about to replay it again


봄날 / spring day - bts (lyrics)

“We’re soldiers…We take pride in our service…”

I replayed that night over and over again like a broken record. What if I didn’t overreacted. What if we didn’t say the things we said. What if our anger and differences didn’t drove us apart. What if we remembered why we fell in love in the first place. What if we didn’t walk away. What if we actually tried…

-But life is too concrete for “what if’s”.


One time Fry races into his and Bender’s apartment, sneakers skidding on the floor as he runs into the bathroom, and hastily opens the door only to almost pee himself (he’s already painfully held it in for hours now) as Bender shrieks and slams the door so harshly it falls off of it’s hinges at the top.

Neither of them make a sound for a moment, and after checking that he didn’t actually pee his pants, Fry tentatively opens the door. And there is Bender, trying to struggle out of one of his spare red jackets , wearing a similar face to the one he wears when the police are about to get him. Fry knows that face to usually mean he needs to run, but he doesn’t think he needs to run right now.

Bender looks up at Fry from between the buttons (which are askew) with wide optics and his arms tangled in the red sleeves over his head. They both pause, and Fry thinks that if Bender needed to breath he would have stopped then, either out of shock or want to die of embarrassment. Fry isn’t really sure what he should be feeling in this moment, but finds himself some place in-between really really happy to find Bender in his jacket for whatever reason and really really blushy. Also he really really has to pee.

He settles for praying that his face isn’t as red as his hair and slowly walking over to the still still - Ha, still still - robot, vaguely wondering if Bender could malfunction and if he’d have to carry him somewhere to get fixed. Fry honestly couldn’t carry Bender, he’d have to call Leela, she’s probably the only one that was strong enough, her biceps are huge. Fry wishes his biceps were that huge, then he could give Bender piggy back rides and hold him in his arms. Fry shakes his head, that was beside the point, whatever the point was.

Fry coughs awkwardly, looking at the dirty shower curtain behind them - Oh, there’s the pepperoni he thought fall in the drain when he was eating pizza in the shower, he’ll have to eat that later - as he gently pulls Bender’s arms down and idly rebuttons the shirt for him. His hands end up resting on Bender’s chest, fingers pitter-pattering in a nervous and stuttered rhythm. Fry hums, this feels nice.

Fry looks up to the mirror to find Bender looking intensely at him and jumps a little, pulls his hands back to rest by his sides. Fry doesn’t really know what’s he’s doing, but he never knows what he’s doing or supposed to be doing, so he doesn’t really care anyway.

Fry bounces on the balls of his feet and watches the lines of Bender’s mouth guard move listlessly, no sound coming out, and suddenly feels an urgent need to reassure Bender that they were cool.

Fry coughs again and steps back, one hand tangling in his bright hair and the other shoved deep into his pocket, fingers playing with the lint there. He looks away from Bender,

“You can, uh,” Fry scratches his head and tries again, says too loudly and too rushed, “Feel free to keep the jacket, Bender! I have, like, twenty hundred of them, so…”

Fry trails off, thinking that was probably a good point to end the conversation. He nods to himself in congratulations, happy he didn’t say anything weird or stupid, and reaches behind himself around to open the door behind him. He fumbles a bit with the doorknob, its a little lower then he’s used to with the door being off a hinge as it was, and looks over his shoulder to see Bender still has his optics locked on his. The robot still hasn’t made a sound.

“Um…” Fry’s breath catches a bit and he gives Bender a once over without thinking, eyes lingering over the way his jacket stretches over Bender’s round shoulders. They kind of makes Fry think of a trashcan, but an attractive one. Not that Bender’s a trashcan, or that Fry’s attracted to trashcans, because he’s not, Bender just- looks really good all the time. If he was a trashcan Fry’s sure he would be an attractive one, Bender could probably be an attractive anything if he tried. Again, not that Fry’s attracted to trashcans. Fry shakes his head and starts over,

“You look really good in it, too! The red really brings out your, uh, metal or something.”

Fry falters and turns back around quickly, hand rattling the doorknob, “Anyway, I’m just gonna-” he bolts before Bender can respond.

Fry groans as he runs, why did he have to go and say something weird? He was doing so good! Now he has to find somewhere else to pee before his bladder erupts.

Fry runs past the kitchen before skidding to a stop, turning around, and looks from the kitchen sink, to the direction of the bathroom, and back again… Are there laws in the future against peeing in the kitchen sink?

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Placements that would make someone think about their crush all day/intensely?

moon/venus in gemini, virgo (can obsess over one little thing that they did or their crush did and you can’t really stop them from over-thinking even if they’re getting reassurance from their crush)

moon/venus in cancer, scorpio, pisces (can think back/daydream about when they were around their crush and replay that over and over again, they can also get a bit insecure) 

venus-pluto aspects/pluto in the 7th (can try to find out everything they can about their crush and in general, think about them a lot)

okay but honestly undertale was one of the best gaming experiences i’ve ever had. so much love and thought was put into it and you can tell as much just playing through it? it’s a fun, unique, witty, adorable, powerful little game, and if you haven’t played it yet or watched a let’s play, you absolutely should.

