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[Compliments To The Chef #10]

Series: Fairy Tail.
Pairing: Gajevy.
Setting: Restaurant/Chef/Roommates AU.
Rating: M for sexual content and language.
Other Chapters: HERE.

Summary: Budding chef Gajeel Redfox is about to get a taste for the phrase: “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen” when runaway Levy McGarden starts waiting tables at his restaurant – and living in his home.

A/N: Those of you following me will likely know of my uncomfortable predicament at home. Between personal issues, work and school I’ve had no time to do any writing. I’m really sorry about the wait. I hope this chapter is feelsy enough to make it up to you. // I asked my friend about the time she broke her wrist but, naturally, since I’ve never broken a bone I can only base this chapter on research and second-hand experiences. If there’s anything that seems off or peculiar with you, please let me know so I can correct it!

Your words are my food, your breath my wine. You are everything to me –  Sarah Bernhardt.

Chapter Ten: Food For Thought

Gajeel’s mother was smiling. The kind of smile she used when guilt and love warred inside her; when she longed to protect him but knew, in the deepest reaches of her mind, that there was nothing she could do. She shuffled quietly towards him, barefoot and timid in the muted light. Her eyes were soft and forgiving, shining like distant stars. 

‘You’re doing your best, aren’t you?’

Gajeel blinked. His hands felt so tiny, so fragile, as she took them into her own. She smoothed her thumbs over his knuckles, unravelling tension knotted deep within his muscles, and kissed the backs of his hands. His body felt strangely far away, as though he were watching the experience from the outside. 

‘I’m sorry,’ he said, afraid to meet her gaze. ‘It was my fault. You died because…’

His mother’s smile widened. ‘You’re a force to be reckoned with, my son,’ she said, brushing a hand through his hair, ‘but no single force, certainly not yours, can be held accountable for every tragedy.’

‘But I–’

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So a while back, someone (@kpopfandomsruinedmylifedoe) wrote me a story that inspired this one. It was called Anon, I can’t find her blog or the story anymore, but it deserves credit for my inspiration ☺️💕

Coffee in one hand, my phone in the other, I looked at my recent requests.

Okay, if I make 3 texts and maybe start a series … No. I scolded myself as I continued to looked through all of the plans that I had for the week.

If I start a series today, finish by Wednesday, then I can start my homework and … Ah shit but the election is tomorrow. Work will be crazy. I looked over all of my mixing schedules as I worked through the upcoming week. Manning a blog, working a full time internship, and being a university student, wasn’t an easy task. But I loved it. As I looked once more at the blog, I felt a swell of pride.

Okay, let’s get this schedule down. I downed the rest of my coffee and started penning in an outline.

Halfway across the world, the band that has caused so many hearts to race and ovaries to burst, was making their way off stage.

Joon hyung! Good job back there! Tae clapped the leader’s back as Namjoon grabbed his phone.

Thanks, Tae. You are always a better dancer. He chuckled as the younger member shook his head and laughed melodically.

You’ve gotten better since debut, that’s for sure. Tae quipped as the two of them were ushered into the changing room. The show had gone well and they were about to do a small meet and greet with some of the fans. Namjoon started to change into his more normal clothes, the silk shirts and chokers were stylish, but not the most comfortable.

As the stylists mused with his hair, he became enthralled with his phone. At a recent fan sign, a fan had told him to look at Tumblr. It was like jumping head first into the deep end of something strange, yet exhilarating. Namjoon quickly told the rest of the group, although a couple of the guys already knew of the site.

There are some weird stories about me fucking Jimin. Yoongi rolled his eyes as Jimin choked on his water.

WHAT?! But … But … The young dancer became speechless as Yoongi showed him the stories. Jimin’s eyes were wide as saucers. AH! NO!

The group laughed at the childish reactions, but Namjoon had a couple blogs that he loved to read. Some of them were simple little scenarios. Everyday, mundane things. It had been so long since Namjoon’s last official relationship that he fell in love with the make believe. He continued to read the text every night before bed or whenever he had some free time.
Typing in one of his favorite blogs, he saw you interacting with followers. Answering questions, finishing requests, writing stories. He rested his head on his free hand and scrolled through the blog. You constantly talked about how busy you were, but how much you loved to write. He found pride in knowing that you were writing and daydreaming about him and the group. But there was so much he wanted to know.

So with a little thought, he wrote into your inbox.

StylishLeader asks: I have a request. Could you write a series about how YOU would want a guy to ask you out?

