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i love to do intense research on things that have zero impact on my life and have no correlation whatsoever to my general interests. i know a lot about combustion engines 

A genre-punk dictionary
  • Cyberpunk - Neon lights, mechanical body-horror, lots and lots of electronic junk lying around, tightly confined city slums, flying cars, androids, and last but not least, lots of grungy browns and grays. Bladerunner, Judge Dredd, Bubblegum Crisis etc.
  • Dieselpunk - Similar to cyberpunk, but less about electronics and androids and more about internal combustion and industrial robots. Technology is less ubiquitous in this setting but when you see techology, it will be combustion powered in some way… or at least look like it should be. Expect grease stains and bits of sludge on everything. Final Fantasy VII (the original game only) is a prime example.
  • Laserpunk - The Anti-Cyberpunk. Spotless with a lot of legroom. Expect glowing lines, fancy grooves, bright white glossy walls, and some shiny blues on everything. Everything in this setting has something that glows, even when it doesn’t need it. These are your Xenosaga’s, iRobot’s, Star Ocean’s.
  • Garbagepunk - The kludgey cousin of steampunk. Everything in this setting, and I mean EVERY SINGLE THING, is made of trash. Goggles made of bottles, water filtration made of old oil drums and used coffee filters, etc. Mad Max, Deponia, Water World, etc.
  • Steampunk - Steam power, leatherbound handles, brass fittings, lots of circles and rivets. I shouldn’t have to really clarify this one.
  • Clockpunk - Steampunk but with clockworks instead of steam engines. Its a small difference, listed only for the reason that steampunk requires steam and clockpunk doesn’t always have it. Expect gears, cogs, wheels and springs.
  • Codepunk - This one is difficult to pin down. Its less about the aesthetic and more about the concepts. This is a setting where everything that happens is related in some way to programming… Where the laws of physics are just functions being run with parameters, alterable by anyone with knowledge of how to access them. This is a setting where people do battle by compiling text that subtracts a number from the other person’s vital statistics variables, but that is what the world is actually made of, not just a game abstraction. Codepunk is characterized by parts of the world actually breaking down visibly into raw text. .hack//, Fate/Extra, the parts of the Matrix series we don’t get to watch where someone is actually typing on a keyboard to make things actually happen…( not that Neo-Morpheus crap. )
  • Naturepunk - What happens when you invent modern or even futuristic technology without actually using any technology. Reclining armchairs made of sticks and moss. Aeroplane’s made of palm fronds and vines. If cavemen invented space travel. Everything is made of locally sourced natural components, but the level of technological advancement and sophistication isn’t necessarily diminished because of it. You might have all the classic weapons of war, guns and grenades and such, but made of curious growths. Mushrooms with highly flammable spores for example, instead of a grenade. While not the only example, the best I can actually think of is… The Flintstones. You might also consider many depictions of Atlantis under this category.
  • Biopunk - Naturepunk’s heavy metal big sister. Everything is made of bone, meat, blood and teeth. Everything is either alive, or was alive at one time. Technology is either made of raw carcasses, or is actually some creature bred or engineered specifically to be used in the way a machine would. Don’t expect to see much inorganic material in generally anything. eXistenZ, generally anything that takes place inside another organism.

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Baby Jeon au. Yoongi is sick. Terrible cold or smthn, and the 5 y/o Jeon is worried and makes Y/N take care of him cause "she can fix anything" so basically Y/N is lowkey forced to stay at Yoon's side while lilttle Jeon makes sure no-one interrupts the treatment. And everyone is jelly, while Yoon is in heaven. ^^

if yoongi had to pick one of the best times he fell sick (excluding that one time he managed to get out of a p.e. test because ain’t no one wants to risk him puking in the middle of the court), it would be now. 

he hadn’t expected to get the king treatment but boy… it felt fucking amazing.

from the moment he came home with a temperature that skyrocket the thermometer, he had been nothing but obedient to listen to everything you asked him to do, say, and swallow because i don’t care if you hate this, yoongi it’s gonna make you feel better.

so fast forward two days ahead, he’s still sofa-ridden but he’s doing okay. a day or two more and he’ll be in tip top shape but until then you’re off limits. with a little body guard keeping you at yoongi’s side when - “no, hyung! noona has to stay with yoongi-hyung!!!”

that pretty much set the fence around the both of you and jungkook at a distance away.

“i bet all my life savings yoongi’s better already. that ass is just staying sick to get y/n baby the shit out of him,”

just as you pat yoongi’s forehead and decide to head to the bathroom to rinse the cloth you had been wiping his face with, yoongi stretches his neck to look at namjoon where - “you’re about to be broke then, shithead.”

