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I tend to “finish” just about everything I draw, yet some of the most dynamic artists I follow are always posting sketches by the dozens on top of their more refined art ((cough @guoh-art and @glacierclear , seriously how do you guys produce so much art)) and sometimes I wonder if what is making my art stagnate so much is because I spend too much time working on single pieces and letting the mistakes with my art eat me up.

Anyway, I know there is a ton of things wrong with this, but I am going to start pushing myself to sketch more and instead of fretting over my anatomy errors, I’ll start making notes about it and trying to do better next time (feel free to tell me when things are blatantly wrong anatomy wise).  I’m sure I’m overreaching like I always do, but I’m gonna try to do at least one sketch like this every day to start helping me be more dynamic and just to produce more art.  Sorry I’ve been so slow on commissions, I’m starting to look for another job that doesn’t kill my motivation as much as my current one.

Sorry for the wall of text, have a DVA as a BUNNY because a CERTAIN SOMEONE I FOLLOW is always DRAWING awesome PICTURES of her and he’s a big inspiration for me.

I’ve been talking to my closest friends about this for quite a long time now, and I finally have some courage to put it up.

blog for my nsfw art : @aspromandyas

the password is in @coldlovetree‘s description. (I’ll probably remove password when I’m more confident I guess lol)

I won’t post anything too heavy yet because I’m still very shy (I’ve only shown 3 people some of my really hardcore stuff), but I’m sure I’ll get used to it overtime if you guys do enjoy it. Asks are open there too.

anyways those of you who wanted to see Amelia nude can now lol it’s the first post there

lucifer is one of the best shows on tv rn and i barely see any posts about it? more people should watch it and this is why..

  • it’s Super funny
  • also lowkey a crime show
  • it’s dramatic but not too much
  • has a racially diverse main cast! (4 independent poc including 2 woc)
  • has so many Strong female characters (some that kick ass, others that don’t but are still multifaceted well developed women!)
  • at least 3 bisexual characters in the main cast (i don’t think it’s been explicitly stated, which isn’t good but their attraction to the same sex has been confirmed multiple times)
  • no dumb love triangles
  • A+ character development (including for characters other than the white male lead)
  • ok can i just say how awesome i think the supernatural side of the story is
  • an Great slow burn 
  • not everyone has to be in a relationship, in fact most of the main cast remains single (which means no unnecessary relationships)
  • lucifer making SOO many ‘devil’ joke (”they call it the Devil’s threesome for a reason” etc. lmao)
  • also it really makes you think about some things in different ways (like i started thinking about why the Devil is bad for punishing people who did bad)
  • overall it just has a little bit of everything and is Excellently executed
  • anyways i’m sure i’m missing reasons so if you think of more feel free to add on!!!
Pre-Klance (or is it?)- First Impressions

Here’s a headcanon I’ve been really keen to post for a while. Why? Coz the amazing @edelwary has gifted me with fantastic fanart for it! 

This headcanon came about as I was just thinking about Voltron, as I usually do (far FAR too often), and I was once again considering just how Lance and Keith interacted (if ever). I have had many ideas about this in the past, but I suddenly thought of another, and the following is the result.

Apologies for any mistakes (I literally found three before I posted this)!

Before the cadets were put into certain courses, all of them must have trained for at least several months. Lance was just above average, since although he WAS a good pilot for the majority of the time, his streak of crashing brought down his grade a lot. His teachers had tried to advise him on how to improve, but it was just too technical for Lance to truly understand what he should be changing, whilst they couldn’t afford to allow Lance to monopolise their attention.

At this point, Lance had started to worry about his assignment. No matter how hard he tried, it never seemed to make a difference. He just couldn’t see what was going wrong.

One day, his class’ instructor was on sick leave, so the Garrison decided to merge two classes for the day, thinking that the change might actually be beneficial for the trainees as they could watch others’ mistakes and successes. When Lance discovered it was Keith’s class, he felt equally optimistic. Boy, was he mistaken!

Despite being in completely separate classes, Lance had heard of Keith. Of course he had, he was the shining prodigy of the Garrison. Lance had even managed to occasionally see Keith, though always at a distance, yet his aura had always felt so serious and unapproachable. Lance shook the thought from his head as he caught the end of the instructor’s usual lecture in flying procedures.

Lance had felt an odd mixture of dread and gratitude when it was announced that they would be doing flight simulations. Now was his chance to watch Keith first-hand. He didn’t have to wait long, as after a few mediocre performances from his classmates, the instructor called for Keith to show them what they should be “aiming towards”.

Lance had expected him to be good, but he had also expected the rumours about him to be exaggerated slightly, as rumours often were. They weren’t. Lance wasn’t sure if the praise did him justice. He handled the simulator as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Keith piloted as if the ship was a part of himself, effortlessly pulling off quick, smooth manoeuvres, barely batting an eye at the readings his craft relayed to him. In fact, he barely glanced down at the controls at all, obviously having memorised the entire layout of the simulator. Instead his gaze remained almost entirely locked on the view in front of the ship, eyes darting quickly as he assessed possible dangers. Lance realised with a shock that Keith had to be working out all of the distances in his head since he seemed to barely peek at his sensors.