I looked at the request. Clicking on the blog, I found that there was no content, no likes, just someone who followed a lot of different BTS blogs. But the request confused me. Opening up a private message, I aired out some of my confusion.

Do you have a specific guy you want me to write about?
Who is your bias?
Namjoon, duh lol

Namjoon smiled like an idiot as he read the message. He knew he had fans, but to have someone he followed bias him, he felt his ego grow a bit.

Well then write about him.
… Are you sure?
Yea, I want to know more about how you would react.
Usually people want me to write more like them than myself. That’s all.

I took a breath and opened up a blank text.

I’ll do this one, then go back to my research. I said to myself as I started typing out the fake scenario. Hopefully this person will like it. I smiled as I continued to tap my fingers onto my phone.

Namjoon waited patiently for the request to be fulfilled. You were working diligently.

Neither one of you knew it, but Tumblr was about to start some crazy shit.


For people who are nervous about starting conversations with professors:

I just emailed a guy who is, academically speaking, a huge deal, who doesn’t know me from Adam. Like, my opening line was, “I hope you’ll pardon me for writing to you out of the blue, but…” And then I proceeded to just ask him if he might be willing to tell me some stuff about his recent research, and you know what he did? Replied within two hours with a four-paragraph email full of exclamation points saying how glad he was to hear from me and that I was interested in his work. Now, obviously this doesn’t happen every time, but the worst response I’ve ever received to this kind of communication is an “I’m so busy right now, can I direct you to my colleague Professor So-and-So instead?” Basically, you have nothing to lose. Be polite and professional and reach out. There’s a lot of potential reward and very little actual risk involved.

unto-the-rabbit-hole  asked:

*Deep Breath* Here goes nothing! So I love your writing style, and I've read just about everyone of your works! They're so beautifully written! Your fics make my day! So I have a question for you,well, maybe two, if you have time! I always have story ideas in my head and I'm such a big outliner! My questions to you are as follows: Do you research your fics, if so, how do you go about this? And what made you start writing fanfiction, because I find that so daunting, but I want to start!

Hi there! Thank you so much for reading my fics and for the kind words!! :)) Constant story ideas + outlines for days sounds very much like how I operate, haha! 

And good questions! I would say I tend to do research for the large majority of my fics, but the level of research and how I go about it varies depending on subject matter. If there’s no real unknown variables, then I just dive into writing. If something comes up along the way that I’m not sure about, I look it up. 

For instance, in canon-verse fics, my research generally tends to hover around making sure I’m keeping everything in line with the life a bunch of kids in Japan could expect to experience on a day-to-day basis. I’d suggest people research based on their level of familiarity with Japanese culture/social norms – things like honorifics, describing school/home life, university system, etc. I just spent a ton of time researching apartment hunting in Japan the other night. For any writing, I feel at least some level of light research should be standard practice for a piece about an experience the writer hasn’t lived themselves.

For AUs and other things built upon experiences I have no personal familiarity with, I usually do a ton of research both before and during the writing process. I like having some idea of what I’m putting down on paper, from the big overarching details to the little ones. So for my Tarzan-inspired fic, I did a bunch of research on rainforest and jungle environments, flora and fauna, climate, you name it. That was the macro. An example of micro research was figuring out what plants could be used to make a certain slippery substance (the palm oil) and how it could feasibly be made with limited supplies in the middle of the jungle. That was a fun and not tedious evening at all [sarcasm]! 

But honestly, these little details combined with the big ones are what I believe the foundations of worldbuilding rest upon, and it’s really important to do the legwork in order to fold them naturally into the story. Google is really your best friend, here, but always remember the internet is often wrong – so try to look up multiple sources! 

As to your second question, I’ve written fanfiction since I was really young (my first attempt was probably around age 11). The simplest answer is that I’ve always read a lot of fic, and it seemed just awesome, the idea that I could write about these characters and worlds I loved like I saw other people doing. Writing has been and probably always will be one of my favorite things in the world to do, so it was just natural I gravitated in that direction. That’s one of the main reasons I still write fic, but another big reason is the community found within fandoms, where I can do what I love, and talk to other people about the things I love.

I think writing fic can be a lot less daunting than writing original work (though by no means should that stop you from doing both, or focusing on your own stuff if you so choose). You can still write about whatever you can think of, barring a very forgiving set of parameters (characters – you just need to get the characters right, and you already love them, so that should come naturally). And when you write fic, one of the best things is having friends and a community to share it with, whether you can count the number of people in the fandom on one hand or you don’t even know who the people living next door to you are (like me with HQ!! fans outside the KageHina bubble, oops). 