“why i oughta-”

“hyung!” jungkook whines, something about saying he’s being too loud with the abrupt screech from getting up from his chair that quick. when you make your way out of the bathroom with the cloth in your hands, you frown at - “joon, don’t make jungkook cry,”

“but i didn’t-!”

“hyung…” jungkook’s face contorts into a look that is about to combust into tears and - “oh my god!” he throws his arms to the air and gives up, sitting back down and yoongi’s all - “feeling okay, yoongi?”

“better now with you here.”

“don’t worry, joon,” hoseok whispers, “he’s a dead man once he’s well.”

Your Biggest Fan (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Summary: You have loved Jungkook since before you even met him, obsessing over BTS and writing the smuttiest fics about him. But once you two start dating you try your hardest to prevent him from finding out. You’re successful for the first few years, until one night….

Word Count: 6,595

Genre: Fluff, Light Smut (who am I kidding this is definitely smut)

Content: masturbation mention, oral sex, Jungkook attempts to be a dom but isn’t very good at it, a little bit of bondage, Jungkook letting you call him Oppa, attempts at dirty talk, Jungkook being the squishy bun that he is

Sneak Peak: 

You sit down next to him, mortified, as you watch him reading in silence. “Are… are you actually into this kind of thing..?”

“I.. uh.. I—” you stutter, not knowing how to answer his question. “I mean I guess..?”

“It just seems so rough, so vulgar… Does— doesn’t that hurt?” He asks, pointing to a particularly rough portion of your fic.

“Nothing could be as painful as this right now.”

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My first BTS fic omg and my first smut. This is for @qweentae who made this imagine and I just had to write a fic about it 😂😂😂. I’m a fanartist not a writer I hope it’s not too bad. Here we go~

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Fair Play - part 2

Chapter 2 (and final one)!! Sorry again it took me so long to post it, but here it is :) Hope you guys enjoy it

You can read chapter one here 

‘Are you still mad at us?' 

Hermione eyed him, apprehensive. She was sitting opposite him with Ron by her side, who pretended his sausages were much more interesting than the topic Hermione was trying to bring up. Honestly, Harry wished she could do the same and leave it.

'No, it’s fine' 

“S not’ Ron mumbled, eyes still fixed on his own plate. Would he ever stop blushing like that or even be able to look Harry in the eye again? Now, everytime Harry tried to talk to him, Ron would either run away or hold his breath, looking about to combust from embarassment. 

Gossip flew faster than owls, it seemed. It didn’t took a day for the whole castle to know Harry Potter had snogged Draco Malfoy, even less so for Ron and Hermione to hear the news. He blamed it on the enchanted music, on his best friends for leaving him alone, on the alcohol, everything he could think of, basically. A poor excuse that might have convinced most of his classmates; not Hermione, though, who had watched him closely through his whole 'obsessed-with-Malfoy’ phase. She knew, better than anyone,  Harry was a pinning, very much in denial, bloke. But he couldn’t stay in denial if she kept talking about Malfoy all the time, could he?

He blinked, doing his best to push away that tingling feeling burning beneath his skin. 


'I bet it was Parkinson. Or Zabini’ Hermione sighed exasperately beside him 'Or both!' 

From where Harry was he could see the Slytherin table perfectly, the blond head he’d been desperately trying to spot in the sea of heads nowhere to be seem.  

'I checked, there were no drugs-’

'He’d could have been cursed!' 

Was he even still in the castle? Harry remebered the question popping in his head that night, his dormitory umbearably silent.

And empty

Merlin, he couldn’t help wishing he’d brought Malfoy there with him that night. He could have pinned him against the closed door, teared open the already wrinkled fabric of his shirt…

’ -because Harry is crushing on him!'  

Harry’s attention snapped back to where he was. Some students were staring at them - more than usual - specially at Hermione, whose expression matched Ron’s except for the color. She’d gone so white Harry feared the girl would faint right then and there while Ron’s face was almost the color of his hair. 

Her eyes found Harry’s seconds later, a quiet apologie evident there.
'I’m not crushing on him’ he gritted through his teets before grabbing his things and heading for the Great Hall’s door alone. He wanted to hate Malfoy, hate it all. 


His toes curled again, warm from the heating air in front of them. The fire crackled lighting just the corner of the empty eighth year common room where he was hiding, a hand covering his lips so no one would know.
No one could ever know.

