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Headcanon #161

Magnus can go on and on about all the great historical events he’s witnessed , but he sort of embarrassedly let’s slip that he’s been so busy taking care of brooklyn that he’s never actually done the tourist side of NY. Alec finds it hilarious and spends their next bunch of dates taking him to Central Park, The Empire State building, Liberty island, the met, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, and just smiling as he watches Magnus’ reactions.

(Hc by: @capndeancastrash )

She who hesitates

A friend is having her bachelorette party at the end of the month, and the email with the details came out on Sunday: pre-party chez the bride, dinner out, then to the club for a private soirée with naked guys. A thing that I know about myself, with certainty that comes with age and experience and thoughtful self-examination, is that I don’t like to see penises in general (just specific penises for me, really just my husband and Viggo Mortensen, thanks). I hesitated about how to answer, should I make my friend happy and just go, should I bail after dinner, not go at all?
While I was dithering a bunch of other people replied saying they wouldn’t go to the strip club, and then I felt bad that my friend wouldn’t have a big group with her for this event she’s been talking about for months so I said I’d go so the moral of the story is don’t wait, say no to penises as soon as you can.

film festival!

Okay its 6am and im very sick and delirious and havent slept yet so i apologize if none of this makes much sense.

I have a very good friend named CVG. Also known as ComickPro and Crystal Gonzalez. She is quite an accomplished artist and has cool galleries and stuff! Like real life galleries! And she told me about a latino animation festival that was happening in San Francisco and offered to show the folks who run it my short film Decoupling.

Well they liked it and it was shown with a bunch of other films by other latino filmmakers!

This has been a difficult year and the news that my little 1 minute and 33 seconds of sillyness finally made it into a film festival was like being hit with a bolt of lightning!

And even better, CVG was generous enough to also take photos of the event since I could not personally go (because I live in Florida which is practically the other side of the world from San Francisco)!

One of my dreams as a kid was to one day see a cartoon I made shown on a big movie screen, hopefully to the delight and not horror (maybe also horror!) of the audience! Every year I’ve worked harder toward that goal, and every year it seems like the goalposts get further away.

But thanks to Crystal, and the generous staff of the Latin Comics Expo, I have finally achieved that dream! Words cannot express how thankful I am. I don’t tear up often but my ducts are definitely getting a ‘Sweating to the Oldies’ tier workout tonight.

These are photos CVG took using her phone I think!

This is the movie theater before everyone arrived for the festival. It’s very pretty. I love old timey theaters. We have one here in town as well.

Vaguely panda-like waddling alien! On the big screen! IN 3D (not actually 3d).

Big convoluted landing pad! Now on the big screen! Starring Paul Giamatti and Idris Elba!

Giant High Definition End Credits!

My friend Shads on DA BIG SCREEEEEN

People! Apparently according to CVG, people applauded when the film was over. I dont think I’ve ever gotten applause for anything!

And this is the spooky stairwell where CVG takes her victims and she pops their heads open with a can opener and feasts on the delicious temporal lobes inside! On toast! With hazelnut spread!


annyway that is the post about the things that happened with the stuff and i hope it was informative! thank you latin comics expo! thank you cvg! bucket!

nora plays warlords of draenor so you don’t have to: a retrospective

there were some good things about warlords of draenor

the new models were and remain really nice.

the premise was silly but for a while it seemed like it was at least leading to something fun and nostalgic

pictured: my warrior hanging out with a bunch of cool lady NPCs before it dawned on her that the only actual characters in WoD past the leveling content would be khadgar and khadgar.

they made khadgar hot

like, i’m not going crazy. he’s hot now, right? that’s not just me?

the launch event was pathetic in retrospect (legion has been a good reminder of what a real launch event was like) but it seemed exciting at the time.

the leveling experience was, ultimately, narratively incoherent, but it had a lot of good small stories and a lot of really impressive setpieces

and the zones were gorgeous

but in the end, there just wasn’t enough there. even before the year+ of hellfire citadel and tanaan, WoD seemed uniquely troubled and severely lacking in content. MoP had a year of siege of orgrimmar, but before that you had multiple patches arriving at regular intervals which all advanced the story, added new content, and found new things for players to do. wow has never and will never have a good story, but the mop one was often well-told at least. every patch seemed to bring twists and turns. there was momentum.

in wod, a major patch anchoring feature was a selfie camera

and. i mean. i like the selfie camera. i’m glad it’s in there.

