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One Day at a Time (chapter 3) Lin-Manuel x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Summary: This is inspired by Lin’s adorable tweet about him messing around on a friend’s Tinder account recently. Lin gets chatting to you on tinder and you decide to meet, and quickly begin dating. You are about to fly to London to see if you can make the long distance thing work when you get a message from your recent ex saying they want to see you again, leaving you confused and unsure.

Warnings: Is this fluff? Is this angst? Who the hell knows. Note to self: don’t try writing what’s meant to be a fluffy fic while going through a breakup irl. Also I swear a lot.

A/N: Lin’s views on HP sauce are not my own and are based on this tweet. I honestly can’t stand the stuff. 

Word count: 6171 (I’ve been working night shifts, I got bored.)

Tags: I think this is everyone who wanted a tag, I lost my original tag list so I’m sorry If I’ve forgotten anyone:   @coolschmoolzines @ruth-hamilton-delrio @iputmyselfintothenarrative @invisiblerambler @mofoing-democraftic-republican @thedoctorsnerdgirl @21phantasticromances @buckybarneshairpullingkink @nesthemonster @rebel-with-cause


The first sight to greet you when you landed in London was the toilet basin. You weren’t sure if it was bad plane food or something you’d picked up from another passenger, but by the time you finally landed and made your way through customs you were sick, dizzy, and longing for bed. Perfect. This was just perfect. You had flown halfway across the world in the biggest act of bravery of your life only to be rewarded with a gut wrenching text from your ex, and a mild fever and sickness from your own body.

You headed out of the bathroom stall and made your way to the arrivals lounge. Your head was pounding and you felt just about ready to collapse, but you reassured yourself with the thought of seeing Lin again. You headed to the arrivals board where you’d arranged to meet, and scanned the crowd hoping to see him. You were sure you were in the right place, but maybe you’d got it wrong.

You checked your phone which was still struggling to switch over to a UK network. You’d kept your phone off for whole flight, not wanting to fixate on Kay’s message, although that was easier said than done. Your thoughts had jumped back and forth between Kay and Lin throughout the entire flight. You’d thought about Lin while watching the Paul Rudd romcom on the plan, you’d thought about Kay while picking at the compartmentalized mystery plane food, you’d thought about Lin as you overheard the unmistakable sounds of Illmatic coming though the passenger’s headphones in front of you, and now as you stared at your phone you thought of Kay and the message she’d sent you.

“Come on, come on” you grumbled to yourself, willing your phone to work. Eventually it began to show signs of life, vibrating non-stop as you received a handful of messages all at once. You set your suitcase down to read them.

Lin: Bit of a day! It’s RIDICULOUS how excited I am to see you, hurry up plane! X

Melissa: Safe travels, stay safe, and please bring home Cadburys, a souvenir Big Ben, and a terrible British accent. xxx

Kay: Please talk to me. I need to see you.

Melissa: RED ALERT! Kay has just shown up at my apartment looking for you! She says she’s trying to get in touch with you??

Melissa: Ok I  know this is none of my business but I don’t trust her. Don’t think about Kay, go have fun with Lin, I repeat: DON’T THINK ABOUT KAY.

Kay: Melissa says you’re away at the moment. Call me when you get back? I miss you xxx

Lin: Argh I might be late coming to meet you at the airport, we are behind schedule today, I’m coming as soon as I can though!! xxx

Lin: Nooooo!! Shooting is delayed by a couple of hours, I’m definitely not gonna make it in time I’m so sorry. I’ll send you directions back to my place and meet you there. I’m so sorry. I’ll be back soon! Xxx

You stood staring at your phone, which vibrated for the last time as Lin sent through directions to his place, and you sighed. This really wasn’t working out how you imagined. The fizzy feelings of butterflies in your stomach felt like so long ago now and you suddenly had the urge to turn around, jump on a plane and go home. What were you doing here? Why the hell did Kay have to send you that message? Why were things suddenly so much more confusing?

