tongue always out to show off the new tongue piercings he buys. 

• Kuroo has a dick piercing. enough said.

– Punk and Pastel

Larries are a little stressed about some Eleanor thing that i don’t really get (near as I can figure, it’s Louis following Tommy Hilfiger and I guess Eleanor is doing something with him?), but whatever it is, it’s sent them on one of their proudly abusive trantrums:

And this unsurprising turn of events: the disturbed individual who runs the briajungwirth site has started one for Eleanor as well.

HOWEVER!! Amongst all this, a small number of Larries finally decide to speak out against briajungwirth.com!!

FINALLY, Larries willing to reject this:

Great that people are speaking up, right? Especially for people who are logical enough to realize that what Larries have is only wild speculation and no actual evidence to support these horrible statements. But even people who believe it should recognize that this is just an awful, fucked up thing to be spreading gleefully in a fandom full of young women. I can’t believe this was tolerated, I can’t believe it was normalized and celebrated.

So finally, FINALLY people are speaking out against it. But wait a second…their problem with it is not that it’s horrible, abusive, nasty harassment - they’ve dehumanized Briana so much that they can just laugh that off with “B probably LOVES that website lmao. that’s right up her alley.”

Their problem isn’t that they didn’t find it funny, that they weren’t amused by misogyny and mocking a woman’s appearance and an entire family. Nope! At least not at first - “i will admit that i got a chuckle out of that website when it first went up! i rly did. i hate that garbage family too so it was like LOL OOP!” Or the tags: “#I too got a chuckle at the beginning #but holy god #it is time to stop

Nope, here’s the problem:

but like truly, that shit is the stuff that makes it SO easy for antis to be nasty to and about us. believe me, i KNOW they target us for literally just existing (i get hate frequently and all i do is fuckign reblog cute pictures and memes and stay in my gd lane 98.7% of the time) and i’m absolutely not blaming larries for the actions of antis, but i’m saying that that website and the like is the type of shit antis hone in on and the shit that gives them ammunition. that’s on their level, that’s shit they understand bc they, too, run blogs and websites abt ppl they hate. it’s as childish and oftentimes cruel when larries do it as it is when antis do it.

(I’ve never seen the OP’s name before so idk who is sending them hate, but i doubt it has anything to do with the bloggers I recognize as antis. and you know, just show me where my blog is anything like that fucking website.) 

They do go on to say, “you’re not doing the good and noble thing w/this shit.” 

But wow. I just. “this is the type of shit antis hone in on”? There’s something about this that is particularly upsetting - that these people do vaguely see that there’s a problem with shit like the briajungwirth website, but even as they acknowledge that horrible stuff like that is why antis are upset, they still can’t actually grasp just how bad it is?

It’s like when the people who attempt to be more logical just end up making up lies so they can keep pretending their perspective is based on logic - it makes me more angry than the people who just seem to have no clue and not give this any thought. These people recognize that the website is upsetting and are willing to say “hmmm maybe not” but that’s as far as they can go?? They don’t feel a need to really separate themselves from this website, to say they don’t want to be in a community with content creators like that. Even the people willing to speak out, even as the community at large prepares to focus these attacks against Eleanor, can only say “stop encouraging antis to call us out.”

And that sort of “i can see this is wrong but I still don’t care enough to really speak out against it” is somehow more upsetting and frustrating than the people who just accept the larrie groupthink that tells them this is ok.


kagami’s the only one who still takes those morons seriously

everyone else is 100% done, especially satsuki who has to bail them out

tatsuya knows nothing about it, leave him alone

[based on this]

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Why should a sugar baby not give away there name and phone number ? What's something bad the sugar daddy could do? Hopefully this does not come out wrong Im just not sure ? ❤

I’ve had a POT try to blackmail me with nudes that he paid for, but because I didn’t use my real name or phone number he had no way to actually expose me. He threatened to post them on facebook and tag me in them (what facebook lol) and send them to my family. He didn’t have any of my real information so I just blocked him and went about my life $100 richer. That’s just one example of POTs trying to pull shit with your personal information. Most SBs try to keep their sugar life private, so being exposed could potentially be very bad for them. Sugaring is sex work, even though we have a relationship with these men. There’s so much hostility toward sex workers, that keeping the sugar life private is usually very important.

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Do you know any good blogs for aspiring strippers?

Ohhhh man I halfway don’t want to because there are so many and I love them all and don’t want anyone to feel left out! All of the blogs run by the strippers of tumblr are amazing imo! I could recommend literally everyone that I follow but off the top of my head, these are some of the blogs I’ve been following for a while:

@hashtag-stripper-problems she is so active in the tumblr stripper community and her posts are great!

