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it’s tay and my body has been described by every somewhat round fruit/veggie in the book, what about you?

♡ what is? ♡

basically a meetup to celebrate a body type that generally goes under appreciated ! to remind people that fat bodies are deserving of love too !

♡ when is? ♡

thursday, july 27th, starting at 12 PM PST and ending at 11:59 PM PST! 

♡ who can participate? ♡

anyone who has been described as plus size/fat/overweight/chubby ! this is to celebrate bodies that are typically shamed ! let your cellulite free babes! 

♡ how do i do? ♡

just simply post your selfies that make you feel happy in the tag #plussizephandommeetup ! make sure to interact with other plus size babes and share the love, because we all deserve it ! 

♡ are there any rules? ♡

keep your posts positive and safe for work ! it’s okay to talk about your journey with self love (obviously) but don’t put down other body types to make yours seem more valid ! no nudity - this meetup is for all ages !! and no body shaming in any way !!!


Ok guys… one important thing. I’ve already recieved some asks I’m definitely not gonna be answering. If you hate some members of Supergirl cast rn, it’s completely your right to do so, but please dont send me hateful anons, full of calling names and literally hating their guts. I may think some not nice things too, and im maybe letting it show in my tags a bit, but im never gonna be directly posting that kind of hate on my blog. Ever. So please do not send me these ugly asks. Im not gonna be answering them, nor commenting on them. This blog will never be the place for hate, no matter how justified it may be.
Thank you, i love you all ❤❤❤

“After seeing the Baltic rehash submission, which I totally agree with BTW, I can’t help but think of this little thing about the Asians. In my opinion, I feel like the relations between Japan and the East Asian region specifically are portrayed too nicely. This is mostly true for China and Taiwan. As a Chinese person myself, I think that China’s view on Japan in Hetalia is too friendly; same goes for Taiwan. I find it annoying how Taiwan is nice to Japan because she likes the things he makes.

I believe that Taiwan would be just as sassy to Japan as she is to China, while still liking the stuff he makes. I’m not too sure about Taiwan’s current views with Japan, and I’m not knowledgable about the other regions, but I’m too sure that almost everyone gets along with Japan too easily. I get that for Himaruya that it would be difficult to portray such relations, but I’d like to see more comics discussing them. Sorry for the asks. It’s just something that’s been bothering me.”

No need to apologize! This blog is here for you to confess your opinions and confessions, so go for it! :D

I’m a South-East Asian (Filipino) and I don’t hate Japan, but I definitely agree that the relationship between Kiku and the other Asians are a bit too friendly which is kind of jarring at times.  The relationship that bothers me the most is the one between Kiku and Yong Soo (South Korea).  

I personally think that Yong Soo would probably have the most tension with Kiku - his happy energy would immediately drop at mentioning him and he’d be quite tense around him.  He’d also most likely be passive-aggressive towards him, would immediately change the subject if the topic was about him (”Heeey, how about we talk about music? That’s great, right?There’s a new album made by <insert K-pop band>! I recommend it!”) and if he did have to work with him, it’d be pretty teeth-clenched.  Though he does like some of his stuff like Taiwan does, unlike Taiwan who’d be more okay with talking to him, I think Yong Soo would rather not interact with him in general.

I definitely agree with the Taiwan point you brought up, too.  Though not as harsh to China, she should still poke fun at Kiku’s old age.  And believe it or not, but I think you made me hate Kiku//wan a tiny bit more because now it just sounds like it’s very shallow (”I find it annoying how Taiwan is nice to Japan because she likes the things he makes.”).

This is also the reason why non-Japanese fans criticize Kiku of being a Gary-Stu: because he’s too friendly with people and he’s a big shipping wheel for the Japanese fandom.  I can’t name somebody who hates him - even on the wiki, though it mentions Yong Soo hates him, Yong Soo still has an obsession towards him.  If Yong Soo were to just go “Ugh…” and not have this obsession, there’s at least something.

[Though honestly, that’s just my opinion as well and admittedly, I do tweak Yong Soo’s character a bit: he’s still friendly, upbeat, loves video games and the internet nd obsessed with kimchi, but I also remove the “claiming things” shtick, remove his groping habit (I truly don’t know what Hima was thinking with this one), and make his relationship with Kiku more tense.]

