about their childhood which you don't know

we know that rafael lightwood-bane loves dancing, but there’s obviously not much outlet for that in shadowhunter culture. so i’m 600% sure that at some point in his early childhood, magnus and alec enroll him in a mundane ballet class. which means that whenever there’s a family-invited class or a recital, max puts on a human glamour, alec covers his runes, and the whole lightwood-bane clan goes out to support rafe, pretending to be a perfectly ordinary suburban family

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I don't know about you but Matsuri seems even at a young age seemed rather cold toward everybody. I do wonder sometimes if Matsuri had a normal childhood (which I doubt).

I absolutely agree. He definitely didn’t have a normal childhood, but then again, which Investigator’s child did? OTZ

I find this very interesting pattern in both him and Furuta, as representatives of the younger Washuu generation. They both live a caged life, bid by their desire for recognition.

  • Most of all, Matsuri and Furuta concentrate on this one single thing in their lives, which allows them recognition and control

Matsuri puts everything he has into his work, so he can climb the social ladder and stand at the top, where he can control the situation.

Furuta obtains a lot of information which makes him feel powerful and in control of the events and those around him.

  • Both also seem to lack the love they want to receive

For someone known as calculating and cold-hearted, Matsuri seems to take a very big interest in others’ relationship status (especially knowing the whole story behind the Mado family’s marital situation) and openly searches for a discussion on the topic. Matsuri isn’t able to live a life where he chooses whom to marry out of love and rather, has to fulfil his duty to the Washuu family. Perhaps he is so interested in others’ romantic encounters, because he, himself, thinks that he can never have such a thing.

Furuta, on the other hand, believes he lacks the love of his father. Judging by his message on his birthday, he most likely doesn’t feel loved by anybody as a whole, but he actively tires to gain the attention of those around him, whether it’s in a good or bad way.

 (Also, where do their mother figures stand in their lives?)

  • Both have a place to hide from their troubles

For Matsuri this was Germany. The country was an escape from his duties as a member to the Washuus (like marrying someone he doesn’t love for the sake of his family). Matsuri says he wouldn’t have returned until Yoshitoki dies, which, for me, points to his desire to run away from this caged life for as long as possible.

Furuta’s hiding places are every affiliation he’s joined. While doing that, he dons a mask and plays another person or at least subdues some of his characteristics for the sake of blending in. By getting into a role, he invests himself into the task and manages to get away from his problems - whether it’ll be the forever-cheerful Souta, or the always-helpful investigator Furuta. The only moment he actually had to think about his issues made him break and lose his composure.

Zodiacs as things my choir teacher has said
  • Aries: My mind is lost.
  • Taurus: Stop...... Eating food...... You N E R D S!!
  • Gemini: You have choral split personality disorder
  • Cancer: Like your chewing gum, which I know your not or I will end your life
  • Leo: My childhood trauma is none of your concern
  • Virgo: Katie's got eighty. That's fun to say.
  • Libra: Every choir teacher has a legal document saying we can remove a child's larynx if necessary
  • Scorpio: Your aloud to breathe so you don't die
  • Sagittarius: (Student: don't do that it makes me anxious.) Oh well- oops *pretends to almost fall*
  • Capricorn: More like really Cult Choir
  • Aquarius: *deep demon voice* GIVE UNCLE JOSHY A HUG
  • Pisces: If anyone judges you and I find out about it, I will personally remove their throat

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can we take a second to look at the weird double standard in the carmilla fandom rn? some part are hating on laura for being a bad gf, which tbh is idiotic. but i don't see anyone pointing out that Laf is being a bad friend to perry, their childhood best friend. laf disregards perry's feelings abt the frankensteining bc science! laf seems to care more abt their bf and his new body than how perry feels abt it & all the weird stuff that happened to her. good friend don't ignore their bff.

Hmmm, I don’t know how to tell you this, but I don’t think Perry is really mad about the actual science… nor I think LaF is especially invested in JP’s body beyond the fact that it was an absolute scientific success, but anyways…

Even if Perry was mad about the actual science and even if LaFontaine was caring a lot about JP’s new body, I don’t think I would be that worried about it and I am talking as the Absolute LaFerry Trash that I am. LaFontaine has proved time and time again that they care greatly about Perry, in whatever capacity. When you are lucky enough to be passionate about something, sometimes you get carried away and it’s hard to understand why people around you are not as hyped as you are. LaF loves science and they did something incredible (and not recommended) to save someone important. The minute they come down from the scientific high and realize Perry is actually (….for one reason or another…..)  not okay, I am sure they’ll try to approach her.

Also, anon, why do you come to me and tell me the fandom has a weird double standard… and tell me hating on Laura for being a bad girlfriend is idiotic… and then act surprised that no one is hating on LaFontaine for being a bad friend….? Anon………… anon…………………………….

Just don’t hate on anyone, everybody. Give them time. They are young. They are in a supernatural campus surrounded by ancient beings, and powerful vampires and mysterious corporations and that one idiot fish. At least give these little creatures a few episodes to realize they maybe said or did something out of line and should fix it. Shh, love them. Pile blankets on them. They are tiny and make mistakes sometimes. 