but it’s not exactly the 5.1 landfall storyline, or the 5.2 isle of thunder, or even 5.3 battlefield barrens. the raids were apparently OK (but the WoD version of LFR and its boring, unrewarding loot severely curtailed the ability of many people to actually see some of that), but the only story advancement past level 100 was the garrison campaign, which literally occurred in a random order, so it just seemed like a series of disconnected incidents, meaning nothing. MoP wasn’t perfect– 5.0 had an overwhelming number of dailies, there were never any post-launch dungeons, they spoiled the end of the story in the launch announcements for some reason– but it was very good at giving you things to do. dungeons were incentivized, even LFR rewarded tier and other decent gear. Isle of Thunder and Timeless Isle were both added after launch, iterating on the whole idea of a max level daily zone. Every patch– every patch, even the ones that didn’t add any raid content– advanced the story, and that story was actually about something. there were scenarios. pet battling was still new and exciting. there were little snippets of lore to find hidden in the wilderness. and it balanced introducing a new setting and characters and tying them back into more familiar, longer-term stories. who would have thought, when MoP was announced, that this would finally be lor’themar’s time to shine?

WoD had nothing like this. dungeons became obsolete within weeks. scenarios were gone. dailies were gone. we were prisonerss of our own garrisons.

warlords of draenor was an expansion about nothing, where nothing happened, and there was nothing to do.

I see a bunch of new grad students talking about dating in graduate school, and I’m going to be honest with you: it sucks. Like, you’re dedicating years of your life and most of your time to the perfection of knowledge in a narrow field, which restricts your peer group to those in your fields or, if you’re lucky, people you meet through activities and functions.

People outside of “the life” are usually confused about some of the more extreme events in your life like preliminary/comprehensive/qualifying exams or conference presentations, and may grow annoyed when you vanish for a time to focus on studying for these things. It doesn’t get much better when you get to the dissertation/thesis phase as many hours are spent drafting and redrafting chapters.

All of this presumes you’re not one of the poor bastards who is teaching or engaged in active research or field work, which makes things even more complicated, particularly for STEM folks. The humanities aren’t much better as we’re the ones doing a shit ton of teaching multiple classes or multiple sections of the same class which requires us to do the oft lamented grading. Some of us are so exhausted from being a graduate student that we’re simply out of energy for life.

Now, most of this is the result of the culture of graduate school which varies between programs, but often discourages all but the most single minded focus on your degree progress. I mean, I know some people who’ve found their life partners in graduate school, but these are usually between two graduate students and is comparatively rare.

That shit sucks.

((I’m alive! 

Quick update on what’s going on with me and then an update about the blog!

I’m gonna be a senior! (finally!) but this means I’ll have a bunch of stuff to do! August is college apps month so that’ll mean things will be a tad slower than normal for a bit until I can get those in. Other than that, I now run another blog, and am a member of another network on here, so those will keep me busy too. Expect less drawn responses to questions.

About the blog now!

I’ve got events planned! Some cute, others heavy on the story of the blog, but all of them will move towards an end. Expect an event to be out sometime early next month. A set date will be announced once I start work on drawing it out. 

We’re over 100 followers! You guys rock!! And because of this, I’ll now accept magic anons!

I’ll announce when I’m no longer taking them, along with the M!A of my choosing! Paige will not be reappearing for this event though. This doesn’t mean she won’t in the future. *wink wink*

Drop one in the askbox if you’re feeling magic!


The Mun))

I don’t normally do these kinds of posts but there’s always a first time for everything! Got tagged by @rock-0f-ages to list my top 5 movies, which, let’s be fair, isn’t an easy task if you enjoy a good film or two…

So, in no particular order:

- Rush (It is just so good O.o)
- Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Was going to insert a funny quote but there are too many!)
- Dead Snow (Nazi Zombies, Horror and Black Humour? Go on then…)
- 10 things I hate about you (It’s a classic that never gets old…)
- Titanic (Don’t judge! I’m a huge nerd for the real event but this film is what started it all off!)

Yes, that is quite a mixed bunch, I know… Some are just bloody awesome and some hold deeper meanings…

My victims, of who’m shall carry this on or face death by potato, are @lenle-g, @thunderbirds-are-fab, @sexysylvestermccoy and @nugatoryplebeian

i’m trying to get out of going to another social event held for summer students. its tomorrow and i’m just so nervous? nothing about it sounds appealing to me, its basically a scavenger hunt with a bunch of other ppl my age and its all outside

im really mad about the Louisiana flooding for many reasons. first off, there is like ZERO coverage, like it seems that no one gives a shit. second off, there’s an election going on and you would THINK the white devils running for office would shine some light on it and donate some of their campaign money towards it. but noooo, they’re too busy acting like a bunch of god damn children to deal with shit thats going to affect whoever the fuck wins for the next few years. third of all, Louisiana, home of the Baton Rouge, and from recent events, politically it makes sense that they’re avoiding the subject entirely because it a) shows evidence that police are in the wrong and white america literally can do nothing to cover that up. and b) white america doesn’t want anymore protesting because that week of july 4th, the news was NOTHING but protesting all over the country. and you know, politics is far more important than people’s lives and safety. 

either way, please stay safe yall

I’m thinking about writing a series that follows events at Xaviers school; from the reader’s first day there to the events that happen in their life and the friendships they make. However, instead of it being your run-of-the-mill fic; I ask you guys for your input on where to go next with the story after every chapter, and pick my favourite submissions to write about in the following episode! Would people be keen? I’d like it to have more of a focus on the friendships and events than most of my other fics have so far.