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Bad Bob drops his gloves and takes on the press Part 3: Jack

Hi all, it’s been a little while! I honestly wasn’t expecting this little series to get the attention it did, but hey, I’m not complaining. I just closed a play, so I have my life back until spring when the next one comes along. The life of a Musical Theater major.

If you haven’t yet, and you’re interested, here is part one and part two!

Alright, now that the parents, teams, and other loved ones have spoken out, it’s time for Jack to tell his story.

(please be mindful of the trigger warnings in the tags.)

  • It takes a little bit for him to get to that point. His dad’s interview, while incredibly cathartic, was a lot to take in.
  • Like he knew going it it wouldn’t be easy. And he handled it pretty well, considering. He needed to hear it. He needed to hear his father’s anger and know it was not directed at him.
  • (It still does drive him crazy that Bob blames himself because Jack doesn’t blame him. A few years ago that would not have been the truth, but they’ve both come a long way.)
  • But he wasn’t very prepared to hear his father talk about how he nearly died in his arms. It was something he knew, and he’d definitely thought about it, but hearing it come from his father’s mouth was….
  • (Needless to say, Bob hops on a plane as soon as the interview is over, because he fucking Knows and he isn’t in the door for three seconds before he’s holding Jack and they’re both apologizing while Bitty leaves them alone and bakes them a few pies)

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Ya know what grinds my gears about RWBY

When ‘edgy’ rwde RWBY fans:

- Try and blame the bumbleby shippers for the ‘ship war’ between it and [the other ship involving Blake] that’s apparently ruining the show and the three characters, or vice versa ship wise

Because insinuating it’s all our fault will make us feel guilty and hopefully we will shut up [not likely tho]; the whole thing is just our fault because we want our ship to happen just as much as the other side whom of which are not at fault at all. Like almost a ‘war’ doesn’t take two opposing sides to actually happen? Lmao. Nobody is really at fault, except the people that attack others.

- Use them as a reason to not watch it anymore [even though they 'hate it anyway and the writing is awful omg’]

Since the plot that was probably thought up years ago is being ruined by us, even though it 'sucks anyway because Miles and/or Kerry is/are terrible’ and it’s not like two VAs for two of the characters ship it or anything.

- Say 'they only attack the other ships and only want to focus on their ship at all times’

Because I can remember the amount of times I’ve attacked another person for liking a ship [it’s zero], and most people aren’t dickheads, and we shouldn’t be lumped in with the ones that are because that’s bs generalisation. And we all don’t only focus on bumbleby, but for some of us it’s a really big deal that maybe there’s gonna be gay gals that are on screen, and not just in the last scene of the series [cough LoK]. And I think about the whole show but I like to discuss important things to me i.e the ship.

- Claim 'maybe not all of bb shippers are bad but *proceeds to reason why they’re all bad anyway and/or make the ship suffer for a few bad eggs*’

Cool thanks for contradicting yaself, generalising once again and/or making a perfectly reasonable ship seem like it’s shit because some people are mean about it.

- We’re man haters/unreasonably disliking [or insert anything about $un], since ’$un is amazing’

Some people not liking $un that much as a character ≠ man hating/≠ unreasonable. I don’t like all the characters in a show wow I’m a monster.

- Say 'I’m fine with f/f but *here’s why I will not support it anyway*’

If you’re fine with f/f, you don’t have to mention it if you’re disagreeing with the ship for unrelated reason m8!

- Or my favourite: say “the shippers ruined Blake x Yang and I don’t even want it to happen now”

I don’t even know any of these people irl and now I have to watch some people bash a ship because of some random person’s actions I had no control over. Sounds pretty dumb doesn’t it?

- Possibly more stupid bs that is purely subjective opinion they use to try to justify hating the show/a ship/a character.