A gentle elbow in his side caught his attention and he tore his gaze from the monitor to find Hunk, a classmate whom he’d bonded with quickly over the year, attempting to hide a smile.

“You might wanna close your mouth, Lance.” Feeling his cheeks burn, Lance snapped his mouth shut, turning away with absolutely no trace of a pout on his face. None.

The sound of the simulator door opening drew his attention and he watched as Keith waltzed out as if he hadn’t, no doubt, outperformed some of their seniors. Whilst the next cadet was called up, Lance sidled up to Keith, clearing his throat a couple of times to get his attention.

“Can I…help you?”

“Yeah, if you don’t mind, could you watch my flight and give me some feedback?”

“Um, I don’t know if I can say anything to hel-“

“No, don’t worry! You obviously know your stuff, so this will be a piece of cake!” Lance didn’t notice Keith’s concerned look, nor the uncertain scowl that came across his face as Lance returned to Hunk.

Keith was in an odd position. He’d never been asked to assess someone’s flying before, and was wondering how to go about it when the cadet in question was called up. Before he headed inside the simulator, he turned his head to send Keith a smile. Why had he asked Keith? He was aware that he was top of their year, but he had no experience in advising others, nevermind critiquing them. Yet Keith did watch. He paid more attention than he normally did when he observed his classmates.

At first, Keith was a little confused. The cadet was obviously a competent trainee pilot. His reaction times were good, the time he took to read his sensors and equipment was actually quite a bit less than others in their year. Even his manoeuvring was pretty good, only a couple of close calls and small adjustments needed from time to time. His flying was certainly not textbook, but Keith didn’t think this was much of a problem, seeing as it still produced the same results. Then the last part of the simulation started.

The Garrison put a lot of effort into making sure their simulations weren’t monotonous or predictable. After all, how could cadets improve if they were only learning to fly one course? Until a few years back, the simulation had been changed for every class, but due to Matt Holt’s work on the system, the simulation was now comprised of randomised components of flight courses, which would change for every simulation. Now the cadets that flew last had no advantage from watching their peers’ performances.

Personally, Keith thought that the course was pretty decent this time, that maybe there would be nothing to critique as the course wouldn’t challenge him enough. Apparently it was challenging enough for the cadet, “Lance” the display read, and honestly Keith was lost as to why. Upon starting the final stage, Lance’s control had suddenly become jerky, and Keith watched as Lance focused solely on the screen, not glancing down at all as he had been during the rest of the flight. The most likely reason was so that Lance could judge the distances and dimensions himself, yet his gaze would only focus on the obstacle he was immediately facing. With each obstacle, the time in which he had to react to the next hazard diminished steadily, until at last, the inevitable happened.

Lance clipped a wing on an outcrop, sending his craft in a vicious downward spiral. Keith winced as he watched the short descent. He had only been a few hundred metres in the air. He had been so close.

Keith went over the flight in his head as Lance trudged out of the simulator. Keith hadn’t seen a crash in a long time. Everyone had managed to learn to avoid full collisions after half a year of training. He watched Lance’s shoulders rise up to his ears as he slumped under the assault of the instructor’s criticism. He noted that they didn’t even mention his commendable flying up until the descent. They seemed too distracted by the crash and the awkward movements to mention anything else.

When, with a long-suffering sigh, the instructor dismissed him, Lance nodded politely before quickly merging with the crowd of students. Keith’s attention left the simulator as the next cadet stepped up. What advice could he give Lance? Keith knew what he’d have done differently whilst Lance had been flying; turn slightly sharper in places, decelerate more before doing certain moves. However, when it came down to what Lance had struggled with, the descent for landing, Keith was lost. He had no idea what was running through Lance’s head as he had gradually lost control. Was it panic? Overconfidence? Keith just didn’t know.

Thankfully, Lance didn’t approach him during the rest of the training, giving Keith more time to think over what to say. However, when they were dismissed, he was no closer to an answer than before. Maybe Lance had forgotten. Maybe Keith could get away without embarrassing himself with his inability to help. He knew he should’ve argued more against it.

To Keith’s dismay, as he left the room his gaze found Lance’s as he leant against the wall. His smile was not as bright as it had been earlier, though, given his scolding, that was understandable.

“So,” Lance started, “what do you think?” Keith wished he knew, he really did.

“What happened?” Keith watched as Lance’s brows drew together at his confused tone. Keith hadn’t expected to say it, but honestly, he didn’t know what else he /could/ say. How was he supposed to give advice, when he didn’t understand what went wrong.

“W-What do you mean “what happened”?! Weren’t you watching?”

“Of course I did. I just don’t get why your flying got so bad at the end.” Lance’s eye twitched at Keith’s words.

