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do you ever think about grover and percy hugging? because i do. a lot. 

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As soon as Daisy was sent her script she scheduled a meeting with Johnson, she has said this numerous times in TV and print interviews. John also said directly that he scheduled a meeting with him because he wanted to be sure they were on the same page about Finn. Idk if John was just making the most of it though because he barely promoted Star Wars outside of official stuff, but yeah, Daisy and John were both mad.

yeah i knew there were meetings i guess i just didn’t realize the severity of them if daisy had considered talking to her agents about “options” (i.e. getting out of her contract). this was before those post-tfa rewrites so like i’ve gotta wonder if it was somehow EVEN WORSE before.

god i can’t til they can all talk openly about this.

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Im confused about this timeline, I thought Ours to choose was a prequel to the brothers grimm, but now it feels like a different AU?*

Oh no, OTC doesn’t really have anything to do with The Brother’s Grimm. It’s more of a prequel to WKM, all about Damien mostly. If you’re referring to (which you might not be) my Master Post, that’s not a timeline in the sense that it all happens from earliest to latest in time. It’s just what was posted on the blog from first to last.

I hope that makes sense!

Richonne in Retrospect

#4: The Stares (3x09)

Can we talk about how Michonne makes Rick entranced like no other real quick? 😋 Like after watching 3x09 I had to call this post “The Stares” cuz the stares between Rick and Michonne are the main event in this episode. 

It’s crazy too cuz even tho, by this point, they had only known each other for like a day or two they had already intensely stared at each other about twenty times lol. And throughout this particular episode those stares are at an all-time high. 

So we have this moment when Merle has an eventful reunion with his old group. Something about this scene is hilarious to me in a way that I don’t think it’s intended to be. I don’t know why but it just feels a little goofy with all of them chaotically yelling and aiming things at each other. But there is some Richonne in this scene, so I’ll take it. 😂👌🏽

The fact that in all this chaos of course Rick’s focus is almost solely on Michonne, it’s very telling. Also I’m like bruh that’s two times now that you’ve pulled a gun on your wife, calm down lol.

But as I’ve noted, Michonne’s presence alone can make this man all the way shook so he had this whole extra reaction and he literally can’t stop staring at her. 

And when he does briefly look away, Michonne takes another stab at trying to stab Merle and Rick’s quite demanding when he tells her he told her to drop the sword and then asks if she knows Andrea. 

But then, remembering that this is a queen that you don’t just demand and command, he changes his approach and instead softly asks if she knows Andrea.

And then we get the longest stare ever between them. Like no blinking either lol. 

Watching Homeboy seer into her soul, I was like…

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Cuz she really put him in a trance, y’all. And like I get that this information Merle’s giving about her is news to Rick but there is no reason for these intense drawn out stares other than the fact that these two are so inherently drawn to each other. Like the pull they have over each other goes deep, as these stares suggest.

Merle starts talking again and Rick is still just glaring at her. And it really emphasizes how Rick has never known how to be casual about Michonne, everything is passionate when it has to do with her, even if right now it’s a sort of frustrated kind of passionate. 

Also, this is how you know Michonne is a fearless woman, cuz every time Rick does these long intense stare downs, Homegirl does not back down or look away. 👏🏽

She makes it clear that she’s his equal and she can handle an intimidating look from Rick to the Grimes. They’re definitely cut from the same cloth.👌🏽

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And peep Rick moving closer so that she has to put her attention back on him again lol. I’m telling you Michonne brings out the extra in this man.

Also Merle tried it when he calls Michonne a Nubian queen. 🙄 Like no. Just no. And then Rick seems quite fascinated as Merle explains how Michonne used to keep walkers chained up. Like Homeboy is very interested in getting some details on Michonne and he sort of looks at Michonne again like “Who is this captivating mystery woman?” 😋 

And Michonne again just looks straight at him, like “Yeah I did that. So what?” Ain’t no shame in her game, y’all. 👸🏾

It’s also interesting how much they seem to be communicating without words cuz we’ll see them continue to be able to communicate just through a look a lot as their relationship progresses. 

(Side note: Now, y’all, Merle ended up being a very fascinating character and he was played excellently by Michael Rooker but when Merle has the audacity to say that it’s kind of ironic for Michonne to have walkers in chains I want you to know these hands of mine were rated M for Merle cuz he needed a warning pop or two for that.)