I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum now (HQ is by far the largest fandom I’ve ever actively been involved with) and both are wonderful experiences. I’d definitely encourage you to give fic writing a try! 

Hope these answers helped! :)

my-paper-universe  asked:

Did Mark ever talk about the process of writing? I know he prefers working in the morning and that research is key, but has he ever spoken about the software he uses, how he starts and structures his stories, the way he builds characters or anything like that?

Hello! An interesting question. I can point to a few times he’s talked about writing, people have asked him in Q&As or there have been videos/bts where they show him in the process of writing something, but I don’t know if he’s gone into that level of detail in general interviews etc. I didn’t attend the writer’s masterclass event he did before Christmas, since it seemed to be aimed at students/people trying to get into the industry - that might be the sort of thing you’re looking for.

First off don’t know about software, but he’s a classic two-finger typist on a laptop (she says, identically tapping away in an inefficient manner):

(gif via sherlockundercover)

From what I’ve read he generally writes in his ‘garret’ as he calls it (room at the top of the house), unless it’s for Sherlock and Sue has banished him somewhere or he’s on holiday/away filming and still working anyway because workaholic. He’s said the bonus of being an actor and a writer is that when you’re stuck in a trailer waiting to be called for a scene, you can still get stuff done.

In terms of how he develops a story - bit sketchier there. Whenever he’s asked how he comes up with ideas, he says he thinks best in the bath! And he’s talked about going for a run if he’s stuck on something. As I recall he’s said writing scripts either comes very easily and it all just pours out, or it’s painfully slow and tortuous. Classic Mark quote: “I put arse to chair, pen to paper. And then I stare at a blank sheet until my forehead bleeds.” He doesn’t generally think writing is fun. But he’s always very positive about how anyone who wants to be a writer should just write - start, write anything, if you have a pen you can do it; “The key is to just write, carry on and see what happens.”

In terms of video and articles with more info I’d say his video diary from writing The Unquiet Dead is very interesting as you can see him changing aspects of the plot and characters as time moves on. And there are videos from the League of Gentlemen days where you see him writing with Jeremy Dyson, and sat together as a four talking the series through; so they’re going through jokes and generally rambling on about all sorts. You can download those here if you haven’t seen them. He did an interview with Great Gay Reads about writing the Lucifer Box books, that’s a good one too. And this video here is a nice chat about the second Lucifer Box book; how he developed the character and the challenges of the different genre. He’s talked a bit recently about writing with Steven on Sherlock, since they did TAB and TFP together - I get the impression he quite likes working with a writing partner, since that’s how he started in the League days. There’s a bit about that in the s.4 bts videos.

And he’s said if you can write a pornographic novel you can do anything since it’s so difficult.

eviljaffafish  asked:

I hadn't actually given much thought to the meaning - and sheer amount if it - that there could be to the tattoo Damon's got on his hand. Which, given his inclination for putting much meaning in many things, is remarkably naive of me

Ohhhh! 💜 Well, I was thinking about writing a long post about it one day (my theory that is). A good portion of my current personal art project was inspired by Damon’s work, so I did a lot of research into Dr. Dee and alchemy and the heptagram symbol as well as the little symbols he’s put in his videos, etc., because when I get obsessed with learning things I get obsessed obv. :p

When I had my “aha” moment of figuring out Damon’s meaning behind all of his symbols and references I started crying at @glowinginahuddle. If I’m right, then everything he’s put in has quite a beautiful meaning and reveals quite a bit about his personal life. If I’m right, then the tattoo on his hand and the placement of it has an incredibly beautiful meaning. But a lot of it has to do with The Selfish Giant plot so I can’t say much now until that story is finished, even though I wish I could. :(

My biggest wish right now is to have a conversation with Damon about it though. He really is such an articulate, intelligent and thoughtful soul. I feel like I’ve come to admire him a lot more as an artist. (He’s up to snuff with Graham for me now, haha.)

anonymous asked:

hi! do you have any tips for someone who wants to write a mexican protagonist? or any resources/places to get started maybe? i want to do some research but i'm not totally sure where to start.

i always say read books by and about mexicans. that’s the best way to learn about any people + culture. watch mexican television shows. listen to mexican music. immerse yourself in the culture.

when writing, if you have the resources, pay a sensitivity reader, or find a mex friend and kindly ask if they can look over your work.