“If I knew why, I wouldn’t be asking for your help!” Lance retorted before taking a breath. “Look, if you don’t want to help, just say so.”

“It’s not that-“

“Then what is it? Could you see what I’m doing wrong.”

“Well, yes, but-“

“So why won’t you tell me how to fix it?”

“It’s not that simple! Like I was saying, I can see what you’re doing wrong, but I don’t know /why/! You started off so well, but suddenly-”

“-What do you mean I “started off well”? Didn’t you hear the instructor?! They said that I couldn’t fly like that!” What? It had looked fine to Keith. Then Keith remembered his thought on how the style of flying was a bit unorthodox. Were the Garrison that strict? Well, when he considered their drills, he mentally scolded himself for ever wondering. Of course they were.

How could he help, then, if the part which he had thought to be good wasn’t right?! Keith had always flown as was taught. After a few months, the movements had become instinctual and now he barely had to think to perform most manoeuvres. He tried to recall how it felt in those first few months, yet he could think of only one way in which he had improved.

“Practice.” He started as he realised he’d spoken out loud again. A jaded laugh brought his attention to Lance’s face. The twisted grimace on his face sent a pain through Keith’s chest, and then Lance was walking away, long legs quickly carrying him down the corridor. “Where are you going?!”

“I’m sorry for wasting your time!” Lance’s tone was devoid of its previous friendliness. What? “Obviously I just haven’t been trying hard enough if practice is all I need to get better,” Lance turned his head, not enough to make eye contact, but enough for Keith to watch his mouth as he continued. “Thanks, Kogane.”

“Listen to the teachers! They know how to help you!” Better than Keith did, anyhow. Again, another laugh sounded as Lance approached the corner.

“Another novel idea! Why did I never think of this myself?!” Then he was gone.

Keith stood there for a few more moments, his surprise and frustration with Lance shocking him into freezing. Then he turned and stalked off to his quarters, feeling bizarrely exhausted despite having done nothing strenuous. Why wouldn’t Lance just /listen/ to him?! He was just trying to help. He had warned him he didn’t know how.

Keith shook his head. At this rate, he’d never be able to rest. He firmly shoved all thoughts of Lance and his flying to the back of his mind. He had other things to worry about than a cadet he had only just met. As Keith found out over the following months, this was easier said than done.

At first, Keith thought he was doing a good job of forgetting his encounter with Lance, except, every time he thought as such, he’d groan as his thoughts circled back to him. Occasionally, he swore he heard his classmates mention Lance, which wouldn’t surprise him as crashes had been so rare since the aspiring engineers and technicians had stopped their pilot training.

There was nothing wrong with Keith thinking about Lance. Nothing, but he still wished he could stop. Eventually, through stubborn determination, Keith managed to put the encounter out of his mind, and his life carried on in the Garrison as it had before.

However, when his instructors started commenting on a change in his flying, Keith became concerned. They assured him it was fine, that is was a sign of his natural affinity for flying. Yet, when he watched his simulation back, the style of his flying was noticeably different, yet strangely familiar. He knew that flying, and yet it wasn’t his style. He had never attempted something so different from what he was taught. Turns out that the Garrison really didn’t know best. Still, Keith felt restless with the knowledge that he had /seen/ that pattern of flight before, but he was unable to recall to whom it belonged.

He started watching his classmates, and yet none showed any signs of the new style he’d adopted, but if it hadn’t been anyone in his class… Keith’s eyes widened as the memory of the joint training came back. He struggled to recall the cadet, but his features remained stubbornly blurry in Keith’s mind. Damn his bad memory!

As he was walking, he heard a commotion ahead and he looked to discover a crowd gathered around the notice board. Someone near the back took pity on Keith and explained that the results for the pilot assignments were announced that day. Keith turned to walk away, having been informed of his new fighter pilot status by his instructor that day, when he stopped. Striding back he struggled to the front, ignoring the complaints as he squeezed through. He traced his eyes over the list of fighter pilot names. Although he didn’t know the name he was looking for, he was certain he’d be able to recognise it.

Just as he was giving up hope, someone shoved him from behind. He fell against the board, catching himself on his arms and was just about to glare at whoever had pushed him, when his gaze locked onto a name beside him. Lance McClain. He straightened up and looked to find that it was on the list of cargo pilots. He grimaced in sympathy as his memory of Lance’s desire to improve came back. He wished he could’ve helped somehow.

Now that his irritation had worn off, he only felt annoyed with his incompetency. He should’ve tried to word his thoughts better, but…maybe…. If he could help Lance now, he might stand a chance of moving up to fighter class training. Maybe then Lance wouldn’t have to face him with such a cold attitude. Thus, whenever he had a few hours to spare, Keith would go to the records room to request to watch the footage of Lance’s simulations. He was eternally grateful for the officer not asking him any questions about his odd choice of footage.