Kiwi || Part Two.

 Well you asked for it. I hope you like part two as much as you all did part one. If you missed part one, you can read it Here. And as always let me know what you think and if you’d like to see more. 

When the door slammed and a car had driven away Anne and Gemma cautiously made their way back into the living room, neither of them prepared for what they were about to find. Harry was on the floor in front of the couch where you had left him not ten minutes earlier. His breathing was heavy and laboured, his sobs more like screams. Motherly instinct took over Anne as she slouched down to hold him close. This had been his first proper breakdown since he was a child. She had in fact never seen him this bad. She could never blame you though, this wasn’t your fault. She felt to blame for if it weren’t for her carelessness then he’d still be oblivious and everyone would still be happy.

Her motherly instincts worried for you also as well as her unborn grandchild. She instructed Gemma to find you and make sure you were okay, so off Gemma went in her car trying to catch up to you. After fifteen minutes his breathing returned to some kind of normal rate and his sobs which had filled the room were now far and few between. “I don’t want it..” It was the first time he’d spoken words since she had left. “Don’t want what harry?”

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...did you really just do a replay of Episode 27 for that dialogue?



Also slight dialogue change with Rosalya after:


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WAKE UP!!! *Quick Attack*


<…that…was not the most pleasant way to wake up…im surprised that even HIT ME…>

Looks like shes finally up! Though shes probably a little drowsy.

Safe {16}

Past!Dean x Reader - {OC} Matt x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Yelling, Arguing, Jealous!Dean

Words: 2,870

Previous Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

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Summary: You have Niall Horan’s song ‘Slow Hands’ stuck in your head all day. What goes from teasing ,from your boyfriend Bucky, turns into memories you will hold very dear to you.

Warnings: Cute Shit. That is all.

A/N: I have the song stuck in my head on a continues loop. So it turned into this short writing. Hope you enjoy!! XX \

Originally posted by little--batman

You are laying lazily across the couch as your feet laid in Bucky’s lap. You both were sitting in comfortable silence as you were reading your own books. The fire place was sparking as the snow fell outside. It was almost like a picture on a holiday card.

You shift slightly as you get further into your book. This causes Bucky to look up at you before continuing his own reading. A few minutes later and you were soon tapping your finger to the beat of ‘Slow Hands’ against the hardcover of your book. Bucky looks up at you again before setting his book down.

“Darling, i love your taste in music. I really do. But that, that is very distracting.” Bucky says, placing his hand tenderly on your shin. You look up at him before bringing your finger to a holt. “Thank you.”

“I am gonna go get a cup of tea, want one?” You ask, suddenly standing up. He just shakes his head as he continues reading his book once again. You turn on your heels and start walking towards the kitchen. You bop your head back and forth as the song still plays in your head.

Once in the kitchen, you grab the kettle and place it under the water faucet. You are still bopping your head around as the kettle gets heavier. Once it is filled to your liking, you place it on the stove top and make your way to the tea drawer. Thanks to Vision, there was a tea drawer because he claims tea is better for your body and mind. I mean he was pretty smart and the worthy one, so you just went along with what he said.

After you have picked your favorite flavor, you start dancing around the kitchen until you reach the cupboard filled with mugs. You grab yours and dance your way back towards the kettle. You rip the package the tea bag is in and place the tea bag in your mug. You dance your way to the trash can as the song is practically screaming in your mind. Then finally it happened, you finally opened your mouth to take a deep breath and the song just came pouring out of you.

“Slow hands, like sweat dripping down our dirty laundry, “ you sang as you danced a little more making it back to the stove. “Slow hands!” The kettle started whistling as you spin around. You slam your hands on the countertop to stop yourself. That’s when you hear the laughter from the door frame as it wraps itself around your ear drum. You holt in all actions as a blush creeps across your face.

“Let me get that,” Bucky says, as he walk towards the stove. He takes the kettle off of the heat and opens it. He takes your mug and pours the water into it. Steam erupts from the contact of the cool mug.

“Thank you,” you mumble as you take the mug from his hands. You take a sip and head back to the living room. Once seated, you guys sit in silence once again, but the song still remains in your thoughts.

You come back from a muscle aching workout, mentally cursing Steve as you throw your bag on the floor beside your closet door. You strip yourself of your workout clothing and make your way to the bathroom. You turn your shower on and place your towel next to the shower door. You slip into the shower, letting the warmth envelope your body. You sigh as the warm water drips down your back. You stand like that for a second then you start on your shower routine

As you start to rinse out the shampoo, a certain song slowly finds it way creeping back into your mind. You start to dance as you pump some conditioner into your hands. You run your fingers through your hair as your hips slowly move your body around.

“Yeah i want you baby!” You sing out as you grab your soap bar and pretend it’s a mic. “I been thinking about it all day. And i hope you feel the same way! Cause i want you bad, yeah i want you baby!” You finish up your shower with a little pep in your step. As you step out and wrap a towel around your body, laughter once again erupts from the doorway.

