about time i posted something hehe

1. About this Journal Page: I usually add this on the first page, it’s sort of like the alpha because it explains the things that i plan to do w/ my journal. I add “Dear reader,… Love, Me” and script my name + heaps of doodles.

2. Birthday Special and Etc. Bonanza: This page is a list of people’s birthday and other special occasions where either list it down or make huge tables similar to a legit calendar. Doodles make this 10x better.

3. Favorites of the Month: I love doing this because it feels like I can actually reminisce the things that i love about the month. I do this in sketches and paint it with watercolors because watercolor makes everything 100x better.

4. Things I love about the season: Frankly speaking, we only have 2 “seasons” in my country so that’s practically just rainy and dry. And since I am desperately in love with summer, I dedicated a list of things I love about it.

5. The Huge Movie list: This movie list is meant to be a sort-of “reacts” and “ratings” kind of thing because i always love rating the movies that I’ve binge watched.

6. The Moody Playlist: I shuffle my tunes and seek for beautiful tracks and turn them into themed playlist. I think this is perfect if you have a spotify account because you can later on make a legit playlist.

7. Tick it off: This is quite typical tbh: the to-do-list page. The page which makes your journal a bona fide journal. I often times write down my to-do-list with boxes so that i can just tick off when i’m done.

8. Bucket list Version 2.0: Also a classic, you can add a little twist to your bucket list by turning them into sketches instead of the old, lame bullet-ed list sort of thing. Bonus: you can add how old, how you want to look, etc.

9. Thoughts in a Bullet: I do this to write down with ease the bothersome thoughts. I just write it down either in phrases or sentences. Thoughts in a bullet is perfect for calming down and easing the anxiety.

10. The Sunday’s best: Sunday’s best is actually the page i dedicate for when I’m chilling. I practically just let my thoughts wander and write it down in a page. I either make a playlist for sunday, how i want my sunday to be, quick sketches of my bedroom, and tv series i binge-watched that day. Sunday’s best is practically just a chill page and you’re free to do whatever you want to do with it.

11. This Week’s Bake, Blend, Stir and Fry: I honestly just call it that way because it sounds cooler but the gist is that page is meant to be your Recipe of the week sort of thing. If you’re a person with a heart for cooking, then this page is for you.

12. The Featured Pet: I love making this  page because I can actually add my pets in my journal!! I’ll sketch them and describe them and just list down the reasons why I love them. Some of the stuff i write are: name, age of description, color, animal, breed, favorite food, behavior, personality, when it barks, etc!!!

13. Quick Urban Sketches: This journal page idea is something to do when you’re feeling the sun and you want to go outside and bathe yourself with it. You practically just sketch heaps of beautiful buildings, strangers, shrines, etc and paint it using a watercolor (i do it this way, you can do it in your own way too). And then describe it in a short phrase, sentence, or maybe even a paragraph. This is perfect if you’re an outdoor person who loves the sun ~

14. This Week’s Highlights: This is quite similar to favorites of the month however it’s for the week plus it’s not only your favorites. I actually like doing the highlight page because i want to remember all the things that happened to me for the whole time i was having this journal.

15. Dear Elle,: Elle does not exist. I don’t even know anybody with the name Elle. I just dedicate a page for her because I feel like I’m talking to a friend. No, she’s not an imaginary friend. I think the things I write in my dear elle page is mostly directed to me. In dear elle, i write down with all my heart the things that I'am afraid of, my flaws, insecurities, anxiety and I usually just sum it up with a nice positive reminder.

16. The Botanical Garden Dream: Actually this is just a page dedicated for my favorite flowers that I’d love to have and plant in my garden one day. I usually just make this in a garden-looking way so there’s not much words but sketches and doodles. And then i color it using my colored pencils because it’s easier to work with pencils for botanical tbh.

17. 100 Resons to be Happy About: I made this on my first journal (that’s when I was 11) and every time i read it, i still can’t help but smile. This page is a major help for struggling people out there. Honestly, it’s just a page filled with heaps of things i love and i write them down in different sizes, orientation and fonts so that it looks sort of like a mess but not really.

18. *insert TV Series*’s Lessons: I did this on Modern Family and I swear to god this is like the most favorite thing I do about the lesson sort-of thing because I just !! I often times divide it in characters like: Here’s for Haley, Alex, Luke, Phil, etc. And I’ll apply them to myself and it helps out trust me!!

