about the very fact that that show exists

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  1. It is a female lead show. Not many of those on air. (I hold ABC in high regard because you broadcast shows like Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder - both with strong female role models).
  2. Hayes is privileged, yet objective on controversial issues. Both are requirements for her job as head of the CIU. And although she is considered flawed and destructive and problematic, her objectiveness and vulnerability (which in my opinion originated in her privileged, yet overexposed childhood) redeem her.
  3. The CIU is not a fictional unit. It exists in certain cities throughout the country. People should know about this fact.
  4. The show brings diversity in many regards. And I for one love that Hayes is bi (and this fact was stated in a very casual, matter-of-factly way, as it should be). Plus Hayes and Maxine have developed a good friendship. And so have Tess and Frankie.
  5. Tess has questioned her white privilege on multiple occasions. I think that makes her a fantastic role model. And we need more episodes to see that Matty actually forgave Tess (and that forgiveness is possible in such life-altering situations).
  6. Frankie portrays that people can reform after a conviction. A prison sentence does not define a person. Human beings are multi-faceted, complex individuals who can change and improve.
  7. And above all, the show brings up controversial issues that many people don’t often think about or purposefully overlook because those issues don’t affect their daily lives. I’ve noticed on Tumblr that people discuss Conviction - its characters and the issues that are brought up. That makes me hopeful that people will stray from discussing the private lives of celebrities and focus on something more relevant to the world.

In conclusion, Conviction deserves to be renewed. It has a lot of viewers, many of whom are not able to watch the show live. Please consider that in your decision.

I think Breath of the Wild is a reboot.

I’ve noticed a lot of things that made me think about the possibility of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild being a reboot of the timelines. Maybe that’s why they didn’t wanted to show us too much about the story. If it’s true that this is an unification of the three timelines, it’s a very important fact, not only for fans of the game, but for future players. A reboot of the timelines would mean a new beginning, without deleting the existence of the previous ones, which would be a master plan from the creators. No more expectation about in which timeline would be future games located, because there would be only one this time.

Why I think that? The entire game is a resemblance of the first Zelda game. If some people looked so dissapointed, it’s because this Zelda doesn’t look like Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker. They say “this is not Zelda”. No, it’s not the Zelda you know. It’s the Zelda that old schoolers know. This game is a renewed version of Hyrule Fantasy, the first Zelda game. Even the japanese logo is written exactly with the same font. The title screen is like that ilustration from the first game they showed us in Treehouse. There is an old man in a cave, with a sword close to him. They give us an entire world to explore, we can visit all the areas anytime, but to get into the dungeons you must solve puzzles. The world is isolated. It’s pure Zelda 1.

To this fact we must add the fact that the world is full of elements from previous games, as if everything were a mix: the Temple of Time from Ocarina of Time; a statue of Goddess Hylia; the Eldin bridge; a Korok; the Master Sword in a place like A Link to the Past; and a mysterious Sheikah tribe with futuristic elements, knowing that they “have been saving Hyrule” for a long time. Maybe the Sheikah found out about the splitted timelines: maybe they found out how to fix them and make one Hyrule; maybe this isolated, mixed world is the result. And maybe this new Link must finish the job.

Also, I’ve noticed that they are giving importance to Goddess Hylia’s mythology more than to Din, Nayru and Farore. This is important for a reboot, because it would give to princess Zelda a good reason to be finally the main character, the reason because is “The Legend of Zelda” and not “The Legend of Link”. In the first games, this wasn’t very clear, but getting the fact of the princess of Hyrule being the mystical reincarnation of a Goddess makes a lot more of sense about her importance in the story.

I don’t know if this is true or not but… don’t you think it would be amazing?