Apparently we act/are acting like 'entitled brats’ when we want LGBT etc etc representation in the show that has been said by its creators to have it; and we want it in the bumbleby ship. Because somehow, we are forcing them to do it by supporting it, and therefore making the show a piece of shit.

That we are reaching; since [insert any possible evidence for Blck$un] happened and it’s **proof** they’re going to date and that no other ship has a chance.
(if I thought BB was the only option I wouldn’t be discussing it like I do; anything is possible right now).
Literally nothing is canon or set in stone (I promise I don’t say that as a reason to 'disprove’ the legitimatacy of Blck$un as a possibility).

Because two main characters being interested in each other would //ruin the plot//, even though some of the plot has included Yang (and even $un too) being dragged into Blake’s consequences of her past.

And especially, that we are solely responsible for the drama because we are all crazy or just seeing what we want to see.

Because that isn’t exactly what everyone does when they want a ship to happen…?

Let’s be clear:
This goes both ways for anyone who goes around hating (yet some of the reasons would differ).

Going around attacking someone for liking a ship is ludicrous. Spreading hate about a ship is too.

I endeavour to never do that and have been successful. It’s not difficult.
I stay in my tag and all that tumblr shit; I stick to being positive and not including *why another ship won’t happen* as a reason to justify my favourite ship.

Using another ship as a reason to disprove something makes no sense because nobody is correct at this point, we’ve got equal chance of getting what we each want. In the end some of us may end up disappointed, but that’s not happening right now so why can’t we just be civil?

Why should Blck$un shippers suffer because of other shippers? They shouldn’t.
Why should bee shippers suffer because of other shippers? We shouldn’t.

Seriously, any normal person in any ship camp wouldn’t agree with being rude or mean to other people over a ship, or attacking somebody for having different tastes.

Most importantly to me; why should the chance of Bumbleby happening be damaged or suffer, just because a few people are disgruntled because of some assholes that NONE of us sane people agree with?

Don’t let anybody tell you what to ship. Decide for yourself and be positive about it, aim for support and *that’s it*.

Stop the negativity, please.

As a final post on this “discourse” sideblog, I want to talk about something not specific to the ace discourse, but rather something that cuts across all groups, all people online or off. Whatever you are arguing or whatever side you are on, we as humans are prone to confirmation bias and the online world is no better place than to create echo-chambers.

I have always felt that teaching myself skepticism was one of the best things I could have done for myself. It was during that time I was also active in the atheist community, online and off. The skeptic and atheist community often overlapped and it was from these groups that I became a feminist.

New atheist groups often wonder why they are largely made up of white men, and if you challenge them on their sexism/racism etc… it becomes obvious why, which is what happened to me. I was the darling women on a majority male forum agreeing with them that religion is the source of all evil, therefore exempting atheist men from things like sexism and all other bigotries. It wasn’t until an argument about rape culture came up that I saw just how deeply misogynist some of these men were.

So my venture into skeptic and atheist groups not only taught me the scientific process and logical fallacies but it also steered me towards social justice. I am no longer friends with any of those people in real life or online. Once I became a feminist and was able to identify their sexism, I wasn’t their darling atheist spokeswoman anymore. It was another valuable lesson in the way people form their groups and their echo-chambers within. How people will ignore some really bad things just to stay included and how they will turn when someone strays. Some people may be thinking of trump supporters now, but everyone is susceptible to this type of behavior.

Fast forward a few years later, but still a few years ago and I had to deal with a callout on an anonymous forum I moderated bc they monitored my tumblr and I made the sin of reblog from and being in mutuals with the wrong people, (who were just ppl they didn’t like including people I’ve since met IRL.) I was dubbed a transphobe not for anything I explicitly said or did that was transphobic, it was guilt by association. Had to leave the forum, as this was also invitation to make up other horrible things I never did bc they could and now ppl were ready to believe.

