about the mun

friendly reminder that I’m comfortable with MINOR godmodding if:

  1. it’s genuinely in the interests of advancing plot (e.g. ‘Pass the screwdriver?’ and you can assume my muse passes the screwdriver over, or even just that your muse ended up with the screwdriver one way or another, without having to stop the reply altogether for my interjection)
  2. it’s NOT my muse’s dialogue, inner or outer
  3. it’s REASONABLE for my muse (e.g. if they’ve already made it quite clear the screwdriver is a sentimentally precious family heirloom or something, then the screwdriver might not reasonably change hands)
  4. the reply isn’t solely about my muse’s actions, thoughts or feelings, but rather is about your muse, with reference to mine
  5. you are willing to accept criticism & critique and change the reply if I can’t reasonably see my muse doing that

roleplaying, for me, is about exploring characters and worlds through story. Interaction with both the muse and the world, then, is vital, and I do not mind sacrificing a small thing from one to significantly advance the other. It’s always a good idea to talk to me if you’re uncertain and it will be easier once we know each other better, but I just wanted to put this out there so you lot know what I’m comfortable with. There’s a lot of ‘no godmodding whatsoever!!’ going around in this community and obviously, with big things, it’s a no-go – but I’m still more interested in the story.

How I’m like Robbie Rotten:

- I could sleep whenever, time doesn’t matter
- Always tired
- Often can’t fall asleep for hours, sometimes not at all
- I love sweets, cake with much whipped cream especially
- Outside is too bright
- Kids are annoying brats (and so loud)
- Many sounds (like silverware clanking against plates) are too loud
- Very lazy. Quickly out of breath. Really weak.
- I love to dress up (Disguise time!)
- I can be creative
- I’d say I’m decent at drawing
- Grumpy most of the time, especially with no sleep
- Night owl
- Dislike vegetables very much

((OOC: Meet the Artist…. I guess…… which is… very vague…. I’ll answer most/any questions about me but this I guess is just the basic informations!! I’m generally…. uhm…. straight forward about myself…. @_@; … There isn’t really much to me… I’m lazy…. I really like Sashimi and Steak for food… I live pretty isolated at the moment in a jungle part of the country and it’s sorta sucky but I like looking at the animals…. Hmm…. 

I go by Fhujeth online. That’s also my main blog’s URL. I dunno, there isn’t too much about me what do people want to know I can answer… you can follow me at my main blog @fhujeth​ 

Yup. Please don’t hate me because I drew myself as a furry.))

avisamans  asked:

Promptis for that ship meme >w>

  • who hogs the duvet

Noctis. The crystal and magic usage drains so much of his energy he gets cold ridiculously easy. His feet, hands, and nose are always the coldest parts of his body and he’ll steal the duvet while shoving his hands under Prompto’s shirt and his feet against his legs. 

  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going

Definitely Prompto. He’s glued to his phone half the time anyway, always playing King’s Knight or going over texts from different people. He’ll text Noctis in the middle of meetings and such to check on him. It always makes Noctis melt and smile. Sometimes blush too. ;)

  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts

Prompto. He’s the most crafty and artistic out of the two of them. 

  • who gets up first in the morning

Prompto. Noctis will wake up for nothing short of kisses and the promise of coffee. Otherwise, he’s in bed till noon. 

  • who suggests new things in bed

Neither really? They’re both pretty shy about those things. Depending on the verse I could see Prompto finding things on the internet he’d want to try. Noctis is too much of a shy bug too even look those things up. 

  • who cries at movies

Both of them. Noctis will vehemently deny it though. 

  • who gives unprompted massages

Prompto. He can read the tension in Noctis half the time and will come to rub his shoulders. It helps a lot, and will clear his mind to continue working. Noctis always repays him in kisses. 

  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick

Prompto, because Noctis is usually the one always sick. His immune system is crap and he’s been so sheltered his entire life, being exposed to any sort of virus can be dangerous for him. The crystal helps him fight against them better, but it also drains his energy which doesn’t help. The boy is pretty much a mess. However, he will fret over Prompto whenever the blond is sick, at the risk of getting ill himself. He doesn’t care, anything to return the favor and apologize for being such a burden on his lover and best friend. 

  • who gets jealous easiest

Both of them. They’ll never admit it, but the other is theres and no one can have them. They will fight you. 

  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music

Prompto. He seems like a rock/metal kind of guy. 

  • who collects something unusual

Prompto. He’s more adventurous. 

  • who takes the longest to get ready

Noctis, only because it takes the jaws of life to get him out of the bed. His hair is pretty much just bed head with a touch of styling gel ran through it. Prompto, however, takes a full hour to get ready. He’s got a skincare routine and everything. That’s why that boy is so baby faced. 

  • who is the most tidy and organised

Neither really? Prompto more than Noctis, for sure. Noctis is just a lazy prince. 

  • who gets most excited about the holidays

Both. They are festive fanatics. The Citadel is always decked out. Regis laughed himself into a coughing fit when he saw the statue out front covered in garland and lights their first christmas. 

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon

They take turns. Whoever feels like it, as well as whoever needs to be held the most that night. 

  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports

They are both pretty competitive, especially in King’s Knight. Once while they were on the road, Noctis refused to talk to Prompto for an entire day because the blonde destroyed three of his castles and killed half his army in a sneak attack. Prompto was far too smug to care. 

  • who starts the most arguments

They are equally guilty of this. 

  • who suggests that they buy a pet

Prompto, but Noctis caves easily and agrees. He has Umbra unofficially, so he’s more than happy to have more pets. 

  • what couple traditions they have

When they were in high school they used to have Movie Marathon Fridays, where they’d order in and watch one of their favorite series half the night. 

  • what tv shows they watch together

They will deny it, but they used to watch Catch that Malboro all the time in high school. 

  • what other couple they hang out with

Nyx and Luna, Gladio and Ignis. If they aren’t with one, they’re with the other. 

  • how they spend time together as a couple

They do nothing, pretty much. They are so comfortable with each other, domesticity is their couple time. 

  • who made the first move

Prompto. Noctis was far too terrified and shy to even try. He thought about it, planned it out, but chickened out every time. 

  • who brings flowers home

Noctis. He loves to see how Prompto’s face brightens at fresh flowers in their room. 

  • who is the best cook

Thanks to Ignis, Noctis got pretty good. He’ll cook every now and again, but living in the citadel they have chefs, and on the road Ignis is always the cook. 


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Name: Rebecca (Becca is preferred).
Birthdate & location: January 17th, 1993 & Riverside, CA.
Nickname: I have a lot: Becca, Feather, Bella, Bashful, Kitty, Bashful Kitty, Princess, CInderella (since elementary school) and others that I can’t remember right now.
Gender: Female.
Sexual orientation: Pansexual.
Favorite movie: Always Cinderella.
One place that makes you happy: In the sun.
Last book you read: Heaven and Earth by Nora Roberts. I read the trilogy so damn much I could quote it by now.

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A - Age: Young enough to still be doing schooling lmao
B - Biggest fear: Fire
C - Current time: 12:10 AM
D - Drink you last had: Water
E - Every day starts with: Going back to sleep.
F - Favorite song: I don’t have a favortie song
G - Ghosts. Are they real?: Probably
H - How many pets?: Two - a cat named Layne and a rabbit named Tucker
I - In love with: A guy who is way out of my league
J - Joke: A photon checks into a hotel and is asked if he needs any help with his luggage. He says, “No, I am traveling light!”.
K - Killed someone: I’ve never killed a person, but I have hunted game animals before.
L - Last time you cried: During track practice last Wednesday.
M - Middle name: Lynn (hence the nickname - Lynny - given to me by my grandmother)
N - Number of siblings: Five
O - One wish: To be completely satisfied with myself 
P - Person you last called/texted: My mother
Q - Questions you are always asked: “What happened to your hand?”
R - Religion: I like to think I am Christian.
S - Song last sang: I think the last song I sang was “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana tbh
T - Time you woke up: Sometime around 8:00 AM
U - Underwear color: Black
V - Vacation destination: China
W - Worst habit: Overthinking
X - X-Rays you’ve had: I’ve had x-rays on my neck twice due to falling one time and getting in a bus wreck another.
Y - Your favorite food: Maccoroni and Cheese 
Z - Zodiac sign: Cancer

anonymous asked:

Top 5 ships for Levy

put “top 5” anything in my ask and i will answer ok go

Im going to go ahead and assume this is ships I have on the blog If I am wrong feel free to resend with specifics. 

1.) Of course is Gajevy. Notably with my main @blxcksteelgxjeel, though @kuroganeslayer and @irxnslayer also have some amazing and unique threads so I am grouping all three of them into it.

2.) Levy x Bacchus- @thedrunkenfalcongroh, also my first ship partner since making the blog.

3.) Gravy: This one is also multi person because I have a lot of stuff with @exhxbitionist with angst and @evxdent also gives a lot of cute Gray x Levy

4.) LeLu- Levy x Lucy, Gotta have my fave Les ship story because of the thread we have with pregnant Levy. Also we made our blogs together so of course we are going to ship lol @celestialprincesslulu <3 Love you bae

5.) So this is a two parter because I have two oc’s I want to name for different reasons. 
            A.) So he doesn’t have the blog anymore so this is more of a ship I miss that @ascendedbladesman Use to have. Neo x Levy was amazing and beautifully developed. For the longest time we didn’t ship and it was just great and they had this big brother lil sis thing and then we started shipping and it was adorbs and the story of how they started shipping was amazing. Oh my god does Levy miss Neo
           B.) Had another idea for this slot but im changing it to @jacktheripperblitzkrieg. Jack is an amazing OC and again their development was awesome. Starting out as just sassy af friends to now a sassy af couple. I was actually really shocked when Jack mun said they wanted to try shipping and I love it they are super cute together and I love writing all of our threads.

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A - Age: haha you wish.
B - Biggest fear: failure
C - Current time: 18:49
D - Drink you last had: Coke Zero
E - Every day starts with: the 7:30 a.m. clock alarm to go to work.
F - Favourite song: impossible to answer this because my musical tastes are diverse, eclectic and I’m never stuck for anything in this department. 
G - Ghosts are they real: ehhhhh.
I - In love with: my laptop.
K - Killed someone: a spider, a couple of days ago. it had a family, or so I’ve been told. ha ha ha.
L - Last time you cried: uh… probably a month ago.
M - Middle name: means ‘the one that brings joy and happiness’ and it’s of Greek origin. Spoiler alert: I’m not Greek lmao.
N - Number of siblings: none. well, technically. I have like 6 or 7 of them from my father’s other marriages but I don’t know them and I don’t give a fuck about their lives :D 
O - One wish: maybe become some badass produder of sorts/director’s assistant for someone big in the future? who knows. 
P - Person you last called/texted: my friend Vicky.
Q - Questions you are always asked: ‘how are you?’ like, people be original please. 
R - Reasons to smile: getting a proper recognition for what I do. 
S - Song last sang: I don’t sing.
T - Time you woke up: 7:35 am.
U - Underwear colour: white or black.
V - Vacation destination: I’ve changed this many times but Kyoto remains in my heart. 
W - Worst habit: scratching the back off my ears to then, smell my fingers just in case I smell bad, I guess.
X - X-Rays you’ve had: my… teeth? 
Y - Your favourite food: give me a never ending supply of strawberry cheesecake and I shall worship the ground you walk on.
Z- Zodiac sign: full fledged crazy Sagittarius and damn proud of it.

Rules: Tag 10 of your followers you wanna know better. (or not whatever)
Nicknames: Charly, Fox, Chrona, James, Die Stille
Height: 158cm
Time right now: 10:02pm
Last thing I googled: ragged crown where the fuck is that lever
Fave music artist: too many to pick
Song stuck in my head:  Fall out boy- i don’t care
Last movie I watched: lilo&Stich
Last TV show I watched: RWBY
What I’m wearing now: uhm a jacket over a jacket and pants and socks (2 different ones)
When I created this blog: March 2016
The kind of stuff I post: Memes, animals, fandom stuff, rarely art
Do I have other blogs: @myhiddenpasteldesire
Do I get asks regularly: nope
Why did I choose my URL: Because i am partially an ask/rp blog and it’s my muse describtion
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Pokemon team: None
Fave colors: Black
Average hours of sleep: lately 6
Lucky number: 13
Favorite characters: Medic, Pyro, Cicero,Jonathan Teatime, Roman Torchwick, Quirinius Quirrell, Frank Stein
Dream job: Scenographer
Number of blankets I sleep with: 3
Following: 415
Who I tag:

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A - Age: 22
B - Biggest fear: Flying insects 
C - Current time: 3:47 PM
D - Drink you last had: Water
E - Every day starts with: Checking my emails, then whatsapp, then tumblr, then skype rofl 
F - Favourite song: Despacito - Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee ; not really my favorite song, but it’s been on repeat today 
G - Ghosts are they real: Probably 
I - In love with: too many things 
K - Killed someone: Hell if I know 
L - Last time you cried: Last week 
M - Middle name: Hannah 
N - Number of siblings: 2
O - One wish: To be happy 
P - Person you last called/texted: This little shit: @godxofxegypt
Q - Questions you are always asked: “Is that your real hair?” yes, yes it is, motherfuckers. 
R - Religion: Jewish 
S - Song last sang: Chandelier - Sia 
T - Time you woke up: 9:30 AM 
U - Underwear colour: Black, I think 
V - Vacation destination: Japan 
W - Worst habit: Touching my face 
X - X-Rays you’ve have: Not counting dental? None 
Y - Your favourite food: Pasta. Just give me pasta. 
Z- Zodiac sign: Gemini 



