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lance’s frustration with not being listened to in the last episode of season 4 is not casual and it’s something he’s been holding in for a long time. he’s starting to realize something’s wrong with shiro and he’s gonna be the one to figure out he’s fake and then he’s gonna immediately alert keith and they’re gonna have an heartfelt moment where he’ll convince keith to come back thanks for coming to my ted talk

my parents are gone for the weekend and bc my dad is my dad and he’s into this whole ‘smart house’ thing he decided to link the curtains up to close electronically (bc of course..), only the windows tablet with the ‘close/open curtains’ button messed up this morning meaning i have to get Alexa to do it, but Alexa doesn’t get what i’m saying so i’m just sitting here arguing with a dumb computer just to shut the curtains in the house and i hate the future

“Do you really trust her so little?” he whispers.

Zen’s feels his heart stop. Did he…? Before he can complete the thought, a crushing pain blooms across his cheek and the metallic taste of copper fills his mouth.

It’s chaos after that. There are no other words for what the world descends into. Vaguely, he can hear the sound of Mitsuhide yelling, horses whinnying in panic, but they both have lost their desire for speech. It holds no purpose here anymore. Knees find ribs, fists sink into weak flesh, arms wrap around necks in an attempt to bring the other to the ground. There’s the sharp sensation of teeth digging into skin and Zen yelps, pushing Obi away, only to have his foot swept out from under him.

Obi’s on top of him in an instant, hands fisted in his collar, thighs pinning his legs down and Zen’s rigid fingers head towards Obi’s eyes a split second before the weight of the other man is dragged off of him entirely.

“I SAID STOP!” Mitsuhide roars.

Zen pushes himself up on his elbows, panting, looking across the room to where Obi limbs sprawl across the ground. He’s already pushed himself half up, body poised to fly into an attack once more.

Inktober 2017 - Day 21 - Furious

Drawing dedicated to @superhappybubbleslove

All credits go to her and her fanfiction “Ever After”
(link to this chapter: https://archiveofourown.org/works/8585254/chapters/22394870)

Who else self ship themselves with Cayde?

lets go down, together

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Hey there my bunnies! It’s time for me to re-awaken my inner artist. However, I could use a little help. I need some new tunes to listen to. Send me your favorite songs and I’ll check them out and hopefully a few will help me along in painting my world through my eyes again instead of through the eyes of others. I can’t wait to find my soul again! All the bacon sweeties!

I swear, Slasher was at least partly funded by the CW

Take this scene from Episode 3

Grandma Bennett: That cop likes you. 

Sarah: Grandma, I’m literally married, what the fuck?!?! 

Grandma: Yes, I know. He’s black and you actually have some chemistry. But you forget the cop is a bland white guy and this show is partly being made for American audiences so…

Sarah: *sees the disrespect-to-an-interracial-relationship-foreshadowing* SON OF A BITCH…I’m a good person, I don’t deserve this…and neither does the audience… 

okay unpopular opinion: i am not enjoying before the storm as much as i thought i would, it has a lot of flaws

I just bummed myself out at the realization that Tallia has had more in-depth, one-on-one, meaningful and deep conversations with Treek than she has with Lana.


I thought it would be nice for Arthas to go back home since he is the rightful king of lordaeron. 


Dawnstar, about 2AM

Pro-tip, if you’re a white Star Wars fan (like me) and you feel inclined to tell POC fans to “stop whining about” or “get over” the near total exclusion of Finn, Poe and especially Rose in the marketing, and SW’s not so subtle demotion of Finn, who was marketing as being a POC protagonist and Jedi before TFA came out, to a supporting role, at any point in the next two months: