about the thor premiere in los angeles

Textured Shirt vs. Textured Suit

“ I know you have a soft spot (and some issues) with a certain white textured shirt. How do you feel about the textured suit? Just curious! :)” - i-wanna-be-toms-body-pillow

This is such an important question, Pillow Talk.  

The Suit in question was seen at the 2013 TIFF, specifically for the “Only Lovers Left Alive” portraits.

The Suit is lovely.  I do not deny it.  Color, fit, waistcoat, etc.  All lovely.  I wouldn’t refuse him in The Suit.  ;)

The Shirt in question was seen at the premiere of “Thor: The Dark World” in Los Angeles two months later.

You know that I adore this Shirt.  I want to scent mark him it like a randy feline.  

Obviously, I would select The Shirt if faced with a choice between the two.  Less is more works for me here.  There is something teasing about The Shirt.  It hints at what the future holds.  It’s cheeky.  It’s tantalizing.  It’s a very strange and delicious sort of passive agressive display of “Yes, I know I’m hot enough to fry an egg on, but I’m trying to be subtly flamboyant, darling.”  It’s terribly SAFish.  

So.  The Shirt.  Definitely.