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Knuckles: Boxer!Ashton (Part 3)

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Pulling up.

Coming down x

You take a final look in the vanity mirror, adjusting bits of your done-up hair to reach a balanced mixture of messy yet elegant. There’s a certain strand that’s been having a time taunting you all day, springing from it’s bobbypin every chance it gets, and you decide to just gift it the freedom it’s worked so hard for, removing the clip at the last second and dropping it on the dresser. Black tie events are far from your forté, but you’re trying your best to play the part for Ashton. The last time you wore a dress this long or heels this high had to be your senior prom, and the jitters in your stomach make you feel like you’re getting ready for it all over again: nervous to see your date, paranoid about something going wrong, trying too hard to impress people you don’t know. At least this time you can look forward to alcohol being there.

You grab your phone and a clutch full of necessities before heading out the door, slowly making your way down the steps as you’re reminded how difficult it is to walk in heels. Whose bright idea was it to invent these things? They’ll be kicked off by the end of the night, no doubt. Your feet are already starting to hate you.

At the edge of the sidewalk a tall figure awaits your descent. He’s sporting a classic black and white tuxedo perfectly tailored to accentuate his striking physique, a thin tie hung from the collar rather than a bow. It’s quite a contrast to the athletic shorts and t-shirts you’re used to seeing him in, but you definitely aren’t complaining. The mop of brown curls that usually fall over his eyes have been trimmed and styled for the occasion, and the two week old beard he claimed he was too lazy to shave has disappeared from his chiseled face, cleaning him up significantly. Ashton has always been more of the ruggedly handsome type to you; the kind of person who looks his best straight after rolling out of bed in the morning. However this new side of him, one so sharp and expensive, inflicts serious damage to your will power, and it takes every ounce of your conscious control to not just blow off the event and drag him straight back up to your apartment.

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The more I think about it, the more I think the main thing that ‘went wrong’ with Andromeda is that it plays everything so safe. I still like the game, but that is the one overarching issue that stopped me from enjoying it as much as I wanted to.

This is a new galaxy; they could have done anything, but it all feels so utterly familiar.

The story starts at the wrong point in the time line

The biggest mistake they made, story wise, was making us come into the galaxy at the point that we did. I will never for the life of me understand why they took a game that was going to be about exploration and how ‘we’re the aliens now’ and not let us be the first humans to arrive in Andromeda.

Just start the game at that point. Before the uprising, before the outposts, before the Nexus is half-built. Have us truly be the first humans the Angara meet. Have us struggle to understand each other, and slowly win their trust, only to lose it when the Uprising happens and they see a darker side to humans.

How devastating would it be to have worked to gain their trust, gain Jaal’s trust, and then see it all get swept away by events out of our control?

This way we also get more chances to bond to Alec, as he’ll be around for longer than 2 minutes. Think about establishing those first outposts on Eos with Alec, only to see them fail disastrously with us, the pathfinder team, carrying that guilt with them.

This also means we’ll see the Nexus fail, see Garson murdered (not entirely clear on the timeline for that tbh). And eventually we will have to see characters we know turn against us during the Uprising itself!

And if they have to get rid of the dad, he could die during the Uprising (adding a personal touch to having to deal with the Exiles), or hell, maybe he joins them. 

As it is now, it just feels like we missed a large part of interesting narrative in Andromeda. We’re made pathfinder in 2 seconds and succeed from the word go. There are obstacles to getting the outposts up and running, but no real struggle. Another consequence of setting the story 18 months (I think it’s 18) from when the first people arrived is that it robs us of being the first.

(I’m also not entirely clear on why the Nexus had to be there first, because it can’t function without Outposts, they need a pathfinder to find outposts, but the arc’s had the pathfinders and they were meant to arrive later on? Also, no one on the Hyperion says they arrived too late, but on the Nexus they say they thought everyone was dead, which seems to indicate they were waiting for longer than they thought they had to? I might be missing something here.)

Planets are not inviting to explore

As it stands, it just adds more familiarity into a game that already suffers from taking too few risks.

Everything from the planets to the wild life to who we encounter feels so safe. Storybeats are repeated from the original trilogy, enemies as well. On four of the planets we already see a lot of milky way equipment/ milky way species. And even Kandara Port (though I like the design), which was built by the Angara feels like it wouldn’t be out of place in me2.

All the planets are a bit of a let down when it comes to how not-alien they feel, excepting Havarl and arguably habitat 7, they don’t feel that alien. And the frustrating thing is, this isn’t filmed on location, they’re not constrained by planet Earth; they could have gone all out. 

Besides not feeling alien the planets also feel so… dead. I know there is a bit of an in game reason for this, but 1. they created the reason 2. I don’t think that’s the reason.

Every planet gets one or two pieces of plant life, looking only slightly alien from what we see on earth. The rest is desert, snow desert, almost barren ground. Throw in a lot of rocks. And 4 different animals, all just reskins of that same set from other planets. (Even those acidic lakes are things we can find right here.) And why do we still not have a weather or day/ night cycle? It’s one thing if you just work with smaller hubs, but bragging about your huge maps and then have them be utterly static seems a bit weird.

We also only get one alien city. One, and it’s tiny. At least it feels more like a city than Val Royeaux, but not by much. I do like Aya’s design though. We do see some smaller camps? settlements? of the Angara, but if they were such a presence in the cluster until 80 years back when the Kett arrived, where are the ruins to their civilization? The abandoned cities of the Angara?

The Jardaan certainly piqued my interest, but what do we really see of them? The vaults, that one giant starship, not-Meridian, and Meridian itself, which is one of the few places that was inviting to explore so of course we couldn’t. Did they just not leave any other marks on the planets except those things and the ‘points of interest’ (that are not interesting)?

All we really have to interrupt these huge boring maps, clearly designed to only rush through with your Nomad, is some random fights (the same two variations I think) and ‘points of interest’, except there’s never anything of interest except some remnant to kill and a container? After a while I just gave up checking them out tbh, so please point out any great ones you found.

There are of course a lot of sidequests thrown in, some of them I found pretty fun and a huge improvement on da:i, but they don’t invite you to explore. The planet itself isn’t worth exploring so when doing a sidequest you just rush to the point you have to get. In other games, games that do this concept well, you set your quest and then while going there get distracted by things you find out in the world. Here that happened maybe a few times, and usually it was because I came across a point for another quest and someone hailed me. It was never because I saw something that piqued my interest and I went over there and it had something fun to do.

A lack of new species, and disappointing returning aliens

They never showed a lot of the milky way species and the ones we did see lacked diversity. The just picked one head morph - or two in the case of Turians where the females have different facial structure - and slapped on some paint. I expect more not less from a newer game. The Asari were the most jarring - to the point I avoided Kerri because she has Lexi’s face and it’s just ridiculous. But the Salarians have just as little diversity. Google salarians in mass effect and you’ll see they did so much more with them in the original trilogy. And I have to say, there were too many Turians with white faces,  a few of them important characters as well, I still mix up Kandros and Avitus.

And what do we get in exchange for all the species we don’t see return and the diversity that’s gone? One new species. One. I love the Angara, but I can’t help but be disappointed that we travel to a new galaxy only to discover one new race. Unless we count throw away enemy the collectors .2 the Kett. But really, they only brought back 4 of the original trilogy’s races and still didn’t have enough resources to add some diversity to Andromeda? Really? We just get the Angara…


I would just have scrapped the giant maps, and gone for smaller but denser packed ones, like Havarl and Habitat 7. Add much more plant life and animal life and real diversity in those two, to all the planets. And make them more alien.

Have no more than one desert planet, I vote Elaaden as it was the best desert, and stick more sunken ruins in it that have actual things to discover about the Jardaan. And make that the only planet so huge that you absolutely have to use the Nomad.

Make Kadara much smaller, with much more lakes so it looks more like a deadly lake planet.

If we have to have a snow planet, make it more original than a white reskin of a desert planet. Maybe we have to drive in giant ice caves, maybe we don’t even get to walk on the surface, maybe the Angara have buried themselves underground in ruins of a old Jardaan city.

And this is just sticking to the planets in game, but they should just have scrapped all of them except Havarl and gone much more alien than they have.

I still like the game, I just think there was a lot of potential there they never bothered to explore. All in all it just feels like they played it safe. Maybe that’s a reaction to the backlash after me3′s endings, but I think it’s where they failed the game the most, and for me it leaves the game in ‘if only’ limbo.
The Neighbors( 8/?)

Summary: You’ve been in New York for about 3 years now moving here looking for a new experience. You began working at a hospital doing patient records and a moved into a cute little apartment in a mostly safe neighborhood in Brooklyn. After being at the hospital for a few months, you were presented with an amazing offer to switch from patient records to shadowing nurses, you just had to take a few classes outside of work while you worked with them. Since then, your life in New York has been great. But will it stay that way once you meet your new neighbors across the hall?

Warnings : swearing,  flirting, a little angst & fluff , SMUT FINALLY.

Pairings: Sam Wilson x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, eventual Steve Rogers x Reader

                                       Chapter 8 : The Invitation

       You walk back into your kitchen, immediately going to the freezer for an ice pack for your hand.Damn, they never say how much punching someone hurts.Why on Earth do people do this shit for fun? You hold the pack to your hand as you begin making margaritas. You zone out into your own little world, thinking about how good it felt to finally shut Nick up. Huh, I wonder if he’s still in the hallway. You finally shake yourself back into the real world, and are welcomed by your friends proud smiles across all their faces. You send them and awkward smile.

“So…who else is having a 10 a.m  margarita?” Gloria comes up to you, forcing you into a tight hug. You squeeze her back.

“I didn’t know you had that in you! Thank you for standing up for me.”

You kiss her cheek. “I will stand up for you  always, my love.” You give her hand a squeeze and turn back to the blender, dropping half a bottle of tequila in with some ice.

“Plan on getting bombed this early, Doll?” Steve asks as he comes up behind you. He wraps his arms around you, placing his face in the crook of your neck. You lean yourself back into him.

“I think I deserve it.” He chuckles, putting his mouth close to your ear.