19. 17 Things I’ve Learned Before Turning 17: This is perfect because I can actually look back and see how much I’ve grown. You can do it too but you can use your age instead like if you’re 12 it can be 12 things I’ve learned before turning 12. Something like that.

20. The Dreamy Backpack Adventures: The Dreamy Backpack Adventures is actually just the list of places that I want to visit before I die!! I often times get my inspo from tumblr and do a mini research and write it down on that page too.
21. 10 Things That Make Me Happy: This is quite similar to 100 reasons to be happy about but this time it’s more of a me. I just write this down when I’m totally feeling myself and stuff like that. I got the inspo from the anonymous chain message going on in tumblr so yep.

22. The Ultimate Road Trip Guide: I make this page because I’m one heck of a huge fan of road trips! I often times just make a playlist, write a to-bring-list, make my outfit ideas, and food list kind of thing that i shall do for the whole trip. I also sketch my pillows hehe!

23. Other Versions of Sunshine: I actually made something like this and posted it here, can you remember? It’s just a bunch of lovely little things that remind you of sunshine. I write this down when it’s a sunny saturday and it’s the golden hour (4-5pm).

24. Little Things to be Happy About: I also made this and posted it in here. It’s quite similar to Other Versions of Sunshine but this time, it’s more like a little bit of less descriptive. I suggest making this before doing the Other Versions of Sunshine. This will honestly pump you up a bit.

25. Reminders to Myself: These are cute little positive things that i write down so that i can sort of just read it when I’m having a sad day. I add cute little doodles around too. To make this 10x cuter, i add little animal or cupcake or plant doddle with this bubble reminders and stuff. You can also scan this and post them in tumblr.

26. Sketches: I don’t really think I need to explain this. These are just cute sketches of everything: your house, neighbor’s house, your friends, strangers, etc.

27. The Pressed Flowers & Leaves Page: I’m pretty sure your journal will be a thousand times better if you press some flowers on another book and tape it using washi on your journal. You can dedicate a whole page with captions (what’s the plant, where is it from, when it was picked and pressed, initial color, etc) for your pressed flowers. Perfect for future gift ideas.

28. The Ultimate Picnic Guide: The Ultimate Picnic Guide is also quite similar to The Ultimate Road Trip Guide. I sketch my little cute picnic idea and add colors (using watercolor, still) and then i label it and point it out. Like, the sort of food I will eat, the colors of the blanket, the books I will read, the outfit that i plan to wear, the basket i will bring and stuff. It’s honestly better to sketch it than just write it down. But you can always just do it your way.

29. Paint and Palette Test: I think most artists use a separate sheet of paper for this but honestly the palette test is one of my most favorite thing about painting and making art. I keep it in my journal and test the colors that might match. This is really perfect for future art references and also nice if you’re having an art block + don’t know the heck what you should do. This palette test page could help.

30. A Love Letter: A love letter is sort-of a self-project i made because i love to write letters to people. I will make letters for my friend, my crush, my mom, my dad, and other relatives when i feel the urge to do so. I usually never give them out because well, that’s the sole purpose of writing it- never giving it out. So yeah, a love letter is perfect for when you just want to pour out your feelings over someone and you don’t want them to figure it out. EVER.

31. What I Want To Be: This one is just a goals of the day sort of thing. You can also do it in a goals of the week or month. :-)

32. Things I Love About *your favorite artist*: This can either be a singer, painter, dancer, etc. I honestly just do this to express my love for my faves.

33. The Skin Care Guide: Every time I purchase new things to spice up the softness of my face, I’ll sketch the cute little bottles and facial stuff that i purchase and describe it and write my reviews.

34. The All-time Page (fave books, music, etc): This is a little classic. I basically just write down my all-time favorite books, art, painters, movies, and more.

35. The Book Trip: You can google up some nice book recommendations or from good reads and then you write it down. You could also try to write your expectations and stuff.

36. The Movie Binge: This is quite similar to the Book Trip but this time I write down cute movie recommendations for future binge-watching. Yay!

37. Dear Future/Past Me: I’m not sure if this is classic but I actually like doing this. I wrote a letter for myself 5 years ago and I opened it today and just wow, I was so surprised with how much I’ve grown. So if you practically like those things, you can add this to spice up your journal.

