about to go on semi hiatus

Hiya guys! Just to let you all know I’m going on a semi-hiatus as I start term next week so I’ll be getting quite busy! I won’t be able to post stuff up as frequently, but I’ll pop by on and off! If I manage to get some time in between assignments I’ll try to get some fanart/comics done! (no guarantee though, I’m afraid!) I should be free in about 3-4 months time though so look forward to more comics then! ;)

(also if you’re into bnha I should be running my Iida askblog again around that time since Season 2 is coming out, so feel free to check that out as well if you’re interested!)

Anyways I just want to say thanks to all of you for all the follows and for your kind messages on/off-anon, you guys have been extremely sweet and encouraging! I hope you’ll all look forward to more content in a few months time! In the mean time, take care, and I hope you guys have an amazing year! ^^


Checking in from my semi-permanent hiatus while I’m studying abroad in Rome and shamelessly plugging my Instagram in case you guys want to follow me around Europe! Me and my friends have been going on weekend trips and have managed Paris and Barcelona so far. This weekend will be Florence, and then in a few weeks we’ll be headed to Zurich (Switzerland), Nuremberg (Germany), and Prague (Czech Republic) for Spring Break.

Follow me @ blackbeyond for updates and pictures!


hey there. so, i haven’t had internet in almost a week and therefore haven’t really been online (sorry about that), and i realized that being off of this site has made me about 200% happier (for reasons that i’d rather not discuss with non-mutuals). so i’ve decided to go on (at least) a semi-hiatus. 

mutuals, if you want to stay in touch during my indefinite period of not being on this site, hit me up for my snapchat. otherwise, i’ll miss you guys! have an amazing day/week/etc! 



I’m going to go on a sort of hiatus. I’ve been dealing with some health issues and mental health issues. Basically, I’ve lost a lot of interest in doing just about everything. Even writing. And I feel bad because I want to write for you guys and I feel like crap that I don’t have more muse to write things when you lovely people will obviously read it. Idk. I just haven’t felt right lately. I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday for my back issues and I’ve started seeing a psychiatrist once a week for everything else. So I’ll be ok. But I just need a little break from tumblr for a minute. I’ll keep my queue full and try to get on every once in a while to answer asks and all that. I’ll also try to keep writing, so maybe when I’m back I’ll have something for you all.

anonymous asked:

:c you post your art less regularly I noticed. Are you okay? Is everything alright? Busy with life?

Well..i am quite busy with my own life yes, projects due and school to manage. but I was also feeling a bit ehh about my art lately. I’ve been reblogging a lot of inspirational art so I can feel inspired to make quality content (no matter how much i look at my blog, it always feels mediocre as hell because of how unorganized it looks). Art block is also in the way rn. I was thinking of going semi-hiatus so I can come back with enhanced and more improved art..but i’m not sure

;;,;; i really appreciate the fact that there is someone out there like you anon who is concerned about my art and how I manage my blog, it really warmed my heart. thank you

Hey guys I’m gonna be on a semi hiatus because I’m really, really struggling right now with what I’ve been talking about. This is very closely related to how I was feeling when E*ica spewed her shit. Only its much worse.

Its all I can think about all day…I don’t know when I’m going to be okay again. I don’t know how to move on from this again…I thought I was past this but I guess I’ll always feel this way. Even if I get better it’ll always be in the back I’d my mind…. the self hatred, the disgust, the hopelessness. I’m sorry if I’m being dramatic…but its a daily struggle and I feel like I’m drowning. I can’t even cry.

My queue is on and its pretty full so it’ll be like I’m hardly even on hiatus.

If you need to talk to me, message me on here (I’ll check messages) and I’ll find a means of communication. I love you!

(semi) hiatus


tomorrow (feb 22) i’m going to italy with my school yay. i’ll be returning march 3, but between those days i’ll barely have time to be on tumblr (and i’m not even sure there’ll be wifi rip) so there’ll probably be a hiatus, sorry about that.

im queueing some stuff now from the carry on countdown (im tagging it with ‘q’ if you don’t want to see it again cus it’s not that long ago), but other than that this blog will prob be a lil empty.

other than that, next friday (feb 24) it’s my birthday! i’ll be turning 18 (i’ll be an adult ew), so i’m very happy that i can celebrate that in italy cus that’s cool

lastly, thanks again for the 5k followers omg, i wanted to do something to celebrate, but i didn’t come up with anything in time and i have to leave tomorrow so yeah… sorry.

anyway that’s it thanks


     i should probably write a proper post about this tomorrow, but on FRIDAY 24TH, my blog will most likely go semi-hiatus for some time !!  it’s not because i don’t wanna be here, but i fly out from denmark at 6.10am  ( which is like 29 hours from now )  to go to mallorca, spain for work.  since i work as a tour rep, my work schedule is gonna change very week with only ONE DAY OFF per week.  i won’t return home till late october.