But anywho, this scene is so interesting because of how much Michonne has 99.9% of Rick’s attention. He stays facing her, stays staring at her, even with Merle rambling. Like Merle starts trying to taunt Rick directly and Rick turns and says shut up and then turns right back to Michonne. #Mesmerized

I just realized something too. In “Clear” (which I can’t wait to talk about lol) Rick says part of why he brought Michonne along is because he didn’t want to leave her around Merle. Knowing he felt this need to protect her from Merle, I feel like we’re also seeing that in this scene here. Cuz he stays standing in between them and facing her and you can tell he’d be ready to mollywhop Merle if he tried anything. Whether it’s subconscious or conscious, I’m here for him protecting her in this scene. 👏🏽

And Rick does in fact knock Merle out for talking too much and I’m like…

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So then the next significant scene is when we have this moment where Rick talks with Glenn and Maggie and Daryl about what to do with “The Last Samurai”. 

It’s so interesting to see them all huddled up and Michonne on the outskirts cuz pretty soon she’s about to be a key part of their group. Like in the future, she won’t just be in the huddles, she’ll be co-leading in the huddles.

And when Daryl asks if they’re really going to choose her over Merle, Rick tells them Michonne’s not coming back with them.

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Sure, Rick. And then thankfully Maggie is a real one and brings up how Michonne’s not in a state to be on her own. And it’s funny tho cuz if Maggie thought Michonne’s not in a state after that Woodbury fight then she should see the other one-eyed guy lol. 

And then Glenn is also a real one when he brings up how Michonne is the whole reason they even got rescued. Speak on it, Glenn.

And then Rick is all the way in his feelings when he says “And then she ditched us”. Like Homeboy is taking the fact that she left them real personal lol. 

But like she came back to them after her fight with the Governor and she didn’t have to come back so it’s just funny to see how much her temporarily leaving bothered Rick, despite her returning. But I think he’s upset cuz magnets are supposed to stick together, y’all.

Maggie offers to at least let Hershel stitch her up and Rick says “She’s too unpredictable.” Again, that’s that subconscious speaking cuz I know at this time he’s probably really confused about why he’s so drawn to this woman he just met, which makes her even more of an unpredictable mystery to him. 

So Daryl decides to go with Merle, Rick clearly isn’t happy and that projects on to his conversation with Michonne as they load up the car. He firmly tells Michonne, “We patch you up and then you are gone.”

First of all; 

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Second of all; Even here where he’s trying to say he wants her out he still mentions but hey we’ll patch you up first. There’s still this element of taking care of her. If she was really an enemy or if he really wanted her gone then why bother? #magnetssticktogether 😋

It’s so clear he doesn’t mean this especially due to the fact that he never really enforces it again. Homeboy was just in his feelings and in fact I bet you if Michonne did prepare to leave after she got patched up, RIck would have been like “Oh hey I meant to say we patch you up, we wait for the wound to heal, we give it some time after that and then you’re gone.😂

The way Michonne sort of nods and reacts like “Fine, I won’t fight you on this if you want me gone” makes me sad because again nowhere is truly home for her yet. She thinks she’s going to be on her own again and while to his face she looks strong and like she doesn’t care too much, you know she does. Like she nods when he tells her this but when she walks away the loneliness and sadness she feels is evident. 😔

Also when she walks away Rick looks back at her like he was low key really hoping she would argue with him to stay, since he knows good and well he doesn’t really want her gone. 

I agree with what a lot of people have mentioned before about how it seems like Rick’s sometimes-forceful response to Michonne has to do with his own guilt about feeling some type of way about a woman so shortly after the death of his wife. 

Like, while I’m not saying he knows he has feelings for Michonne yet, I think he is somewhat aware that he’s very drawn to her and intrigued by her in a different way than just any other person and I think, being the traditional guy he is, it’s kind of shaking him up a bit so he feels like he has to overcompensate by trying (emphasis on trying) to be cold to her. 

But this stern act is not an act he can keep up for long cuz when you’re meant to be, you’re meant to be. 😊

And then their last moment in this episode is when Michonne is asleep in the prison and now it’s Rick’s turn to just stand and stare at her while Hershel tends to her, cuz Carl did the exact same thing when Michonne first arrived in the prison. Like father, like son. 😂

The way he’s staring again, it’s like he can’t help but be intrigued. 

Also Homeboy looks like he’s seriously going through it right now lol. Like this is the look of a man who has a lot on his plate and desperately needs someone to love and understand him. And little does he know he’s staring at the woman who will do just that.