Draco’s moan came out muffled, his hips bucking up sinfully, fucking himself in his hand while forbidden images flew behind his eyelids. 

The taste, Potter’s tongue trailing the line of his jaw. Draco knew his cock was dripping even with eyes closed. 

Those thighs, so strong from years of quidditch playing, Draco wanted to sit on top of them, needed them around his neck while he stuffed his mouth with Potter’s cock. 

Draco let his head drop to the side to rest on the couch behind him. He rolled his bare ass against the rough carpet, aching for more heat. He twisted his fist slightly, just the way he liked while picturing Potter’s hand on top of his, whispering in his ear. 

Yes, Draco, just like that

Harry…’ the pleading escaped his lips, the name that rolled on his tongue new to his own ears.


Harry stopped, frozen, on the last step of the staircase. 

His name, he’d heard his name. And that voice, he could recognise it anywhere. 

'Like, this, Harry… ah…

The room was dark except for a distant corner. Harry tiptoed there, his heartbeat ringing in his ears. 

Harry rounded the corner to find Draco Malfoy sprawled on the carpet, hair sticking to his forehead while his hands, both of them, fisted his cock fast and hard. He still had his shirt on, the green silk fabric darker in orange light.
Harry gasped and Draco shot his eyes open.

It all moved in slow motion, Draco’s cheeks becoming a darker shade of pink while Harry felt his cock filling inside his pants.  

Harry didn’t  move quickly enough to stop Draco from getting up and running away again. He just stood there, too shocked to breath, too aware to be in denial anymore. 



The Slytherin snapped out of his daze, the blood rushing to his face because he’d been daydreaming about… Fuck, Draco ran his hand through his hair out of pure habit. Pansy knew that was a typical sign of anxiety coming from him, something he’d been doing for the past few days.
'What is it?’ She asked for the third time that day, tired of trying to guess the source of Draco’s distress. 

'Nothing’ he mumbled. He couldn tell her, he couldn’t tell anyone. Everyone already knew they had snogged senseless but the enchanted music had been a valid excuse for that, erasing any suspicion that they had done that intentionally. There were no excuses for him jerking off to Potter late at night and both of them knew that.

The hardest part was that Potter didn’t seem disgusted, willing to forget. It’d been three days since the party and not for a single one he hadn’t tried to reach out for Draco.

Of course Pansy was always by his side and he couldn’t do anything about that. Actually, he wouldn’t do anything about that partly because he didn’t think he was ready to whatever Potter wanted to talk about. 

'My patience’s running thin, Draco. If you won’t tell me what it is that’s making you sigh every five minutes than I’ll just let you mourn all alone, okay?’ Pansy got up dramatically, grabbing her bag from where it stood by the side of the sofa. 

'No!’ Draco reached for her hand, pulling her back down. 'Please, Pansy. Just… stay here, okay? Please?’ Draco knew Pansy loved when he was polite so he could do a little effort if it meant having more time to think. She smiled at him, apparently satisfied with his words, and dropped her bag again.

'Is it the gossip? People will forget about it sooner or later-’

'Er… Hello' 

Oh no. Not now not now not now-

'Can I have a word with Malfoy?’ Draco felt Pansy tensing by his side, her head turning slowly towards the person that stood not far from their couch but at a safe distant. 


Draco didn’t dare lift his eyes from where they were glued to the carpet. He could almost hear the pieces coming together inside his friend’s head, the fact that Potter didn’t despise him, realization hitting her seconds later and that wicked smile. Bloody hell, it would be easier to throw himself out of the window. 

'Sure’ the words contradicting her desire to stay and watch. 

Pansy got up, bending quickly to grab her bag before kissing Draco on the cheek, an innocent thing that hold a lot of meaning behind it. Pansy was delighted, Draco knew, most definitely because now he wouldn’t be able to dodge her atempts to match him with Potter. She’d been trying that for, what, three years? Ever since she caught Draco staring at Potter’s ass in that gorgeous outfit he wore during the first task of the Triwizard Tournament the bitch wouldn’t leave him alone. And now, when he needed her the most, she was leaving him.

Potter sent a weird look, almost like he expected her to come back and laugh at his face, before turning to Draco again, catching his eyes this time.

'Do you mind if I sit?' 

Yes, Draco tried to shout back. Leave, he wished he could just sneer at him like he was so used to.

'No’ he answered finally, keeping enough of his dignity holding Potter’s gaze instead of letting his eyes drop to the floor like he was dying to do.

Potter sat, the safe distance he kept driving Draco insane. 'I’m sorry’.