“That might be one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen you do.” He nips your ear, sending chills down your spine and causing heat to pool in your body. You twist yourself around, pulling Steve’s face to yours, and give him a lingering kiss.

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“Don’t start something you’re not going to finish, Captain. It’s rude.” You wink and turn back to the margaritas. Steve lands a swift smack to your butt, causing you to squeak. You can hear your friends laugh at the what they just witnessed. Just as you’re pouring the drink into cups for everyone, you hear Gloria’s voice.

“Wait, you’re telling me they haven’t had sex yet?!” Oh god. I’m going to kill them. Bucky and Sam let out roars of laughter, while you hear what you assume to be Steve Smacking the backs of their heads. You move to carry the drinks to them but Gloria stomps up to you.

“Is there a reason you haven’t slept with Steve yet? Or are you just out of your damn mind?” Your eyes go wide and you begin to stutter. She rolls her eyes, sending a ‘we will talk about your stupidity later’ look your way. You let out a puff of air. Thank God I don’t have to endure that lecture right now.

After two rounds of margaritas, you remember you still need to talk to Steve. So when he volunteers to help you carry the empty glasses back into the kitchen, you jump at the chance.

        When you’re both out of earshot, you finally speak “Hey Steve, I just want to apologize for the night of the gala.” He goes to stop you but you raise your hand. He takes the hint and lets you continue. “Nick said some things and I let them get to me. I treated you like you did something wrong when you didn’t. I let him get into my head and make me second guess everything. I’m sorry I snapped at you that night, and I let those elevator doors shut in your face.” You’re leaning against the counter now, he’s doing the same across from you.

“What did he say to you that did that Y/n?” I can’t lose him, I have to tell him the truth.

You sigh and begin telling him everything Nick said: about how he is going to realize you don’t belong in his world; how you’re not good for anything besides sex; everything that’s been replaying on your mind, you spill to Steve. You try to hold back the tears, but you can’t. As soon as the first one falls, Steve’s in front of you wiping it away. He pulls you to him, resting his head on top of yours while you cry into his chest.

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“He’s wrong Y/n, you belong here with me. I don’t want you to be anywhere else. You’re worth more than sex, and anyone that thinks other wise is a fool. He couldn’t be more wrong. He just wanted ruin what you have going. Please don’t let him. Don’t let him ruin this for us,” he whispers the last part. You look up at Steve, he wipes away another set of tears.

 “I’m not leaving until you ask me to Steve. You’re stuck with me.” He chuckles, and pulls your lips to his. You don’t know if he meant it to be a quick kiss, but you turn it into a long, sweet one. Only to be interrupted by Gloria’s voice making its way to the kitchen.

  “Y/n, can you come here for a second?” She asks. Oh God, what did they break. You hesitantly pull Steve with you to the TV room. Gloria pulls an envelope from her bag and hands it to you.

“Oh God, this isn’t a piece of paper saying you have 6 months to live, is it?” You ask. She rolls her eyes but doesn’t answer. The boys are all looking at you, making you more nervous. You open the envelope expecting something bad, but what you get couldn’t be anymore perfect. You pull out beautiful card: a wedding invitation. For Gloria and Alexa.

“OH MY GOD,” you yell, sending a wide eyed look to Gloria. “When-” She cuts you off.

“I’ll tell you everything in a minute, flip it over”

You do as she says. Your eyes water as you read, “Maid of Honor is a title meant for someone that knows you better than anyone else in the world. Someone you love with every piece of heart. Will you accept this request, and accept that I love with every part of me?” Tears are raining down your face. So much information so fast.

 “Do you think I’d say no!?” You yell as you pull her to you. You love Gloria and you love her girlfriend (now fiancee ) Alexa. She tells you everything about how she proposed and Alexa’s reaction. It sounded so perfect; you love weddings and honestly can’t wait for your own. You’re surprised she asked you to be a Maid of Honor when she has 3 sisters, but you aren’t going to question it. It means too much to you.

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  Gloria stays for the rest of the week, leaving two days before you return to your night shifts. You promise to help her with as many wedding decisions as you can even though you’ll be far away. You have two months until you have to fly home to help her set up for the wedding; two months to prepare for having the boys meet your family, since Gloria invited them to come with.

    It’s been two weeks since Gloria left and she sends you pictures everyday of potential bridesmaid dresses. Not all of them are horrible, just 70% of them. She finally decides on one that isn’t terrible. She refuses to show anyone her or Alex’s dresses, wanting it to be a surprise. You help her pick out flowers over facetime, and do anything else possible using that to help ease her load for decisions. Today, you help her pick out name plates for the guests, and a playlist for the reception. Those are the last things she needed. You guys really got a lot done, and the rest is up to her and Alex. As you’re about to start getting ready for work, Steve walks into your room. He stops in your doorway, a deep blush blossoms across his cheeks as he looks at you. You’re only in a bra and panties, and you raise your eyebrow at him.

“I – I should knock next time, right?” He asks awkwardly. You laugh, and slowly stroll up to him.

  “Why would you need to do that, Steve? I don’t mind.” You run your hands up his chest until they land around his neck, playing with the back of his hair. He leans down, wrapping his arms under your butt and lifts you. Your nose brushes against his as you tilt your head and connect your lips. As soon as your lips touch his, you can feel fireworks sparking through you. I will never get sick of this feeling.

Steve lays you down on your bed, placing your legs on either side of his waist. Is this it? Is he finally going to fucking do something? As if Steve’s reading your mind, he leans down and connects his lips to yours, while rolling his hips against you. You gasp into the kiss, giving him the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth. It turns heated quickly, your tongues moving against each other’s as he rolls his hips harder against you. You can feel yourself getting wet at the feeling of his erection pushing against you.

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Steve moves away from you, a pout forming on your lips from the loss of contact. He leans forward, taking your lip between teeth. Hot damn, Rogers. A whimper slips from you as Steve stands up to remove his clothes. You just watch him as he does, taking in every muscle and line on his body. When he finally slips his boxers down his legs, your mouth goes dry. How is that going to fit? Yikes. He senses your worry.

“Tell me to stop if I hurt you,” He says sweetly. You roll your eyes.

“Steve just touch me, please,” You whine. He smirks, then moves down your body. He removes your remaining clothes, and just stares down at you.

“You are absolutely gorgeous, Doll.” You smile up at him as he leans down for a kiss. He guides his hand down to the apex of your thighs, ghosting over your slit. You move your hips, trying to get him to touch you.

“Be patient, Sweetheart,” he whispers. He moves his lips down your neck, and pauses right as he is about hit your chest. The anticipation is killing you, but he doesn’t speed up. He slowly takes one of your nipples into his mouth, keeping eye contact with you as he swirls his tongue around it. You arch yourself closer to him, moaning at the feeling of him sucking at your chest. His hand finally makes contact with your clit, rubbing slow but hard circles into. You moan at friction he’s giving you, but crave more.

“Steve, please. I need-” You’re cut off when Steve slides a finger into your wet heat. A loud, obscene moan escaping you.

“You need what, Doll? I’m listening.” That smug bastard.

He inserts another finger and starts thrusting faster, switching to your other nipple and giving it the same attention. His name leaving your mouth in moans as he drives you to the edge. You can feel yourself about to tip over when he removes his mouth from your breast, and places it over your clit. A high pitched whimper shoots from your mouth as Steve sucks on your clit while fucking you harder with his fingers.You move your hands to his hair, holding him against you while he sucks and licks at your core. In mere seconds, you’re toppling over into an intense orgasm. When Steve pulls away from you, you see the evidence from you finish coating his lips and chin.

“You taste so sweet Y/n, I’ll never get sick of it”.

He quickly reaches into his pants on the floor and grabs his wallet. He pulls out a condom and quickly tears the wrapper before sliding it on. You pull him down to you into a heated and desperate kiss. You flip yourself so you’re straddling his hips, his rock hard cock nudging at your sensitive folds. You moan at the feeling and begin sliding his dick between your soaked folds. A strangled moan leave his lips at you teasing.

  You send a smirk his way. “Patience, darling.” A low growl leaves his lips. He grips your waist, lifting you to slide you onto his length. You slide down slowly, feeling yourself stretch from his size. The mild discomfort subsides quickly, turning right into hot pleasure. You start slowly rocking yourself on him, lifting whimpers from both of you. You finally break, and start riding him fast & hard. He moves his hands to right under your breasts. You watch him as he watches them bounce from your movements. His hands slide back to your waist, and hold you to him. He starts thrusting up into you, hitting the perfect spot inside you.

 He flips you both, catching himself on his elbows on either side of your head.

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“Steve, harder please!” you beg and he complies, pounding into you as he sucks at your neck. The only sounds that can be heard are your moans, his praises, your headboard smacking into the wall, and his skin against yours.

“Is this what you want sweetheart? What you were so impatient for?” He pushes himself up onto his knees, and holds your waist for more leverage. This position has him ramming right into your g-spot repeatedly, and your back arches at the contact.

“I’m close Steve,” you whimper. He speeds up his thrusts even more, and begins circling your clit. All you can do is moan. You feel the elastic band inside you about to snap, you just need a little more.

 “Harder, Captain.” That does it. Steve moves himself at an unbelievably faster pace, causing both of you fall into your orgasms. You feel the band break, and Steve finishes off inside you. Your breathing is harsh and both your bodies are covered in sweat. Steve rolls off to the side of you, both of you wearing blissful smiles.

 "So, you have a Captain kink?” You ask as you try to catch your breath. Steve chuckles, and you can tell he’s going to deny it. “Don’t even deny it Steve, it’s hot,” you say casually. You look over to him, he’s just shaking his head and laughing.

“You’re really something else, Doll.” You wink at him in response, then sit up quickly. You turn and look at your wall behind your headboard. You burst out laughing, resulting in Steve getting up to look.

“Holy shit,” he mumbles under his breath. Your wall is dented from the force of your headboard, the paint cracking around it.

“Well, Captain Rogers, I’ll take that a sign we did it right.” He rolls his eyes and pulls you down to him. You snuggle into him, ready to fall asleep, when you hear your front door open. Bucky and Sam appear in your doorway, and you pull the blanket around just barely in time.

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“Dude, next time warn us. Jesus, I could hear you both through my headphones!” Bucky barks.

Sam just send you a sly wink, then pushes Bucky back towards the exit. “I want a kid named after me!” he yells over his shoulder. You groan, going to lay back down before Steve stops you.

“Doll, don’t you have work in,” He looks at your clock, “25 minutes?” Your eyes widen and you shoot out of bed.

“Great timing Steve, I don’t even have time to shower!” He laughs as he watches you fly around your room, looking for your scrubs. You give him a quick kiss, then bolt out your door.

  It’s been a week since you’ve been back at work and you already want to sleep for eternity again. Steve’s been gone on a mission with Bucky for a couple days, and you haven’t been able to sleep well without him there. Sam stayed behind , helping ease your anxiety. You end up cuddling up to him when you get home from work hoping your body will think it’s Steve and lets you sleep, but it doesn’t work that well. The soldiers come back on day 3, but not exactly how you want.

You’re standing at the nurse’s station, organizing files since it was a slow night. The entry doors fling open, revealing your two extremely beaten up soldiers on the other side.

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“ Oh my God.” You sprint to them, helping Steve hold Bucky up. “What the hell happened?” You ask as you guide Bucky onto a gurney.

“This was closer than the tower, and I don’t think he can wait. He’s losing a lot of blood.”

 You look to Bucky, evaluating his injuries. “Karen, page Dr. Johnson, NOW,” You yell. You grab gauze and place it down onto Bucky’s cuts. He has shards of glass along his flesh arm that have tore through his uniform. And a deep gash on his thigh that’s leaking blood into a puddle on the gurney. You wheel him into a room, waiting on the doctor.

Two other nurses come in, you direct them to put pressure on all open areas and to avoid the glass. The Doctor rushes in, taking in the scene before him. He comes up next to Bucky, looking him over before going to leave the room.

“There’s nothing I can do for that man,” He spits out. Your mouth drops open, and you run after him.

“What the fuck do you mean there’s nothing you can do? You’re a fucking Doctor. He’s bleeding all over the place, with glass sticking out of his body for God’s sakes. What is your problem!?” You shout.

He turns to you sharply, stepping directly in front of you.

“I will not attempt to save the Winter Soldier. I’m doing the world a favor. He’s a murderer.” A growl rips out of your throat, you grab the doctor by the lapels of his white lab coat and slam him into the wall. His eyes go wide.

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“That man is not the enemy. He is my family. If you don’t get your ass in there and help him, you will be sorry. And that’s a fucking promise,” you growl at him. You feel an arm around your waist, and then you’re being hauled off the Doctor.

“I stand by my prior statement, Nurse. You are on your own, and there will be consequences for your actions.” You growl again and Steve’s grip tightens on you. The doctor walks away, and you break away from Steve and rush back into the room.

“You two,” you point to the two nurses in the room, “go get an IV Stand, forceps, stitch kit and cleaning kit. NOW,” you yell. The nurses scramble out of the room, returning no more than a minute later with the supplies.

“If you don’t want to get in trouble by superiors, I suggest you leave now,” You state. They all leave the room without a glance back. You look down to your broken friend, then to your distressed boyfriend, then at the medical supplies in your hands.

Alright, let’s do this.

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I understand what you're saying but my issue is that not everyone reacts the same way to these kind of twists, and at least for e personally they have already kind of ruined the character with this twist, it doesn't really matter that he didn't actually know he had been the killer until the end, this doesn't have a believable good resolution or a not-problematic way in which CS can continue on, how can Emma ever move on from this and live with the man who killed her grandfather? (cont.)

(2/2) It may be good drama yes, but it’s definitely not good for their relationship and certainly not conducive to relationship development, and if for some reason they decide to have Hook not tell them for more than two episodes, which frankly seems likely, it will be even worse, I just can’t see a way in which they can not damage the relationship ala Rumbelle and the fake dagger. And for sure I don’t see Killian ever forgiving himself for this one which adds to the heartbreak

OK, let me start off by saying of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion but in this case I literally could not disagree with yours more.

There is nothing “problematic” about this storyline and its potential resolutions. Killian did nothing out of character when he killed David’s father. In fact, he did the most quintessentially piratey thing a pirate could do on land. You’re only seeing it as unforgivable because it was David’s father. Which uses a fact Killian could not possibly have known at the time of the event to define the event.

No. Don’t do that.

Knowing he was pirate is one thing. Hearing him talk about having regrets about things he’d done (the story of the rings) ratcheted it up a notch. But this–this is going to force Killian and everyone in his life–and by delicious extension the audience–to confront it, deal with it on a primal level, and put it to rest once and for all.


If there is no room for forgiveness, no room for a character to truly change, no hope for redemption and for turning the page on the past then what is this show even about?

Emma moves on from this because she loves Killian, because she accepts his past, which incidentally means accepting ALL OF IT not just the parts that are pretty and easy. She moves on from this because she knows his heart. Because she knows he’s changed. Because she understands that forgiveness is essential to living an emotionally healthy life. She moves on from this because if there is one thing her life has taught her it’s that life is seldom black and white–we live in the gray areas.

Not only is it good for their relationship it is ESSENTIAL to it. They need to go into their marriage content with who they are AND with who the other person is. Dark Swan helped Emma move down that road. Now it’s Killian’s turn.

This issue needs to be confronted as much for Killian as for Emma. Maybe more. He is clearly not 100% comfortable with his past. And he worries that others aren’t either. We saw that repeatedly in this episode. He needs to confront it once and for all. And the reality is that to make that confrontation meaningful the stakes need to be sky high. Which they are here.

As far as Rumple and the fake dagger keep in mind, not everything is about parallels as I said the other day. Sometimes the point of a story is compare/contrast.

Killian will forgive himself with Emma’s help. And it will be beautiful. Mark my words.

I keep seeing all these happy, bouncy, positive posts about Belle and OUAT

And I just don’t see it. I won’t reblog them and proffer my bewilderment, my point-of-view, because it won’t be wanted. I can see that. 


Many fans are acting like 6A’s crazy plot has all been explained. Hallelujah, they’ve seen the Light! Belle’s behavior all makes sense, now … in that her poor choices are being focused on and, inexplicable though they are, she thought she was doing the right thing. Um, what? 

Am I the only one who wants to scream that the Emperor is still fucking naked? 

I don’t see her taking responsibility for arranging the kidnapping of THEIR baby (not “hers”; the baby was theirs)—nor its horrific outcome. I see no apology for trying to hurt her husband so deeply as to rip another child away from him to another realm. Fathers deserve to be in their children’s lives, and even the show creators have reminded us that Rumple is a great father. I see her making no apology for the pain she inflicted with her needless hurtful words. I don’t see her puzzling over how she could have possibly believed that nonsense she was given in her dreams. I don’t see the absurd behavior all making sense with the plot now anymore than I did, before, because they’re still working from the same narrative they always have: Rumple bad, Belle blameless. 

Where is this? 

I know he’d never want to hurt Belle this way, but I think we need to revisit this. I see the Belle of 6x11 wallowing in self-pity, but refusing to accept the harm she’s done her husband and their relationship. She’s accepted some blame for Gideon, but doesn’t seem to give a solitary thought to the potentially irreversible harm she’s done to their marriage … and how that damage may have, or already has, affected the outcome with Gideon. Rumple has mentioned—numerous times, now—working together to try to fix things. Not once has Belle accepted this offer, nor ever suggested it herself. Does she seem relieved he’s willing to offer an olive branch? Nope. It barely registers.

Twice in 6x11, Belle expressed that she didn’t know if Rumple wanted to help Gideon kill/wanted Gideon to succeed in killing. Who is this Belle? Where did this pod person!Belle come from?! This Belle doesn’t have the first clue who Rumple is. How could she be that far removed from knowing him? 

I don’t know if it’s Emilie’s acting, or what is striking such an odd note for me in her scenes. Belle seemed insouciant at the well, similar to how she came off at the well in “Broken Heart” (5x10), when she met Rumple there to break his heart. “I know you’ve just become what I always said I wanted, but I no longer want that! See ya!” 

I can’t find the GIF, but I’ll never forget this scene and her mocking duck-lips (the still on the bottom left happens to stop on the nanosecond where she actually looks sad; the GIF shows how much it looks like she doesn’t have two fucks to rub together). Then, the incomprehensible return that night, the exhaustive makeup sex, followed by the problems in 5C, culminating with the sleeping curse. I’ll never forget the scenes in the pawnshop in “Heartless” (6x07), where she curled her lip and told him how his weakness was worse than pure evil. Okay, Milah 2.0, that’s enough! 

I did NOT start writing this to be an anti-Belle post, but I just can’t seem to help it. I had to examine what I felt was wrong with “Tougher Than the Rest” (6x11), which is best done by comparing her behavior and dialogue from before. It’s best done by looking at how little Belle’s motivations are explained, or how they’re handwaved away with “Rumple, EVIL”. I was only going to express my puzzlement at what seems like 95% of the fandom which is giddy with joy. Are they faking some of it? Agreeing with the Emperor to come off as “good fans” or perpetually positive ones? 

Where’s my joy? I loved Belle. They took everything about her that made her special and soured it. She’s not compassionate; she’s cruel. I hear her spout things that I’ve only heard from Rumple-hating fans. I feel robbed. I feel tricked. Where’s my joy? Belle’s a hypocrite, embracing the worst of Storybrooke and giving them a free pass—but not Rumple, saving all her judgement for him. I hear you saying,”Well, can’t Belle have flaws, too?!” Yes, but it would be nice if they meshed with her earlier characterization. People have excused the banishment with the trait “impulsiveness”. Okay, but, upon reflection, where was the regret? How is impulsiveness even recognized if no questioning of one’s actions occurs? (There was that brief moment at the well in 4B, but Regina made her forget that, so—never mind.) Instead, she doubled-down on insisting she was right and consorting with her husband’s long-time enemies. Earlier Belle had a deep streak of curiosity that was almost reckless. Where were her questions for her husband in season 4 or season 5 or season 6? What happened to digging into the puzzle that was him? 