38. Dreamy Date: Practically just a list of things/quality that i want my future significant other to be. Or how my dream date will go. Or just practically the “date a person who..” kind of thing. 

39. To Be Or Not To Be: It’s just a cute list of all the inspirational quotes i gather from everywhere. At times, I’ll sketch the figure/portrait of the person who said it and add a little thought bubble with the quote.

40. The Grocery List: Honestly, I just make a grocery list kind of thing because i love drawing goodies and food!! It’s more of a favorite page kind of thing but this time it’s filled with canned foods. You can also do this in bullet form.

41. The Fashionette 101: In other words: outfit page. This is where I sketch my #ootd or just the outfit inspos i get from tumblr. As you all know, i have a tag #ootd_insp. I sometimes sketch nice outfit ideas from there. 

42. Cut It Out: The Cut it out is page is practically dedicated for magazine cut-outs. I have a lot of old magazines and art books that I’ve finished reading so instead of throwing them, I’ll just cut ‘em and paste on my journal.

43. Little Flaws I love About Me: This is also inspired by the chain anonymous message about loving yourself. You just practically just list down the cute little things you like about yourself.

44. List of Pets and Plants + Name Ideas: This is sort of like a keeping track page for all my pets and plants. I will also sketch and draw them when I feel like it. This is perfect with watercolor, jsyk. :-)

45. The Space Page: The Space Page is one of my most recent page where i just draw a lot of space stuff and all the planets and add cute little facts about it. I sometimes add glitters instead of painting them because planets are fab as heck.

46. Mini-Comic and The Everyday Adventures: Literally just a little comic strip about your everyday encounters. I made a similar one entitled “The Homey Adventures” and you can find it somewhere in my blog. You can divide it in four squares or depends on your own liking.

47. The Brunette and Grainy Pictures: If you have a lot of vintage, european-ish sort of stickers and cute little goodies, you can make a vintage page for that. You can fill it out with nice doodles of buses and pins and stamps, too.

48. Doodle page: This is entirely different from the sketch page because doodle page is a lot more chill and adorable. You can fill up a whole page or just half of it or maybe a quarter and add other sections if you want.

49. Poems: Yep, quite obvious, guys.

50. The “Why I love” Section: Some Why I love suggestions: tea, coffee, ice cream, your dog, color, food, etc. You can add a lot of details and images because the more detailed the better honestly.

Where do I start?

This was probably not what you expected to see but this was what happened when I finished writing it. It was really fun when I tried to imagine how the boys would react to a kid in the family. Thank you for sending in your prompt and I hope you enjoy this. 

PS: I have always wanted to know this: do you guys prefer long(er) imagines or drabbles? Because sometimes, I feel bad when it’s a little bit short but at the same time, I feel bad when what I post is too long too. Anyways, comment below if you have something to say about it.

Bruce lets out a rough sigh as he stares at his current problem that is running around, jumping and laughing happily as you chase after Titus – who is, by the way, more than happy to let you chase him.

“Doggy!” You cry out happily when Titus slows down a bit, letting you throw yourself on to his big body. Titus barks ecstatically, turning to lick at your face. “Hehe, doggy.”

“What am I going to do, Alfred?” Bruce runs a hand through his hair, making it more disheveled than it already is. Despite being The Batman and able to face his fears head on, there are a lot of things Bruce does not know how to handle – this situation is one for example.

Somehow Bruce had only taken his eyes off of you when a beam shot out from somewhere far and just as it was about to hit him, you had jumped right in front of him, getting hit by the beam of light instead. It had taken him a while too to locate you because that beam blasted you a few buildings away from him. Imagine his surprise when instead of seeing you, he saw your three-year-old self instead.

Now here he is, wondering how he is going to tell his kids about the situation.

“Perhaps the best decision is to tell the young masters the truth.” Alfred says solemnly. Although he has helped Bruce with literally a whole lot of things, this is a situation that he knows no solution to. Alfred does not even know where to start with trying to help find out how to turn you back to normal.

“Tell us what?” Dick pops up out of the blue. One by one, the rest of the boys all start showing up. Jason and Tim are quietly talking to themselves but promptly stopped when they spotted the young kid.

“Tt.” Damian frowns. “Did father decide to adopt another kid?” He huffs, narrowing his eyes at the kid.

Bruce shares a look with Alfred.

“Who is the little punk?” Jason asks, snickering when you decide to climb on top of Titus. “Picked someone off the streets again?”

