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While all of yall are over here freaking out over clown names, us twitter users have just been treated to Feminist Frequency calling out Nick Robinson of polygon for his tweet about jacking off to Krystal from Star Fox.

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after reading ithazzabelou's post you just reblogged about Louis' team, i decided to check their twitter, and i see they RTed's James's tweet about his last show, and ITV's tweet about ant and dec, nothing about Louis, then i went and checked their website, the last louis news was about him performing at the Jimmy F performance, no late late show, no Ultra, no JHO going platinum, nothing, he doesn't have a "work" tab, he doesn't have a "channel" where they put his SM account unlike the others

Yeah, they do the absolute bare minimum for him, it’s pathetic.

DFTBA saw my sad tweet about the school laminator ruining one of my (six!) new posters and they’re sending me a replacement! Like, unasked! Best Monday after spring break ever!!!

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The new DAPG video has made me so happy. I have always been a fan of Phil and to think that he has always been this creative is just more that I could ask for. I love how Dan was actually happy about the game and he looked so happy for Phil.

I’m torn between what is my favorite thing about the Mark of Oxin videos

1) 14 yo Phil working some random casual bisexuality in
2) Dan praising Phil for his creativity approx once every five minutes
3) Phil’s pleased smile every time Dan says something he likes
4) The plot twists that were actually plot twist-y. 
5) Phil naming the characters after his friends. 
6) The typos. Wow. The typos. 
7) The Dan and Phil plushies holding hands in the bg of the second video. 
8) Dan’s tweets about it, and telling people to leave comments telling Phil how good it was. 
9) Phil asking if people would ship Alex with Jake or Emily and Dan not even letting him finish the sentence before saying Jake. (Because ‘tumblr needs that gay shit.) 

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I know media was treating the Columbia deal has done for months now, and that Columbia tweeted Harry wishing him a happy bday (Jeff even liked the post), but it's still weird that they wont say more about it and are just now posting about Harry like everything is fine and dandy. Idk, with Liam and Niall we got welcoming tweets, about how excited they are to have them and welcoming them to the family and all, and Columbia doesnt do anything and just starts retweeting about Harry's projects... -.-

He’s not even up on their website as a Columbia artist yet though, so I wonder if they’ll do some big announcement and website update on April 7 alongside whatever Harry is releasing.

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Just gonna throw this out here : Zayn is probably sick (that's why we haven't seen him since Friday) and now Liam is tweeting about the fact that he has to take care of his baby, but is a little disgusted by it.

I’m accepting this as factual. Zayn’s probably a whiny little baby when he’s sick too. “Leeyum, I just want to breathe again, is that so much to ask?” Liam will just shake is head and restock the tissues or grab him some more tea. He’s a pain and rather annoying but he’s the love of his life and he decided to stick with him in sickness and health, till death.

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same ano: my goodness! you just spoke out what I've been thinking. *flying kisses to you* I support Namjoon everyday, all day. but yess, i envy for Yoongi alot. when i read the new tweet about Namjoon's latest collab, i can't help but envy. I suppose since Yoongi's rap style and producing style aren't as publicly amiable like Namjoon. Yoongi's style is very raw and rough. Thank you for understanding my love!

Hugs for you, anon… I know these thoughts are frowned upon… And I might have to take some heat. But I hope readers will understand. I love Namjoon, he is honestly amazing. But yeah, his style and Yoongi’s style are different. It will forever be Yoongi’s and Jhope’s burden to be compared to Namjoon. I do understand your love, my love comes from the same place…

I just want him to progress too in his own right…

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The thing is, it had to be Liam tweeting. He has a completely new team and even if he's still somehow tied to SYCO/Modest they definitely no longer have access to his twitter account probably. When "Louis" tweets about Freddieson it can easily be blamed on his team, since we've seen them following Eleanor from his IG and bunch of other fuckups, but with Liam it either was him tweeting or his team plays along with BG. After all, we've seen them congratulating him. (Or it's all real, not sure yet)

Hi anon,

Firstly, that sentence re Syco/Modest says both probably and definitely, can’t be both. 

Also,  I’ve seen with my own eyes Adam Kelly posting on his own account something that was meant for Liam’s account that he deleted immediately or before I could take a screenshot and then appeared on Liam’s account.

. Factis unless ever have webcams which are available to prove who posted what at anytime we’ll likely never know. 

I don’t believe it’s his child.   I find certain events like Simon Oliveira following  Zayn in recent weeks but then following  Kimberley on Saturday potentially of note but beyond that, I’ll watch it play out. End of.