'Why?’ Draco said harshly, the word escaping his lips before he could think about all the things it implied. 

Potter’s eyes went wide.

'You’re not?’ Potter turned his body in Draco’s direction, placing his hand on the sofa so close to his he could feel the warmth radiating from it. They were close, but not enough to touch.

'I- ’

Draco forced his lips shut, glancing around as subtly as he could. There were some Hufflepuffs sitting by the fire at the far end of the room; two Ravenclaw girls chatting upon arithmancy books by the stairs; Lovegood braiding the Weasley girl’s hair, who slept peacefully with her head on the other’s lap on a large couch not far from them. He looked back at Harry, still too close to be safe but too far to be enough. 

'If you want to talk, I’ll meet you here later’

Draco was already turning away when a firm grip brought his eyes back. 

'Draco, do you regret it?' 

Draco lowered his voice, worried someone would notice their proximity.
'Later’ he gritted through his teeth.

Harry, unfazed, placed his hand softly on Draco’s cheek, his expression insistent. 

'I need to know now’

Draco breathed in deep, weighing how much fucked he’d be if he were honest for once. 

'Do you think I would still be here if I were sorry?’

Harry kissed him suddenly, sucking his lips lightly before backing away much too soon. 

He breathed on Draco’s lips.

'Later, then’


Anyone standing by the high stairs of the eighth year common room could say it was empty at such late hour. A small fire crackling enough to warm one of the corners but not enough to make Draco visible from where he stood curled on one old but confortable couch.

The hours passed by, his pocket watch making fun of his face everytime he opened it to check the time. He wasn’t ready, he didn’t think he’d ever be ready to have such a conversation, specially with Potter of all people. 

It was almost two in the morning when Draco heard the soft steps coming from behind him. He got up with a calmness he didn’t felt.


'Why were you avoiding me before?' 

Too soon, too soon Potter was right there in front of him and Draco couldn’t force himself to back away. No, he wanted the warmth that emmaneted from that strong body so he stayed firmly where he was. 

God, he craved those lips, his fingers tingling with the need to reach out and touch. Still, he kept his face blank, something he’d improved with time and practice, years and years of lutful feelings disguised as hate being throw at Potter.

'Draco, why are you doing this?’

He looked up, into those emerald eyes. Harry’s pupils were dilated but resentment was there too, furrowed dark brows intensifying his bright irisis. 

'I… what do you even mean?' 

Draco felt suffocated. It was hard to breath, hard to stay still when an evident electrifying field kept building up between them by the second. Harry fidgeted, closing the insignificant distance. Draco looked down, the silence around them enough for him to listen clearly to his speeding heartbeat.  

'I can’t do this anymore' 

Potter was the one to reach out, the expectation inside Draco too much for him not to moan the moment their skins touched. Harry forced his jaw open with one hand, the other coming to rest on his lower back, firmly pulling Draco’s body flushed against his.

'I couldn’t stop thinking’ Harry mouthed, brushing his lips against Draco’s, the hand still holding his jaw so Draco couldn’t even tilt his head an inch. Draco licked Harry’s bottom lip tentatively, trembling with the need to move.
Digging his fingers on Harry’s hips, Draco slid his palms down so he could grab his ass earning a low groan from the other.

Their mouths were hanging open, both of them breathing in each other’s air as their lips locked. The kiss was a hungry thing, desperation to taste each other bruising the soft skin. Harry’s hands were everywhere, squeezing his ass, messing up his hair, palming him through-

'Ah Potter… ’ Draco jerked his hips forward, rubbing shamelessly against Harry’s thigh. He was rocking hard - not that he was the only one -, knees too weak to support him any longer. He took a step forward, forcing Harry against the couch behind him.

'All week’ Harry’s hands still grabbing Draco’s ass pressed him down against him.

'What?’ Draco breathed on his neck where he’d started to leave mark after mark.  

'I’ve wanted you all week, you bastard' 

Draco shivered, letting Harry roll them around, ending up on top of him.
'Everytime I saw you in class’ Harry lowered his head enough to whisper on his lips again. 'I wanted to drop to my knees’

And fuck, he was crawling back until his mouth was right above Draco’s obvious bulge. 

'Lick you until you were dripping’ he nuzzled Draco’s crotch with his nose, inhaling deeply. 'How fucked up is that’ he talked more to himself than to Draco, a hint of shame clearly there.

Before Draco could do anything Harry’s mouth covered the bulge, mouthing the side of his cock and pressing his tongue flushed against the fabric, so hot Draco felt it immediately. 

His fingers threaded in those dark locks, painfully pulling Harry’s head up. 