Of course, I’m still writing Friday Can’t Come Soon Enough - July and Jealousy Sucks Part 3, as well as some cute Alex fics, some raunchy Kurt fics and a whole bunch of other wonderful things to look forward to. I just love to give you guys fun, interactive content because I love you all.

I’m out with the boyfriend tonight, so you’ll have to do without my content until then. I’m sorry! Also, I was tagged in a thing by @trafalgarlau to share a photo of myself; so here I am with my dood, @my-dreams-are-not-unlike-yours

I was requested to tag other people to do the same, so I tag literally all of you. There. Now I don’t have to pick favourites.

Let me know what you want to see me writing next! My Inbox is always open.

gabsisdumb  asked:

Hi! If a bunch of your OCs went to the beach, who would be doing what?

Did I reblog a meme with this question in it…? I don’t remember this one. Anyway, thanks for the ask! =)

I guess the answer would really depend on which group of OCs went to the beach. I’m not sure which of my storylines you’re asking about, so the best I can do is describe a bunch of OCs from each group at the beach. I hope that’s okay.

Two Worlds
A beach day with these guys would be a Big Event. This would involve packing a picnic lunch, plenty of sunscreen and towels, a beach ball, little buckets and shovels for the girls, and of course something to play music on. They all love the beach and would look forward to going. Tyler and Sini would spend a lot of time playing in the water and making sand castles with Skyla and Kiva. Pax would help with the sandcastles too, but his big thing would be playing with the beach ball, most likely with Piri and Suvi. Piri would spend time working on his tan (a deeper shade of green is always desirable). Jex would prefer to stay in the shade of an umbrella and enjoy his book, although he would play in the water with Piri for a while. Kiro would wear his most frilly and revealing bikini in case there were any cute Earth people he wanted to flirt with. When it was time for lunch, Sini and Suvi would be in charge of the picnic basket, and Tyler and Piri would be in charge of the fire for roasting marshmallows and veggie dogs. There woudl be campfire songs, both Erisani and English, as Erisans enjoy singing together as a social pastime. There would probably also be dancing, another favourite Erisan social pastime.

If these guys went to the beach, Abby, Mia and Captain (the dog) would spend a lot of time swimming. Later, Abby would probably work on her tan while Mia looked for shells and interesting rocks or threw driftwood sticks for Captain to chase. Aenon is from the ocean, so he’d be perfectly happy to spend the entire day in the water. Adrie is a river sprite, but she can handle salt water perfectly well and she would spend the entire day in the ocean too. Apple hates the beach. He would locate the nearest bush or tree and hide all day until everyone was ready to go home. Arden isn’t a huge fan of the water, but she likes sand and she loves being warm, so she’d probably bury herself in sand or sun herself on a convenient rock or piece of driftwood.

Still Bravely Singing
Reid loves the beach. He can (and often does) go with Fiona to the lakefront “beach” where there’s a boardwalk and a pier with a ramp where he can get into and out of the water with very little help. Going to the ocean is more of a challenge for him, but he’s never one to balk at challenges. I can imagine him going to the beach with Nathan and Patrick, and demanding that they carry him to the shoreline and far enough into the water for him to swim. This has the potential to go very badly, but it’s not as if these guys have ever been stopped by details. Fiona and Ruby would try to be the voices of reason, while Rowan and Anastasia would probably just find the whole thing hilarious. After their swimming adventure, the boys would most likely sit around drinking and devouring picnic food. Ruby and Fiona would be chatting together while supervising Anastasia and Rowan while they played in the water or hunted for shells. Fiona would also be busy making sure Lark didn’t eat sand, although she’d probably just hand her off to Reid at some point and go swimming with Rowan, Ruby and Anastasia. Reid would go home with a sunburn and about six million additional freckles because he’s too ‘tough’ to put on sunscreen, but he would make absolutely certain Lark and Rowan were liberally covered in sunscreen.