This is around the time TERF started catching on, and while I certainly agree with calling out transphobia in feminism (I would never insist a trans woman is male, I think thats a violent act against trans women! And I despise it being done in the name of feminism) but at the same time it turned into a witch hunt for anyone who talked about sex-based oppression that even ended up attacking other trans woman for not towing a certain Tumblr rhetoric on these issues!

I’m no LGBT elder by any means, but I have been online since I was about 12 and I’m 32 now. I remember a time when the internet was far more horrible on SJ matters but also far more anonymous. People never dropped their real name; now one of the biggest social media sites requires it. And before that even happened I still saw a lot of petty bullshit happening online that wound up really hurting people IRL. So now with it easier to find out who people are and where they live, I can only imagine how online drama has ruined lives. We know it has driven people to suicide, and so as fun as it is to get self righteously angry at people for whatever your cause is, there’s still a person at the other end and no one’s perfect.

I am truly disturbed at how incredibly cliquey SJ groups are online, how callout posts aren’t for extreme racist sexist bigots, but for some drama I can’t even parse in their so called “proof”. And then you have activists on this site who block anyone who disagrees with them so their criticisms can’t show up in the notes. Some even go so far as dox people now for daring to disagree! K(And let’s be clear, I shed no tears for literal nazis being doxxed and losing their job, that’s just not what I’m seeing)

It’s easy, its human nature to fall into social pressures and conform to whatever the Big Names in your group are saying without question and to defend an absurd position based on emotional attachment than logical assessment. And we know it’s also easy to fall into a mob mentality and scapegoat people for all our problems. It’s also super fucking easy to plead mental illness and pretend you should be allowed to say anything you want without criticism, something that I hate so much as one who suffers from many mental issues including anxiety. (That’s why I created rules for myself when arguing online so I didn’t end up giving myself panic attacks over an internet edge lord)

I say this knowing I have participated in this behavior myself as well as having been a victim of it. But a lot in my life has changed and I am an older and sicker… and still likely to make similar mistakes. Point is I have learned and I have trained myself to not to fall into these traps and it does help. Experience is one hell of a teacher but it doesn’t have to be the only one.

No one can know if they are 100% right on any given issue, we all have our convictions for a reason. The difference is are you willing to listen to dissent? Are you willing to challenge your opinion and put it to the test? Or do you make block lists and shun anyone who entertains any different opinion? (a classic tactic amongst anti-vax groups when a parent sees the science) My convinction of many of my beliefs comes from the fact I have argued them over and over again, discharging beliefs that did not pass the test, while strengthening my arguments for and belief in those that do.

Make no mistake, when it does come to the so called “discourse” both sides can be guilty of this shit. I claim no purity.
And I am in no way implying that we tolerate hate groups and violent hate speech, like those of nazis bc unfortunately nazis are actually relevant again, but I am saying some of you need a reality check on what that exactly entails, because a lesbian speaking her truth is not it.

And for god sakes don’t put teens on block lists, you know it invites harassment, you fucking know it.


Time for another Fic Rec (January Edition). So these are the fics that I’ve read this month! A great month filled with great fics!! I’m sorry if you are not on this list- with my schedule, it’s just not possible for me to read everything. 

If you want to make sure that I read your fic, you can tag me or put my url (u-snavi) in your tags! I also go through the Hamilton x Reader tag bc it makes it easier instead of looking through individual character x reader one by one. 

Also, I made gifs for the earlier fics I added to my list bc I thought it would be nice, but the list grew too numerous… I’m real sorry about that! 

Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Nervous Tick by @p-dot-hamilton

I have a nervous tick, and my parents HATES it when I do it. Like, my mom never yelled at me, but my dad did. This was so cute though! I like that compromise at the end! Great job, friend! 

When You Had the Chance by @sincerelydaveed

Angst? Sign me up! This was amazing- I love how you turned the idea / premise of Alex’s infidelity and made it original to the character, but still managed to keep the sentiment there- the emotions that the two characters felt, and also the reader’s emotions.  Awesome job, friend! 