Where’s my joy? I think it left when OUAT started doing everything they could to destroy Rumbelle, and to embrace this nonsensical view of morality and “heroes and villains”. Life isn’t black and white, kiddies. It never has been. OUAT purported to be “twists” on fairytales. I expected shades of gray, unlike traditional fairytales. I thought we had that, but OUAT left that behind.

The writers have ruined canon Rumbelle for me, and they’re not even on the road to fixing it. I have no hope they will fix it, since they couldn’t find that road with their own, personal, dedicated satellite system.

Look, I still love Steven Universe. I do, I really do, and maybe its naivety but I really think that while it has dipped in quality, it’ll still be worth holding out to the end but like… I dunno I miss being fucking ECSTATIC for a new episode. I remember coming home from London late at night when the trailer for Stevenbomb 3 was released (the one where we met YD, I’m pretty sure that was 3, could be wrong) and using my shitty 3G to watch the trailer over and over again picking out every little detail. I remember spending hours just scrolling through the tag on this hellhole of a website reading theories and talking to people about what could POSSIBLY happen next.

Part of me thinks something went wrong. Like they were expecting to be able to get more seasons out, but now they’ve gotta stop at season 5 or something, and so they had to rush some things. But then the other part of me is saying ‘no the writing just got bad’.

Like, I audibly SHOUTED when I saw Ruby and Sapphire fuse into Garnet for the first time. I felt genuine strong emotions of all kinds watching Peridot grow and change and learn from her mistakes and prejudice towards The Crystal Gems. I always fucking cry watching On The Run, seeing Amethyst so upset like that.
But now what do we have for those 3? Garnet shoved to the back, every episode even slightly focussed on her will end up being about Ruby and Sapphire (who I LOVE and I LOVE seeing more episodes with them in, but that’s ALL Garnet is now), or every episode that SHOULD be about Garnet ends up being about Pearl. Not to mention Garnet being demonised as a violent brute by the fandom, which just makes me sick.
Peridot went from an intelligent, curious, snarky, sarcastic space goblin with a genuinely lovable personality to just… what the fuck happened??? some dumbass neon gremlin with a head the size of her season 1 ego who only shows up to crack a joke every now and then.
Amethyst… do the crew know she’s still here? Like I was SO looking forward to an arc revolving around her learning to love herself. I really really was, and then it just kinda abruptly ends and is referenced slightly in Tiger Pisspants later on to just be like “I dont hate myself now” like???? what???
And LAPIS too, she had so much potential, a character who came out the other side of an abusive relationship who’s learning to appreciate life again and coming to terms with the fact that she was hurt, but her hurt doesn’t define her? Nope, now she’s just a fucking ptsd joke who only has a consistent personality once a season.
Steven became a Mary Sue, as much as I hate to admit it, and fucking PEARL I used to fucking relate to Pearl more than I’d ever related to any character EVER, and now its just a countdown to the next “Pearl loved Rose so much u guys she’s hurting” episode. Like yeah okay, sorry for your loss bud but what about literally anyone else?

Jasper came back after an AMAZING fight, and a REALLY GOOD arc, but then that lasted like 3 episodes and she’s gone again, for fuck knows how long.
Bismuth is the biggest waste of potential I’ve ever seen in my goddamn life, she’s one of the most creative and well thought out characters I’ve ever seen and they ruined it by villainising her for being angry when her anger was 100% justified. The show has more sympathy for fucking Yellow Diamond than it did for Bismuth, and YD is a tyranical bigot. Not to mention Rose is just an asshole yet she does something that Bismuth so much as SAYS she’ll do and its like “misunderstood uwu”.
The fact that Andy even exists is just an insult, I still cannot fucking stand Lars and Sadie’s relationship being played off as a teen romance when Lars is just an abusive prick.

And I know what its like to stand there and be in denial about all of these things. When you love something so much, you dont want to admit its flaws, especially not the big ones. I’ve been there. When Bismuth aired, I adamantly refused to acknowledge it as the shitshow that it was. I denied Lapis turning into a joke, I denied Peridot’s character just disappearing. I denied it all. Because this show is, or was, something AMAZING, something really really special. And don’t get me wrong, I still love it to pieces but that spark is gone. I hate to admit it but it’s gone, and I think its healthier for me personally to just vent all these thoughts out rather than to bottle them up and try to look past it all. Something I need to work on personally is accepting change, especially when its not necessarily a good change, and I need to accept that my undying love for this show is gone.
I still think the show is good. Its not as good as it once was, but it’s good. It still does some great things, and we really need to acknowledge the great things it has done. But its gone downhill.

“My Camp Pining Hearts DVD?”
“Which season?”
- Barn Mates.
I knew that was foreshadowing, I fucking knew it.

I accidentally answered a question privately just now that I didn’t mean to. OTL

Thankfully I still have the response saved, so I’ll just put it in normal text post form. The question was from tumblr user @bells, and it went like this:

Hello! How do you think things would have been different if Ouma was one of the survivors? In particular, how do you think his relationship with Saihara would have developed? Thank you for all your hard work in writing your meta, it’s been very helpful!

Thank you for asking this! I feel like as one of the characters who’s left an undeniably huge impression on the fanbase, Ouma does provide a lot of potential for one of the most potentially interesting survivors. A lot of people were probably counting on him making it all the way to the end too, although his death in Chapter 5 does make a lot of sense thematically, and from the standpoint of the previous Chapter 5s we’ve seen in dr1 and sdr2.

From this point on I’ll just be covering lots of spoilers for everything in Chapter 5 and onward, so anyone who doesn’t want to get spoiled for endgame points of the game, don’t read past this! (And again, I’m so sorry for accidentally responding on private instead.)

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paledreamcomputer  asked:

K. I agree with everything you said thought I feel like you think that I say it about TLCstuck which I'm not. In fact TLCstuck is even better than the actual homestuck because the characters feel more profound and defined (seriously if I had to define "canon" Jake I would say: "John from Act 1-4 but more nerdy and uses archaic words) but here he feels like his own thing. The point is that I the part that most bothers me is the time-reallity powers that John gets because(I run out of characters)

a(Continuation) they are basically a Deus Ex Machina that serve to return everything to a status quo, making the flash itself and everything after that meaningless. That is just bad writing and a Hussie’s whim. 

First, with regards to the character writing in TLC: 

Thank u very much I work hard for my dear sunflower child Jake

Concerning John, to a certain extent? I would agree with you. On the one hand, John gaining the power of the juju is taking the implications of his God Tier title to their logical extreme: One who becomes Breath. One who becomes freedom, communication, the wind, change, and whatever else the Breath aspect is tied to. How much further can you take a character who can already turn into the breeze? You have them unchained from causality itself, free to do with the narrative whatever it is they so please.


In giving John the power to undo already-made decisions in the narrative, Hussie was walking a very fine line. On the one hand, this could be the characters’ ultimate “fuck you” to the authority railroading them to their fate. This is beyond Rose blowing up her second gate or Jade finding an exploit to become the most powerful person in the session and escape the Scratch, this is the ability to defy narrative itself. Once John gains this power, he is literally invisible to the narrative prompt. We cannot be John Egbert. We cannot find him.

 However, that ability is ultimately a lie. To buy into this, the reader has to suspend their disbelief and buy into the idea that these characters exist independent of the person writing them. Because John Egbert does not exist. He is a fictional character who can’t do anything under his own power because he isn’t real. So Andrew Hussie is now tasked with a character who can defy the narrative, but at the same time? Hussie has to maintain the rules that make a narrative work. Making John undo the wrong thing will cause all the dramatic weight of the narrative to evaporate, or make the reader ask themselves if this is all just for the author’s benefit. He was balancing on a tight rope made of razor wire. 

And then he slipped. And cut his legs off. 

Mother’s Basement is one of the YouTube channels that taught me a lot about film language (because I followed Lindsey Ellis’ advice, lol), and Geoff Thew has this wonderful video about how Sword Art Online did something similar. I think it’s hilarious that chunks of his main point, about a story breaking its own rules and taking all tension with it, can apply to this decision in Homestuck. And I have been dying for an opportunity to use this quote this way: 

“…when a show acts like death means something, and then does something that very transparently reveals that the writers aren’t willing to sacrifice potential plotlines, it’s like watching Mickey Mouse take his head off at Disneyland. It ruins the magic. There are rules against this kind of shit. If a character dies and is brought back, then you might as well write ‘and then they got on a bus for a couple of weeks!’ for all the fucking difference it makes.”

Obviously this isn’t a 1-to-1 comparison between Homestuck and SAO. These two narratives use death very differently - or rather, Homestuck has been very transparently revealing that Hussie was unwilling to sacrifice potential plotlines since the dreambubbles came along (or hell, maybe even since the notion of time travel itself came along), but the story adapted and evolved new dimensions because of those things. Death became more of a change of state that still had consequences. But if you substitute “death” for “decision resulting in drastic change in a character’s trajectory” the result is the same. Suddenly the consequences of the Game Over characters actions don’t mean anything. Suddenly the consequences of Vriska’s death don’t mean anything. In that one moment, Andrew Hussie revealed that he was willing to go back on ANYTHING in this story if it meant serving his ultimate end, and that no matter how big or pivotal the decision? He would find a way to undo it if it was convenient. And there’s rules against that kinda shit. Now nothing matters because it can be undone and there will be no consequences for it. And to add insult to injury, the suffering and sacrifices of the Game Over kids aren’t addressed in a way that justifies putting them or the audience through all of that. Geoff Thew again:

“Death in media isn’t interesting because ‘oh they’re dead, that’s sad, I’m sad!’ It’s interesting because it inherently changes the dynamics of a story. A character who was once a force in the narrative now isn’t. Any arc they might’ve been going through is cut abruptly short. And from this point forward, the writers can’t rely on their presence to move the story forward or prop up other characters.” 