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I'm very curious about you. I was homeschooled in the southern states/Bible belt of the USA, so i've not been exposed to very much. but i must know, you were a girl, but you're a boy now. how did you decide that? Did you just feel like a boy instead? don't be insulted please i'm just dumb and asking stupid questions please please you're beautiful i love you

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So as a "not-so-spooky" prompt, how about a grumpy, dressed up Bellamy goes treak-or-treatin' with his little sister and they end up at the Griffin's door, where Clarke makes fun of his costume? (Or sth, I don't know)

“You know that plenty of adults don’t wear costumes trick-or-treating, right?” Bellamy grumbles. He had his own costume, a fairly standard pirate outfit he wore to Miller’s party last night, but according to Octavia it was too boring, so now he’s Peter Pan to his sister’s Tinkerbell, which is embarrassing on a thousand levels including, but not limited to:

  • He’s a grown man wearing tights.
  • He’s a grown man dressed as Peter Pan, which just speaks to unresolved childhood issues about refusing to grow up, which has never been Bellamy’s problem, honestly.
  • He and his baby sister are in matching costumes, which tends to be a couple thing, so, creepy.
  • He has to know that his sister either already had an adult man’s Peter Pan costume (how/why) or that she went out and got one specifically for him (again, how/why).

So, yeah. He is not thrilled with this situation.

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About that Tweet to Lenkov...

Hi, Mr.Lenkov. First thing of all, I really, really love both of your shows! Big fan! MacGyver is fantastic (but I enjoy H50 more lol) ! Love that relationship between Mac and Jack, they're so cute!
I'm writing to you 'cause I want to talk about our boys, Steve and Danny, with you. I just can't hold back my words anymore.
It's been six years since our boys' first met in McGarrett's garage. During the six years, they get to know each other, they get each other's back, and they love each other deeply. Their friends know that, Grace knows that, their (ex-)girlfriends know that, even people who just met them know that, and sometimes mistaken them as a gay couple. In fact, their friend tease them as an old couple many times, and they often compare their relationship to marriage, too. 
They save each other's ass countless times, and Danny even donated half of his liver to Steve without consideration. They quarrel, and make it up even faster. They spend their holidays together, and Steve'll take Danny to some special places, which just feels like a date. 
Steve said Cath was the only one he ever let in, who he barely has any clue about little personal details and plainly refused to share details of his childhood with. But he's glad to share it with Danny, and he knows everything about Danny (S06E09 delete scene). In S06E14, Melissa argued with Danny for the "never say I love you" thing. But Danny, who didn't say love even in the end of that episode, has said it more than ten times to Steve in this show! 
Don't you think they love each other a little bit too much for just being friends? 
Will you considerate giving them a chance to be together, please? Maybe not now. Maybe not until the ending. I don't know.
I know that Scott is okay with it, even enjoy it. I don't know how Alex thinks, but I have reason to believe he has no objaction. 
McDanno has been the top 20 couples in AO3 for years, I'm sure more than 90% of the fans, especally the fans who're crazy for H50, will be really glad to see that happen, and love this idea more than you can image. We've been waiting for this moment patiently for six years, and we're still praying for it.
The article above only represents my personal opinion. Please forgive me if what I say offends you or has any grammatical mistakes, because Engilsh is not my mother language. I can express myself better in Chinese but…lol
Thank you for taking time to read this. I really appreciate it. No need to reply me, just…think over it, okay?
Love you and your shows~ Can't wait to watch next eposides of Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver! Hope they'll get better rating this week!

Well, that’s what I said in that tweet. 

Sorry, I tried to keep a low profile but he didn’t give me the chance… I had no idea he would retweet it. I didn’t mean to gain support from him, I just want to tell him my thoughts. Now I feel that I’m too rash, or stupid, maybe both.

Since I can’t change what has happened, I guess out there to go on Twitter and like his tweet is the right thing to do now. It has only 60 likes now which makes what I said kind of carry no conviction. 

Please support me to show him how much we appreciate this idea.

The link is here: https://twitter.com/plenkov/status/786239638516006912

Sorry again for the troubles I might have caused. I apologize.

i was going to say something silly about that dumb drawing rhett did but then i started thinking about it and it got me feeling all sentimental instead?

that’s such a perfect representation of them in some ways

it’s styled like something super romantic? two people on the back of a (horse) with a sun in the background

but at the same time the theme’s like something a little kid would think up like

a gIATN dOG! fights fires. with pEE

also it’s the two of them off on a mission to save people which we know is basically rhett’s dream

and then link’s reaction like he’s trying to tease but gets kind of gentle and smiley instead like he does when he gets a compliment 

I just?? rhett + link + making a childhood dream into a lifelong mission and friendship and there you go

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My mother says that I'm not transgender, just because it "wasn't obvious" and had even went so far as to show me baby pictures and say that I was a "happy boy." And that me being a girl didn't make sense. I don't know what to make of it, anyone?

Charlie says:

if you want an honest opinion, I feel like your mom is holding you to stereotypes of trans people, and is quite possibly refusing to see who you are because you don’t match up to media portrayals((which are often quite transphobic tbh)). Trans people aren’t constantly tortured all the time, and don’t always have a stereotypical refusal of a certain type of clothes, or toy.  Just because you might not have realized or been vocal about it in your childhood doesn’t make you any less trans, and your mother is wrong to assert that.  You’re 100% valid the way you are, and your mother, as parents of trans people often are, is in the wrong.