“There is something I have to tell all of you.” Bruce starts but before he could even begin to explain, Tim speaks up.

“Wait… where’s Y/N?” Tim frowns.

Jason takes a second look at you and he freezes. “Y/N?”

You look away from Titus. “That’s my name!” You exclaim happily, grinning at the man in front of you. “Who are you? You have a weird mask.”


“What happened, Bruce?” Dick heads over to Bruce, with a worried expression on his face. A few hours ago, he had talked to you and even made plans to get dinner with you sometime this week and now, you are a few years younger. “We were going to go for dinner this week.”

Damian approaches you. He stares at you and you stare right back at him, still patting Titus’s head. Titus, upon seeing Damian, starts to bark excitedly. You stare at Titus before turning to look at the boy in front of you.

“Hi, I’m Y/N!” You grin at him and Damian simply raises one of his eyebrows. “Who are you? Do I know you? You look funny.”

“Damian, pleased to meet your acquaintance.” Damian deadpans and you giggle as you try to repeat after what he had just said but it was just too hard for you so you babble instead.

“Why doesn’t Y/N remember any of us?” Tim frowns as he stares at you.

Jason approaches you and kneels down right in front of you. You look away from Damian when the man approaches. “Hi, Y/N. My name is Jason.” He takes off all of his masks and gives you a small smile. You place both of your hands on his cheeks, squeezing his cheeks, giggling to yourself.

“I think it is better for you to begin your explanation right now, Master Bruce.” Alfred points out and Bruce resists the urge to sigh once more. He is not looking forward to having all of his boys on him, demanding answers for questions Bruce does not have all of the answers to it.

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm new to bts and I just found your blog (love it btw!) I want to get to know the boys more if you could describe each of them in a few traits what would they be?

Thanks for loving BTS and our blog, we’re all glad you’ve joined us ^^

Ahh, okay, hard question! I could describe them each as so many different things, and because we may perceive them differently, people might not agree with my opinions~ And there are things I could describe all members of BTS as. This includes (but is not limited to): hardworking, appreciative, hilarious, down to earth, sweet, genuine, etc.. But okay, the members. I’m going to try to use only three adjectives per member so it doesn’t get too long, haha:

Namjoon: Namjoon is so.. Ahh. I really fell for his personality. If I could describe him in a few traits, it would be introspective, open, and noodle. Yes, noodle. Though I haven’t been part of this fandom for very long, it’s not hard to see how much Namjoon has grown over time. He has learned a lot about the world and himself. Like any of us, he has struggled and made mistakes, but he always tries to understand and better himself as a result. He also constantly shares his thoughts with us all, which really makes me feel like he’s just one of us, taking life day by day. And he really never lets any of us feel left out, always being inclusive in speeches, learning languages, etc~ He really has a lot on his shoulders as the leader of BTS, but I think he’s doing an incredible job. I also described him as noodle because he’s really just so silly when he lets loose. Who remembers that VLive when he danced on his bed? ^^

Seokjin: I’m so happy and thankful the boys (and the rest of us) have someone like Jin to look up to, because he is truly amazing. To describe him, I’d say he’s reliable, generous and lighthearted. He’s always looking out for the members and keeping everyone’s spirits up, which isn’t an easy task. I’m positive he does a lot of things we don’t see as well. On the other hand, he also constantly gives to us~ for example, remember the list of things he did for his birthday? Just to share his time with us. My heart exploded. However at the same time, Jin is level headed and still manages to do the things he originally set his sights on doing, such as attend university and graduate! Being part of BTS was not at all in his plan, but look at him now! It says so much about his character~ Even though Namjoon is the leader of the group, Jin works really hard as the “oldest hyung,” who inspires the rest of us to not only dream big but also let life take you along for the ride. He truly leaves me in awe.

