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do you have a source for where you said jensen and misha know about cockles and don't mind it? i believe you i'm just interested in reading it haha

one time misha “accidentally” tweeted a link to a comprehensive study on the cockles love story with example gifs and pictures and everything. another time he tweeted something about the “cockles of [his] heart” and then said “words chosen carefully.” he also another time tweeted something like “can u guess what my favorite bivalve mollusk is” and then waited like four hours before tweeting the answer, which was NOT a cockle. but like. he knew what he was doing.

the fact that misha knows means that jensen also knows. 

i honestly could not give a shit if someone thinks i’m pretentious for enjoying what david lynch does and be able to give it meaning to myself. david lynch’s work has always been a personal thing for me to enjoy. i honestly couldnt give a fuck if people think people who understand his work are just kidding themselves. I enjoy the world that david lynch sets out for me, i want to sink my teeth into this show and take it all in. If i understand it in my way just let me be, just let people enjoy david lynch’s work without being such a dick about it, if people don’t like it then go away, disappear. David lynch doesn’t make this for everyone, if you hate that you don’t understand it or feel like some of it is unnecessary you don’t have to watch it and you don’t have to come at other folks who do like it. 

Nozaki: Thanks for everyone’s hard work at ETA2017 -RAINBOW- Tour’s Tokyo performance! Thanks to everyone who came!

I couldn’t participate until the end because of some play-related business, but I spent a great time there!

Well, please keep supporting both MeseMoa. and Nozakibento (member color – brown, 31 years old)!


Everyone’s congratulating PBG for his upset outburst towards Jontron, but nobody’s congratulating him for apologizing for it after and showing political disagreements shouldn’t be what destroys friendships.
I have a lot more respect for him because of this and he deserves more credit for it imo.