At first, it seemed like Keith might be wasting his time, as he continued to puzzle over Lance’s odd behaviour. Then, slowly, it started to come together. He originally had thought it might have to do with Lance’s perception of the depths shown in the display, because no matter how brilliant the simulation was, it still didn’t feel quite real. After all, they were trying to create an illusion of distance on a flat monitor.

Then, as he noticed the timing of Lance’s reactions, he realised that was not the case. Instead he finally thought he recognised the problem. Now he just wanted to know for certain, so he held back from approaching Lance until he watched more footage.

In the end, however, Keith never went to him. For a week later, the Garrison officially declared the failure of the Kerberos mission, and Lance was swept from his mind under the maelstrom of emotions the news churned up. In the end, he couldn’t cope.

Keith started rebelling, since the Garrison /had/ to be lying. There was no way Shiro would just disappear from Keith’s life like that. Despite his constant demands to see evidence that the passengers were no longer out there, they had refused to release any further information. So Keith had to make them admit the truth. Except, in his volatile state, Keith failed to recognise the consequences his actions would have. He paid for his lack of insight with his place in the Garrison.

It didn’t matter. He didn’t want anything more to do with the Garrison. He completely forgot about the cadet he had wanted to help. The cadet whom he had believed had potential to be a great pilot. He forgot until, almost two years later, someone barged in on his rescue mission.

He held back his exclamation of “Lance!”, realising that he had no idea that Keith had actually paid him any attention after their first, and only, encounter. Instead he played dumb, only acknowledging his cargo pilot status. He felt awful for forgetting about Lance, especially after finally working out how to help solve his problem. However, as Lance corrected Keith, informing him that he was in fact a fighter pilot because of Keith’s expulsion, he found himself sagging slightly in relief. At least he had still been able to make it. Obviously Lance /had/ trained hard over the past two years to become good enough for him to be the pilot to move up in class.

“So, wait a sec. You’ve remembered our first meeting this whole time?! Why did you never say?! I just thought you’d forgotten about that day.” Keith cleared his throat, feeling extremely awkward after the confession.

“I didn’t think we got off to a good start, so I was hoping that by acting ignorant we would be able to start over.”

“Only for me to hold a grudge… I mean I /would/ apologise, except you hadn’t really given me a reason to believe you had actually cared about me. Ah! Not /cared/, just… at least regret what you’d said,” Lance quickly muttered.

“Yeah, sorry about that, but I really wasn’t used to social interactions,” Keith admitted with a quiet laugh.

“No kidding!” Lance’s smirk forced the corner of Keith’s annoyed pout to twitch upwards. Damn his infectious smiles. “Hey, wait! You mentioned that you actually worked out why I kept crashing. What was it? You never said.”

“Oh, you just couldn’t visualise the craft.” At Lance’s blank look, Keith rushed to elaborate. “I noticed that you wouldn’t rely on your equipment to figure out distances, instead relying on your sight. Then I realised that most of the crashes were caused by you clipping one or more of the wings. I wondered whether, despite the fact we learnt the dimensions of the craft the simulator was imitating, you didn’t actually realise how big it was. For example, if I said to point out the length of twelve metres along that wall, would you be able to do it?” Slowly Lance shook his head, and his eyes widened as he started to catch on what Keith was saying.

“So, what you’re saying is…”

“Because you had never /seen/ how big the craft was, you couldn’t actually work out how much space it would need inside the simulation.”

“I can’t believe it was something so simple. Well, I suppose it doesn’t matter now that we’re flying for real! Which reminds me…” The glint in Lance’s eyes felt incredibly foreboding. “I’m never gonna let you forget that I was a better pilot than you!”

“…what? You barely ever got through a simulation without crashing!”

“But, like you said, that wasn’t because I didn’t have skills. No, you definitely admitted that when you copied my flying, the instructor complimented your technique, or rather /my/ technique! They thought /my/ technique was better! Oh, this is just great!”

“Wait a second! I never said I copied you! I just adapted my own sty-“

“Nope! You cannot deny it! I am the better pilot!”

“Oh? Wanna bet?” The two had now stood up, Keith’s arms crossed over his chest whilst Lance leaned into his space, his hands resting on his hips.

From the other side of the room, the green and yellow paladins watched with varying degrees of exasperation.

“Weren’t they supposed to be bonding?” Pidge asked as she looked up at Hunk.

“What do you mean? This /is/ how they bond.” Pidge opened her mouth to state just how bizarre that sounded when she stopped to think for a second. She sighed as she realised the truth behind Hunk’s words.

“I’m not sure if they can ever have a conversation without it ended up with them arguing.” Hunk nodded solemnly in agreement, and with one last look at the two who had begun to arm wrestle, for whatever reason, as they argued on, the two of them left the red and blue paladins to their antics.


Aaaaaand there you go! I hope you enjoyed it! Please check out @edelwary‘s art (for this headcanon, and just their art in general) because I really love it and think more people should get to see their work!

If you’d like to read more of my headcanons, please check out my headcanon masterpost!