Emphasis mine because does that sound familiar? Sound like any8ody we might know? 

There’s a section in B3 TH3 4C3 4TTORN3Y that I could have cut for time while building the flash, but chose not to do so because I think it speaks volumes:


There’s no purpose to putting the Game Over kids through that if you’re just going to sweep them away or never address what that plotline brought up. The Game Over kids are not killed so that they can start the level over and learn from their mistakes. The retcon characters have no memory of making those mistakes, so how can they learn? So retroactively, Game Over kind of does turn into a bunch of bullshit meant to shock the audience. And I don’t agree with taking the “Metanarrative Reading” wherein the reader themselves is compiling the characters’ “ultimate selves” because again, the narrative does not pivot to that theme with much grace. As a result, it sounds an awful lot like the story throwing its hands up in the air at the last minute and saying that it’s up to the reader to write conclusions for these characters. Unless that character is Dave.

So yeah. The point of that ramble is that ultimately, I agree with you! While I like how John’s retcon powers and Game Over fit into Homestuck as a whole and what they could’ve been, it ultimately does wind up being a snatch at pathos followed by a Deus Ex Machina. 


Lucifer (Casifer) x Reader
Plot- Reader is the Greek goddess Persephone and Lucifers wife. After she is kidnapped, Lucifer gets Sam and Dean to help get her back.
Warning- Cursing, hinting to sex, thats basically it, mostly fluff


You sat curled up on the couch in your pajamas, reading your favorite book while the tv provided some background noise. It was late, the only light came from the lamp next to you and the tv. You weren’t expecting anyone, you never were, and that’s why you where almost surprised when you heard what you did. Almost.
The flutter of wings made you look up and a smirk stretched across your face.
“How many times do I have to tell you, you can’t sneak up on me anymore. I always hear you.” You spoke out into the apartment without looking back, waiting for a response.
When you didn’t get one, you looked up again. Before you could turn around you suddenly felt arms grabbing you and a bag was pulled over your head. You didn’t even have a chance to fight back before something hard slammed against your head. You slumped forward, only being held up by the unseen arms. Dark spots danced in your eyes, before you lost consciousness.

*12 hours later*

It was very unlike him to be nervous. Not that he was nervous. He was Lucifer, the devil himself, what did he have to be nervous about? Absolutely nothing. He loved you and you loved him. At least, you did before…
He appeared in an unfamiliar hall outside of apartment 666. Smirking he reached up and gave a quick knock, but the door creaked open on its own.
That was never a good sign.
“(Y/n)?” he called.
Walking in he found the tv was on, a commercial for some show playing quietly. The lamp next to the couch was on, despite it being noon, and upon further inspection he found your favorite book lying on the floor.
“Fucking hell.” he hissed before disappearing and reappearing in a familiar bunker.
“Where the hell is she?” he yelled, catching the attention of the boys before him.
Sam and Dean where sat in the library doing research on a potential case.
“What are you talking about?” Sam asked.
Lucifer stalked forward, grabbing the man by his shirt collar and pulling him out of the seat.
“Don’t play dumb with me.”
Dean shot up and pulled out an angel blade, “What the hell Lucifer.”
Sam stood up straight, easily towering over him, and gave him one of his bitch faces.
“Seriously, what are you talking about?”
“You know who I’m talking about and I have to say its pretty stupid of you two to try and use her against me. You never mess with a man’s wife.” he all but growled
“What? Wife? What the hell are you talking about?” Dean shouted, placing the blade back into his jacket.
“My wife has gone missing and I don’t think its just a coincidence that you two need a bit of leverage to make sure I don’t hurt your angle boy toy. Try and use her to keep me in line.”
“Mhm, ok two things. One we didn’t take your wife, we didn’t even know you had a wife. And two, who the hell is your wife?” Sam asked.
“Well shit.” Lucifer mumbled, more to himself.
The sound of a phone ringing brought all of their attention to Dean. He pulled it out of his pocket and raised a brow.
“Unknown number.” he said to Sam before answering it and putting it on speaker.
“Hello, is there a Satan that we could speak to?”
“This is he.” Lucifer leaned over the table towards the phone.
“We have got a message for you here. Speak bitch.”
“Fuck you, you ass hat. I swear when I get the chance I am gonna take that phone and shove it so far up you ass that when someone calls you’ll feel it in your stomach-”
Then the call ended.
“Well it’s definitely her. At least I know she’s alive.” he sighed.
Reaching over, he grabbed the two by their arms and they were suddenly standing in an empty field.
“What- where the hell are we?” Dean cursed, looking around.
“Middle of nowhere Missouri. This is where (Y/n) was living last. I heard an echo on the call. But really, can they be more cliché? An empty warehouse?”
Turning around, they saw there was indeed and empty warehouse sitting in the field.
“Come on. You two are gonna help me get her back.”
“Why would we want to do that?” Sam asked.
“Cause I feel like this is somehow your fault, everything is really. So you could help, or find your own way back to your dungeon. Your choice.”
That’s how the boys and Casifer ended up sneaking around the empty warehouse. They could hear voices and with every step closer the got, the angrier Lucifer became.
How dare someone even think about laying a hand on (Y/n). His (Y/n).
They rounded a corner and found a group of suited men standing around with a familiar (h/c) in the middle. You were tied up with a gag in your mouth, sitting in a chair with the look of someone that was simply being mildly inconvenienced, not kidnapped.
“Angels.” he turned and hissed to the brothers, “Fucking angels.”
The boys exchanged looks before racing out, each targeting their own. They had the element of surprise and easily took down the first three.
Easily finishing off the others they turned to you, only to find the last angel standing behind you with an angel blade pressed to your neck. Your annoyed expression had not changed.
“One more step and she gets it.” the angel threatened.
Everyone stood stiff for a moment, not knowing what to do.
“Oh come on?” you huffed rolling your eyes.
Suddenly, your hands where free from behind you and you ripped the blade from the angles hand. Whirling around, you plunged it into his stomach.
He fell to the ground as you dropped the ropes from around your body.
Lucifer was too shocked to say anything. He didn’t know how he could’ve expected any less from you. You often left him speechless.
“How did you get untied so fast?” Sam asked finally.
“I’ve been untied for 9 hours. I was just waiting for someone to distract them. I may be reckless but I’m not stupid enough to go 7 to 1.”
“God I missed you.” Lucifer finally stepped forward with his arms out.
You stepped back facing the blade to him, “Watch it. Who the hell are you?”
“Good to see your still faithful. Oh come on baby, I don’t look that different do I?”
You stared for a moment before realization took over your features. You smiled brightly, “You ass.” you breathed out, pulling him into a tight hug.
He buried his face into your hair, breathing in your familiar scent.
He had missed you so much.
“Sorry to ruin the moment, but is anyone gonna tell us what is happening?”
Looking up from your lovers shoulder, you found two unfamiliar boys looking at you, “Who are you two?“
“We could ask you the same thing.” the shorter, angrier looking one said.
“Fair enough. Lets get out of here. These used to be my favorite shoes.” you sighed looking down at the now blood covered shoes.
Walking up to your apartment, you huffed at the fact that the door was still open and Lucifer hadn’t even bothered to turn off the tv.
There was the sound of barking and nails scratching on the floor. Sam and Dean couldn’t see the three hell hounds, but they could sure as hell hear them growling.
“Hey, stop it. Go lay down.” you commanded, “Sorry, they don’t take too well to strangers.”
You and Lucifer sat on the couch while the two boys, Sam and Dean, sat on the love seat to your right.
“So, you’re his wife?”
“You know he’s the devil, right?”
You scoffed, “Ya, I know all about that. I’m Persephone, though I usually go by (Y/n).”
“Persephone, you mean the Greek goddess?” Sam asked.
“The one and only. When Lucifer was cast from heaven he grabbed me and tried to use me as leverage to keep himself out of the cage. But God didn’t give a shit about some Greek goddess like me, so he send us both into the cage. I thought we would be in there forever until you two started the apocalypse and set us free. Then he got trapped again with Michael and I was left out here on my own. So thanks for that.”
“And your still with him? Why? You’re free now.” Dean asked. He couldn’t seem to understand why someone as hot at you would stay with the devil.
“Ever heard of Stockholm Syndrome? Well I got it bad.” you smirked, cuddling into Lucifer.
“Damn right you do.”
He pulled your face up and pressed his lips to yours in a passionate kiss. You wrapped your hands around his neck and his slid down to rest on your waist. It was a bit strange, making out with him in this body, but you could feel in his movements it was still the man you fell in love with.
“Hey, hey! We don’t need to see any of this. Save it for later.” Dean said, as Sam awkwardly looked out the window.
“Oh we will.” he winked at you and you blushed, thinking if the night that was sure to come. You couldn’t wait to show him just how much you missed him. 6 years was a long time for humans, and even though it was merely a blink in your existence, you still missed Lucifer terribly while he was gone. You moved from town to town to keep yourself from being followed or found, and it got lonely fast. But you were always true to you husband, no matter how long he was gone.
“Well seems like you two are gonna be busy. Mind taking us back now?” Dean grumbled.
“Ya, about that. (Y/n), pack your things, your gonna come live with us.”
“What?” the boys said together.
You groaned, “Why? I was just starting to like this little place. And the local coffee barista remembers my order now.”
“You got kidnapped today. There’s no way I’m letting you out of my sight again.”
“Promise?” you hummed before pulling him down and kissing him, ignoring the groaned of disgust from the boys


I have been craving some Lucifer/Casifer stuff for days. Hope you liked it, I feel like I should do a part two (maybe some smut?) if anyone wants it. Thanks for reading, send in some requests!

Come Back Down

Come Back Down

Characters: Jensen x Reader, various spn cast and original characters

Rated: PG - for now. I feel like this story has a lot of potential. Watch out for a bit of depression and angst. An attempt at humor. Perhaps some smut in the future. Jensen is married in this fic but does not have a child. (No hate towards Danneel or JJ. Just easier to write. )

The song I used in the song is “Name” by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Also, this is my first reader insert fic sooooo… be kind. :

Summary: Jensen finds himself drowning in negativity and incredibly stressed about the future of the show and his marriage. After an altercation on set, production is postponed. This allows him a chance to distance himself from the situation and to clear his head.