Yoongi: Ah, where do I start!? I would describe Yoongi as passionate, complex, and a grandpa. He really puts his all into his music and as we saw in Agust D, he opened up a whole new side of himself to the world. He didn’t get to where he is easily, but he was patient and hardworking and now he’s even producing songs for other artists. He’s someone to look up to because he really needed to persevere to make his dreams a reality. And somehow he manages to go from pouty and tired to smiley and energized in seconds. He still surprises me, haha. There are many parts to him that I only wish I could get to know. He may not be as loud or constantly posting like other members, but he does cute things and posts selfies when he knows we miss him. Yoongi is honestly just so interesting to me and I may not be describing his character very well but just know that I love and appreciate him so much~

Hoseok: Ohhhh boy. Where does one even begin? Hoseok is inspiring, adaptable and warm (like the sun). For someone whose specialty was dancing, he’s become quite the amazing entertainer, who can now rap and participate in the music making as well. I seriously admire him so much, as everyone should. He had a dream and worked his butt off to acquire other talents to make that dream come true. Now he’s on stage, performing MAMA and making me cry in the crowd! This is kind of why he is (in my opinion) adaptable. He can take part in many different things and show the best of himself no matter what. Also, though he apparently has a more serious character than what we see, he has done really well with his bubbly and angelic “J-Hope” stage presence. Honestly, I think he’d be a really amazing friend that I wish I could have irl. I also said he’s warm, but I don’t think that needs any explanation. He’s so lovely and he truly radiates light~

Jimin: Jimin, our sweet boy! I would describe him as compassionate/affectionate (I think they go together when describing him), thoughtful, and smol (hehe). Does compassionate/affectionate even need explanation? Jimin is the most outwardly loving towards his members, whether it be on stage/in person (what stands out to me is when he hopped over to Tae after he spoke about his grandmother at Muster) or his posts every time someone appears on a show/releases something (Jin on LOTJ, Yoongi releasing Agust D). He’s so supportive and always makes the members feel appreciated. It’s like he does the things we wish we could do for the members. I have no doubt that he’s this way in their home, talking to the members who are going through a hard time and helping them get through it. He’s also just so thoughtful when it comes to us. We see a lot of their perspective thanks to him, as he always shares videos of himself or other members. He keeps us close, and for that I’m so thankful. Jimin has a pure heart and though he himself has struggled he has always stayed true to who he is. I also described him as smol, because he’s so good at being cute. When he smiles his eyes light up and somehow manages to radiate love~

Taehyung: Aw, my heart. Open-hearted, multi-faceted and youthful. Similar to Yoongi, Tae is also one who seems to have many sides to him, some that I’m just so curious about. He has a really open mind, and with that, open heart, and I think that’s why he has so many friends. I think he must be really good at finding a way to connect to people, and that leaves me in awe of him.Tae also has many interests and sometimes a deep way of thinking. I wish I could get to know him on a personal level just to hear his thoughts on art, the world, everything. I think there’s more to him than meets the eye. He’s also very youthful, as I’m sure we all can see in Bangtan Bombs and Bon Voyage. Remember when he got lost and was sooo okay with it? And when he spent forever flipping the water bottle? I know I don’t know him personally, but I think Tae really tries to make the most of life, living it to the fullest day by day, like kids do. I love that about him.

Jungkook: Aw man, what do I even say.. He’s amazing, to say the least. I’d describe him as courageous, relatable, and charismatic. He started this idol-life when he was really young, and that must be a lot to deal with and grow up into. He didn’t get to do a lot of the normal things that I’m sure we all did in middle/high school, but he’s really made the most of it and now is thriving and has even made friends outside of Bangtan. He’s also trying so hard to expand his skill set, trying to practice writing and producing even though it’s hard for him. For that, he’s courageous. Somehow, though, he still is just like the rest of us. He’s seemingly introverted, is a bit shy, and can be a total fanboy (GD, IU!?). There’s something so relatable. All in all, he’s really grown into who he is today. His loud laugh, competitiveness and his silly facial expressions are all parts of him I love.

WOW I said I wasn’t going to make it long asdfghjkl; !!! Why am I like this.. Apologies. When I start talking about them, I can’t stop. Anyways, here are some of my thoughts on each of the members. This took me two days to write~ I don’t even know if this is the answer you expected but thanks for asking, since it was fun talking about them. ^^
- Kristi

Ayano Aishi lockscreen (can be combined with this one)

I think I should probably explain the reason why I haven’t been posting last days (even if probably not many people noticed, hehe). Two weeks ago, I decided to go on hiatus for an undefined amount of time, I’m going to be completely honest: I had lost all my motivation, editing had become something stressful and it suddenly wasn’t as good as it used to be. I really thought a lot about quitting. A. lot. But after surpassing all that stress and bad thoughts that were going through my mind I found myself actually missing posting here. So well here I am. I’m sorry for not saying anything and just isolating myself, that’s the only thing I felt like doing at that moment. Thanks for reading.