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Please, stop. The update post is there for a reason. I didn’t open my inbox to find messages like these. I’m too busy to spend time with my family, let alone write, so please stop putting pressure on me to update. I’ll seriously start blocking people who send questions about updates and who send requests even though I’ve clearly stated I don’t take them. Thank you.

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Um...hi i was wondering if you would still do the bullet post about hc?(id that what it is called, sorry im not english) if yes, could you do one with reader painting and drawing all the time but never showing their work but they also draws and paint Credence with flower, animals, just soft things a lot. And Credence just love all the little pale details reader do.. Like their style is messy pale and dark colors on light backgrounds, and he likes it. Thank you and i love you💕💕(im shy af sorry)

hey, sweet pea, i’m generally pretty shy too, so there’s no need to apologize for that!! and i love you so much!!!! also i know i haven’t been writing lately at all, but art/credence things really are a soft spot for me, so i’ll give it a go for you, babe!! i hope this is okay, it’s been a while!!

  • you’ve known credence a while, and it’s hard to miss that he is beautiful
  • you never tell him you think so because you’re just as shy/uncertain as he is
  • which is part of the reason you two grew so close–there was just an inherent understanding of each other’s natures that made it easy
  • but there’s this moment when he comes over to your place and you see him, practically all black and white, standing near the window against the pastel pink and yellow of the sunset that makes it a need in you to draw/paint him as soon as possible
  • and of course he knows you love your art and that you are dedicated to it, but he has no idea he has just inspired you so deeply
  • or that, after that moment, you have not stopped being inspired by him
  • he notices no shift bc he is oblivious–though he’s more comfortable with himself now, he doesn’t necessarily see that other people find him to be more than average or worthy of being a subject in art, ya know
  • he doesn’t suspect at all until he comes over to your place too early one day, lets himself in (something he has only recently become comfortable doing), and finds you in your studio
  • the first thing he notices is that you are covered in paint, black slashes and pastel spots and your hands are just a blend of everything all together
  • the next thing he notices is that there are canvases everywhere–and that he’s on every single one, at different angles and in different settings
  • he feels bad bc clearly he has caught you in your most private moment–you had shown him a few pieces before, but he knew how shy you were about your art
  • but these–he can’t breathe because he can’t believe anyone sees him this way
  • there’s one of him wrapped in the sheets you have in your room, shrouded in golds and pale blues and soft yellows
  • there’s one of him pinching a flower petal between two fingers gently, the skin of his hand blending with the pastel pink of the flower–the scars on them seemingly a part of that flower, not ugly or angry in how you see them at all
  • one captures a soft smile on his mouth as he gazes off into the distance, seemingly appreciating something outside the canvas
  • in all of them, he is dark, contrasting with the soft colors of your backgrounds, but somehow belonging in them, somehow the focus of all of them
  • for once, he feels beautiful, like someone seeing him might not be so bad
  • finally he turns to you, saying nothing, and you’re just standing there, gripping your paint brush that is now dripping wet paint onto your foot, with a face brighter than any color in the room
  • you can’t help but shield your latest unfinished work, of which credence is the subject once again, with your body
  • you notice he grips his hands in from of him, his old tell that he was uncomfortable
  • but it’s just that he doesn’t know what to say, doesn’t know how to convey what he’s feeling
  • so all he manages to get out is, “i…like your style”
  • and you understand, just like that, and break into a smile
  • “yeah??”
  • he nods and walks over to the painting in the furthest corner, the first one, of him in front of your window
  • the question in his eyes, the why, the how, the when, has to be answered, so you try to explain
  • “these are just moments, but i…wanted to capture you, credence. you showed during these…” 
  • you see that smile of his–it never changed, it’s still small, but it means the most, so you know he understands what you mean
  • “i think…the art can speak for itself”
  • so he just stands there with you, looking at it all, taking it all in, and maybe you’ll never display them, but you know you have an audience
  • and you hope credence knows you’ll never stop seeing him as a work of art and that he is the subject that finds you even in your dreams
  • you never stop painting him, and he never stops being surprised by how you see him

It’s time that I, your friendly local blogger, begins following more people. There are so many amazing blogs out there but tbh I never really look for them, but that all changes right now. 
So go ahead and hit this like button in the face! (lowkey sssniperwolf reference) if you post about any of the following; 

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Gilmore Girls (especially Rory and Jess a.k.a. literati) 

Skam (especially noorhelm and/or nooreva) 

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sorry for this sounding stupid but what's a mod?

Don’t worry, a lot of people don’t know what a mod is. Basically there are two types of positions on the blog, admins and mods (moderators). Admins and mods differ in the fact that mods cannot read messages, cannot edit theme, cannot edit other members’ posts. 

Hi! I’d like to ask a question about the mod applications. I’m pretty young, 15 yrs old, so I was wondering if you’d all be willing to have someone as young as myself in the team?? I do have the experience and time available for it, should I still apply for the position?