I WILL GET ACCESS TO INTERNET since we’re gonna have office at our apartments, but in the early part of this season i’m gonna focus on socializing with my team, and so obi-wan  ( as sad as it makes me )  will become my 2nd priority in life. i will have both tumblr, skype & discord on my phone, so those of you who wanna stay in touch can always catch me there. you guys are always welcome to message me;   skype @ secondtotheriight  &   discord @ kenobi #1387    –––––––

please remember this is not a goodbye.  i am determined to get online and do a few stuff at least once a week or so, but again ;   i’m not leaving.  you guys can count on me !!

hello! i’ll be going on semi-hiatus for some time; i’ve got my mid semester tests in about 2 weeks and another competition next month, a.k.a i’m busy with school so i don’t really have much time to check this site :”( i’m going to reply asks/messages late, but i’ll try replying them asap and update this blog from time to time! love u all ♥

The Return

Well good evening! Or morning, or afternoon, or whatever. Tis be I, Bambi, and I have finally returned. (Kinda, but more on that later).

This is going to be kind of a lengthy post, as a lot has happened in my absence and a lot will be happening to this blog now that I have finally refound my muse. Yes, she was lost. Lmao. Don’t worry about reading it all, I’ll make a TLDR right below. 

TLDR: I’m back from a full hiatus but I’ll only be SEMI active, blog theme is being redone, icons are being redone, ask/submit boxes are closed for right now, character background is being rewritten, verses are being redone, some ancient drafts will dropped, shipping changes, follower count stuff.

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Yeah, I think this blog (and my other two) are gonna go on a selective-semi-hiatus. I’ll still post, and I’ll still answer some stuff, but only as I have muse, and there will be a lot less startercalls for a bit, seeing as they add to my ‘ugh’ level.

As far as my dhampir/vampir blog that I’m doing, I’m still going ahead and doing it, but I’ll be extremely selective with who I actually follow over there, at least for a bit.

Mostly I just need a few days (maybe a week) to recoup and let myself chill, because I realized that between stressing about work (I work two jobs rifp), school ( I have early exams coming up aaa), and rping (I let it become a chore instead of a fun hobby…), I’ve kind of backed myself into a demotivationalized corner.

SO! semi/sel hiatus from now (2/18/2017) to next friday/sat (2/24-25/2017), pending a longer time if i don’t feel better by friday/sat.


I’ve basically just been sleeping a lot for the past…five? Five days. There’s a bit of a delay in getting in to see someone to talk to, but that should be cleared up fairly soon. Getting caught up on rest, so on and so forth.

Albeit, I’m incredibly bored.

I might see about trying a semi-hiatus and popping on here when I do feel like I can handle interaction. And whenever I can focus enough to write.

I miss Apath. They’re a coping mechanism for me.

If I do come back, would it be alright with you all if I’m not quite as active as I was? And in the same vein, if I more or less drag them into mental illness hell with me? Psychosis has been a bitch to me the past few days, along with all the emotional junk that comes with it.

I’d enjoy being able to use Apath as an outlet for that.

Again, only if you all are alright with that.
This blog wouldn’t be what it is without all of you, after all.

activity psa...

from tomorrow through to the end of the month, this blog will be on a semi-hiatus, due to my absence and limited online access….

ill have a couple of things scheduled to post for valentines and thats?? about it, except for localized moments where ill get wifi and u might get the occasional special guest, i Wont be spending much time here bc i cant….

but i still have every interest to keep on roleplaying (please i’ll need distractions for Sure), and i Definitely want to be kept up on whats going on, and you should act as if johns still around!!

for that reason please!! hit me up on k!k (skyphile413) or (less often) through discord (redcloak#9028) and we can set up events, imply stuff, or even chat ic… its?? gonna be a stressful time and its gonna b rly hard on me to be away from my comfort muse so!! if you could still chat him up, itd mean a ton!!

ill queue this a few times!! in the meantime, TRY NOT TO CAUSE TOO MUCH HELL, have fun, stay well and ily <3 ]