'Do you even know what I have been through?' 

He sat down, ignoring Harry’s shocked expression  when he was forced away from him. 

Draco pushed Potter on his back, his head coming to rest on the arm of the couch. It took him seconds to get rid of his pants, lower half completed exposed.

Months, Potter’ he climbed on top of Harry who seemed too dumbstruck to even speak. 'And you waited for, what, a week?’ He kissed him hard,  backing away too soon.

Draco balanced his weight on his knees, positioning his swollen cock in front of Harry’s mouth. 

Almost tenderly, Draco caressed Harry’s scalp, bringing his lips closer to his cock. It all felt like one of his fantasies, the hungry look in Harry’s eyes giving him the confidence he didn’t know he had.

'Lick it from the base’ he ordered, watching disbelievingly as Harry did as he was told without  breaking eye contact.

Draco trembled, doing his best to not buck forward.  Harry reached the head, sucking it and, fuck, closing his eyes when lowering his head, taking in half of Draco’s cock in his mouth. 

It was so hot, the way Harry sucked him like he was made for that, practically begging Draco to thrust into his mouth. The heat built up faster than he wanted it to, consuming all the remaining strength he had left. Harry hummed agaisnt his cock, his hands grabbing Draco’s arse cheeks and supporting him there while forcing his hips forward, a silence plead for more.

Draco thrust, letting his eyes fall shut and mouth hang open when he came moments later. 

He let himself be pulled down to lay on top of Harry. It wasn’t fair, the way Harry treated him like he could break any minute. The kisses being placed on his temple, the hands stroking his back. He wanted to hate it all.
'Potter, we should- ’ Draco tried to get up but Harry only strengthened the grip around his waist.  

'It’s Harry' 

Draco wanted to hate it all.

Harry tilted his head so their eyes could meet, the sweetness that could be found there far from anything fair. But Draco couldn’t hate it even if he truly wanted to.

Lab Partners Pt.1 (M) | Yoongi

Part 1Part 2 | Part 3

Genre: Smut + High School AU 

Word Count: 2,240

Description: What happens when your dreams get taken over by your newly assigned lab partner Min Yoongi?

Originally posted by sayjjanhae

You could feel the sweat pooling at your forehead, because of the intensity at which your bodies were connecting. You felt his teeth rake down your thighs, causing you to moan in desperation. Your fingers find his hair, and start pulling, to try and relieve some of the pressure building up inside of you.

He pulls your underwear off, and positions his face between your legs. You look down at his animalistic eyes, and you see him about to bring his smirking lips to your wetness, when you suddenly hear a beeping.

Oh god please not again.

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I headcanon that Yugi is on both ends of the smooth spectrum when it comes to start a relationship.

If he is the one making the first move or had known something was coming, he’ll be obviously a little nervous but not too much. He’ll smile and say clearly what he wants and would like. He’ll try to make the other relax if they are nervous, but he will also throw in some flirting and winking if he sees things are going well.

But take him by surprise and he’ll become a stuttering, shocked, squeaking mess about to start self-combusting


A MOTHER’S LOVE cannot be measured, but if it could, bodhi would have been rich. despite owning little, he never wanted for much during childhood, except save a few extra blankets when even the combined warmth of his mother’s embrace & all their throws wasn’t enough to combat jedha’s endless winter. to her son, amala was strength personified: left by the man she loved at 21, pregnant with his child, it would have been easy to become embittered with the world. & yet, she became the opposite — her unfailing kindness & generosity were traits bodhi was raised by, as well as a fierce independence & a refusal to back down in the face of adversity despite the odds.

his heart was broken for the first time at barely 12 when he first found out she was sick — it broke a second upon hearing news of her death. everything bodhi did, he did for his mother. she was his reason for flying through a warzone & having his ship blown out of the sky. she was his reason for enduring remarks about his test scores, despite never receiving any formal education due to lack of funds. she was his reason for finally asking the question galen erso had prompted all those months before, now there was no chance of her being put in harms way. she was his reason to REBEL.