Too be honest there is no true age requirement, but we are probably looking for in high school and above. Experience, skills, and ability to post frequently is more important than age. So don’t worry and just send in your app~

I would love to apply to help on this blog, I was wondering when is the deadline to apply ? Also would it still be ok to apply if I done really post anything on my Tumblr and Twitter accounts ? I just don’t want to waste you time go in thought my application 😅

You don’t have to be active on Tumblr and Twitter, you just need to fulfill the requirements listed on the original post. Also there is no deadline, we are continuously checking apps, so once we find people we will close apps. I recommend sending in your app ASAP.
- Kylie

The Frienships of Fandom

I already made a post about my thoughts on the final FT chapter and Gruvia. So, this post is a far more personal story that couldn’t have happened without Gruvia. Others have already spoken about the friends they made because of this series. Well, I wanted to do that, too, but because it’s me, it’s going to be ridiculously long. ^_~

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Your Thedasbook (I believe that's what they're called?) posts are hilarious! They seriously make my day! Would it be too far to ask how you make them? My friend want to send story related ones back and forth to each other but the ones we've found aren't as accurate as yours. :)

Thank you kindly! And sure I can reveal my horrible secret. I fiddle endlessly with the dialogue – like, I go back and rewrite every line about 800 times – so in order to make that as easy as possible on myself, I actually construct them in…. Microsoft Word. VERY SAD

(in other words, I painstakingly made a Word template for myself because I’m an idiot. meaning I carefully cropped appropriately sized profile pictures for everyone and I manually tweak the timestamps every time…. meaning I spend minutes, MINUTES of my life thinking about how much time it would take character X to respond to comment Y, despite that no one will ever pay attention to that part, and there’s one of my posts where I put accidental time travel in the timestamps that will haunt me forever…..)

Sorry what was the question? You asked for a glance into the very depths of my psychosis, right?

(short answer: indents and tahoma, my friend. indents and tahoma.)

Thank you so much!!

Today I have my blog for 1 year. This is very special for me because I never thought I still would be alive in a year. I made this blog so I could express my feelings and emotions because I didn’t had any way to deal with them.
At the beginning I felt really alone and I was scared that people would find me and my blog weird, too sad or fake. Like the most people around me think about me and my feelings. But after a month or two I realized that I wasn’t alone. I realized for the first time that it wasn’t just me that was dealing with these feelings but a lot more people.
I always knew that I wasn’t the only one with mental illnesses but I never thought that I could recognize myself in so many things others had to deal with too.
Through the many posts on Tumblr for others I learned how to put my feelings and emotions into words. I started to understand myself. It was so good to finally find out that I wasn’t the only one going through this. I decided to make posts myself, it was very difficult because I never learned how to put my feelings into words or pictures. But when I saw the notes I got on them I started to get the confidence to talk about it. I knew I could tell on my blog my feelings without people telling me that I’m crazy.
I found finally my safe place here on Tumblr, the place were I can be myself and express myself. The place where I get support and love from people that go through the same. The place that connected me with all of you beautiful people.

This year hasn’t been easy at all. I had a lot of disappointments, relapse and problems. At least once a week I was thinking about closing my blog and end this painful life.
But thanks to all my followers I stayed alive. Thanks to the support, love and help from you I managed to stay alive. I didn’t want to leave you alone, because I want to be there for anyone if they need someone, just like you were there for me when I needed someone. I want to be there for you and help you, even when I just make you feel loved or accepted for a few seconds it would be worth it. Those are the main reasons I’m still here and I couldn’t be here without you all. Thank you.

My Dash is a Mess

One of the reasons I took a break from Tumblr was because I followed too many people which made my dash impossible to keep up with. It was overwhelming and I eventually gave up trying because I don’t have that kind of time. 

I prefer to follow blogs with original content, where people post about their lives or their craft. I find if frustrating when people fill up my entire dash in a matter of minutes, with rapid fire posts, especially if they are something that’s been reblogged a thousand times.  Queue that shit!  

I noticed that Tumblr unfollowed a TON of you guys. I’m doing my best to figure out who’s missing so if you’re still active/following and we used to chat a lot, hit my ask box :)

If you happen to be one of the blogs I unfollow and you would like to me to reconsider, just shoot me a message.  It’s nothing personal,  I just want to focus on being able to read the blogs I enjoy the most.  

Storms [Jean x Armin]
AU: Armin is the Commander of the Survey Corps and Jean is a squad leader.
I wrote this a long time ago, and I figured I post it here too.

Books about former military strategies laid littered all about the floor as Armin hopelessly looked through them. He was sitting on the floor in front of his bed in his quarters. His hair was disheveled from the number of times he had grabbed at it in frustration. He’d been researching for hours, and he was gotten nothing done.

Being the Commander of the Survey Corps was really wearing down on him. His eyes were once so bright, now they were decorated with red streaks, and purple to go underneath them. The weight of hundreds of lives crushed him, the stress of having to make at least one successful expedition made him want nothing more than to crawl six feet into the ground and never come back up.