Adam Cole

Adam Cole illustrated Carl Sagan for the history of pencil lead .

Adam Cole is a reporter and producer for the science desk at NPR. He creates short documentary videos, radio pieces, animations, musical podcast segments, data visualizations, and GIFs about science. In 2014, Cole launched Skunk Bear, a visual science blog and YouTube channel that has built a robust audience on social media.

Cole came to NPR as an editorial intern for the science desk in January 2011, and was then hired to stay on as a production assistant from 2011 to 2012.

Cole illustrated the max speeds of animals for a video about an annual race between man and horse. 

He got his start in journalism at The Ferndale Enterprise, a small but mighty local weekly paper in Northern California. Before that, he worked as a research scientist, studying the genetics of pancreatic cancer and the physics of mussel beds.

He uses scientific illustrations in a lot of his work. In a short interview, we asked him about his process:

Cole’s illustrations of different types of cells in the human body for a video about human cellular regeneration.

Describe how you learned to draw and your history with drawing/art. When did you combine science and art and how did that happen?

Like most kids, I started drawing before I can remember and I didn’t ever really stop. Before I could really write, I would tell my mom stories and she would write them down, and I would illustrate them. I remember one of my first stories was called “Albert The Alien.” It was a real thriller - some “bad guy” aliens attacked Albert’s home. I remember one detail in particular: Albert’s house was equipped with an alarm that went “BEEP BAD GUYS BEEP!”

I always liked to draw animals – real and imaginary. I’d go through phases - for a while the animals would all look kind of wolfy, and then they’d all start to look like frogs.

I don’t think there was any one moment where I started combining science and art - I’ve always loved both! Looking back at my notes from science class (from like third grade through college) it seems like I was more interested in drawing the things we were talking about than writing them down. 

A doodle from Cole’s math notes. “This diagram of the FOIL method (how to multiply parenthetical expressions) became a mustachioed man!”

Who are your favorite artists/influences on your work?

I’m not super literate in the art field - but I do love children’s book illustrations. When I was a kid I read all 36 of Bill Pete’s books. He was a sketch artist and storyboarder on a lot of the early Disney films (from Snow White to the Jungle Book), but he was also a children’s author. One of his stories was an environmental fable about capybara-moose hybrids! That checked a lot of boxes for me.

When I started working at NPR and got interested in animation, I remember coming across a video called “The Thomas Beale Cipher.” I was blown away by the use of texture and light in something that was entirely animated - so that had a big impact on me. Years later, the producer of that video commented on one of my personal projects and it felt awesome.

I generally get a lot of inspiration from short films on Vimeo - I see little animation techniques that people use there for commercial and art projects and think, “Could I use that to tell stories about science?” I stumbled upon some work by Daniel Gies, and learned how to create animated “puppets” from him. I use that technique in most videos.

And of course, there’s Wes Anderson. My old partner Maggie Starbard and I used to say, “WWWAD - what would Wes Anderson do?” It wasn’t about mimicking his quirky sensibility - we admired his attention to visual detail, and the cohesion of his pieces. Years ago we made a couple shorts in more of a documentary style, but I decided that Skunk Bear’s aesthetic would be extremely produced and stylized. Everything in each shot should be composed–there for a reason–and feel like it was cut from the same cloth as all the other shots. WWWAD.

Cole illustrated the snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus) for a video about one owl’s magnificent migration.

Cole’s 2012 map of campaign spending.

Each of your projects takes on a distinctly different illustration style. Can you talk about one example where the story dictated the look of the animation or illustration?

Form definitely follows the content. Our latest video was about the history and science of pencil lead, so of course I wanted the animations to be pencil sketches.

And that’s pretty much how it goes for every piece - we created characters and entire sets out of marshmallows in a video about finding the speed of light with peeps, I drew images with pumpkin seeds and pumpkin guts for our video on pumpkin facts, I used paper and book cover textures from a dictionary to talk about eponyms.

For those, the form was pretty obvious - we were talking about a thing, so that thing informed the aesthetic. Sometimes, its more about tone.

We did a collaboration with Robert Krulwich about an immortal animal. It had a very fairy tale feel to me - and of course Robert’s voice is perfect for narrating a story. So I went with watercolor illustrations for that  - I wanted it to look like pages from a picture book

Another time, I did a radio piece about dune restoration and I wanted the corresponding video to have a very retro-PSA feel. I put on an old-timey voice for the narration, and I looked to 1960’s era design for visual inspiration.