Hate. Negativity. Judgement. You try to ignore it until you can’t anymore. When the volume is just so high that you drown in it. Instead of dismissing each insult that you know deep down is incredibly stupid as they come, you let them stack up like a damn mountain until it just avalanches.

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A sexually precocious teenage girl in 1970s California, soundtracked by Heart and Television - there’s no way I was going to dislike this movie. THE DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL is a messy, uncompromising look at the warts-and-all sexual awakening of 15-year old Minnie Goetz in 1976 San Francisco. Bel Powley is about to blow up following this film’s release, and with good reason: she’s incredibly believable as Goetz, full of needy lust - sexual, chemical, creative, and otherwise - personified. Kristen Wiig (as Minnie’s freewheeling, jealous mother) and Alexander Skarsgard (as her mother’s boyfriend and Minnie’s consistent lover) deliver strong supporting turns, especially Skarsgard who conveys the overwhelming desperation of a hunky dude moving towards middle-age who’s fallen pathetically in love with a fifteen-year old. While animation sequences don’t always quite work (but really, how much can you be bothered by animation that gives a shout-out to Aline Kominsky-Crumb?), this is a major debut for writer-director Marielle Heller, who allows Diary to transcend the usual trappings of the “young girl sleeps with older guy as a part of her sexual awakening” narrative by never judging or punishing Minnie for a second, even when her behavior veers into the dangerous. This will be an important film for teenage girls for years to come.

BROOKLYN was my biggest surprise of the festival, and on its face, seems like something we’ve seen a thousand times before. Saoirse Ronan plays Eilis, an Irish immigrant struggling to survive her first year in Brooklyn after leaving rural Ireland. Director John Crowley and screenwriter Nick Hornby (adapting a popular novel I’d never heard of) never let Brooklyn slide into treacle, and instead focus on Eilis’ small victories in America and nagging doubt about leaving her widowed mother and spinster sister back in Ireland. It’s been sometime since I’ve seen a movie I’d call legitimately sweet, something I could show my grandma, but Eilis’ romance with a shy Italian plumber, Tony (Emory Cohen, previously seen in The Place Beyond the Pines as B. Coop’s grown, asshole son) is damn near impossible not to root for. Julie Walters and Jim Broadbent are always a welcome presence, and their small parts here give the film some of its funniest and most touching moments, respectively. Domhnall Gleeson, as one of Eilis’ potential suitors, is perhaps a bit underused here, but that’s my only real gripe with the movie.

IT FOLLOWS may be Cronenberg-y in premise, but the directing feels much closer to Halloween by way of Gia Coppola. Between The Guest and this film, Maika Monroe has established herself as the best new scream queen we’ve had in years. Here she plays Jay, a high schooler who contracts an STD after sleeping with a new boyfriend that causes unrelenting figures - a grandma, a giant, a syphilitic woman - to follow her everywhere she goes, every day. Writer-director Robert David Mitchell figures out how to tease maximum suspense from these followers, who never stop walking towards Jay, intent on raping and murdering her, with simple tricks of filling the frame and precipitating the horror with a deliciously spooky score by Disasterpeace. Mitchell does some really fun stuff in terms of playing with time period - Jay warns a crush of his impending doom on a house phone, but one of her friends reads The Idiot on a tiny handeld device shaped like a seashell. It Follows leaves a lot unexplained, and it mostly works, at least to the extent that I’m still wondering about the film, even if I still have questions about the mechanics of the mythology.

Writer-director Leslye Headland self-described SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE as “When Harry Met Sally for assholes,” so clearly I liked it a lot better than that precursor film. Jake (Jason Sudekis) and Lainey (Alison Brie) meet again in a sex addicts meeting after losing their virginities to each other in college. They strike up an intense friendship after agreeing that sex would ruin their rediscovered bond, and their non-romance throughout the film provides us with one of the most believable, sexually tense onscreen pairings in recent memory. Sudekis is the real surprise here, giving Jake’s horndog ways and total devotion to Lainey an earnestness that’s unexpected. Brie is great as always, and Headland doesn’t shy away from showing the dark side of Lainey’s pathological hook-ups with a married ex-conquest, a mustachioed Adam Scott, in supreme douche mode. The movie could stand to lose ten minutes (which was true of nearly everything I saw at Sundance) and honestly, would’ve worked a little better for me if it chose to end on the bittersweet note the film seemed to have been building to, but it’s as funny and sweet of a rom-com as we’ve had in some time.

Opinion was sharply divided on THE BRONZE, but I found the “Bad Gymnast” riff to be quite funny throughout. Melissa Rauch (who co-wrote and produced with her husband) plays Hope Ann Greggory, a former Olympic bronze medalist who is still glorified in her small Ohio town after a Kerri Strug-esque win at the Olympics. Now though, Hope spends most of her days snorting Claritin (a plot point that’s conveniently neglected after the first act), masturbating to her victory footage, and stomping around Amherst, Ohio in her Olympic sweats like she owns the place, because she sort of still does. Her long-suffering father (Gary Cole) pushes Hope to coach a young gymnastics upstart in town after Hope’s former coach commits suicide, and promises Hope $500,00 to coach the young hopeful to the Olympics. The plotting of the film certainly isn’t revolutionary in terms of its reluctant old dog/perky new dog narrative, but Rauch inhabits Hope Ann with believable venom. Thomas Middleditch (as the twitchy owner of Hope’s former gymnastics studio) and Sebastian Stan (as a delightfully smarmy national gymnastics coach) create a second-act love triangle for Hope that gives us the long-promised payoff of “gymnast sex” teased throughout the film. I’m also pro any Ohio movie (somebody in the production HAD to have grown-up there) even if the film goes on too long and ends too tidily with a montage that Drop Dead Gorgeous did far better.

MISSISSIPPI GRIND was my most frustrating watch of the whole festival. For the first hour, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s look at lovable losers and degenerate gamblers Ryan Reynolds (a smooth operator whose grey around the temples suggests he’s not quite as spry as he seems) and Ben Mendelsohn (greasy and great in cheap shirts, as always) is a fun ride as we watch the two amble down the Mississippi on the way to a card game in New Orleans with a $25,000 buy-in. But as the film moves towards its close (and conveniently remembers, y’know, these guys play high-stakes poker) Boden and Fleck lose the thread of grimy desperation for their leads, and go for a Hollywood ending that totally undermines the thematic intentions of the film’s first half. Robin Weigert, Alfre Woodard (as an Iowa bookie! I wanna see that movie!), and Sienna Miller are essentially reduced to one-scene roles, which is a damn shame. There were several other, better movies that existed within Grind’s runtime, and I’m so disappointed that Boden and Fleck chose to go for the happy ending instead of staying true to their characters’ more likely trajectories.

I don’t even know what to say about RESULTS, which failed to engage me from minute one. I guess on paper, to someone, somewhere, a personal fitness comedy involving a love triangle between Guy Pearce, Cobie Smulders, and…Kevin Corrigan sounds like a good idea, but director Andrew Bujalski never makes any of them feel like real people with real struggles. Guy Pearce wants to expand his small gym, and newly rich Corrigan gives him the means to do so, if they can stop fighting over Smulders. I’m sorry, but the suspension of disbelief over a Smulders-Corrigan romance is just too ridiculous, or at least it is as Bujalski portrays it. Results isn’t ever all that funny or romantic, needs a narrative engine, and has no discernable thematic takeaway. All three leads do the best they can with the material (but really, why are we trying to make Cobie Smulders a thing?) but this one is DOA. And there’s a totally wasted “Six Months in a Leaky Boat” song queue I’m still mad about!

Shame on me for thinking Eli Roth could produce something compelling, but I guess I was still dealing with a case of John Wick heart-eyes when I decided to see KNOCK KNOCK at a midnight screening. An inexplicable remake of 1977’s Death Game, Knock Knock finds Roth eschewing most of his usual gratuitous gore, but the film is still plenty icky, especially in terms of its incest fixation. Keanu Reeves stars as Evan, a devoted husband and father (snooooore) who answers the door one rainy night to find two beautiful girls (one of whom is Roth’s twenty-three year old wife) in need of a phone and a taxi (double snoooore). You can guess where things go from there, and honestly, until the tables turn on Evan, the film is enjoyable if slight. But once the women expose their true intentions to Evan, Roth never misses an opportunity to capitalize on the squick factor of two young women fucking an older man in his own home, in his own daughter’s bed. I’m sure Roth has convinced himself the film is somehow feminist in its depiction of all men as helpless to resist nubile jailbait, but he sure as hell doesn’t know how to convey that idea with any kind of deeper takeaway on a familiar theme that’s honestly done a lot better in Hard Candy.

Three of the films I saw were directed by women (one as co-director).

Four of the films I saw were written by women (two as co-writers).

Five of the films I saw featured female protagonists.

Stubborn Love {SE Snippet}

Anons are hella mad about this potential SC June wedding. Like it’s ruining days. So I decided to write what a SE proposal could possibly look like (this is just one version I have many) so inbox me and/or reblog/respond to this fic with your own SE proposal headcanon. And yes, I chose this picture because this is the kind of ring I could see Stefan proposing to Elena with. Enjoy!

“Will you cooperate?”

“What are you talking about, I am cooperating.”

“You’re fidgeting.”

“I’m walking. Slowly too, because you don’t trust me to keep my eyes closed.”

Elena pressed her head on Stefan’s shoulder and smiled as she adjusted her hands so that her fingers covered the entire top half of his face. She kissed him on the cheek, a fat peck, and giggled as she saw Stefan’s lips curve upward into a grin.

“If you would just tell me where you’re taking me then —”

“Then it would defeat the purpose of a surprise, Stefan,” said Elena as she urged him forward, her feet right behind his as he shuffled down the hallway.  

“For all I know this could be a trap.”