FATHER FIGURES were in short supply during childhood, save for the man who became known as ‘uncle‘ to a young jedhan boy with no one else to look up to. takoda’s droid repair stall was a second home to bodhi in his formative years — what began as an interest in mechanics turned into his first job in response to mother’s failing health. the elder showed no sign of disliking bodhi’s presence despite occasional gruff tone; having no family himself, takoda began to see him as the son he never had. 

which was why bodhi’s decision to work for the empire had such a profound effect — takoda had always vehemently hated anything imperial, ever since his husband-to-be was killed when jedha was first occupied. while takoda understood bodhi’s reasoning, that didn’t stop him from refusing to see the newly assigned cargo pilot unless he was out of uniform — something that would continue until takoda’s disappearance many years later. stall destroyed, owner missing; bodhi never found out whether takoda was alive or dead, just that he’d been caught supplying saw’s rebels with modified weaponry & likely imprisoned or executed for treason.

galen erso’s temperament reminded bodhi of his late uncle, which was why he felt so comfortable in his presence ( & partly why his trust was so easily gained ). within his tribute — FOR GALENlay an unspoken love for a man he realised he knew very little about. a man who shaped the person he grew to be. it was as much FOR TAKODA as it was for jyn’s father.


Usually I wouldn’t start ranting about this till something actually goes down/is proven, but I can’t keep my mouth shut on this one.

I just need to say that if Greg even THINKS about making a series based on Brittani Louise Taylor (who these tweets are about) I will physically combust. My body will explode with anger.

Brittani has been nothing but a positive role model her entire career on YouTube. She spreads positivity, she’s nice to everyone, she’s PG, and she’s a good person. She deserves nothing but respect and kindness, and I hope I PRAY that Greg does not try to turn this into a fucking scandal.

First of all, she just had a baby, a baby that she did not plan for but has shown nothing but happiness and love for. I mean seriously, just look at her Twitter, that’s a loving mother if I’ve ever seen one. But obviously babies are a lot of work, whether you’re single or not, it’s not easy to raise a baby especially if you weren’t planning to have a baby. What I’m trying to say is the absolute last thing she needs right now is for onion fuck to start making videos about her, spreading false info and speculating about her relationship.

If something did happen with Brittani and her husband (not just a baby daddy Greg, they are married, watch her video) then it’s no ones business but her own. She doesn’t have to speak on it, she doesn’t have to confirm or deny rumors, she doesn’t have to give anyone any info on it and it sure as fuck is not up for onision or ANYONE to speculate about. If she wants to talk about it, she will, but right now she doesn’t deserve to have some nosy little asshole like Greg pointing out missing videos and tweets and bringing attention to a topic that might not be so easy.

Plus, how do we even know that something bad did happen? Maybe he asked to not be on her channel anymore, maybe he didn’t like the fame or didn’t want to be involved. Maybe his work asked him to not be in videos. Who knows? It’s not up to Greg to just assume that there’s some drama happening when it could very well be for different reasons.

Anyway, I just hope that Brittani is healthy, that her baby is healthy, and I wish her the best with her new journey through motherhood. I also hope that Greg doesn’t make this into a thing, because it’s none of his business, and he has no right to even point it out when she hasn’t said a word about it. Seeing these tweets just made me so angry, sorry for the rant.

Fire Starter (A cutesy Deadpool one shot)

Warnings: language, violence, mentions of sex, deadpool in general

You weren’t exactly Deadpool’s sister, but of course when Wade found you burning down the box you called home in your nightmares he couldn’t resist. You were only 11 then and had run away from your foster home after nearly burning that down by accident. You were happy to stay with Wade though because as he demonstrated when he scooped up your body engulfed in flames, he couldn’t be killed. You loved that about him. He loved that you were his tiny fire starter and best friend. Somehow he managed to get paperwork saying you were his sister and he your legal guardian, so you were officially Y/N Wilson. It had been a stellar 7 years with Wade, but today was your 18th birthday and you had a big request.

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Bucky² (Part 6)

Summary: You’re a mutant with the power of dimensional, spatial and time manipulation, meaning you can travel to and from dimensions, spaces and different times with ease. But one day, when you’re coming back from a particularly long mission, you brought something back that should never have come with you in the first place.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything that Marvel has created and I certainly don’t own Sebastian Stan.

Warnings: Sickness, fluff, major character upheaval!

40′s!Bucky x Present!Bucky x Reader

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |

Originally posted by mybuchanan

Y/N’s POV:

I coughed softly, patting my chest and everyone jumped toward me as if I was about to spontaneously combust. I sigh. This happens every time. “How much time have we got?”

“Oh, you don’t need to worry-” Steve speaks but Tony cut him off.

“and you shouldn’t have to worry about it-” Tony was promptly spoken over by Bruce.

“yeah, we can handle this-” Nat interrupts him.

“you have nothing to worry about-” Thor easily uses his booming voice to get his point across.

“so that means you stay in bed and focus on getting better-” Clint has to yell to be heard over Thor.