What challenges do you have as an illustrator and how do you work through them?

I’m not really that good at drawing compared to most illustrators, so I try to cheat as much as possible. I look at a lot of reference images, I draw rough and then trace my own work, trace over footage we’ve shot, I clean things up a lot in photoshop, I composite things. I don’t have any pride about that - I’ll cheat in whatever way I can to get the result I want.

I’m also a bit of a perfectionist, which clashes with my lack of skill. The result is I have trouble creating animations like look casual and loose - that great sketchy look. I’m still trying to work through that.

Is there anything specifically that you find challenging to draw?

When I was a kid, there was this girl named Sarah in my class who was really good at drawing horses. And I was always really jealous of her. My horses always ended up looking like weird dogs. Horses are crazy looking! What’s with that head? Where do the eyes actually sit? How do the legs bend? I still can’t draw horses.

One of Cole’s early drawings - “Instead of coloring books, I liked these books where there was just a blank space you got to fill in.”

Thanks, Adam!

-LA and Meredith

Hi new followers! Welcome!

A little about me: I’m a grad student in STEM education, my research is on implementing better instructional strategies in college classrooms.

I’m in the final stretch of my PhD work, writing my lit review currently. I started this blog because I need to talk about how ADHD affects my ability to do this giant unstructured task of a dissertation. (I can’t talk about it with my colleagues.) I also want to talk about how we can make school and work in STEM fields more disability-friendly.

That’s me and this blog, I’m happy to have you here, please feel free to connect with me, and I’m always looking for ADHD-friendly writing tips if you want to send things my way!

Summary: Between the demands of helping the turtles and Splinter relocate and her reinstatement and promotion to investigative reporter at Channel 6, April has barely had time to stop for breath. But when she and Vernon report on the work of a certain Dr. Stockman, it’s his grad student, Irma Langenstein, who catches the interest of the organization that’s been abducting scientists across the city. Fortunately, Irma has more connections than anyone realizes, and Donnie does not take kindly to the abduction of his online gaming partner.

Now, Irma is stuck in an enforced witness protection program in the new lair, there’s a vigilante running around the back streets of New York, and citizens are reporting mysterious lights in the skies above the city. Which is all in a day’s work for the best reporter in NYC.

Rating: PG/K+.
Universe: TMNT 2014.
Tags/Warnings: Action/Adventure, Science Fiction, Friendship, Family.

Author: Fantasiawandering

This project has been a real challenge, but also a great amount of fun. I’m really grateful for the fact that the artist who chose my story, without knowing it was mine, happened to be a good friend who could stand listening to me rant about how the story constantly refused to cooperate. Leah and I ended up challenging each other to create content in a universe outside of our comfort zones, and there was something really comforting about having someone right there with you to bounce ideas off of and to cheer you on. Creating in isolation is a bit like working in a vacuum, and it was really cool to work on a project without feeling quite so alone.

Artist: fivefootoh

A real challenge indeed! I thought it would be fun to tackle the 2014 turtle designs, and I was surprised (but not disappointed) to find that I had picked out a friend’s story! It’s been hard to illustrate, seeing as that I’m not as familiar with this universe as with others. But I finally got myself to stop worrying and just let whatever came to my head to be drawn. It’s been fun to take Fantasia’s ideas and notes, and see Irma and everyone else come to life not only in words, but in pictures.

The first chapter is below; read the rest at: ff.net | Ao3!



For as long as she could remember, April had known exactly what she wanted to do with her life. Yet, it seemed that with every turn, she was faced with something else forcing her carefully-laid plans off the rails. The fire. Her father. The years of having to take time off school to waitress in order to pay down her debt. Oh, the job at Channel 6 had been a dream come true, until April had realized that all they needed was a pretty face to jump up and down on things. And then, the biggest wrench in the works of all. The chance encounter on the rooftop that had sent her life spiralling out of control.

She never would have thought that spiral could have been the launching pad she needed to turn it all around again, yet here she was. April O’Neil: Investigative Reporter.

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coalitionofchaos-deactivated201  asked:

A prompt if you're feeling it - mature uni student Erik in a class Charles tutors, Charles being delighted bc this guy knows what he thinks and is not afraid to have an argument about it unlike most freshmen, and when realising part of the delight is attraction he doesn't feel too bad bc to be fair this guy is older than him and a (hot) dad type :>>

[Hi, sorry, this is a behemoth lol it’s 11 pages. @_@ I hope you like it! Thanks for the prompt!]

Charles is no stranger to teaching. As a third year PhD student, he’s already been a TA for four years; senior year of undergrad, two years of Masters work and two years of PhD which counted towards his funding. Some of the other grad students find the work to be a chore, and part of Charles can’t blame them. You don’t need to be a telepath, after all, to recognize the look in a student’s eye when they’ve completely tuned you out to instead think about all the things they’d rather be doing than sitting in your class listening to you talk, or to know when they’re texting under the desk, or when they’ve started browsing social media instead of taking notes for the test they’re inevitably going to fail next class. Other TAs choose to focus the majority of their energy on research and article writing, thinking to hell with students who don’t want to pay attention anyway. It isn’t an unfair way to respond to the situation, Charles thinks.

Still, personally, Charles remains generally unjaded about his work. This is mostly because as a telepath he also knows that most people are not as invested in the subject as he is. Gen eds exist for a reason, and by the end of term, he knows he’ll at least have broadened the understanding of a good ninety percent of his students, and even interested a few in pursuing more political science classes. A handful of students over the years have been engaged enough to ask some very probing and critical questions. Those sorts of moments are the ones Charles clings to with desperate fingers when grading time rolls around and it sometimes feels as if he’s drowning in a sea of red marks, wondering if half the class even bothers to listen when he opens his mouth.

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21 Months 3/3

Or, oh my lord I finally finished a fic. Shout oaut to zilleniose for hours of letting me yell at her about this AU. Other chapters here.


(18 Months)

Mabel and Henry had run to the grocery store (and, Stan suspected, were taking the long way there and back to have some time to themselves), and Dipper was out doing weird demon shit, so it was just him with the kids.

Hank and Acacia were currently content to crawl and poke at their toys in the little cordoned off corner of the Library Stan had put them in. Willow was asleep on Stan’s chest in the Huggy Wuggy Tummy Bundle that Mabel had gotten for Waddles all those years ago

(they hadn’t thought to put a crib up in the library yet and Stan was at the point in his life where he honestly didn’t give a shit if someone twitted him about having his granddau-niece in a baby carrier on him)

That was one of the things he loved about running his own business, Stan ruminated behind the counter, keeping an eye on Hank and Acacia in the corner and occasionally the researchers in the room. If Stan wanted to bring his great-grand nieces and nephew in the Library, he could.

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Partner Projects

au: alternative universe - meaning this is the opposite harry lol

“Alright you annoying little twats, there is a partner project that is due at the end of the semester. Due to changes of the district, there will be no Spring testing and teachers are able to make tests or projects as a replacement of the district’s test.” Mr. Harris said as your whole class groaned

“I’ve assigned you with your partners, so unfortunately, you cannot pick your own partner.” He smiled as the class groaned once again.

“Find your partner and please be sat in a seat while further instructions are given.” He projects the partners from his laptop and names were on the wall. Once again, your ears were filled with groans and cheers to see them be partnered with their friends.

As your eyes scanned the picture, you see your name along with someone else. Harry Styles and (Y/full/N).

You groaned and looked around the room to find Harry chewing gum and doing tricks with his pencil in his hand. You cursed under your breath knowing you have an uncooperative partner ahead of you.

“Mr. Harris-”

“Ms. (Y/L/N), I do not want any complaints about your partner.”

“May I just ask why you decided to put me with him?”

“You are a straight A student and this boy needs to graduate. He’s nineteen and he should be in college at this time. But he isn’t, because he’s failing every class he’s taking.”

“Mr. Harris there are many other students in this classroom that have better grades than I do and-”

“Zip it and sit with your partner. I do not want to hear another word about Mr. Styles and you.” You closed your eyes to calm yourself down, and turned around. You walked past the desks and plopped on a stool beside Harry. You set your books on the table and your bag on the floor. 

“Hey there… girl.” He looked more interested in his phone than you.

“Really? Not even going to try to look at the board where my name is? How thoughtful.” You huffed.

“Okay… I’m usually corrected by getting a name instead.” He put his hands up in surrender.

“Do you even have any idea of what we’re doing?”

“A project.”


“How the fuck am I supposed to know?” He asked.

“You are the dumbest person I have ever met in my entire life.” You shook your head.