Elena raised her head slightly and whispered into Stefan’s ear. “You’re just going to have to trust me.”

Stefan turned his head to the side and Elena moved her hand slightly so Stefan could peer at her through the spaces between her fingers. “I trust you with my life.” He leaned forward and kissed her and Elena sighed as their lips met, clenching his hair. She pulled away slightly and sighed.

“You can’t distract me,” she said though she was somewhat breathless. “Onward, soldier.” She put her hand back in its original position and angled Stefan’s head to the front. They kept walking, inch by inch, Elena biting down on her lower lip to keep her nervousness from getting the better of her.

Finally, she removed her hands. “You can look now.”

Stefan opened his eyes and blinked in the sight of the Salvatore Mansion. “The surprise is the porch?”

“It was going to be.” Elena pressed herself against Stefan’s body, her curves melding into the dips of his torso. She circled an arm around him and instinctively Stefan wrapped an arm around her back. Elena looked up to the roof. “Take me there,” she said.

Stefan looked at her, his eyebrows furrowed and then held her tighter as he readied himself. He pushed upward with his strength so that they rocketed into the air and then just as quickly as they left the ground they landed on the roof. Elena laughed and raised her head to his, kissing him once more before moving away from him.

That was when Stefan noticed the candles. Dozens of candles floating mid-air, a blanket on the middle of the roof on top of which was a champagne bottle and china, pillows and baskets of food.

“Bonnie helped with the candles, obviously,” said Elena. “And don’t worry I didn’t cook this. It’s takeout. I just thought it would look more quaint in wicker baskets with serviettes, you know how much I like quaint.”

Stefan grinned. “What is this?”

Elena clasped her hands together and brought them down to above her knees. “My proposal to you.”

He turned away from the candles and looked at her, his lips parting as he processed her words.

“I wanted to do this in the perfect place,” said Elena. “So I thought about the location for weeks and deciding turned out to be so difficult because everywhere in this town holds a perfect memory of us. I thought about the gym back at school because we went through some of our darkest moments there, we saw each other at our worst, at our most desperate in that room and we didn’t just get each other through it, we gave each other hope, strength. Every time.” She took a deep breath, trying to stop her face from flushing pink with emotion. “The carnival … it happens every year, it’s happening tonight and I thought about taking you there because when you took me, you did it to remind me to have fun, to not be afraid to live and I fell even deeper in love with you because of that. I thought about where my house used to be, the first time you cooked for me, my last kiss before I died and all of those moments in between. The porch, our first kiss, where you dared me to be happy..” Elena exhaled deeply. “But I chose here, the roof, you know why?”

Stefan shook his head wordlessly, clenching his jaw as a rawness reddened his eyes with unshed tears. Elena walked back toward him and took his hands in hers.

“When I had that first taste of blood I … the sadness I felt in that moment, I was sure it was going to kill me. I thought almost everything was going to kill me that year. But when I transitioned you took me up here to watch the sunrise, to give me my daylight ring and …” Elena smiled faintly, her eyes misted with nostalgia. “Just sitting here, the feel of you next to me, I had never felt calmer in my entire life, both of them. I knew I was going to be OK with you at my side but it’s more than that, I … I felt hopeful. That morning didn’t feel like the end of an old life but the beginning of a new one and you did that, you could always do that for me, show me the beauty of the world that I felt was punishing me.” Elena grasped Stefan’s hands more tightly. “Sitting with you on this roof, I was so at peace and that was miraculous because even when I thought my life was over, I was still able to hope because of you.  When I wanted to end it all after I turned my humanity on, you gave me hope again, like how you gave me hope after Alaric died and before that after my parents died.

This is where I said I would be with you forever if I wanted to be with you forever and I chose this rooftop because I do, Stefan. I do want to be with you forever and I always have even when it wasn’t in the way you wanted at the time, even when I hated you, even when you hated me, I always wanted you in my life forever and you were always going to be whether you knew it or not or whether you wanted to be or not because you’re a part of me. I’m never not with you, just like how I was never not on this rooftop. I never even had to come back because at least a part of me was always here. And I’m telling you this now because —”

“This is so like you.”

“What do you —”

Stefan let go of Elena’s hands and she furrowed her eyebrows. “Stefan—?”

He reached into his pocket and took out a small velvet box. “In those visions the travellers put in our heads, you couldn’t help but bungle my proposal plans, I guess it would make sense that you couldn’t help but do it now too.”

Stefan opened the box and Elena cried out, her hand on her stomach. “Stefan, that’s —”

“Your mother’s engagement ring? I know. Jenna gave it to me the day Katherine compelled her.”

Elena raised her head to look at him, a tear falling from her eye. Stefan smiled.

“She wasn’t fooled by our break-up routine and she gave me this because she said that we were the kind of couple that would always be a couple no matter what. At the time I saw no end in sight for us, us not being together was an impossibility but still, I asked Jenna, what if, what if one day you wanted something different out of your life, someone different in your life, shouldn’t he be the one to get the ring? She essentially told me to suck it up.”

“Jenna,” said Elena wistfully, shaking her head.

“She said you always find your way home and that she’ll kill me if I ever let go of this ring.. Elena …” Stefan looked at her, his gaze unforgiving in its intensity. “I have always wanted to spend my life with you. That day in the dive bar, that speech I made … that wasn’t make-belief, it’s what I’ve always felt, what I’ll always feel.” Stefan bent on one knee, making Elena sigh heavily.

“You asked me once who you are to me,” said Stefan. “And the answer is simple. You’re the love of my life. Nothing has ever changed that, nothing has ever threatened that, your hold on me is stubborn.”

Elena laughed.

“What about me? Is my hold on you stubborn? Stubborn enough that you’ll marry me?”

Stefan barely finished asking the question before Elena put her hands on either side of his face and pressed her lips firmly against his. She pulled away slightly. “Yes,” she whispered. “Yes, it is.” Quickly and with delicate fingers, Stefan took the ring out of the box and then slipped it onto Elena’s finger, she laughed again and kissed him, bending so that they were both on their knees.

“I love you so much,” she whispered.

“I love you too.”

Roses & Daises - Part 2

Part 1 Can be read HERE

Warnings: Swearing… Violence, Death, Sexually Suggestive Content.


Another day, another good set, another good pay check… you started to enjoy work nights, roses became a frequent thing to pop up in your dressing room, so much so you could smell them just walking by the room…

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anonymous asked:

Heeeeeyyy~ i hope you have a good day!! Could you do a jumin x v x mc thingy? It could be hc or short storyy or whatevah you likeeee

a/n: I don’t know if you meant nsfw or fluffy so I did a little bit of both, I hope you have a good day as well anon! And I am sorry its taking me forever to answer requests :(

and since I took sooooo long to answer, I did hcs and a scenario thingy, hope you enjoy!


When Jumin continuously asked V for him to take pictures of you, he became smitten with you. The way your brown locks cascaded around your china doll skin, your golden eyes peeking out at him. He knew he shouldn’t be feeling these things for his best friends girlfriend, but he couldn’t help himself.

He knew these thoughts were selfish and disgustingly perverse, but he felt like he had to have you. He had to know you in every way possible. He wanted to know your dreams and wishes, your favorite things, stuff that scares you, he wanted to know everything.

And Jumin knew this.

Jumin could tell how V would tense up when you were around, or how his eyes wandered too long on your figure. He didn’t know if he was overreacting or not, but he was not letting anyone have his MC, especially his best friend.

One day Jumin decided he had enough with V’s lingering eyes and wanted to put a stop to it. “Do you come over to my house just to ogle my girlfriend, Jihyun?”. Both of you were taken back by his forwardness.

You had no idea what he was talking about, being completely oblivious to V’s longing stares, but V was all too prepared for this conversation. “Jumin, I think you are overreacting” You laughed nervously, trying to break up the tension as you place a hand on his shoulder.

V loomed over you as Jumin scoffed. “He’s right MC” V finally broke, letting out all of his fantasies and his midnight wishes with one simple phrase. He could have denied Jumin’s accusations but he didn’t want to hide his feelings anymore.

He wanted you to know how much he felt for you and what he was willing to do for you to be his.

You were appalled that V would admit such things, especially for you, a taken woman. Jumin was slightly taller and you were some what squished between the two giant men.

They both wore smug expressions as Jumin crossed his arms. “If you think that you are going to take MC away from me, you are extremely foolish” He spat, pulling your body closer to his.

You were actually frightened for the outcome of this altercation. Not only could it ruin their friendship, but also endanger the well-being of the RFA. “Jumin. I am in love with MC”. That was the breaking point for Jumin.

He grabbed V by his collar, getting in his face as he let curse words roll off of his lips nonchalantly. You grabbed his arm trying to pull him off of V with no avail. “Jumin!” You exclaimed as his grip on V loosened.

The two men looked at you with bewildered eyes. You’ve never thought about any man other than Jumin in a romantic way, so your next words shocked you.

“Maybe..” You trailed as you nervously played with your skirt. “Maybe, you two… could share me”. You swear you saw Jumin’s eyes pop out of his head. “MC…” He said surprised.

He was slightly hurt that you’d be willing to be with another man so easily, but the flushed look on your face was such a turn on. He grabbed you and slammed his lips to yours with the force to almost knock you over.

He didn’t care if he was doing such obscene things in front of V. If he wanted to join, then so be it. V watched as your face distorted in lust while sultry moans escaped your lips.

He couldn’t hold back anymore. He wanted to mark you as his own. He pressed your back into his chest while attacking your neck with love bites. Jumin flicked his eyes up to face V and found himself being turned on.

The way you fell to pieces between the two men made Jumin’s pants more and more tighter by the second. He couldn’t believe how erotic his MC really was. Anytime you would moan one of their names, the other would instantly get jealous, trying to do new things to make you moan for them.

You pulled away from Jumin and began sucking lightly on his neck. The sexual tension between the three of you grew larger as V pressed his lips against your boyfriends.

You were quite surprised but what did you suspect was going to happen when you suggested this.

“I can’t wait anymore” Jumin groaned breathlessly as he looked between the two of you. “MC. V. Bedroom. Now” He ordered.


