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Maybe the real cryptids were the friends we made along the way

(aka I’m betting my ass that Joseph was not only a cult leader but the Dover Ghost the whole time)

Dazatsu Week 2017- Day Four: Free Day

So I made this for the Dazatsu Week: Sleeping Atsushi with Dazai, and I’m super late T-T but here is my entry anyway.

Oh and a bonus!!


support people who make fanmade merch! support people who do commissions! support people who make zines!

it’s important to support your series of choice with official merch too (esp if you’re buying directly from the source), but nothing is cooler than fanmade stuff. it takes a ridiculous amount of guts to do stuff like print your own charms and sell them, and effort to gather artists for zines, and hard work to do commissions. and so often you get exactly what you want that you can’t get from the show merchandise.

doesn’t it blow your mind that you can commission someone for whatever ridiculous shit you can dream up, like dio brando doing your laundry and they’ll be like here’s my paypal and you rub your george washingtons all over their face and they’ll bring it to physical form like some kind of art witch??

or like, how you can pay someone to make a plush of your fav character that canon forgets exists?? or how you can LITERALLY be like ‘wow i really want a phone charm of lance from voltron but half naked and posing on a dolphin’ and someone on storenvy is like guess what fam, i got you COVERED

so so so much work goes into it and i’m really passionate about it because directly supporting artists in your fandom = helps generate more of that content AND supports people who are probably idk paying bills feed them your credit card make your dreams come true, everyone wins

Why building skill in art is fun,

but not inherently required for the art’s value

I explained this a couple times in streams but I want to put it down in text.

Art is an incredible and special process where people can share a concept in their head with the outside world. Human imagination is endless, but part of the fascinating nature of art is the triple disconnect between artist and viewer- and the mosaic of images this creates. I’ll explain:

The first disconnect is between the artist’s imagination, and what they can produce. This is the only disconnect where building skill with practice can bring the two closer together. However, imagination is fluid, beautiful, and impossible. There’s no way to portray exactly what’s in our heads, but chasing that impossible goal is what drives artists! 

The second disconnect is generally a lot smaller, but still worth mentioning. Humans are all biologically slightly different, and we may be viewing the art through a different medium. The viewer may see less or more colour than the artist, or maybe their computer monitor has different settings.

The third disconnect is where the magic happens! A person interpreting an artist’s work will apply their own experiences and feelings to it, making the image they remember totally unique to them. This is part of the exciting nature of art- when you create something, you don’t just create one thing. Everyone who sees it will take away something different! This is a big disconnect and it isn’t affected by an artist’s skill at all. 

This process isn’t a bad thing! Art is incredible and beautiful, and our ability to create and interpret endless variations and feelings is what makes it so exciting! 

It may be discouraging when someone gets a different idea from the one you tried to create- but that doesn’t mean the idea they took away doesn’t have value! It’s still something that you did! 

Create more art! Fill the world with ideas! 

Welcome to the Margarita Zone 🍸

(Joseph Christiansen may be a cult leader and potential demon but that doesn’t stop me from admiring his impeccable fashion sense)

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I burnt my tongue on hot soup because I was too impatient to wait for it to cool down, now all I can picture is Hinata doing just that and I felt like I needed to share this information with someone, whilst I'm in pain.