However, for now he’s sticking with this whole “she’s outta here” front when he asks Hershel how long before she can travel. I’m like “Rick, bruh, it’s okay. You like her. Stop trying so hard to fight it.”

And honestly, probably part of why he asked when she can travel isn’t so much to see how soon she can go but rather how long she can stay. 💯

And then interestingly, we have this scene where Rick meets these newcomers, Tyrese and Sasha. And he doesn’t want to let them stay. He says they’ve been through this before with the prisoners but uh…what about the girl who’s sleeping in a cell rn and who you stare down constantly? He could have easily had this same defensive approach with Michonne when she arrived but he didn’t. And he won’t, cuz he “can’t let her leave”. 😊

Hershel tells Rick he has to start giving people a chance. (Particularly his future wife 😋) And then Rick sees Lori and I feel like it could be a way to make a connection or parallel to the new woman, Michonne, that he needs to give a chance to and let in. 

And thankfully he most definitely will let her in…eventually. They don’t call it a slow burn for nothing lol. 

But what I love about this point in Rick and Michonne’s relationship is that it’s such a testament to how far they’ve come. Like as the seasons progressed they never did stop staring at each other, but the stares became filled with more and more love. 👌🏽


First of all: THANK YOU SO MUCH <3 I’m glad you like my posts!

Second of all:

I totally never took that into account!!

Though I think it will be a good long time before the other Rivera’s are forgotten - particularly Imelda, like you said - you raise a good point.

And in response to your last message (”It’s like the curse of immortality”), I shall now go curl up under my blankets and reflect on the fact that I’m getting emotional over CG animated skeletons.

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Would you accept a virtual hug? I'm currently temporarily unable to have strong negative emotions about more than one thing at a time, so this Iris-bashing person doesn't even make me angry, just tired (it won't last long, tomorrow I'll probably be super angry about several different things at once). But thank you for continuing to defend Iris.

Originally posted by lovingiris

Always!  I love virtual hugs.  <3

I rarely respond to anti-Iris or anti-Westallen posts, but I wanted to respond to Neha’s tweet because the burden of proof is incredibly powerful to understand.  At first glance, Neha’s tweet comes across as hard to contest: it seems like “I can’t challenge that, it’s their opinion.”  But I can challenge it because they’re presenting their claims as true.  

With the burden of proof, Neha has to prove their claims; I don’t have to disprove them or provide my counter-claims.  I can provide my counter-claims, but I don’t have to.  All I have to do is challenge what Neha demonstrates as “proof” and demand more until they can actually support their claims.  If Neha supports their claims with sufficient evidence, then those claims become substantiated – not necessarily true (e.g. the full story), but they hold water and deserve more serious recognition.

Often times, I provide counter-claims to anti-Iris and anti-Westallen sentiment whenever I make my own claims about how awesome Iris and Westallen are.  However, I don’t frame them as counter-claims in that context.  When I make my own claims, I’m the one with the burden of proof: I have to prove my claims, to provide evidence with the understanding that unless I can defend my claims, I cannot say that they are true.  If I want to state that something is true, then I have to prove it.  I do so by using canonical evidence – things that happen on the show.  

I don’t often prove my claims here because it’s rarely necessary in this environment.  Most people already implicitly accept my statements because we have the same evidence.  Just as I don’t have to “prove” that the sky is blue, I don’t have to prove that Iris West is a good person to most of the people I interact with here.  To those who disagree, I would have to provide supporting evidence grounded in reality to assert the truthfulness of my statement.  If I project my statements as true – making assertions and claims in general – then I have to be prepared to defend them.

Similarly, Neha’s claims demand Neha’s proof.  

Because I celebrate Iris and Westallen, I’m rarely confronted for proof regarding my claims.  But if someone asked me to “prove” that Iris was a good team leader, then it would be my responsibility to find supporting evidence.  If I am unable, then I cannot assert my claim as true: it is merely an opinion.  I’m okay with some opinions – I don’t feel like I must justify every statement I make as objectively true – but vitriolic claims forced upon others deserve to be challenged.  It’s enough to say “I reject your word as fact” and demand more to stop an argument in its tracks.