Art by kjech.

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None of the art belong to me, message me for deletion.

(Anyways, there are going to be some changes in this blog, but I’ll probably make another post about that!)

Hey guys!! ❤️

Soo the twitter acc was a flop.. butttttttt i really really really want to kinda idk meet u guys and i wanna do hangouts or lives which is why Im trying to do this stuff lol

So this time I’ll ask before I’ll create an account haha
Would you guys want me to make an instagram account where we can keep in touch through posts and insta lives??
I’d be so happy if we could do something like that!!!!
I like all kinds of groups which is why i’m sure we’re all going to have something to talk about ^^

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oblivian-love  asked:

how long does a drawing of yours take to make ? becose even the doodles you post look so amazing that i wonder if you put more time into them than you let us know + I L O V E Y O U R A R T S O M U C H

Thank you so much! ^o^ I’m glad you like it!

Hehe, ah… yeah. Actually, it depends on what am I drawing. If it’s something I’m used to draw - it doesn’t take much time. If it’s something new, I take too much time.  

Mmm… Let’s think. I’ll take the easiest thing I draw.
For sketching it’s about… 5-10 minutes.
Line take pretty much time >w> And it always sucks. Also 30 minutes, maybe 20.
Then coloring can take sooooo much time… with all shadows, lights, effect of presence, details… ugh. But lets imagine I don’t do background -w-
If it’s just a character… 30 minutes, more or less.  
So. One character without anything or anyone around takes 1-2 hours :p
But it’s only if it’s something simple uwu
Ugh, like the last full art I did, with three sonas, took me… something more than 20 hours. Hehe… 

And a colored page of comic takes two days working only on it. I’m not kidding. Two days when I rarely stop drawing and sleep only two-three hours in the morning… 

Banana is a snail -w-

Buuut doodles cost me only 20-30 minutes :D
Unfortunately, they suck and I don’t show them :D

…I tried to explain everything shortly. Failed. Sorry. I can delete a half of it ^^”

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how does your gameplay progress so fast??? i was one gen. 1 when you started posting, and now i'm finished up gen. 1 and you like on gen. 3!!! how!!! tips would be appreciated ♥

hehe so first i play on the normal lifespan!! and i don’t take screenshots everytime my sims do something so i take about 10 screenies for 2 sim days (which is still a lot lol) oh and also i’m not a storyteller so of course i have less screenshots :-) i posted 3 times a day on school weeks so i guess it also helps!! :-)

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i had a really shitty day and i was wondering if you has any sabo hcs lying around? it's fine if you don't

ahhh i’m sorry about your shitty day!!  i hope things get better for you!  

i always have sabo hcs lying around, the trouble is just remembering which ones i haven’t posted about already hehe…

- sabo has a really strong sense of humor and has been known to randomly burst out laughing in the middle of work bc he thought of something funny.  he has literally rolled on the floor laughing at multiple times.  downside of this is that he occasionally starts laughing when people yell at him which only makes them angrier

- he gets sunburned easily as hell which he hates and which amuses the crap out of koala because she doesn’t get sunburned at all, she just tans

- he can eat just as much in one sitting as ace and luffy can if given the opportunity, but he often gets distracted and forgets to eat for long periods at a time

- at the same time tho if you leave food in his vicinity, even if it’s not for him, he will absolutely end up absent-mindedly eating it without asking so like just don’t leave food within arms reach of sabo unless you intend for it to end up in his stomach

- he’s gotten up at like 6am for work/training every day since he was like 14 but he still feels the need to complain about it every time

- he’s really good at other languages because he spent a lot of time bedridden after he was nearly blown up and all he did then was study bc he had nothing better to do and dragon really pressed knowledge of other languages as an important skill.  plus he’s just naturally proficient at them bc he’s one of those people who isn’t afraid to fuck up or start a conversation with random strangers in their language.  he has a terrible accent and sub-par grammar but most people appreciate that he tries at all.

Drinking Friends (Sehun x Reader Angst)

Summary: Besides, something like a couple of drinks and a small catch up never hurts… Right?

Note: I found this in my pile of scenarios and thought I might as well post it in the mean time of writing this other one ^^ Enjoy yet another Sehun angst lol (I really don’t know about this one tho it’s been a while since it was originally written so hehe)

“Hey, it’s me.”

