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Like everyone makes jokes about Sombra hacking and checking search histories, but like she probably does.

She knows Tracer has an online shopping habit.

She knows Solider 76 has a habit of checking out dog memes on Facebook.

Reaper looks up cat vids.

Widowmaker? She googles her symptoms (Sombra is concerned).

She knows McCree just looks up the “what in ______” memes

She is actually concerned with what Mercy looks up. With Mercy typing the exact words “why does my team keeping dying and then blame me when I can’t fucking heal them” and “why does my team suck”, she feels threatened to go on a Mercy team.

And so much more. Fear her for she is god.

Re: People's idea of modern au Sansa

I… really don’t get where everyone sees Sansa in modern fan art or speculation or whatever as a popular cheerleader type who is essentially a Basic White Girl who wears Uggs and squees over Taylor Swift and boy bands (not that there’s anything bad about that stuff) ? At all?

I mean, Sansa who:

-hates riding (ie exerting herself) because it gets you hot and sweaty

-would rather sit and have tea and cakes or read (she enjoys tourneys but that’s vastly different from playing a sport yourself)

-frequently spouts facts about Westerosi history, literature, heraldry and music

-frequently makes book references when she’s excited about something or making an argument to someone else

-was promised advanced harp lessons because she loves music

-judging by the kind of stories she likes best (Prince Aemon, Florian and Jonquil) she enjoys bittersweet things, not fluffy upbeat romance songs

-is a crafter

-was a better student than Arya according to her sister, and better than her more educated brothers at reading and writing

-has fandoms and OTPs

In other words, Sansa is a huge neeeeeerrrrrrrrd. It’s really weird to think because she’s pretty and likes fashion and has crushes this somehow makes it impossible for her to be anything but Regina George/a valley girl. Nerd girls can be into makeup, pop music, high heels, or whatever, you know. Many of us are definitely feminine and don’t fit the Amy Farrah Fowler stereotype (although she’s awesome too).

Of course, while much of this unfounded theory comes from her detractors who project their own bullies and least favorite character tropes into her for no reason other than they dislike Sansa and want to justify it (and ironically show how they’re far more shallow than they accuse her of being), there are surprisingly a lot of Sansa fans who do this too.

But I see no evidence to think so. You can, for sure, but I don’t see why, anymore than I see a reason to make Jon a Hot Topic emo or Arya a playground bully who shoves you into the dirt and steals your lunch money. There’s simply no textual basis I’ve seen, to tout it as fact.

(My own modern au? Sansa’s style icons are Lily Collins and Elle Fanning, she loves Lana del Rey and Florence Welch, she studies Victorian romance novels at a young age for fun because her hipster self isn’t impressed by what’s on the market for sixth graders, still loves church, she sits and embroiders her purses while her siblings play basketball together, and watches horror movies with Bran and Arya.)

Art by @yuuzan aka tecchi
A big thank you to another wonderful artist for creating this beautiful promotional art for our event!

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Let’s make history! ⛸️

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i wonder how many of those white women who voted for trump got up today and marched today and took a bunch of pictures about making history, just so they could be seen and feel better about their shit choice to support a predator for president

We’re sharing some of our favorite Black History Month figures you need to know about.

This is Bayard Rustin, a leading figure in the civil rights movement and advisor to Martin Luther King. He was the architect of the 1963 March on Washington and was heavily involved in the first Freedom Rides. 

He was also gay and a registered communist who went to jail for his sexual orientation. 

Although widely heralded, he was attacked even by fellow activists for his faith in nonviolence, unapologetic queerness, and attention to income equality. President Obama honored Rustin posthumously with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2013.

Read about more Black women and men currently making history as artists and activists.


Historical Paints Series - Combeferre + Synthetic Ultramarine

Natural ultramarine, a pigment made from the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli, is notorious for being extraordinarily expensive. However, advances in chemistry allowed the pigment to be analyzed in the early 19th century, and observations were made of similar blue deposits forming in kilns. This led to the offering of a prize in 1824 for the artificial production of the color, which was successfully done a few years later. This new version of the color was a fraction of the price of natural ultramarine, and quickly surpassed the older pigment.

The groundbreaking television everyone’s been talking about, the history-making watercooler moment that is absolutely possible – the reason not even Rachel Talalay was allowed to read The Final Problem even though the episode got “leaked” and promoted by the BBC – can all be accomplished on Friday.  The BBC’s nightly news coverage of President Trump’s inauguration can be “hacked” by Moriarty, breaking the fourth wall like they’ve done in other ways before, and alerting viewers to the “leaked final episode” of series 4 online.  Because of the time difference, this news would reach Americans in the morning, exactly as the inaugural proceedings are happening.  Instead of giving Trump the attention he so desperately wants, Sherlock online would take viewers away from American news sites.  Now imagine if this new “leaked” episode contained homosexual subtext becoming text.  Even those people not crazy about outing Sherlock like that would still be impressed, knowing gay love took the spotlight off President Trump’s inauguration.  This is exactly the way to “give the viewers what they want, just not in the way they would expect”. This is exactly what needs to happen to get people talking about Sherlock for decades to come.  This is exactly what needs to happen to redeem Sherlock for any chance at award season or getting a series 5.  This would make Sherlock the water-cooler moment the BBC so desperately wants. 

If this is how they choose to do it, if this is how they choose to tie up all the loose ends they left out, if this is how they choose to make use of all the extra scenes they filmed over the years, if they faked their own death to prove they’re clever, then for me, it will be worth the wound.  

The “gold, round object” from the preview was such a good exercise in reverse psychology though.

Because any reasonable person would go “Well, I’d love that to be a gold ring, but it will probably be a gold medal.”

We’re almost programmed to deny those things; we know that previews are just there to keep us curious about the next episodes and keep us watching, we don’t actually expect them to promise us anything of substance.

So then when it actually does fulfill the promise that we thought was just ‘teasing’ us to keep us watching, everyone is floored.

As we should be. If we’re talking about making history then let’s also mention all of this. Because the writers knew that no one would believe such a hopeful preview, and they were aware that their viewers aren’t naive enough to fall for such pretty words. And that’s what gave them the advantage and allowed them to surprise us as well as they did.

Idk about you guys I’m just really impressed here.


francis: there are such things as ghosts. people everywhere have always known that. and we believe in them every bit as much as homer did. only now, we call them by different names. memory. the unconscious.
camilla: do you mind if we change the subject? please?


You’ve got to watch this music video about gender bending from ancient Greek drag to trans women standing up for themselves at Stonewall

“[E]xposure often erases or invisibilizes a population of queer people, and especially trans women of color, who are actually creating these cultural expressions,” Imp Queen says. “So it felt like an important time to gather a group of queens and trans women and try to make something about the history of drag and trans culture.”



Making History | 1.03

Leighton Meester as Deborah Revere