People who cannot defend their claims but refuse to stop expounding them as true will resort to anything to prevent their ideas from being rejected.  They’ll attack their critics: good old ad hominem arguments are very common (“this person is actually [x, y, z], therefore they have no right to demand my proof!”).  There are many logical fallacies that people employ to escape defending an indefensible position.  It’s good to familiarize yourself with them and to call them out.  It doesn’t matter who is calling out your statement; it matters that you defend your statement with proof.

Make them work for you: they have to prove their claims.  You do not have to exhaust yourself by providing counter-claims or disproving their alleged claims; they have to prove their claims.  Often times, anti-Iris and anti-Westallen individuals don’t even attempt to prove their claims.  Like me, they live in communities that don’t demand it of them.  They have found individuals who see the same orange sky.  They reject our blue sky and insist that if you look at it through these orange-tinted glasses, you too will see an orange sky!

That’s not enough, if you’re going to try to force a hate-filled version of reality upon other people.

Unaltered, unedited, empirical evidence – that is a true slice of objective reality.  Anything else is an interpretation, and those interpretations can range from “nearly true” to “wildly false.”  Proof is what separates them.  Proof is what makes a statement hold weight.

I love Iris and Westallen.  I consider it a great joy to defend them, to prove my claims.  But I also enjoy this environment that permits me to not have to prove them, because it means that for the most part, we all see the same unaltered blue sky.  And it’s beautiful.  I honestly wish they could see it, too, but they’re in love with their orange sky and I can never take it away from them.  I can live with that.  I refuse to live with them asserting their claims as objective reality.

You know I never get the people who are like

“That never happened!” On posts about stuff that is basically someone saying a well timed joke or a quick smack down exchange.

Like… sure yeah it may not have? But unless we are talking absurd levels of wtfery on both ends (see the Reylo Anti obviously fake post of the 30 year old talking about how she ‘totally’ smacked down a 14 year old), most of this stuff is incredibly believable and the people calling ‘false’ just make themselves look like they never get out.

I mean the shit I could say about being in customer service for years! The stories I have! Some of them are way more absurd than shit I’ve seen on this website! (Remind me to tell y’all about the Paranoid Chihuahua Lady one time).

Hell just last night I had multiple hilarious, post-worthy exchanges and stuff happen, and I’m not super quick on my feet with stuff like that usually.

Like when people are all ‘obviously fake!!!!’ I suddenly feel like my life is way more interesting than I thought it was because wow. If their lives are the default it must be boring and bland as hell.

it makes me so sad to think about the self-titled blur album n how damon was really struggling with heroin and cocaine at the time of creating it.
honestly it’s so fucked, how the ‘bright & cheery yet cynical’ britpop phase fizzled out so quickly and left behind music that actually stamps a void in your soul (case in point, compare ‘the great escape’ with blur’s self-titled album, only made a year apart.) sounds more aggressive, more lonely, more hopeless and hurtful compared with tge’s poppy, cheeky, over-the-top tone. it really hurts to realise how much that one year had changed his (and a lot of other bands) perception, making the music so… dark and truly dingy. 

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I'm sorry but ur blog is too shit to b talking smack about other tcc blogs. Like yeah some people have different interests than you do and aren't lead by fear to only post/say things that make you comfortable. But I guess the world revolves around you, doesn't it?

I don’t waste my time “talking smack” on other blogs, if I say something, it is true and I will back it up using sources, even in opinion, where I’m really only capable of speaking from my own perspective. I’m not in the slightest concerned with “what makes me comfortable” because virtually nothing here is capable of causing me discomfort.

Any judgment being placed is more about what is appropriate for this community and what is a waste of time, in general. I am one of the most respected Jeffrey Dahmer blogs here, and that is not a title I gave to myself; I have been in the tcc for over a year, and I’ve watched the same garbage filter through here tediously, over and over. The world does not evolve around me, but it’s amusing that you feel so threatened by that ridiculous preconceived notion that you had to send me an anon about it.

To that effect, I don’t have any interest in making people here fear anything. Reblogging Vlad’s post was merely defending something I’ve personally been ostracized for - being an informative blog that is so depressed about the condition of this place, a place that used to make me proud to defend memes and hybristophiles, that I don’t believe it is worth salvaging by providing the rest of you with more factual posts, rare photos, or hard to find information.

Do I really care the rest of you do, otherwise? No. I just hate seeing good information go to waste somewhere that’s clearly more concerned with taking it out of context or using it to make this community look even worse. It’s just not worth my time anymore.