This would actually be the most interesting group to have a beach day together, since they’re all acquainted but don’t normally socialize together as a group. Gabriel loves the beach and would be as excited as his daughters, Annie and Coco, about a beach trip. He would spend a lot of time playing in the water with the girls, but he would find time to relax and work on his exquisite tan, and to cuddle with Élise on their beach blanket. Élise, the ‘mom’ of the group, would be in charge of packing food for everyone and making sure everyone remembered to bring water bottles, hats and sunscreen. She’d spend time relaxing and reading a book. Noé and Scarlett would go off by themselves for a while (and may or may not make love in a not-quite-private location). Aubrey, who very much enjoys water but despises sand and hot sun, would spend part of his time swimming, and part of it on a blanket and under a beach umbrella, stressing about his complexion and his hair. He’d be applying massive amounts of sunscreen to himself everywhere he could reach, and demanding that Zera apply it anywhere he couldn’t reach. Sky would also spend part of his time swimming, but he’d also be busy exploring, taking pictures and finding interesting objects. Zera, for her part, would have fun shape shifting into various objects she and Sky found on the beach. Despite his best efforts, Aubrey would go home with a slight sunburn across his nose, which Zera would find irresistibly adorable and which she would insist on ‘kissing better’.

anonymous asked:

Last week, I was very emotionally strained. I took a bunch of sleeping pills and alcohol on an empty stomach after I sent my partner to go get some food. I'm fine now, (not at the time) but I have this thought that... maybe that was my first actual suicide attempt? I was in a really bad place that day, and I know there was something driving me to drink all that alcohol after taking those pills. I don't know how to feel about myself right now. I'm kind of scared of myself.

I’m so glad that you’re OK after that event. I’m sure you know that mixing any kind of medication with alcohol is a very dangerous path to take, and you were very lucky that you survived. 

Sometimes it’s hard to understand our own motivation when we do these things. The first time I tried to kill myself, I didn’t even think ‘I’m going to kill myself tonight’. I just kept thinking ‘I don’t care any more’, which then became ‘I wonder what would happen if I got really drunk and tried to see how much I could injure myself throwing myself around my apartment?’, which then turned into ‘I wonder what would happen if I got REALLY smashed and rode my bike into the oncoming traffic on the freeway?’. At no point during that evening did I consider that I might be suicidal. I was so lucky to survive that (and not injure anyone else). 

Just because you didn’t have the thought ‘I want to kill myself tonight’, it doesn’t change the fact that you stopped caring whether you lived or died, enough to take the risk of chasing sleeping pills with alcohol. That’s serious, and it’s a scary place to be. 

I think it’s really important to seek help while you’re in this space. I presume you told your partner what happened, but if you can, please seek professional help - a counsellor, or your local GP. It’s crucial that you have professionals looking after you while you’re in this vulnerable state. There is a lot of help available. If at any point you find yourself feeling like you did when you took the pills - not caring about consequences anymore - please call a helpline. I have relied on helplines heavily in the past, and they are so useful just to get you through the moment when you are doubting if it’s worth trying any more. It can really help so much just to talk to someone, to have someone listen. 

The important thing to focus on now is, you survived. You made it through this. You are SUPPOSED to be here, to be alive. You deserve not just to survive, but to thrive, to feel loved and happy and light and well. Please don’t deny yourself the chance to feel good again. 

Thank you for staying with us. The world needs you. Please don’t ever doubt how loved you are. 

All my love, 

Khale xox

P.S. Just to reassure you, although I’ve published this as it was sent anonymously, I always answer non-anon asks that have sensitive information in them privately. The only non-anon asks that I publish are questions about myself, my art etc. 

ayuki-master  asked:

All right, I don't know why I didn't give you description for surprise box earlier ^^ I love drawing, sleeping or just staying in bed and collecting stuff with dinosaurs *buys figures, necklaces, socks, posters, shirts, watched Jurassic park too many times. But not obsessed, shhh* I'm pretty lazy, and start too many new drawings which results in bunch of never-finished sketches. Normally calm, unless something pisses me off (which is not that easy), but going in crazy mode about things I love ^^

@ayuki-master Oh my ! I’m a dinosaurs freak myself and I begin to understand better the Kikyo obsession then hehe
Let me introduce you Tinkerhell, she’s lovely and I bring her everywhere ~

Ahem, sorry, I digress.
Here is the Surprise Box and sorry for the wait !

You win..
Sunburns, stained sketches and muscular aches!

- You were more than excited when Ryohei had find a way to get you off of your bed for some excercises a.k.a one afternoon to a walk in the wood where fossils of dinosaurs were found.
- Both of you took some rest in wonderful meadows where you scribbled some pages of your notebook, waiting impatiently to find those-said memories of the past
- Five hours of walk around the neck of a mountain under a burning sun and Ryohei finally accepted the fact you were lost.
- It ended with three broken pencils, some scratches, and a promise you did to yourself to never ever leave your bed again..nor listen to the Sun guardian.

So I had this dream last night that I was still living at home with my parents and I was 19 or so. My dad was still alive (though he wasn’t actually in the dream, it was nice that he was still around) and a bunch of other people that are now gone were in it too.  Anyway, it was kind of funny so I will share.

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