@gothicstripper I’m not sure if she’s currently dancing or not, but her work posts are great.

@kathereal Her pole videos are absolutely incredible and she is such a great person and I love her 😭

@canofmixxednuts MY BABY!!! Sweet, funny, and always keeps it 💯

@stripperina Idk how active she is anymore but her blog is a great resource and her pole videos are incredible!

@raincitykittyy She’s so positive and beautiful, and she has a lot of work related posts. Her “strip ask” tag is very informative and I would recommend any newbie check it out. I’ve been following both her and stripperina since I was researching before becoming a stripper myself!

@clarawebbwillcutoffyourhead I don’t believe she’s stripping currently (pls correct me if I’m wrong!) but she is so lovely, and her blog is such a great source of sex worker news and sex work activism and I strongly recommend giving her a follow.

There are a shit ton but I’m half asleep because I’m about to take a nap, so my brain isn’t 100% on lol. So if you’re a stripper, or wanna recommend another blog, please do! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

hfhfhfh okay so this is going to be about the tags in the prev post that has shit abt the bpd community here on tumblr (which is like okay yeah i find posts that help me feel less alone and stuff and stuff i can relate w but like…. *sigh*)

(before we actually get into this i just wanna say i can’t speak for EVERY PERSON who has bpd or any other disorder. this is just my opinion and how i see things and if you wish to POLITELY talk to me about it I’d prefer if you’d do it off anon and explain calmly if you have anything against this post/anything i said, etc. Just a nice calm talk please)

Okay, so like i get it, it’s fucking hard to deal w splitting/not getting attention or reassurance due to our lack of relationship object permanence/having a shitty mindset that makes us believe we are horrible/etc. etc. but???? that should never EVER be used as an excuse for any action that is horrible/bad/abusive?

like yeah okay, we split with people but like why not try asking for some time alone so you can calm down or try talking to someone else if you’re okay with that to help you chill out?? (idk, each person w bpd has different ways to cope w splitting ig) but don’t?? suicide bait someone???? because they said something you didn’t like/aren’t paying attention to you??? that’s literally so horrible and idc if you have bpd or what other disorder/mental illness. You don’t do that shit that’s fucking horrible.

People not CATERING or ADJUSTING to your needs should not allow you to be abusive or show abusive behaviors and when someone tells you that you are being abusive you DON’T try to defend yourself and JUSTIFY your actions by saying you have ____ etc. because it doesn’t justify it. You should admit to your mistakes and behavior and WORK on them to try and be a better person.
It is gonna be hard work and honestly it’s probably not gonna entirely go your way but if you work on it little by little it probably will get a bit better instead of just not trying and lashing out at people constantly.

the post I linked (and the post that resulted in this post) honestly had some good points. You shouldn’t turn these things into a cute quirks or whatever. It’s true that some of the images in that post is what most of us would feel and relate with but if you have some way to like deal with it in a healthy manner/cope then that’s good! but if you don’t you should probably try finding a way to help you cope for the time being? instead of lashing out and being angry at people/the world for a problem/behavior you could work on fixing a bit (like I said, it won’t be easy)

There are good people in the bpd community that understand these things and that’s great!! Awesome!! but for those who refuse to try and change and want people to cater to them then my dudes… you’re not going to have healthy relationships if you’re gonna be that way. Sorry to say, but that’s just how it is and it really comes down to you trying to fix your behavior (on your own or with help. It’s okay if it’s either one, so long as you try my guy). And if this means analyzing and reanalyzing the things you do/your behavior and finding out what IS abusive and you changing that then do it.

ten awesome fics 🙌

tagged by @reineyday​ to list 10 awesome fics!!! not a ranked all-time-favorites thing, but just fics form any fandom that i love, which is a lovely idea ^_^ tbh a lot of these will be my all-time favorites tho cuz i’m terrible at actually remembering fic names and tracking them down again…..

also i would like to take a moment to acknowledge that the shortest fic on this list is 86k like….i think i have a problem.

The Jester by Footloose (Merlin, Merthur)

i’m pretty sure everyone and their mother knows how much i love Loaded March by now, but it’s worth stating again. this series is fucking amazing and any time i really need a boost, i go back and start reading from the beginning. ^this one is the 4th in the series and there is so much intense UST my eyes melt out of my skull. it’s got pining underneath roleplay, consensual D/s dynamics in the guise of abuse, exhibitionism and possessiveness, all with serious military and political intrigue going on. it’s just. IT’S SO GOOD.

