about time tabi about time

Dear Tabi,

This is just a little note from me wishing you all the best as you step into your new shoes to serve your nation.  I can go on and on about your talent and your humility and your sense of humor and how you are just a delightful human being over all….and how lucky we are to have had a chance to know some of that.  You know how long this note will become if I did that!  But I really want to take this time to tell you that you’re going to be amazing in this new aspect of your life.  You’ll be away from home, family, and friends. It’ll be different and hard…but we all know that you’re going to come out learning so much from it and using the experience to become an even more amazing person.  Remember that you have millions of human beings around the world sending good wishes and love your way.  You are so so soooo loved.  So never let yourself feel alone.  Please remember to take care of yourself, eat til your precious tummy is content, make new friends, enjoy the little things, and be yourself :)  We all know you you see art in everything (even a bar of chocolate!).  So, I know this experience will add another dimension to the lens through which you see the world.  So remember to stay strong, stay healthy, and stay lovely (and when possible, keep smiling….it helps) <3

We’ll be here constantly sending you all the love and best wishes <3

I love you my little precious baby…Fighting :)