“I know it’s you.”

“Can I come over?”


“I need a drink.”


The doorbell rang and you got up from the warmth of your bed to answer it. You didn’t bother to dress out of the pajamas you were in, the person wouldn’t mind your grey sweater, white pajama shorts, black socks, and extremely messed up bun on top of your head. Plus, he wouldn’t be worth all the hassle. You took off the secure guard and unlocked the door. Took a deep breath in before swinging the heavy wooden door open. There in front of you stood the one and only, Oh Sehun, also known as your ex and also known as your drinking friend.

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Hi! Im the anon who asked abt the GerIta thing, and i understand >.< also im sorry if this isnt the appropriate place to ask u but i cant remember ur personal tumblr username, can i request a GerIta fanart?? ur art is soooo cute! pls >///< its ok if u dont want to though..

(adm: AAAAAaah sorry I took so long to answer!! Thank you for understanding :’) and man, dw about it! Though I would like to avoid posting things that aren’t related to HetaOni on this blog, I did draw a little something for you! My main account is @crazycookiemaniac, so if you have any requests and I have the time, anyone can send me a request anytime! :’) and thanks for the compliment!! It’s just a sketch but I hope you like it, hehe~)

To do list

Hey, another to do list for you to know what I’m working on lately ! Here are the posts coming for the current week :

  • Still 6 requests for Halloween (I think I won’t have time enough to do the bonus thing I was talking about though)
    + post to answer asks I had recently but that I couldn’t answer
  • HPIE AU KdFd post (before the next week)

  • The Sleep Catcher part 1 (a KdFd little comic I was working on lately… I finished the first part ahah)

Also, I will start working on another AU by @zappyspiker when I will be done with the HPAU posts (doesn’t mean I’m definitely done with the HPAU, I just wanna try something else… hehe)


I started this a few months ago to try things out… now im linking it here!!
copypasted from part of the about page:

More than Grateful is a choose your own adventure comic starring someone with too many arms. She does not know much about the world she lives in as she’s been kept in a box her whole life for reasons unknown.

this comic is something i have been wanting to do for a while… i had one like this in the past (less than plastic) but this time around, I wanted to make sure i was ready… so far im having a lot of fun! this is something im doing more as a side project though so there’s currently no update schedule, however i do tend to post updates pretty consistently based on the frequency of asks being sent (unless im out of town hehe)

You can start at the first post here!

sorry for being a bit ramble-y… thanks for reading this far if you did HAHA!


HELLO! THESE ARE BIRTHDAY COMMISSIONS!! because it is my birthday soon and i am completely determined to take my friends out to lunch/dinner this year like a proper host!! but somehow despite my best efforts i ended up with, like, multiple friends? so now i need a lil extra padding financially before i can really justify doing that, so [throws thumbtacks in the air] commissions! here we go!

the examples aren’t particularly great, it’s OK to assume your order will end up being a bit better/more detailed in general than what you see

to ship the traditional inked pages: postage is included for domestic orders, but residents from outside of Australia have to help me out a bit–if you want the physical copy shipped to you, it’ll be an extra $5. but that’s optional, you’ll still have the neatly scanned/cleaned digital version either way!!

  • I’ll draw OCs, fanart, people, critters, anthros/monsters, etc. I don’t mind drawing blood/gore or nudity, and I’ll even attempt porny stuff!
  • I do reserve the right to decline your request for whatever reason.
  • Prices are subject to changes depending on how complex your order is! They could go up or down, we can discuss it
  • Pets, large props, detailed backgrounds, porn etc may incur surcharges, considered on a case-to-case basis.

All prices are in AUD and I will be taking upfront payment via PayPal for these. You can contact me via ask or email me at leonie-pheonee@hotmail.com! please just fill out the subject of your email as “COMMISSION” or something similar hehe <3

  • You can supply as much or as little info as you want, and I’m willing to work off text only for OCs, BUT you have to keep in mind that the less info i have the less spot-on the final design might be! I enjoy having a little free rein, so if your character is open to interpretation, let me know. If you prefer your characters to strictly adhere to your set design, that is fine too, you just gotta tell me first! c: (When you’re requesting art of your OCs, though, one thing I do prefer to know is a little something about your character’s personality! It helps my process a lot.)
  • I usually forget to send WIPs unless I am specifically requested to, so if you want them please ask! I’m happy to send as many as you need, I’m just forgetful, hehe.
  • By default your commission will be put on my art blog, so please let me know ahead of time if you don’t want it published, or not posted til after a certain date, for any reason!

