about the new season

About RvB15 and tags

The long wait is finally over and this coming Sunday (April 2th) Red vs Blue season 15 will premiere for First members! To be fair to non-First members I will not post any spoilers until the episode has aired for non-First members the following day (assuming last years schedule is still valid). 

I will be using the tags rvb15 and rvb15 spoilers as well as rvb15xepisode number (for example rvb15x1) for all posts about the new season. Any new posts/edits about the new episode will be scheduled to be posted starting 15-30 min after the public release and will be tagged. Any possible text posts (aka me losing my shit) before that time will be tagged and under a read-more. 


Top heroes have stories about them from their school days. Most of their stories have one thing in common: Their bodies moved before they had a chance to think. That was true for you, too, wasn’t it?

“I’m the same person I’ve always been. Now everything’s just out in the open.”

I am about to walk into a new season of my life filled with

financial security.
new career. + benefits + salary increase
spiritual growth.
new opportunities.

Claiming it as if it’s already mine.

I’m clearly following the wrong sort of people based off of the severe lack of Supernatural content on my dash

So, if you post Supernatural, aren’t excessively negative, and just generally like the show for what it is, please like or reblog this so I can find some new blogs to follow!