Common Questions by @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit

Love it! This was really good, and it took a very unique approach to a Blind!Reader!! I really enjoyed it! I love the relationship between the Reader and the HamilSquad too! It’s really natural, and not forced- I really appreciate that you can write their relationship like that. Great job, friend! 

Lafayette x Reader

Come With Me (Pt 2) by @smilemoreimagines

Laf smut. SWEET LAF SMUT. I’m crying- this was so precious. Just so freaking sweet! And very well written!! I appreciate the fact that you didn’t make this a modern AU, and took the time to describe the different garments! Bravo, friend. 

Running Out of Time by @saynotofics

Honestly, this hit too close to home for me. If anyone is planning to read this, please read the trigger warning! I’m glad you decided to write this though, friend. Really well written, and defs very realistic, and emotional. You captured the feelings quite well. Good job, friend! 

At Ease by @a-schuylerr

Kidnapping?? Whoa whoa whoa! So good!! Seriously, how are you SUCH a good writer?!?! This is amazing! I love it! The description of this fic was phenomenal- seriously, I felt so tense reading this bc of how real it felt. Amazing job, friend! 

The Little Things by @a-schuylerr

I’m 4′9. This is my favourite prompt. Laf being a tol sweetheart- can things can any better? Apparently, yes. With kisses. So cute and fluffy! Awesome job, friend!  

Not Ready by @iwrotemywayto-revolution

I’m neutral with the whole soulmate au. It can be very well written, or could use a little improvement. But I love how realistic this was- not everyone will be ready to meet the love of their life (especially not irl). This was very well written! Great job, friend! 

Coming Over by @a-blog-of-hamilton-and-writing

Wow. Okay. This was very much needed comfort. I just need a Laf that would come over, or actually just a place where people can come over ahaha. So sweet! I love it! Awesome job, friend! 

Unfaithful: Untruthful (2) by @hamilton-imaginebuddies

I. Hate. Cheaters. I’m not gonna lie, cheating just grates… More than it should seeing as I’ve never even dated anyone, let alone be cheated on. But I can see what it does to people. It’s not good. But onto Laf! So precious!  I love how he let the reader take charge of the relationship, making sure he doesn’t overstep boundaries!! Great job, friend!

A Year of Memories by @imagine-the-fluff

New Year flufffff!! I love it! So precious- there’s really no other words to describe it! Just tooth-rotting fluff, and I absolutely adore! Thank you for making my New Year so much more fluffier! Awesome job, friend! 

Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Apologies by @hamilcronarmageddon

As someone who grew up with parents who NEVER apologized- this hit too close to home. Thank you for writing this! I think it’s important for people to know that this is a toxic relationship that is not healthy!! Good job, friend! 

A Natural by @theholycakehole

/Cries BABIESSSS!! Omg this was too precious. T.Jeffs being so good with babies, and Alex being so frightened is just too cute. I love it! So fluffy and nice! Awesome job, friend! 

Alone on New Year’s Eve by @whatdimissmotherfuckers

I’m always very wary of office au involving T.Jeffs bc sometimes he’s written as this horrible, creepy, borderline-someone-fire-this-dude-for-sexual-harassment, but you’ve written him very well! So sweet, and really natural. I really like that. Great job, friend! 

John Laurens x Reader

Future by @hamilsontrash

I love the idea of John writing a letter to his future self!! SO. FREAKING. CUTE!! I’m just not over the letter idea bc I love writing to myself for future me to read- just the best way to commemorate the year. Such a great fluffy fic! Great job, friend!!

Phillip Hamilton x Reader

Life in Pieces by @mydearesttheodosia

I love angst. I love angst with Phillip. This was just so amazingly written. And Poet!Phillip?? GENIUS!! My heart physically sank when I read that last line- the PAIN!! So good! Great job, friend! 