Tim figured that Nisha had finally needled him one time to many about his pretzel belly, causing him to finally snap. When Tim had seen him last, he’d been gushing about he and her had just starting going to crossfit classes together as he took a sip from a big green glass that smelled like their grandma’s old garden.

That had been months ago. Jack’s work and his jet-setting lifestyle meant he didn’t have much time to see his brother. But now that Jack was here, at the party, Tim felt himself curl up a little more in shame.

Because Jack looked good. He looked as fit as he’d been in college. And in any other situation Tim would be happy for his brother for finally shedding that bit of pudge that had given him so much angst over the years, except for the fact that, well.

Tim had been seriously packing on the pounds himself recently.

There wasn’t really any one cause for it, at least he didn’t think so. Other than food being tasty and the fact that his writing jobs gave him a lot of time to sit around at the house. Maybe it was his age, maybe it was the fact that Rhys had figured out how much he liked tarts and pies just as a little patisserie had opened right by their apartment. It could be any one of those things, but at the end of the day all he knew was that his pants had gotten a little more tight and his stomach looked more like a ball of cookie dough than a six-pack.

Tim pulled up the hem of his sweater, frowning at the soft tan flesh bulging out over the waistband of his pants. Wow. He’d really let himself go, hadn’t he? He hadn’t realized it had been this bad.

He could’t help but be a little bit upset. Even though the party as explicitly a potluck, he’d still spent most of the day cooking and baking. The dining table was laden with a variety of delicious food—everything from baked brie with walnuts to dates stuffed with bacon to chocolate peppermint crinkle cookies—but now he didn’t feel like eating any of it.

So he ended up quietly excusing himself from the main room, retreating to the kitchen where he poured himself a glass of water with shaky hands. His fingers gripped the edge of the countertop, willing his eyes to not cry. As embarrassing as his weight gain probably was, being caught crying would be even worse. Especially if he was caught by Jack…

However, after a couple of moments and the sight of his belly nearly pressing up against the counter he couldn’t help himself. He sniffled, tears starting to gather in his eyes.

Which of course, meant that someone had to walk in on him. But much to Tim’s relief, it wasn’t Jack.

“Tim?” Rhys questioned, empty bottle of wine in his hand. He frowned, looking his boyfriend up and down. “Are you okay?”

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The new Run-In chapter was sooo good, as always. I can't wait for the next one! I wonder who hurt Hoseok tho, and I hope Yoongi can keep his shit together because I really like his softer side. Also, I feel like Mina is lowkey crazy... she just gives me weird vibes sometimes lmao 😂😂 Ugh, I've become so invested in this story, I think about it all the time. I can't believe it's halfway done! I don't know what I'll do when it's over 😭

To be honest with you, I was kinda upset when I finished Run In. I had so much fun writing it that I’m kinda still feeling the same now that it’s being posted. I’m sad that we are closing in on the ending but on a lighter note, it makes me even happier that you guys like it and are sharing your thoughts (like I said, I live for people’s reactions).
But anyways, Yoongi has always liked y/n (you) ever since y’all first interaction. He just had trouble expressing himself due to who you are and who he is.😏 Mina is reacting this way because she is only use to Yoongi’s attention being on her and now she is kinda seeing another side of him.😂 But yeah, things are about to get very interesting in the next chapter so you’ll have to wait and see how all this will play out.😘😁
Thanks for all the love! You guys are the best!!!💕

Why a lot of my arguments with ignorant latinxs ends with them saying “im frustrated because i have no proof that what i said its not incorrect/problematic and i dont know how to defend what i said so im just gonna be pissed off and tell you to shut up you dont know anything about your culture i know better than you!!” like. its that hard to not be childish? also, i’m making this post because some people are just dedicating me a lot of post and i feel like bad person if i don’t do the same!! of course my post its gonna be 1 and not 10 because honestly i don’t have that much time.

Yes, you can compare latinoamerica and canada a little. In a geographic point of view. But also, in this idea that canadians and latinxs can’t be racist (latinxs because “we are a race” and canadians because “they can’t be bad!!”) and the treatment that latinoamerica and canada give to their indigenous people? there’s some points that you can compare. 