“under any circumstances-”

“we can wait for you to heal-” Sarge is clearest as they are both by my sides as Happy Feet finishes his sentence for him.

“and recover and-” He’s screamed over by Wanda.

“we will deal with the rest-” Wanda’s voice is nearly lost in the commotion.

They started falling over themselves, talking over each other and getting louder by the second. 

Oh, my head.

SHUT UP!” I roar, clutching my temples. My scream echoes through the room and peaceful silence is the only thing that remains. “Jesus, Lord Almighty, you people are loud.” I groan in pain.

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Almost got caught (Part 3)

For the first time ever, this is the best sleep i had ever have in my life. Not to exaggerate but i feel like i am floating in the air right now. Even in my sleep, i can smell the sweet scents of vanilla. I wonder why? This feels to good to be true. I can feel myself smilling in my sleep. This feels good. I don’t want to ever wake up. I would not hesitate to kill anybody that try to wake me up right now.

I breathe out a long and deep sigh when i feel someone pull me by the waist. I can feel some heat radiating near me. Its really near too.. wait.. what am i hugging right now? While trying to gather the strength to open my eyes and getting used to the light, i heard a soft moan. I frozed immediately. My eyes flew open as soon as i heard the noise.

I slowly took a peek at the person i am cuddling so close with just to have my nose meeting with a pink fluffy hair. Soon realisation hit me. Jimin hyung slept with me yesterday!! Maybe that is why i can sleep so well. I tried to look at his face but it was covered. He is literally breathing on my neck right now or should i say that he is breathing on my adams apple? His breathing is slow and steady, slowly hitting me with his hot breath. I can hear soft snores coming from him and it sounds so adorable. I am about to combust right now. Everything is so fluffy but its giving me a tough time too with him being so near my adams apple. His lips is barely touching them. I gulped at the sensation. I can alsl feel his hand around my waist, holding me so tight. I was still holding him like the night before too. My arms is kind of sore now but i can’t bring myself to wake jimin up.

Its okay jeon. You can endure this. This is one of the reasons to why you started working out. Don’t fail me muscles! I took this opportunity to bring jimin closer, pulling him by the waist. I left my left arm around his waist, rubbing his back from time to time. After that, i started playing with his hair. I run my hand through his hair from the back of his nape, moving upwards. I found myself smilling at how soft he is.

The thought that this will all end, saddens me. I continue doing so for i don’t know how long.

I was so into my thoughts that i did not realise that the hand on my waist moved. Suddenly, i felt a sensation on my back. Like someone rubbing my spine. I frozed. He’s awake judging from the movement.

“Why did you stop?” I can feel his breath on my adams apple. It is so near to my skin. As if he was about to kiss me.

Upon hearing that rough and deep voice, i let go of my grip around his waist.

“Hyung? Did i wake you up?”

Finally he looked up at me with his hand still around my waist, never letting go. Oh god..If he was cuter yesterday, he is more cuter cuter today. You get it? He looks so cute. His face is a bit puffy and his eyes is so cute. Oh and his lips is extra puffy after waking up. I would kiss it if i could but i have to hold myself back.

“Good morning kookie” AWWWWW SO ADORABLE OMGOMGOMG KILL ME NOW. I DON’T MIND DYING!!(JK inner mind going insane)

“G-good morning hyung. Did you sleep well? Did i wake you up?”

Jimin hyung looked at me in the eyes for like 5 seconds before answering me. That was intense. I almost look away.

“Its the best sleep i had ever have in my life. You didn’t wake me up so don’t worry.”

He immediately snuggle back like he was before. He rubbed his nose at my neck area and he breathe out a long sigh of content . I froze at the action. He is driving me insane. Park jimin is a dangerous guy. Why did fall in love with him.


“Why did you stop?”

I was confused at what he is trying to say here. Stop what?

“Huh?stop what?”

He looked up at me with a glare and a small pout on his cute lips. Its not even intimidating. More like cute? I’m whipped guys..

“Kookie~ keep playing with my hair”

It sounded more like a plea than a demand. I let out a soft chuckle.

“Why are you laughing?” awww that pout he is having right now is so adorable. I want to kiss it so badly. Arghh!!

“Nothing hyung. You were so cute thats all”

Something in jimin’s eyes change for a moment when i said that. Oh shit. Is it disgusting? I shouldn’t have said that.. we looked at each other for 5 seconds straight in silence. I was mentally killing myself and preparing for what jimin hyung is going to say only to see a soft smile on his lips.

“I’m manly though kookie”

I mentally heaved a sigh of relief. That was close..

