about time i finished this


@amigoingbananas Every time I try to sketch Hideyoshi, I think of you. Maybe because the first time we ever talked was when I’m about to finish his route and I have no one to fangirl with. You also dragged me into Yasu’s fans club and looking back now… I can’t believe that it’s been that long!

Thanks for being such an amazing friend to me. Hihihi. Love you to moon and back.

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Soft brush rowl looking at stars? :'>


- Nice song, by the way, Madison recorded the whole thing.
- He what now?
- You were screeching so much we thought someone was getting murdered.

[If I had to witness this with my own two eyes so do you. Also, Namaqua frogs.]

Two bros sleeping in the same bed 0 feet apart cuz they’re really gay.


drawing some yasuhooooo because i love her! also josuke is there….

Like many of you I have been riding the rollercoaster of fury and hopelessness since the election. This is the closest thing I’ve done to personal work in a long time, and it felt really good- though I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to finish it. People that I cared about have fundamentally disappointed me, not just with their votes but their casual disregard for everything I value. I feel like the world is on fire, and every day is just… Hard. It’s really hard right now. 

Every day feels like an uphill battle that I’m not sure if I’m winning or not- but seeing the strength in Elizabeth Warren, and then being reminded of the sheer history of Women who have had to fight this battle and so much more is powerful. I might be tired right now, it might be hard, but SHE will persist. Women have persisted in the face of SO MUCH throughout history, it’s mindboggling to really sit and think about, and I want to honor that. I want to keep fighting the good fight, and keep making the world a better place.

Thinking about Elizabeth Warren reminded me of my childhood love of Watership Down, an impossibly dark and sad story of sheer survival. I wanted to incorporate that as both an homage to her name and a tie in with the spirit of that story, life and death and the cycle of how women have persisted.