“That was cute,” Bucky says, as he crosses his arms over his chest. The blush from earlier finds it’s way across your face again.

“Thank you,” You say, as this scene replays itself in your memory. You make your way past your boyfriend and go into the closet. You change into your comfy clothes and then head to the kitchen.

You see Nat making herself dinner as you walk closer to the kitchen. She gives you a warm smile as you walk in. You smile back and hop onto the counter.

“So Y/N, how has your day been?” Nat asks as she hands you the other half of her sandwich. You take it from her and sigh, trying to find the words to express your miserable yet good take on today.

“Good other than Bucky making fun of me for having a song stuck in my head,” You reply, taking a bite of the sandwich.

“Is it that Niall Horan one?” Nat asks, taking a bite of her half.

“Yes..” You mumble. You take another bite of your half of the sandwich.

“I freaking love that song!!” Nat exclaims as she whipes her phone out.
“FINALLY. Someone understands!!” You cheer. She plugs her phone into the speaker system and hits play. ‘Slow Hands’ comes blaring through the speakers as you hop off the counter. You and Nat start dancing around the kitchen.

“SLOW HANDS. LIKE SWEAT DRIPPING DOWN OUR DIRTY LAUNDRY. NO CHANCE THAT I’M LEAVING WITHOUT YOU!” You and Nat sing as you guys are having the time of your life. That was until the volume is turned down. You both whip around to see Steve and Bucky standing there, smirks plastered on their faces. You look at Bucky as they make their way around the counter.

“Seriously, why are you so cute?” Bucky says as he wraps his hands around your waist. You smile at him as Steve turns the song back up. You and Bucky start dancing around the kitchen along side Nat and Steve. After about 3 replays later, the volume is once again turned down. You all stop in your tracks before your gazes are met with those of an amused Tony, curious Vision, and laughing Wanda.

“That is going on the internet,” Wanda says as she slips her phone back into her jacket pocket. Vision laughs slightly as he and Wanda make their way around the counter.

“What do we have here?” Tony says, as he gives all of you concerned look. You all share a embarrassed one.

“It’s ‘Slow hands’” You say, looking down. Bucky takes your hand and looks at Tony. He sends him a ‘don’t shame us for this’ look. A smile plays across Tony’s face for a second before he starts to turn the volume up.

“Then don’t let us stop you guys from having fun.” Tony says, making his way into the kitchen, joining the dance party. And before you know it, you guys were all laughing, dancing, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

A+ (High School AU!) Chapter 10

category: angst

pairing: eunwoo X reader

warnings: bad language… it’s going to be like this for every chapter haha

note: i felt a little emotional after writing this/ 3.4k words oh my god this is the most

The same hoodie from the other night rewarded you with tranquility and warmth as you sat on Eunwoo’s bed patiently. You thought that you wouldn’t be back at his house for a couple months but here you are, one night later, criss-cross apple-sauced on his bedsheets waiting for him to return to his room.

Shivers ran down your spine as you thought back to the way he had kissed you sweetly a few hours ago. It felt nice, it felt like safety radiated out of his body. You felt guilty thinking about how you wanted to replay the moment over and over again. 

You wanted to love him with all of your heart and commit to a relationship with him. However, every time you fantasized about this, you couldn’t help but get flashbacks of Eunwoo making out with other girls. Those memories reminded you of the vital advice your father had left you.

You didn’t want to be toyed around with. You didn’t want to entirely rely on someone in a relationship. All your life you were independent and strong, it was time to continue that.

The door quietly opened as Eunwoo walked back in. His lips curled up when he saw you wearing the same hoodie as he sat down next to you on the bed, carrying a plastic bag filled with ice that was wrapped with a paper towel.

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An HC about how Newt behaves the morning/day after sex?

Ok! Last one of the night! I’ll answer more sometime tomorrow :)

Also, not sure of the circumstances to which he awakens from sex lol Like, was he drunk? Or was it the first time? I’ll do one, and if you wanted another type just let me know!

Master List

-Newt would awaken slowly, his eyes barely drifting open as the light came through the window.
-His eyes would land on the body next to him, a smile coming to his face as he watches your chest rise and fall in your slumber.
-He’d lay back and just take in the sight, noting the many details of your beauty.
-He’d think this is the moment your most gorgeous.
-Lying there, in your most natural form, and after a long nightly session of love making.
-He’d begin to remember the night before, his lips forming into a wide grin.
-He’d get himself all worked up again thinking about it, and his mind would replay the sound of you gasping out his name.
-Newt would run his fingers over your curve, the blanket ruffling under his touch.
-He’d scoot closer to you, his arm curling around your body in a protective manner.
-He’d rest his chin on your shoulder, eyes drifting closed again as he kisses your cheek.
-He’d go through his daily ‘how did she become mine’ routine.
-And just as you begin to awaken, he’d look down at you, lifting himself up on one arm.
-And he’d whisper an ‘I love you’