- Mod V

salvador sobral: *tries to pass an important message about helping refugees but isn’t allowed to bc it’s too political*

salvador sobral: *thanks his sister and the composer luis figueiredo for making the song, giving them all the credit*

salvador sobral: *can’t get excited during the voting bc of his heart condition but when his sister is singing on stage he flails adorably at her performance*

salvador sobral: *during the press conference always refers to THE SONG WINNING - NOT HIMSELF bc that’s it’s the song that really matters*

salvador sobral: *doesn’t consider himself a national hero, he just wants to sing and live a peaceful life, he just hopes the song can make a change*

salvador sobral: *makes a slightly bad worded speech directing at ALL POP MUSIC, and NOT just for Eurovision competitors*

amar pelo dois: *a song with no specified gender, no specified sexuality, just the simplicity and strength of emotions conveyed in song can be applied to almost anyone over the world if you empathize with it, uniting people with a language that not the majority of the world knows about*

tumblr salty people: dude this guy is an arrogant shit saying he’s better than everyone what does he know about eurovision it’s supposed to be glamorous and full of glitter how straight is this guy with his incestuous boring duet ballad that puts anyone to sleep

me: ……….

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

Brave Paladin, reveal your hopes and fears. Redbubble


eyy  !!!i made this  !!!! yeeee a.

btw some time ago some people were surprised about the fact that M. Rick uses a crop top

well guess what

like i know its  super obvious but i need to say it because i feel like some people dont know yet but

ye its…its a crop top 100% sure


The crew explaining that  X-Men: First Class  is actually a romance between Charles and Erik.

y’all: i’m not gonna watch the trc show if [x] and [y] and [z]

me, with my popcorn already popped: ……………………………


What can a female character do without being criticised mercilessly? [insp]

people who come at the penumbra podcast claiming that it ‘fails to be as diverse as it pretends it is’ are kind of. missing the point, i think? the team are writing stories about people who don’t get to see themselves in stories otherwise, but there’s no way in hell they could write a single good story that perfectly represents every single person underneath this umbrella at once.  

right now, the team is running a longform series about a black, nonbinary, bisexual man slowly learning to come to terms with his past and survive the mental illness that tells him all the good he accomplishes is worthless and all the bad that he sees is his fault. juno is the primary character in this series, and while there are countless other lgbt+ characters, characters of color, characters with traumas and characters with disabilities in this series, their stories are not front and center because the story is about juno steel. this is especially true given that juno has yet to overcome his tendency to paint himself as the hero or the villain, and always the center of attention. he’s selfish.   

right now, the team is running a longform series about a whole slough of people who want to be knights and are constantly told they aren’t good enough. a man who uses a horse or crawls instead of walking. a woman who’s constantly belittled and underestimated by her peers because of her gender. a man who battles both anxiety and internalized homophobia. all of them manage to be some of the most competent and deadly fighters in the land. and presumably, there’s more about this group of people we don’t know yet. more people will get to see themselves represented in the second citadel stories, too, because of the ensemble cast. 

in the past, the team has written a story about two women falling in love, one of whom was nonwhite and genderqueer. it’s not a longform series, but the arc of the story itself was over in one episode. the conflict was resolved. when stories last longer than their conflicts do they stop being good stories, generally 

the team has spoken up saying that they can only be what they are. they won’t write stories that they don’t know how to tell well, because they’re dedicated to writing stories that constitute good representation, rather than token representation for its own sake. these stories can only be what they are, too. they can’t be every story at the same time

and i know it’s hard because there are so many different kinds of people who don’t have the chance to see themselves in stories, but speaking as someone who comes from both a privileged group and a disadvantaged one (ie a white nb lesbian): just because a story isn’t about you doesn’t mean that it isn’t important, or that it isn’t ‘diverse enough’

half the point of fandom is that we can fill in those gaps, if we want to, right? we can do a better job of allowing the writers to tell the story they’re working hard to tell right now, and if we have the time or energy, write some of the stories we want to see ourselves! or look for that content in another place! creators committed to this kind of diversity are few and far between, but there are more of them out there and maybe some of them are writing what you want to see right this minute

this ideological standard that a truly diverse story has to center around the whole spectrum of the human experience at once means that no story can ever measure up! and it’s harmful, especially when media that makes no claim of being diverse gets away with worse every day. above all, it belittles the amazing efforts this team have made to show people stories about themselves!