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imagine doing an interview where you are your usual polite self and then days later hearing how the people who did the interview introduced you. bitch ain’t nobody that kind to just let folks shit on you

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I think it was Jimin who snores on theirfirst night together lmao cause it looked like Jk was kinda teasing Jm😂 this dorks

It’s soooo cute that this is potentially some kind of inside joke between the both of them. Yeah okay, maybe we’re looking too much into it but lbr none of us even have an inkling of what it relates to and this is the first time it’s shown up ironically with just the two of them so let us assume.

Yeah I can see this actually. Jungkook used it after he said Jimin was handsome as if to say “you may be handsome but you snore” or something lmao. And pretty sure Jimin punched him every time and thought it was the funniest so. Either inside joke or it’s another example of Jimin laughing at every thing Jungkook says or does ._.