He had grown visibly more muscular since his teen years, but not much. His hair had grown visibly longer, it was down to his shoulders now. The biggest change, however, wasn’t his appearance.

He had fallen in love with Jean Kirstein.

It wasn’t the most likely of scenarios, but it certainly wasn’t one they were opposed to.

As Armin was flipping through the pages, he found himself missing Jean terribly. He had been away to the inner walls for a meeting of Military Personnel for a week, and he would be gone for another week. Armin would’ve gone too, but with an expedition so near, he couldn’t attend. Jean had been away for a week, and Armin missed him every night

They had been apart before, and they could manage to be away from each other. But, storms had been raging on night after night. As much as Armin would’ve liked to think he got braver, storms still scared him. The noise reminded him of the Colossal Titan attacking Shinganshina.

Luckily for him, the storms always started when he had already gotten his work done so he could cry in the peace of his own bed.

Armin slammed the book closed and threw it on the ground. He was getting nowhere with these. He leaned back against his bed frame and rubbed his eyes with his thumb and forefinger. He sighed and looked out the window. The sun had long since set, the sky turned black and white lights twinkled across the sky. Well, the ones that weren’t covered by dark gray clouds. 

A white light cracked against the sky, followed by a break of loud thunder.

Every muscle in Armin’s body tensed and he sat up to attention. He started shaking slightly as he stared doe-eyed out the window.

Another crash.

He stopped a whimper from leaving his throat. He coughed, trying to regain his composure. He took deep breaths as he calmly put his books and papers away, occasionally yelping when more thunder broke outside.

Tears were steadily streaming down his cheeks as he sat on his bed. His legs were crossed and his head was in his hands. He let out sobs through his gritted teeth.

“Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic," He kept mumbling to himself. The Commander of the Survey Corps, crying in his room. What kind of leader did that?

One of the biggest breaks of thunder crashed, and the door to Armin’s room flew open. Armin stared wide eyed at the panting figure of his boyfriend.

Jean’s hair had gotten longer as well, but it was still cut short. Right now, it was hidden underneath his cloak. He had gotten noticeably taller, and well built, his wet shirt clinging to his toned muscles. Rainwater dripped from the hood to the floor as Jean ripped it off and threw somewhere in the room.

He marched over to the bed and slid in next to Armin. Armin tried to wipe his eyes and hide his tears, but Jean was having none of it. He gently, yet firmly took Armin’s arm away from his eyes.

The tears running down his face slowly came to a stop at the sight of his lover. He was felt at peace for a moment.

Then more thunder came.

He whimpered and hid his face into the taller man’s chest. Jean’s arms encircled the blonde’s waist, large hands soothingly rubbed the small of his back. The comfort was just what Armin needed to calm down.

Jean slowly slid down until the were both laying down on the bed. He threw the blanket over the two of them and they laid on their side facing each other.

"Wha-What are you doing back s-so soon?” Armin cupped Jean’s cheek, trying to distract himself from the terrible memories that plagued his mind.

“Eren managed to get into a fight with the MP, so we had to leave.” Jean gave the shit-eating grin that Armin fell in love with. Armin was going to laugh, but the rain came down harder, followed by more noise.

Armin brought his face into Jean’s chest, where he let out sob after sob. His memories, filled with sorrow and pain, flashed in his mind and he couldn’t shake them. He lost control of his breathing. His breaths were ragged and shallow as he desperately clung to Jean.

Jean gently rubbed Armin’s back. “Breath in,” He whispered calmly into his hair, “Take a breath. Like me, okay?” Jean took a deep breath, and Armin followed his example. Jean sat them both up and repeated this action, Armin following suit.

“I-I’m so sorry…” Armin breathed as his regained his ability to breath.

Jean shook his head and ran his hands up and down the blond boy’s arms. “Hush, hush. You have nothing to feel sorry for.”

“But I’m so pathetic!” The storm calmed down, the only noise now was the rain crashing onto the window.


“You don’t get it! I’m your commander! And I’m blubbering like a child! All because of a storm! Wh-What kind of man am I?” Armin was losing control of himself again.

“Commander Armin Arlert!” Jean’s sudden formality shocked Armin into silence.

“I would honestly be concerned if I was being led by someone who didn’t have any fears. You’re not weak, Commander, you’re human. A wonderful human who has been through far too much than he deserves. If anyone had to live through what you have, they wouldn’t even be functional. Yet you somehow lead an entire army flawlessly.

"I didn’t fall in love with your bravery. I didn’t fall in love with your leadership skills. I fell in love with your mind. I fell in love with the way you protect others. I fell in love with the way your eyes light up when you talk about your dreams. I didn’t fall in love with the Commander of the Survey Corps. I fell in love with Armin Arlert.”

To prove his point further, Jean planted a kiss on his commanding officer’s lips. A quick, chaste kiss, like their first kiss when they were trainees. Armin buried his head into his subordinate’s neck.