PRONOUNS: they/them
SEXUALITY: nonbinary
TAKEN OR SINGLE: taken <33


1. I was once called by the Navy and when asked if I wanted a career I responded, “is there crying in the Navy?” and he said “what?” and I said, “well, I’m a teenager. I cry whenever I get frustrated.” and he replied after a beat, “y–yeah. I cry all the time!” and that’s the moment I truly began to appreciate Naval Recruiter Services
2. My favorite TV show is Psych and I wish desperately that they had developed Shawn Spencer more
3. I’m Angst Incarnate


HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): About a year and a half now!!
PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED: Mostly tumblr, although I did use Pottermore for a little while (it was v stressful)
BEST EXPERIENCE: I love being a disney rper tbh—the community is so open and very welcoming for the most part and I’ve met some awesome friends through it!!! Plus now i’m in this Super Cool Disney Discord and met THOSE cool guys!!! but yea most of my experiences have been the best so!


FEMALE/MALE/OTHER: I don’t know to what this is referring? other muses? my muses? my muses is male but I have no preference as to other people’s muses???? 
MULTI OR SINGLE: no preference, but tbh I’ve been thinking about making a multi-muse blog before I remember I have 20+ threads here and I’m always dying  but usually I have single muse blogs with multi-ship and multi-verse


FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: Angst is fantastic, fluff is great, smut is a no-go (as I’m both very squicked by it and a minor)
PLOTS OR MEMES: !! Both are good with me! Memes are a great ice breaker, but I do enjoy plotting if I don’t know the mun/muse that well first  (and ofc any time after that). Really no preference, I guess?
LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: Usually I never shut up and so it’s longer replies, but short replies are fun too!! (They’re mostly crack for me tbh)
BEST TIME TO WRITE: Late at night; I usually get on 10 o’clock ish and stay on til about 12:30/1:00 AM
ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): I think I am, yeah!! I think that there’s a little part of everyone who can relate at some level to their muses and that’s why we enjoy them? but yeah I can def see traits that I share with Aladdin as a character

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A - Age: 19 as of january
B - Biggest fear: drowning. rationally. I actually love swimming, and do all the time. It’s just from numerous near death experiences I’ve had in the water. It’s not fun.
C - Current time: 8:05a
D - Drink you last had: tea
E - Every day starts with: The fucking garbage truck. Right outside my window. Everyday, 6:30a on the dot.
F - Favourite song: Houdini or Color on the Walls, both by Foster the People
G - Ghosts, are they real?: eh. idk
I - In love with: far too many tv shows and other fictional media
K - Killed someone: does a bug count? 
L - Last time you cried: last week, I don’t remember why
M - Middle name: Malia Noelani
N - Number of siblings: just my bro, he’ll be 21 in July
O - One wish: a thousand more wishes! jk. uh. peace and quiet and solitude. lol
P - Person you last called/texted: a good friend from back home, text
Q - Questions you are always asked: how to pronounce my middle name. It’s Hawaiian. My family is hauli though. It’s actually pretty simple, cause the language splits syllables via the vowel, with letters in pairs (but ending on the vowel). Never mind I’m making this more complicated. Anyway: Mah-lee-ah No-eh-lah-nee. Oh also, they ask if i’m in a relationship/have any boys in mind. Nope. and no. and not planning to. Thanks. I am a single forever kinda person. By choice.
R - Religion: raised Presbyterian w/ Mennonite influences. Currently agnostic/not practicing.
S - Song last sang: Ballroom Blitz, Sweet. Actually, wait? No, yeah. We’re sticking with that.
T - Time you woke up: 6:20a
U - Underwear colour: grey or black, like my soul
V - Vacation destination: Paris, Venice, English country, Scotland, Ireland
W - Worst habit: biting nails/picking at cuticles. I’ve always done it.
X - X-Rays you’ve had: teeth, jaw, left ankle, right wrist
Y - Your favourite food: smoothies, sticky rice, mango, any fresh fruit really (except grapefruit)
Z- Zodiac sign: Capricorn

… and as a continuation of sorts from that last psa… because apparently this is an issue (?!???!)… because I am show based there will be times when Magnus does indeed refer to Jace as Alec’s brother. I try very hard to not completely disregard that Alec had some kind of feelings for Jace, but the show has clearly veered from that and the amount of times that Jace and Alec call each other brother can’t really be ignored if your muse is show based. So I guess if it offends you, I’m sorry? It’s not hate. I’m just mostly show based. So. Yeah.