“Yeah okay hyung, i "believe” you"

Jimin lightly smacked my back when he heard the sacarsm in my sentence.


I let out a soft laugh at his words. Jimin also laugh along with me. Again, he snuggled so near that i almost had a heart attack. This time i continued playing with his hair. I can feel jimin hyung smilling against my skin. With our legs tangled together, he continued rubbing my back gently. My heart feels so full of love right now. Even though i knew this is just something friendly. We lay down there for about 30 minutes. All we did was just cuddling.



“I’ll be cute only for you okay?”

Before i can ask what he meant by that, the bedroom door flew open. We were both shocked at the sudden intrusion and quickly let go of each other. We both sat down on the bed facing the intruder. Turns out to be jin hyung. I should have locked the door before sleeping. Jin would always invade my bedroom without warning.

He stood there a bit shock at what he just saw. We were both staring at him.

“Umm oops? Sorry for disturbing..”

I gave my deadliest glare at jin hyung for interrupting my once in a lifetime chance. Before i can retaliate, i feel someone pulling me by my waist. What?

“Jin hyung. How can you just come in like that. I was busy cuddling with kookie and you just had to..”

My eyes grew two times larger at the statement. Did jimin hyung just?.. why?what? I can feel his grip around my waist tightened.

Jin hyung and jimin hyung were as if talking with their eyes. What is happening? I kept looking between both of them for like 10 seconds before jin hyung finally break the ice.

“Okay! Umm. Breakfast is ready. I will wait for you guys outside.. take your time.. bye..”

He finally went out of the room.. i looked at jimin hyung who still have his hand around my waist. He was still looking or more like glaring at the door even though jin hyung was already gone. I wonder why?

“Umm hyung? Shall we go?”

“Yeah. Lets go kookie”

He finally let go of his grip and slide of the bed. He slowly stretched his body when he stood up. All i can say is.. beautiful as always. I sat at the edge of my bed waiting for jimin hyung to finish stretching while admiring how he look right now.

I was busy looking when jimin squat down to look me in the eye. My heart skipped a beat again. At this rate, i might really die. He gave me the sweetest smile that can legit really save the world. I smiled an awkward smile back(nice going jungkook). Suddenly his face went serious. He scoot nearer that i can see myself in his eyes.

“Jeon jungkook”

I gulped at how serious he sounds. His voice so low and raspy. He would always call me by my nickname but when he calls my full name, i can feel shivers running down my spine and it will always make me feel hot(?)..


My heart was beating so wildly that i bet he could hear me. What is he trying to do now?

“Close your eyes”

I tilt my head abit in confusion. I wonder what he is trying to really do. Without hesitation, i closed my eyes, trusting jimin. Alot of thoughts run through my mind at the moment until i feel jimin’s hand at the back of my head, playing with my hair like how i did with his. I let out a sigh of content.

Suddenly, i felt something warm on my forehead. My heart beat 100 times faster if that was possible when i realised that its jimin’s lips all this while. He is kissing my forehead right now. It lingers there for like 5 seconds and it ends with a soft peck.

I still kept my eyes closed. I can still feel his hand running through my hair gently.

“Thank you jungkook”

I mentally let out a sigh of dissapointment when he finally let go of me. I can bet you that i am blushing so hard right now. Jimin could even see it but who cares. The Park Jimin kissed me. Even though its just on the forehead, its still gold okay.

“Lets go kookie”

As soon as i opened my eyes, he took my hand in his, leading me out of the room to the dining table. Along the way, i watched jimin hyung from the back. I smiled at what just happened but again, i don’t want to put any hope that we can be more than that. Its giving me some light but i don’t want to walk towards it. What if its just a friendly gesture.. i can’t assume anything. This is my first time ever, feeling this way.

I never experienced something like this. I was never interested in other guys or girls. Its only jimin hyung who made me feel this way. It may be my first love but it will never be my last..

When we walked into the kitchen, everyone looked at us with a knowing look. I blushed when i realised that we are still holding hands. I don’t want to be rude to just pull my hands off, so i made an excuse of wanting to go to the toilet.

When he let go, i feel so empty.. this feels so shitty man. Love.. its beautiful at times but there would always be pain. Sucks to be me.

After that, we all had our breakfast as per normal well, except yoongi hyung. Bet he is stilk sleeping. Everyone talking like they always do. Sometimes i can feel jimin hyung looking at me and we would make eye contact at times. I would get so flustered and looked down at my food.

Why is he such a natural flirt. I hate him for making me so flustered. Park jimin.. born to flirt naturally.

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