George Washington x Reader

Assumptions by @wrotemywayoutimagines

DEAD. I’m DEAD. First of all, PROTECTIVE!GEORGE with a soft spot for his spouse is just my favourite George!! And that ending though- Hamilton defs winning brownie points from G.Wash! This is awesome! Great fic, friend! 

HamilSquad x Reader

What Would I Do Without You? by @writeyourwayoutofhell

First of all, catcallers… UGH. I totes get the feeling of freezing up when people do that, and you are not. weak. because. of. that. It’s natural for you to be scared! I wish for a HamilSquad for everyone! Such a cute fluff! Amazing job, friend! 

We’ll Give the World to You Pt 2 by @a-schuylerr

Honestly, I don’t read a lot of Hamilfic series, but I checked this one out, and I fell in love! This is so great, but Pt 2 is my favourite- meeting the HamilSquad was just so adorably written. Awesome job, friend!  

King George III x Reader

My Queen by @insane-hamilton-imagines

YES! This was so well written, and I’m such a sucker for these wedding cliché! Wonderful job, friend! 


under the cut, you’ll find a thorough guide to bandom rp. i realized my old one wasn’t actually very detailed, so i made this obnoxiously lengthy so that all of the bases were covered. i included how everything works, some common trends, and a few opinions on certain things for your viewing pleasure. if you’re a rp group, feel free to link to this page on your main. give a like or reply if you find this helpful! this was made in the spirit of my old slasher rp (screams) being revamped. if you have any questions that weren’t answered here, let me know, and i’ll elaborate where necessary. 

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anonymous asked:

To your last post: Sometimes I feel like the younger generation wants fandom and fan culture to be back in the closet, back to something that isn't talked about IRL. Not even on purpose or anything like that, but it sure feels like that'll happen with all their calls of "don't ship/write/draw that icky thing where I can see, it's PROBLEMATIC". They make fandom unsafe for everyone. The fandom I'm in is so toxic there is constantly people lashing out against what I ship and create and I'm tired.

I really get that. I often wish we had a fan-owned social media platform that could combine the advantages of livejournal (flocking your journal, long, cohesive comment threads) with those of tumblr (shared tags, open spaces, easier ways to connect and share content). But for now, fandom’s platform is tumblr, so we have to make do. 

I think it’s important not to be intimidated. Protect yourself by all available means - blocking, unfollowing, blacklisting - clean your dashboard, follow like-minded people, even if they are from different fandoms - but you’ll see that they have to deal with similar problems. It comes with the benefit that when you see something hurtful on your dash, chances are good that someone else has already written a well-worded reply, which you can then back up with a variety of “This!” if you feel like it. 

Keep on doing what you love and don’t get too defensive. Keep in mind, you don’t have to justify yourself for the things you like - ships, kinks, tropes, whatever, it’s fine. I know it’s easy to doubt yourself when people attack you so viciously, but really, they are the ones deciding to harass you when they could just as easily leave you be, which tells you something about their real motives.

Actually, refusing to get defensive and apologetic over your ships is a surefire way to make concern trolls and would-be sjws froth at the mouth. How dare you unrepentantly ship That Thing™! How dare you not even try to explain yourself by telling them all about your personal life and your reasons for liking That Thing™ (so that they can in turn tell you that it’s not an excuse, and call you names)! No, really, don’t explain yourself. Blatantly refuse to be intimidated. They hate confidence more than anything because they only gain theirs by dogpiling on others. 