want me to draw something you don’t see in the post?? I’ll probably be more than happy to! Just inbox me with an inquiry, maybe a link to another picture i’ve drawn that looks the way you want your thing to look, and I will give you a quote!

thank you for your time <3

Still / Alone: What B3thyl was supposed to be

So, a couple days ago, I received a message from a Nonny who asked me to do an analysis about “Still” and “Alone” and why those episodes don’t bother me, since  he was upset about all the drama that surrounds the fandom and needed some positivity. I’m gonna put the ask and what I think about those two episodes behind a read more, so anyone who doesn’t want to read about it can skip it. (I’m tagging Caryl, because if someone has the same thoughts like the Nonny, maybe you would like to read it hehe. And I’m not tagging the other ship because, well, I’m not gonna change my mind, neither they will, and the purpose of the post is give the Nonny positivity about our ship, so…).

Here it goes :)

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March 30, 2015.

♪ ♫ Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to Lily-chan & T! Happy birthday to youuuu!!! ♩ ♬

lilyoita & megusims I hope you two have a wonderful birthday, may all of your wish come true and stay awesome *3* Dun worry, I didn’t forget about this day. >:D

Ignore the handcuff, I just tried something new. This is usually *cough* itsmegeuliz kind of thing *cough* lalalala. Lily-chan! C is waiting for you with his tiny cupcake >:) Same goes with you T. Your K is waiting. *winks *winks. hehehe

By the time you guys read this, it means, I haven’t came back from my usual “MIA” >:) Me and Liz are currently in the middle of finishing om26-30. hehe \O/ I will be back! I know I have so much things waiting for me here right? right? New stories, new chapters, new posts *3* Muah! *3* I LOVE YOU BOTH!

The zodiac signs on Aries' birthday party

Since it’s Aries season I tought I’d do a post about Aries’ birthday:

Aries: “So I wanted to have a Sakura picknick but it’s raining so I came up with something else…”
Pisces: “Aries I don’t trust your ideas and why are we on a bus”
Libra: “Hehe I know what we’re going to do”
Pisces: “So you knew all this time??”
Libra: “Hehehe”
Gemini: “Well… I like the boas and the funny hats”
Scorpio: “And the sunglasses… Now I can look at people without them knowing”
Virgo: “But do we really have to wear this in public?”
Capricorn: “I agree. This is just weird”
Leo: Don’t worry we look fabulous"
Sagittarius: “Can I have some more glitter?”
Leo: “Your face is entirely covered already, and leave some for me”
Virgo: “Wait Cancer are you crying??”
Cancer: “No… There’s glitter in my eyes…”
Taurus: “Is this because I ate your riceball?”
Cancer: “It’s really just glitter!!”
Capricorn: “Guys, isn’t this our stop?”
Pisces: “Why are we at a wholesale?”
Aries and Libra: “Surprise!!!”
Everyone: “What”


* please don’t delete the text or you will turn into a giant jam doughnut *

hello beautiful!

I’ve decided to make my first promo because I am almost at 1k followers! This is a huge deal for me as I started my blog at the end of October – I’ve had blogs on tumblr before that I’ve run for years and got maybe a quarter of that amount of followers so this is really exciting for me!

I was thinking about what theme to do for ages and then decided that I should do something personal to me, something I love – and then it was obvious – desserts!!

Food is my favourite thing in the world hehe and puddings are even better <3

I’ll run this promo for a few weeks maybe depending on how the notes go.

To enter, you must:

Reblog this post (as many times as you want) (you can like it to bookmark it, but I won’t include you in the competition unless you’ve reblogged!) •Mbf me •Consider reblogging this post to be considered for my all-time favourite blogs

And now, for the awards ~

Doughnut: best overall

Caramel slice: best posts

Cookie: best url

Macaron: best icon

Chocolate cake: best colour-coded

Waffle: best background

Toffee apple: best theme

Cupcake: best undiscovered*

(* to be considered for ‘best undiscovered’, please submit me your follower count)


• There will be one winner for each category, with a fansign for each blog • The rest will be promoted in either lists, recommended lists, random solos and screenies • Surprise follows from moi •  a life forever blessed with cake and waffles I hope you all have a wonderful day! xoxo