“You are the sassiest person I’ve met ever.” He chuckled.

You were both interrupted by the theme of the project. Research on a country explaining the interesting features and events that happen. As known as geography class, yes, geography class.

“For the rest of class, which is fifteen minutes, you and your partner are to brainstorm ideas on which country you will research. If you’ve completed, write down any events or activities that you’ve heard about from your country. Make sure to take down notes and to be participating, you will not receive full credit if you are not working with your partner. Your fifteen minutes start now.”

As Mr. Harris finishes his sentence, everyone fills the room with conversations about the project. As for Harry and you, he was still stuck on his phone. You snatched his phone and he immediately tried to grab it.

“What the hell?!” He asked.

“No, you weren’t even paying attention to what Mr. Harris just said.”

“Yes, I was. Now give it back!” You moved your hands in the air as he tried to grab it. “Really? You know I’m not afraid to hit a girl.”

“Okay, if you were paying attention,” You put his phone in your butt pocket. “What did Mr. Harris just say?”

“Something about researching a country.”

“What about a country?”

“The type of things they do in their country, now give it back.”

“Fine.” He snatched it out of your hands and once again, went on his phone. You began to say something right as the bell interrupted you. The class rose and you were completely frustrated, so you took it out by walking quickly out of the classroom and down the halls. 

“Hey, wait!” You heard the voice that irritated you just moments ago. “Seriously, can you just wait for one second?”

“What?” You said harshly, looking back and seeing Harry’s hands go up in surrender.

“Calm down, shit.” He said.

“Hurry up.”

“You left our paper and your pen on the table.”

“Keep it.” You said. “You don’t even bring anything to class anyway.” You turned back around and continued to walk.

“What about our project?”

“I’m going to ask Mr. Harris if I can switch partners and if I can’t then I’ll find away to get away from you.”

“You’re being over-dramatic. We worked together for like fifteen minutes, I can’t be that bad.” He said.

“Yeah, we ‘worked’, if you can call it that.” You air quoted. “You make the worst first impressions ever. You didn’t even give the effort to look at the paper for at least ten seconds.”

“Fine, then let’s work on it.” He huffed. It definitely caught your attention, so your eyebrows lifted and your jaw dropped.

“I’m sorry?” You asked, walking closer.

“You heard what I said, are we going to work on it or not?”

“I’m busy.”

“Busy doing what? What can you possibly be busy for? You’re a nerd, you should’ve done things in advance." 

"This is exactly why girls hate you." 

"Okay,” He walked to you and grabbed your wrist, dragging you.

“What the hell are you doing?!” You asked.

“Just shut up then you’ll find out.”

“Mom, this is Harry, Harry this is my mother.”

“Hi Harry, nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too Mrs…”

“(Y/last/N).” You coughed.

“Mrs. Evans.” He smiled. You rolled your eyes.

“If you need me, I’ll be down here or around down here.” Your mom chuckled.

“Okay, thanks.” He said.

You walked up the stairs and into your bedroom, setting your books and bag down. He looked around at your room with many decorations and pictures.

“So have you decided which country you want to research about?” You asked. He didn’t respond, so you looked at him. He had a picture of you when you were younger.

“Can you put that down, please?” You asked. He still didn’t listen. You stood up and grabbed the picture frame and set it back on the shelf.

“Can you listen to me before you look around my room? The quicker we get through this, the quicker you get out of here.”

“Right, right, sorry.” He said.

You reached the end of the page and stopped typing.

“Done.” You yawned. You looked behind you and saw Harry sitting cross legged, with his tongue sticking out finishing the picture.

“This is the best work I’ve done in years to be honest with you.” He laughed.

“Maybe even the most if not.” You spun around in your chair and printed out the paper.

“Yeah, I think it’s pretty cool.” He took the paper that was glued onto a cardboard and set it at an angle so he was able to see the whole picture.

“Great, we’ll get an A plus!” You clapped your hands together.

“I’m sorry if I kept you out late.” You said.

“No it’s fine. I guess.” He shrugged.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” You rocked back and forth on your tiptoes and your heel.


“Cool.” You nodded.

“Good night.” He said, biting his lip.

“Night.” You waved.

He looked hesitant as if he was deciphering to either hug or give you a handshake. Instead, he kissed you on the cheek.

“What,” You gulped. “What was that for?” You asked.

“Just to test something.”

“To test what?”

“See you tomorrow (Y/N).” He smirked and left.