“I don’t deserve you-”

“You’re wrong.”


“You’re a smart man, but you’re an idiot if you think you don’t deserve me. You deserve the best life. I want to provide that for you if you’d allow me.” Jean could feel Armin smiled against his skin. He ran his hand down his golden locks, placing a kiss on top of their owner’s head. “I love you, Commander Armin Arlert.”

“I love you too, Squad Leader Jean Kirstein.” Jean smiled and closed his eyes. He buried his nose into his hair and hugged the smaller man as tight as he could. "D-Don’t leave me, n-not like the others.“

"I…Can’t promise that. You know that” Armin nodded slowly, “But I’m going to give you all the love you deserve-which is a lot-with the time I have here. I promise you that. I’ll be here for as long as I can, and as long as you will have me, doing nothing but loving you.”

Armin removed his head from Jean’s shoulder and looked into his amber eyes. “I love you. I love you. I love you.” Armin started crying again, repeating that sentence over and over again. He let out every emotion he had, anger, sadness, love.

Jean happily welcomed him into his arms, repeating the statement to him as well. Their pure, unadulterated love for each other echoing off the walls. Armin long forgot about the storm. He was focused on the warm body of which he loved so much in front of him.

Sure, Armin was still terrified with storms. But, maybe, with Jean there, they were bearable.

Hello yes it is 4am and my sleep schedule is wonky now but I’m finally getting time to catch up with Reibert Week and SCREM everything is so good ;-; I’ll try to get my own stuff uploaded whenever I have time between work, but also just FYI, this is probably going to be the only thing I blog about for the next week 😬😎

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i love you, but im not sure it is wise that you're posting pictures with your body in when you've clearly lost weight, in cute outfits and all smiley?? it just looks like you're a bit too happy about it. I know you're not, but your selfies are giving the wrong impression IMO right now.

I post outfit pictures all the time, no matter what I weigh. I have a lot of pride in the outfits I put together and I have a right to share them. I can see how you might get the wrong idea, and if I only posted pics when I was thinner then I could see your point, but that’s not the case

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I rewatched ASiP tonight for the millionth time and realized that the hallway of Roland Kerr College (when John is running through at about 1:17:40) is the same as the hall from Sherlock's mind palace in HLV with Redbeard. Is there any meta on the locations Sherlock has drawn on for his mind palace? The stairway from the house in Brixton in ASiP also looks very similar to the stairway in Sherlock's HLV mind palace too. (I figured you'd know, I just couldn't find anything searching tags) Thanks!

Hi Lovely!!

ISN’T IT RIDICULOUS?! It absolutely is meant to be the staircase from ASiP in his mind palace. I wrote a more extended meta about it here! That post has several other links to other posts that you can check out too! :D 

As for the padded room with Moriarty, I suspect it’s because Sherlock actually spent time in one. I have a post here talking about my thoughts on the severity of it.

I’ve some other posts in my “sherlock’s mind palace” blog tag, so you can scroll through that as well!

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Things are getting boring in the phandom, give us some new stuff phangate!

A Brief Update:
It’s been a long time since I last posted about the recent lives of Dan and Phil. Currently, since Phil’s divorce from Janice, he and Dan have moved back in together in a new flat. The two get along better than ever now, and Dan is really excited about his new role as an uncle. Lycanthropy is now two months old, but has grown teeth oddly fast and sharp for a baby. The doctors insist it’s nothing to worry about, at least for now. As for Lola, she sees her dad much more often now that Janice and Sabrina get along so well. Almost too well.
In summary, everyone is happy and sometimes a boring/drama-free fandom isn’t a bad thing.
Until next time,

Way overdue asks

heyy guys, so I’ve been hoarding asks once again. I’m sorry for such the long wait for those who’ve sent stuff to me, I just wasn’t in the right mind to really answer them well… so thanks for your patience

also, some asks I’ve got have been saved a bit till later so this isn’t everything, dw. And, for all the asks about tumblr’s sensitivity… thing… I’ve read all of those and resolved the issue with those posts. I’m super thankful for those who brought those posts to attention but since the problem’s resolved, those asks aren’t here either…

moving on

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@more-of-a-book-girl Thank you everyone, I’m still not 100% confident in my art but it really helps to know ppl still care. Thank you for continuing to show support and follow me all this time. 

Yeahh, Bustier just loves her students too much to hurt them ^^ tbh I kinda felt this was a “plot armor” scene but… well mari and adrien are the main charatcer lmao. Who knows if akumatized villains retain some consciousness and can break out from hawkmoth’s control but I like the idea that his powers are flawed and aren’t always strong enough to order around his villains. 

@actual-cat-kat lol yeah, that was fun to draw lol. tbh it was kinda to cover a… plot hole i guess lol. Afterall, I think all the citizens around would notice adrien and mari basically revealing their identities and I thought’d that’d be a problem with normal bg characters lmao. 


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I won’t say anything