The Boy In Red by KouriArashi (Teen Wolf, Sterek)

another one that i’ve already screamed about a million times. The Sum Of Its Parts is another enormously long series where every installment is better than the last and it’s just crazy good. ^this is also the 4th in the series (cuz apparently i just have a Thing for part 4s) and it’s just a really interesting one cuz at least half the turmoil comes from there not being turmoil, lol. there’s danger and intrigue and fighting like nobody’s business ofc, but it’s the waiting that makes Stiles have a mental breakdown and forces him into actual therapy. honestly the therapy is one of my favorite things about the entire series and it starts here^^^.

Croatoan by TheDamnRiddler (Teen Wolf, gen)

this fic scared the everloving shit out of me in the best way possible. it’s absolutely a horror fic with a frighteningly cliffhanger ending that left me looking over my shoulder for a solid three days, lol. but it’s so goddamn good. it’s Stiles, Derek, and Peter with no romance anywhere in its 86k words, which i greatly appreciate. all the relationships are still so interesting and everything feels so tangible and real even as it’s completely surreal by necessity. this fic will fuck you up but you should read it anyway. i’m due for a reread actually…..

Shadowlord and Pirate King also by Footloose (Merlin, Merthur)

this sounds like it should be a crackfic but it’s the most epic fucking space-fantasy adventure, it’s so goddamn good i can’t even say. i love bamf!Merlin and this is the absolute bamfiest, like magical assassin with a tragic past falls in love with a wayward pirate who has to claim his throne as king of the pirates, i mean !!!!!! it doesn’t get any better than this.

Eleazar by emmbrancsxxo (Merlin, Merthur)

a really cool sci-fi-ish resurrection fic. it showcases how truly fucked up Merlin is by his immortality, which is a wonderful rarity in fic lol, and it’s got twists that i almost did not see coming and then was immensely proud of myself for predicting right before the reveal, lol.

Only A Boy by RiddellLee (Merlin/Harry Potter xover, gen)

honestly i don’t think i have ever laughed so hard. i mean this fic is badass and epic and has all the good stuff in it, but it’s also fucking hysterical because a grownass medieval Merlin gets de-aged and pulled into the future to replace Harry in the prophecy, and he gets sorted into Slytherin and he keeps getting left in Snape’s care, and the two of them snarking at each other is literally one of the funniest things i have ever encountered in my life. read the fic just for that, if nothing else, but also Merlin and Draco and Hermione all end up bffs and that gives me life. technically it’s an ongoing series but the second one’s not finished so i haven’t read any further.

The Black Games by Mrs Pettyfer (A:TLA, Zutara)

this one is from way back when i was still reading on fanfic.net and i don’t think it’s crossposted T_T so it’s been a really long time since i read it but i remember it being really fucking good. it’s a Hunger Games AU so there’s definitely MCD in there, but that doesn’t make it not great and i think it’s the start of a trilogy that i never finished…?

Tributes by TheAvalonian (Merlin, Merthur)

speaking of HG AUs, here’s a Merthur one that is equally really fucking good, lol. another one with plenty of MCD but i think more people make it out alive in this one? if i remember correctly? anyway it’s got some really fantastic scenes (the confrontation between Arthur and Morgana will destroy you) and Gwen especially is the absolutely fucking best in this fic.

A Question of Motives by Alaia Skyhawk (Merlin, gen)

this is another one on ff.net and it’s a series. like another MASSIVE SERIES cuz i really love those (it’s my 3rd listed here lol). this one is canon AU from the start of s3 but it follows the show’s episode pattern to the letter while also making it completely different and it’s fucking miraculous, and it adds in sub-episodes between each canon episode template that are all just as fantastic and feel like legit episodes of their own, it’s just. it’s amazing. the series was started in 2010 and the newest story is still being updating (i haven’t kept up since like 2014 but i read all of the first 4 stories i think?? so worth it). ((also i think it has like a companion series for the OCs cuz they’re that compelling and there’s that much backstory.))

Candle, Cup, and Casket by Desiderii (Merlin, Merthur)

a “phantasmagorical space opera” like what is not to love about that?? this entire setting and the worldbuilding is honestly just so amazing and fascinating. like that’s all i can even think about looking back lol. Morgana is badass in this too and she and Arthur are like cyborgs with cool mods to make them better fighters, and Merlin’s got the magic thing going on, and the space ships are alive and have ghosts that Merlin can communicate with but no one else realizes are there, like it’s some seriously cool shit. go read the fuck out of this.

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