If you want to use the 65 notes that you had in your blog (and you…don’t know if all of them are brown skinned btw) i have to use a group of posts like (134 notes) this that (3684 notes) disagree with (667 notes) your opinion (888 notes) but we are not gonna do that right? (4932 notes) or you just can search every internet site/group thats gonna tell you that you are wrong but. whatever.

if you cant face the fact that you are not right, it’s not my problem. Go ahead and be ignorant all your life, it’s your decision! I’m just glad that there’s people that read the post and got a little bit more educated in the topic. Sadly, you couldn’t defend what you were saying, so…yeah. Anyways, go own and have fun with your friends and family!! i hope this new year gives you the maturity and the hability to discuss something like an adult!! good luck my friend. 

and now, you can block me!!…again….

dearly beloved !! we r gathered here today to get thru this thing called lus’s  shitty intro post !! it shall b a bumpy ride but we will all make it through !! or i hope so at least … anywath hello this is lus speaking, im 18 yrs old n a taurus which idk what it means !! like most things in life..! anywho im from the est timezone n i sleep a lot also i’ve watched stranger things 2 like … 4 times the past week n i would like steve harrington to adopt me which is irrelevant rn sorry ok under cut is a little bit about amira . she’s a lil shit i swear but i love her  n i hope u will 2 ?? yall can smash that heart or hit me up so we can plot smth alright ?? ok bye jhytdghwjq

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i've gone and gotten sucked into those horrible horrible sandra lee cooking videos because of you. what in the world is this woman???

I’m telling you, it’s like a rabbit hole!! Once you watch one you can’t stop lmao, my girl wildin’ at all times

Honestly you can’t knock the general idea of her show though! Using pre-made store bought ingredients is a pretty nifty concept for anyone who doesn’t have time or can’t afford to make everything all the way from scratch, it’s just….a lot of her recipes and the way she does them are, uh. Kinda questionable lol

(Here’s the original post I made about her show for anyone who hasn’t seen it, also I mentioned it one time before, but Sandra Lee is also the name of a dermatologist on youtube who has a lot of pimple popping videos, so if you’re curious about the food network Sandra Lee and don’t wanna see pimple stuff, I’d search “sandra lee recipes” or something on youtube and then just go through the related videos haha)


I was tagged by @rainbowsandgucci to post my six pictures that make up my 2017 (or something like that…I can’t see the original post right now 🤦🏼‍♀️).

First picture, all the weekends I spent up north in Minnesota over the summer. Second picture, attending my third pride 💗💜💙. Third, MinnCon and seeing Jared Padalecki again. Fourth, going to Phoenix for less than 24 hours to see Harry Styles (worth it). Fifth, spending seven days in New Orleans with my friends and having one of the best times of my life. Here’s to makes bad decisions and getting group tattoos. Sixth and final picture, Niall’s show in Chicago! Best concert I have ever been to!

I tag @feellikehome-o | @foolishrainbow | @threeandsixseconds | @larryownthisass | @louissweetchristmas | @nyclarrie | @coffeelouis

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hi. i've id'd as bi since 2014 but recently i've been struggling recently with the thought that i might be a lesbian? i used to be very boy-crazy from like 12 to 18, then i got with my first boyfriend and i was miserable all the time??? and even though he treated me like shit and cheated on me and put me down for my looks, for years i've tried to make it work? and then i got tired of everything. i broke up with him in early 2016 and since then i've got literally no interest in men whatsoever. /1

my interest in women is always there, even growing i might say. like it broke free. suddenly i’m realising that a lot of men i was attracted to… it’s just that? finding them pretty. the mere thought of dating a man sounds exhausting and just Not My Thing. also i’ve been sexually active (with men) for 4 years now and i’ve never fully enjoyed it? not even once? i’ve never had an orgasm during sex. my head was just full of conflicting thoughts. “when will this end”/“i wish he could please me”. /2       

so yeah. not interested in dating men, not attracted to them, not liking sex with them. but i’m really afraid of using the word lesbian. i feel like i’m a phony. i’m a fake. i thought i was in love, i thought i liked men. i don’t feel like i’m valid. what if this is only some trauma my shitty ex left me with and one day i’ll start being attracted to them again? i would feel so bad. i don’t wanna “appropriate” something that isn’t mine.   i find myself crying at night while thinking about it. /3

it’s totally okay to call yourself a lesbian, and it might even help you come to terms with yourself! you’ll know if it’s the right word for you in time - and even if it so happens that sometime in the future you’ll realize that you would like to date men again, it’s okay to go back to calling yourself bi, a lot of people go through the journey of changes and it doesn’t erase your identity at any given time :)


Runaway Prince

AU where viktor thought yuuri was an angel sent from heaven to be his friend but he’s actually a runaway prince from a kingdom in the sky