  • twice the amount of daddy
  • you will literally never be alone
  • Jumin is slightly nervous you wont love him anymore, but you prove to him that you love him just as much as you did before
  • at the beginning of this poly relationship, the boys are at each others throats
  • they argue who can love you better and who can please you better
    • sexually and emotionally
  • soon they start getting more comfortable with each other
  • one night Jumin calls you both downstairs and there is food and candles and you are both like???
  • “MC, V, it has been one hell of a month. I wanted to show you how much I appreciate the two of you”
  • you are used to Jumin doing things like this for you, which doesn’t make it any less special, but V is literally so surprised
  • he honestly thought Jumin hated him, poor baby
  • the sex after dinner is a m a z i n g
  • you keep this relationship a secret from the RFA, which is hard for V
  • when around the other members, he has to refrain from touching you or Jumin
  • Jumin showers both of you with expensive presents
    • he’s constantly buying you new clothing and V new photography supplies
  • V always ALWAYS wants to take pictures of his babies
  • Jumin’s big ass bed is perfect for the three of you cuddling
    • Jumin holds you as you hold V
    • and vice versa
  • during sex, Jumin isn’t shy about his affection anymore
  • he will literally kiss V all the time
  • l o t s of oral
  • they will sometimes take turns pleasuring you, seeing who can be the first to make you cum
  • both are highly into body worship
  • V isn’t ready for Jumin’s kinky ass and is hella surprised by what he is willing to do
    • Jumin wouldn’t do anything V wasn’t comfortable with
  • if Jumin goes on business trips, V will take erotic pictures and videos of you to send to him
    • the same for V, but the pictures and videos are usually hella blurry
  • Jumin lowered the amount of security guards he had around so it was easier for him to be with the two of you
  • and you bet your ass he made V get that eye surgery
  • you would make both of them food on fathers day and be like
    • happy fathers day daddy ;)
    • Jumin immediately flips his shit and freaking has a nosebleed or something
  • if you three decided you wanted to have kids, you would all try your hardest to make it happen
    • we are going with the twins with different fathers scenario
  • an excuse to have sex 24/7
  • once you do become pregnant, you decide its wise to tell the RFA, since one of your kids will look like V
  • all of them are very supportive, even if they don’t quite understand it
  • “lolol, i told you Jumin Han is gay”
  • once they find out the sex of their babies, they are constantly buying things
  • you.are.not.allowed.to.do.anything
  • Jumin doesn’t want you to do anything to potentially harm the babies
  • he has a doctor make meal plans for you and hires a cook to prepare them
  • once they are born, the three of you become tremendously closer
  • V loves taking family photos of the five of you
  • V loves his own kid just as much as he loves Jumin’s and vice versa
  • these kids will never feel alone, they are literally in the most loving and supportive household
  • Jumin is happy he took the chance of this relationship
  • if you wake up to do something and leave them alone in bed, they will continue to cuddle each other
  • sneak attack kisses
  • the kids love Elizabeth the third


a/n: this is sorta long??? and i hope all of you like it and enjoy what i write. I literally love Jumin x MC x V, its so cute to me >.<

Pulling Him Out

“Joe?” I call out, opening the front door. I frown as I realize how dark his flat is. Checking my phone, I make sure the time and date are correct, and that this is indeed when we were meant to meet. “Joe, are you home?” I step in, letting the door fall close behind me, the sound echoing around me. It’s eerie quiet.

There’s a heavy feeling in the air, as if something is wrong, I bite my lip nervously, taking small steps into his flat, looking around for any sign of someone.

“If this is a prank…” I call out weakly.

Still getting no response, I take in a deep breath and continue to walk into his flat, peeking into his kitchen and living room; both are empty. But both are also abnormally messy, like Joe had just given up on cleaning. Which wasn’t unlike him. Whenever he had a guest coming over, even if it was just me or Zoe, he always cleaned up. It was a pet peeve of his, having a messy flat when someone is due around.

The worry grows in my chest, and I wring my hands together as I continue to move through the lower half of his house, checking each room for him.

When my search produces no results, I head upstairs, trying to ignore the echoing of my footsteps against the walls around me.

Joe’s place was seriously creepy in the dark when you were alone. Or potentially alone. I still wasn’t sure.

Starting with his bedroom, I crack the door open, poking my head in.


At first, I think there’s no one, and that he truly isn’t home, but then I hear slight movement, and as my eyes adjust to the darkness, I realize that there is someone laying on the bed.

I go to turn on the light, but a weak voice stops me.

“No. Don’t.”

Joe’s voice is raw sounding, like he’s broken.

I let the door swing open as I cross the room, slipping into the bed beside him. My arms move around him as he burrows his face into my chest, and I feel my shirt turn damp with his tears as I rub his back soothingly.

These moments didn’t happen often, I personally had only seen it happen twice before, because Joe refused to show anyone this side of him. But he wasn’t superman, and sometimes all the stress and pressure did get to him, and he broke.

There wasn’t much that could be done at first, except to let him pour out his emotions.

We lay there for a while, until his breathing turned calm, only broken by the occasional hiccup.

“Sorry.” He mumbled, pulling back slightly to meet my eyes in the dim room.

I could just make out his face, but it was enough to see that it was a bad day for him. I lifted one hand to his cheek, wiping away the tears left on his face.

“You never have to apologize, Joe.” I offer him a small smile, which he half returns.

“We had an epic best friend day planned though. And I ruined it.”

“Who says you ruined it?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.

“What are you on about?”

“You’ll see. Get out of bed, hop in the shower, and meet me downstairs.” I tell him, slipping out of bed. “Oh, and I’m stealing a t-shirt.” I tell him as I move across the room to his curtains, pulling them back to let in some light. Outside isn’t the nicest anyways, it being a typical rainy day in London, but it’s still nice to have some natural light.

I glance over at Joe, who’s sitting up, holding a hand in front of his eyes as he squints.

My heart breaks a little at the sight of him. He’s pale, there’s bags under his eyes, and his  normally bright blue eyes are dull and rimmed red.

“Stealing a t-shirt?” He asks.

“You got mine a little wet.” I laugh, pulling at the damp spot. He sends me an apologetic look, but I just shake my head. “It’s fine. Just a shirt. Now, go shower!” I wave at him until he finally rolls out of bed, heading for his bathroom.

When Joe finally joins me downstairs, I’ve changed into one of shirts and am pulling ingredients from the cupboards. The living room and kitchen have been tidied up, and the curtains pulled back, along with the ceiling lights turned on. I’ve turned on some soft jazz music in the background, and am humming to myself.

“Y/N…” He says softly, looking around the flat. “You didn’t have too…”

“Yes, I did. This place stunk.” I scrunch up my nose. “Nice to see you looking human though.” I smile over at him as he joins me in the kitchen.

“What are we doing?” Joe asks, looking at the ingredients splayed across his work top.

“Baking cookies!”

“Cookies?” He blinks at me.

“Yes. Cookies. We can’t go outside, because its gross. And I still refuse to play that stupid game you forced me to play that gave me nightmares. So we’re making cookies, and then we’ll watch a movie.”

He stares at me for another moment before a small smile creeps onto his face and he lets out a small laugh.

“You are nuts.”

“You know it.” I wink at him. “Now, we need sugar and butter…”

It takes us a while to actually make the dough, because when we start to measure out the flour, it turns into a white cloud that goes everywhere. And then becomes a full on food fight.

It creates a huge mess, but it’s all worth it to hear Joe laughing and to see him smiling, his eyes alight once again.

Finally though, we have the cookies in the oven, and the timer set.

I go to spin around to start cleaning up, but my foot slips on some egg on the floor, and I feel the floor leave from under me.

Instead of the hard ground, I feel warm arms wrap around me, and I open my eyes to see Joe staring at me.

“You are hopeless.” He mumbles, our faces close together. My cheeks turn warm as he helps me stand up properly, but his arms remain around me, our bodies close together.

“That’s not very nice to say, Joe.”

“Hmm, then how about I say something nice instead.”

“Like what?” I breath out, watching as his face moves closer.

“That you’re beautiful, Y/N.” And then his lips meet mine.

My arms move to around his neck as I sink into the kiss, everything around us disappearing.

Until I start giggling into the kiss, which causes Joe to pull back, looking confused.

“You really think I look beautiful covered in flour and egg?” I ask, still giggling.

He starts laughing too, realizing that I am indeed covered in baking ingredients, and that he is as well.

Later, after we’ve cleaned up the kitchen and ourselves, we’re curled up on the couch together, a plate of cookies in front of us.

“Y/N.” Joe says softly, pausing the movie.

“Hmm?” I tilt my head back to look at him.

“Thank you.”


“Pulling me out of that hole earlier.”

“Always, Joe.” I smile at him. He smiles back, dropping his head to kiss me again.

“I love you.”

I feel my heart flutter at his words, never really realizing how desperately I had wanted to hear those words come from him before.

“I love you too.” I tell him.

Day 4 of

The Days of TAU Christmas

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This day on Ao3

One of my prewritten fics. Got caught up in making a gingerbread house today. Not too happy I already have to dig into these, but hopefuly it’ll be alright.


He went straight home after the summon, leaving the room dark and the floor stained with blood. On a better day, he would have enjoyed it, would have spent his time pulling the men apart, removing their limbs from their bodies and revelling in their screams, but not today.

Today, he just did not feel like playing around. Today, the delightful terror of the summoners was just not enough to make up for the lives they had taken in cold blood, in his name, and for what? Pointless human desires. Today, he was too tired for humanity’s crap, and instead he cleaned the blood off his claws with a thought and rushed home.

For a given value of home.

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So something that I found particularly interesting about the recent episode: the early introduction of Sergei

I think anime!Sergei has the potential to do what game!Sergei couldn’t - serve as a parallel to Alisha and this makes me pretty excited in theory. Contains spoilers since this takes bits from the game and brings up the ending

I’m actually just writing this bc I was super in love with Sergei as an Alisha parallel but the game failed miserably and I’m forever bitter

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