Oh, and they hate getting laughed at. So laugh at them. Find an angle to see something humorous in their comments. Roll your eyes at their catchphrases. Award them bonus points, depending on how many they use. “Perpetuating harmful stereotypes”. Check. “Hurting survivors”. Check. “Romanticizing abuse”. Check. “Horrible human being.” Check. “ —> “Congratulations! The SJ-o-meter ranked your post at 15 brp (bullshit rhetoric points).” They’ll get mad at you like you wouldn’t believe. Then, when you’ve driven them into a frenzy, block them. Block anyone else on their side of the trenches, don’t read their follow-up posts, just ignore them. Once you’ve understood the way these people argue, it’s ridiculously easy to predict what their next reply will be. Oh, and ask them questions like these:

“Do you also go to mainstream porn sites and shame the dudes watching gangbang clips? I mean, surely that’s a much more problematic thing than a couple of fans drawing rather exotic kinds of fanart.”

“Do you think we should ban the bible as well? After all, it’s fiction full of genocide, slavery, incest, and rape. And you have to admit, there are far more people reading the bible than fanfiction.”

“I see you posted about that episode of that series last week, where character A did this Illegal Thing™. Are you not afraid that people could see this episode and think it’s okay to do this Illegal Thing™?”

If they refuse to answer those questions - as they likely will, because the honest answer would be a no - ask them what their real motives are when they criticize other fans.

Also fallacies. It really helps to be able to tell when your opponent’s “argument” is just a red herring, or an ad hominem attack, or an appeal to authority. The famous “I am a survivor, so it’s my right to tell you what is or isn’t harmful” is just bullshit. Don’t even bother refuting these kinds of statement, it’s a waste of time; they’re easier fended off by pointing out their fallacious nature. 

Last but not least, if you get anon hate, but don’t want to turn off anon asks altogether, publish them with random facts about the life of the Australian sea turtle. Or just delete them. They’ll keep watching your blog, silently fuming as you ignore them. 

And remember, you are not alone. Fandom is full of great people, it just takes some effort to weed out the haters, and find a way not to let them ruin your day.

(this gets VERY VERY sentimental, just a warning lol)

hey, fellows!! i somehow reached 600 followers on Christmas Day! the only explanation is that you all joined up together in secret to give me this ~rad~ surprise 

but (thank god) it’s also pretty much the end of 2016, so it might be nice to tell my mutuals how much they meant to me this year. and because it’s such a coincidence, it’s Sherlock-Christmas-themed… 

so I made some categories, each a different character’s attitude to Christmas. (mostly the ASiB christmas asklhdsa i’d rather not include Agra) 
That character’s attitude to Christmas is pretty much my attitude to your blog. Sort of like a tag yourself, i guess, but i tag you, so it’s not really a tag yourself at all. so I get all the fun and you just get judged???? this idea is getting worse and worse by the second. sorry lol

okay let’s go 

Sherlock - he loves Christmas. compares things he loves to Christmas. can’t wait to get back to Christmas 

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John - he’s happier during Christmas, but not as loud about it as Sherlock. how much does John really like Christmas? no one knows, he never talks about it. except when he’s alone and working on his own blog - he’ll say privately that it’s the best Christmas he’s ever had. 

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Mycroft - he’s hoping for a peaceful night in on Christmas. But by the end of the night, he’s staring through the window, pondering everything he thinks he knows about life 

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Lestrade - He doesn’t get as much credit as he should. Yet he shows that he is a genuinely good person in being friendly to everyone at Christmas, listening a lot, very kind when talking with everyone else :’) 

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Mrs Hudson - makes everyone feel at home on Christmas. comes close to adopting them tbh. would make food for them if she could. (trash crew ajsagdsajjasl!!)

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I’m just trying to say in a really odd and incoherent way that… I’m really glad that I crossed paths with all of you and I appreciate u a lot. If one of the above characters wasn’t present at the bbc sherlock christmas, then the christmas just wouldn’t be the same. Similarly, if we were missing any one of you from the fandom, it just wouldn’t be the same, it wouldn’t be as nice. ummm this is getting really sentimental so I’m just going to say that you are all ~rad~ and merry christmas/happy holidays :’)

okay there are some people who I wanted to give longer thank-yous to but I’d rather not clutter up your dash so… read more lol if i tagged you below or if you just want to read anyway…

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hey this is pretty important but it’s also really long so it’s under a cut. if you follow me (especially if we’re mutuals) you should probably read it ♡ thanks and happy new year!!