Highlights from Sean Maguire’s Sunday panel from Creation NJ

  • When asked what would the show be like if Robin didn’t die:  He gave an answer about how changing one thing might cause the universe to collapse so he’s not good at answer those kinds of hypothetical questions.
  • Unheard question:  “Well he made the ultimate sacrifice and gave his life so I’d guess he’s pretty into her.”  “Maybe they’ll get together in another world, in another life, in another existence.  I’m a romantic so I think so.”
  • Once changes his life by the fact that he’s now being recognized all over the world.  “I’ve never experienced the passion and love you have for the show.  It changed my life very much for the better.”
  • On not knowing how to use a bow and arrow:  “Yeah, uhmm, well like a good diligent actor I did my research.  I read up on the history of Robin Hood and I talked to a few people who were a bit of an expert in the field.  I was trying to decide what voice to use, should I use my own voice, since he’s Nottingham based should I use a northern accent like Jon Snow… I realized as much as I love the English northern accent It might not be quite as… so I decided to go with my own voice.  Anyway…. I got to set, I’m in the custom, I’m like okay… and someone came up and said ‘and here is your bow and arrow.’  And I was like … bow and arrow!” *Sean face palms*  “So I was like great!  Good thanks I was just wondering where that was… and I was like SHHHHHIIIIT.  So I was just standing there and it’s not the most confusing thing to do but I knew Robin Hood being a famous archer that I should look proficient with it.  So I’m standing there,” *miming playing with a bow incompetently*  “And this lovely lady who I forget her name she was a unit photographer she was taking stills on set that day she came over and whispered, ‘do you know how to use a bow?’” *he shakes his head* “Please don’t tell anyone because they’ll fire me…  ‘Well actually I’m an archer, I do this for fun and for sport would you like…’ Very much so yes!”  *vigorous nodding of his head*  “So she said three fingers, not two, not one not four, to the cheek, she just gave me a few pointers quietly in the corner.  And I bluffed it and got away with it.  So I’m eternally grateful to the mystery photographer/archer who advised me at the eleventh hour.  Wherever you are sweet lady thank you.”
  • They never let them fire arrows for safety reasons.  “Disney has this strange aversion to killing actors on set.  They might kill characters but killing actors is an entirely different matter.”
  • “The string is not taught so it couldn’t fire anything anyway.”
  • What would have happened if Robin hadn’t died with the entire family.  “I think they would have bought a nice bungalow.  Maybe Hades and Zelena downstairs.  Me and Regina upstairs.  Some sort of play area for Peanut/Robin.”
  • Lee:  “Imagine that Christmas or Thanksgiving…”
  • “I guess now that Hades is dead and Robin is dead that Regina and Zelena are getting along better they’re …”
  • What would Robin have named his daughter:  Beyonce Locksley.  Beyonce Taylor Selena Locksley.

Musical Hell: Top Ten Episodes

4.) The Phantom of the Opera

I won’t lie–a huge reason why Musical Hell even exists is because I wanted to do a scathing review of this movie.  Obviously not the only reason, otherwise I wouldn’t still be doing this two years after the fact, but Phantom was in my sights since day one.  The miscast leads, the odd directing choices, and the hyper-sexualization of a show that, really, is already a heavily sexualized version of its source material, gave me much to gripe about.  The result was a very satisfying and cathartic experience.

Random Fact: I don’t usually laugh at my own writing, but “I wanted to just stab him in the graveyard, but noooooooo!” makes me giggle every time.

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Outlanders Anonymous: It’s Happeningggggggg!!!

All are welcome tonight at 9pm EST for our first weekly Outlanders Anonymous meeting!! Come join @sherrigamblin​, @outlandishchridhe and I for laughs and love and a chat/commiseration about our very favourite book series and screen adaptation.

I’ll be posting a link to the forum just before 9 tonight – the site we’ve chosen allows you to register OR stop by as a guest, so feel free to come by and have some fun!

Discussion Topic:

Tonight we’re asking you to share a little bit about yourselves, pictures/lists of your possibly embarrassing Outlander merchandise stashes, and your Outlander addiction stories (was it the books that hooked you? The show? Our favourite Sassynach, Claire? The mere fact that JAMMF exists in our universe??).

Here’s to good friends, this awesome fandom, and sharing love around the world.

Hope to see you there!



This was a serious 4th wall moment for me. In fact the whole episode was. I feel like Glen was sending a message to Chris Carter about the way he treated William.

I refuse to include her final line in this gifset and stoop so low as to draw a comparison between Chris and one of the villains on his show. But I feel very strongly that if you dig yourself into the baby hole, you’d better be prepared to deal with the consequences. Instead of throwing him away when he became an inconvenience.

Scully didn’t treat William like trash, Chris Carter did.

But to his credit, he appears to have realized this now. The central story, this season, is William. And the top priority, both plotwise and characterwise, is dealing with the reality of his existence, and of Existence, and mending the wounds he created in the characters and with the audience.