As evidenced by my lack of activity, life has been taking up far too much time lately. I’m halfway through my MA now, and have about 30 assignments due in the next couple of weeks. I don’t think I’d really anticipated just how stressful it was going to be! In any case, I do still keep popping in to sporadically reply to shorter bits and bobs, so this is a semi-hiatus of sorts, but please don’t take it personally if I’ve been horribly disorganised and failed to deliver on starters/replies. I still love you guys and I’ll try to be around more, even if only for shorter, quicker, ‘please dear god, keep me sane before I lose my mind writing a thesis’ interactions. I hope you’re all doing okay. <33 

Notice / Announcement thing 

People have probably noticed that my lame ass hasn’t been around here for a few days-a week now actually, getting closer to two weeks. I’m super swamped with essays for uni and I need to keep my focus on it so I’m able to pass second year and get good grades yadayadayada–As much as it pains me that I cannot be as active like I have been before, I have to think about my education and put that first before this. This is not me abandoning Johnny. God, I love him too much to leave him brah. This is me announcing that I will be going on semi hiatus till late March or mid-April. It might change to a full hiatus but I don’t know yet. I will be doing replies still, but they will be hella slow and will either be put on queue or whenever I’ve done a reply, I will post up immediately. Thanks y’all for loving me and Johnny! I will be back here and there. I’m mostly on Johnny’s AIM. I can put a part of my attention on there so if you want to RP there (albeit it needs to be chill lmao) for the time being then feel free to add Johnny there. It is: jeonnie.jungkook ^^ Thank you! - Chan

Draft Progress: 0


sorry for being feisty about this all day. i’m under a lot of stress from work and transitioning into my semi-hiatus, but i don’t want to leave anything hanging, so i had to clear it out. make sure it’s a clean state so that i can leave with no regret. yeah, i mean, it’s not like i’m gone forever, but just to give people a heads-up, you know. i hate it if people would go “yo i’ve been waiting on our thread and now you’re in semi-hiatus are u kidding me”. i know you guys aren’t like that, but it’s just my OCD :(

by the way, if i DID miss your post after all this somehow, feel free to drop me an ask to check. i might have dropped it, or missed it. i usually drop if i don’t see a door for me to continue.

and for those who received their plots from my plotting call, feel free to let me know if you like to go ahead with it. i would IM again individually, but it’s bedtime and i have a long day tomorrow.


hi beautiful people!!! i just wanted you to know that in a couple of hours i’ll go on a trip with my school to see the concentration camps in czech republic and poland so i won’t be very active here. i’ll be back in a week so i won’t be off for much but i wanted to tell you anyway. take care!!


After some heavy thinking I have decided that I am going to take a (semi)hiatus from this blog. I’ll be around but mostly to answer IM’s, keep the queue filled and possibly answer a thread or two but that’s about it. Those of you who owe me anything, you may drop it. 

High chances when I return completely I will going through another fresh start with Freyja and when I mean fresh, I mean all relationships will be ending and all threads will be dropped. Long story short it has been a hassle logging in here anymore and it just shouldn’t be. I apologize if this is an inconvenience for anyone.  


Here is a guy who’s trying to make the best out of his situation without giving up anything important to him. Here is a guy who recognises the flaws in the system and is not afraid to speak up about it, but would rather try to work for change within the system. Here is a guy who has given public support for an ex-member (his good friend!), but has decided to remain with his members. And here is a guy who’s facing hate from two different camps, for daring to proclaim his loyalty, regain trust, and yet strive for his own dreams. For daring to not choose one of the extremes, but trying to achieve some middle ground. Don’t punish him for wanting the best of both worlds. Don’t punish him for daring to dream. And don’t turn everything he says into ammunition for your own agenda. As he once said, “ 我从来没有做过的事情 也没必要解释 就不觉得白的可以说成黑 黑的可以染成白” (the things that I have not done do not need an explanation, i don’t think that white can be described as black, nor black be dyed into white). So I believe (:


Okay, so. As a lot of you know, I’m at uni. I was super excited to go to uni, I was super excited to learna nd work and succeed. However, recently I have been procrastinating a lot, spending a lot of time on tumblr and falling behind on my work.

At the same time, roleplaying has become a bit stressful for me. I don’t know why, it’s probably my stress levels about everything else piling up. I don’t want to feel this way, I love rping and it’s meant to be my way of relaxing and escaping. 

This next week is going to be a Reading Week at uni, and I have no lectures or seminars or work to do (save a few short projects). So, I’m going to go on a hiatus so I can catch up with everything I’ve been slacking on recently.

I may also make the decision to drop current threads, as I’ve got a lot a bit piling up recently. I will see how it goes, there are some I’m really enjoying, some ideas I do want to continue, but I am also aware of the way the stress of uni and rping is affecting me.

This hiatus will start tomorrow and will hopefully last the whole week! See you all then!