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Hi! The idea had been brought up a few times already, and I think now is the right moment to finally get started with commissions. I am currently not a student anymore but still too young to get a job for the time being, so until that becomes possible I wanna support my family the best I can. I also plan to meet my girlfriend irl this year, and money will be needed for that. Thank you for your time! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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trying-to-revise  asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you have any advice on picking up a language when you've had a bit of a hiatus from it? I've done an AS level in French but probably wasn't practising enough even then, and I really want to pick it back up again! Any tips? (ps. your blog is so well organised - your navigation section is genuinely fantastic) x

Hi and thanks so much! I took a two-three year break from learning French, so hopefully you’ll find some of the following tips helpful! 

The first thing I did when I picked up my French again was find resources that I liked - I use this website, and this textbook, mostly. I also recently got this dictionary, which is huge, and really useful! Check out my French resources tag here - there’s various websites, textbooks, youtube videos, music playlists, etc.! Just spend some time finding a resource(s) that you really like and can reference easily. 

Secondly, I started working on grammar - I found that was where I was most lacking as it wasn’t really a focus in school. Personally, I researched as much grammar as I could, although that’s not necessarily the best course of action - I find I’m more likely to forget something if I’m not using it in practice, so learning tenses like the simple past isn’t really necessary unless you’re exposed to formal writing. 

Vocab isn’t as much of a focus for me as I find it a lot easier to learn, but learning vocab in context (in sentences that you might actually say, for example) and learning vocab that you’d likely use often is something I find helpful!

Learning colloquial language is infinitely useful. It’s something you use all the time in English, and it helps prevent you sounding like a robot when you try to talk to someone in French. Check out my vocab tag here for some great colloquial language vocab posts!

Practice, of course, makes perfect! Keeping a journal in French, reading or watching the news, listening to the radio and so on are all great everyday applications of French. However, I’d recommend starting with Disney films and songs, and kids books, like fairytales, are all great (and lots of fun). I’m currently reading Harry Potter à l’école des Sorciers (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone) in French, for example! (Protip: it’s much easier to find books and films online if you search for it in French.)

Make friends. Chatting to people in French is easily the best way to practice. You can use sites like wespeke or apps like HelloTalk if you don’t know anyone irl or online to practice with. Try not to take yourself too seriously - you will make mistakes - which is the best way to learn - and you will inadvertently say something dirty at least once. It happens, laugh it off and keep practicing! 

Overall, don’t put too pressure on yourself! Think about why you want to continue learning French - chances are, it’s not for a grade if you’re self-learning. French is a beautiful language, and it should be enjoyed! There will be setbacks and it’s not a linear process, but that’s okay and the most important thing is to enjoy yourself and enjoy learning French!

I hope this helps, and let me know if you need anything else! 

snonalbain-deactivated20170603  asked:

Do u have links/tips that will help me learn to draw?

In short, just do it!

Draw as much as you can, whenever you can and observe life around you! Draw mundane things, exciting things, tiny things, giant things, things that aren’t things lol you get my point. For me, it’s important when I think “Oh I suck at drawing [insert whatever thing]!” that I see that as a challenge. I don’t want to put any limitations on myself because I’m the only one who can do that.

So let’s take hands, for example, because a ton of people struggle with them (including myself lol). Draw 100 of them in every different pose and configuration imaginable, by the end of it you’ll be 100 hands better than when you started. Never ever shy away from something because you suck at drawing it, the only way to get better is to do it.

If you (or anyone else too) have more drawing questions feel free to ask me on my personal blog! ( http://melonberri.tumblr.com/ )


For the rest, I’m going to put under a read more because it’ll probably get long and this isn’t really a SU related question lol.

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