about the mun

so i was tagged by @bisexual-eponine​ (THANK YOOUUU <3) 

rules: answer 30 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better

1. nicknames: Pinetree, Matt (because, ya know, my full name’s Matthew xD), fairy boy, Smol bean (uhhhh I’m sure there’s others.)

2. gender: FAIRY BOY (jk jk, male)

3. star sign: Virgo

4. height: 4′9. I’m so smol 

5. time: 3:35 pm

6. birthday: September, 7th 

7. favourite bands: fall out boy, Mansionz (I mean technically they’re a band), Falling In Reverse, MARIANAS TRENCH (BLOODY LOVE ‘EM), The Neighbourhood, The Vamps, Daughter, Breaking Benjamin, The Material, 30 Seconds To Mars, Three Days Grace.

8. favourite solo artist(s): sara bareilles, Halsey, Alec Benjamin, Vera Lynn, AURORA, Blackbear, EDEN (The Eden Project), Jaymes Young, Julia Michaels, Kristian Kostov, SIVIK. That’s all I can think of for now.

9. song stuck in my head: The Squip Song from Be More Chill.

10. last movie i watched: Phantom Of The Opera

11. last show i watched:  Gravity Falls (Or was it Ghost Adventures??)

12. when did i create my blog:  Late December, 2016

13. what do i post: Mainly rps, with a bunch of ooc posts and random things I find hysterical 

14. last thing i googled:  How the fuck is exercise do I? 

15. do i have any other blogs:  Tooooooooo many. Not gonna list ‘em because I’m lazy 


17. why i chose my url:  It’s the name of my oc.

18. following:  3032

19. followers:  999 precious beans

20. average hours of sleep:  What’s sleep? (Probably about an hour or 2 tbh)

21. lucky number:  8, 13

22. instruments: piano, guitar, violin (sorta), THE TRIANGLE! (I forgot to add ths)

23. what i’m wearing:  My school uniform because I’m lazy

24. dream job:  Actor, painter, or anything Broadway (Lmao mun is too hopeful)

25. dream trip:  WITH SOMEONE WHO LOVES ME Probably all over Europe and America/Canada (More for the snow lmao)

26. favourite food: Pancakes with enough maple sirup to put me in a coma

27. nationality:  AUSSIE M8

28. favourite song right now:  Either ‘We’ll Meet Again’ (The Bill Cipher Ver.), Zydrate Anatomy (SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHERE THIS IS FROM) or He’s Hurting Me by Maria Mena 

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friendly reminder that I’m comfortable with MINOR godmodding if:

  1. it’s genuinely in the interests of advancing plot (e.g. ‘Pass the screwdriver?’ and you can assume my muse passes the screwdriver over, or even just that your muse ended up with the screwdriver one way or another, without having to stop the reply altogether for my interjection)
  2. it’s NOT my muse’s dialogue, inner or outer
  3. it’s REASONABLE for my muse (e.g. if they’ve already made it quite clear the screwdriver is a sentimentally precious family heirloom or something, then the screwdriver might not reasonably change hands)
  4. the reply isn’t solely about my muse’s actions, thoughts or feelings, but rather is about your muse, with reference to mine
  5. you are willing to accept criticism & critique and change the reply if I can’t reasonably see my muse doing that

roleplaying, for me, is about exploring characters and worlds through story. Interaction with both the muse and the world, then, is vital, and I do not mind sacrificing a small thing from one to significantly advance the other. It’s always a good idea to talk to me if you’re uncertain and it will be easier once we know each other better, but I just wanted to put this out there so you lot know what I’m comfortable with. There’s a lot of ‘no godmodding whatsoever!!’ going around in this community and obviously, with big things, it’s a no-go – but I’m still more interested in the story.


i love it. i love everything about it. i love every character. i love every dynamic. i love the way it makes me laugh, cry, get angry, sit here happily or sadly. i love how i laugh like an idiot at lito. i love how i squeal at riley. i love how i feel for woflgang. i love E V E R Y T H I N G about sense8

but mostly? i love the way it makes me feel. i feel the courage. i feel the pride. i feel the motivation. i can feel like a better person, someone who wants to be something special, and do things that matter.

sense8 is a gift to us. sense8 deserves all the praise in the world and more.

Fangirls and -boys got the best poker faces in the world. We can read the hottest, dirtiest, kinkiest smut on the entire planet while eating cookies and drinking tea with grandma and don’t move a damn muscle.

I always read smut on the train. Nobody ever noticed. I don’t blush. I don’t laugh. 

But tell me just once that you hugged your crush and I will evolve into the giggliest bitch on earth. 

About the Player Meme

hello it me


name: Destiny
nickname: D-chan, typically Faye or Fae on the interwebs
sexuality: Demisexual biromantic or something idc
pronouns: Girly things
are you a morning person?: God no
when swimming, do you prefer to do it in the ocean, or in a lake: Both are cool, rivers and creeks are fun too, but the ocean is least likely to have demon bugs around (though I’ve had the misfortune of being stung by a jellyfish so hey)


anyone you would like to meet in real life?:
EVERYONE, let’s go get food.
anyone you have met in real life?: Not counting RL friends who probably have non-XIV tumblrs, I’ve met @healhisassseabass and a couple others whose URL’s I can’t remember off the top of my head!
when did you first join? how old is your current account?: I had a tumblr like waaay back in high school that I never used. I’ve had this account for about 3 - 4 years?
any peeves?: I have every peeve. But no, really, one thing that bothers me is people stepping in to preach kindness and acceptance in a thinly veiled attempt to stop/censor others when it comes to people taking actions to protect themselves and others from unpleasant people. Like nah fam no one needs to delete their call out post about a sexual abuser because “maybe he’s changed since last week” and “he could be a nice guy underneath it, let people see for themselves!! :) :) :)”


do you easily get jealous?:
I don’t get jealous so much as insecure.
do you easily get angry?: Not really actually (SHOCKING I know). I’m usually pretty chill. I get peeved when I see someone trying to mistreat others, but it rarely becomes actual anger.
are you easy to cheer up?: It depends I suppose. Ultimately, if the source of whatever the problem is isn’t fixed, then it’s probably going to keep bothering me.
what’s the most hurtful thing someone could do to you?: Betray my trust and waste my time and energy.
are you good at hiding your emotions?: Usually!
what’s the very best way to cheer you up?: I don’t usually like to talk to about things to people (though rarely I do like to vent), so the best thing is when people are willing to bullshit with me and make me laugh and just keep me distracted. 


are you currently in a relationship?:
I am, almost ten years now!
do you currently have a crush on someone?: I sure hope so!
do you kiss on the first date?: Naaahhh
do you prefer going out, or staying home, when it comes to dates?: I’m okay with either. Life needs some variety, so I like a healthy dose of both!


favorite drink:
Iced tea (sweet, I mean southern brewed sweet, not “you can dump a packet of sugar into your cold tea” sweet)
favorite food: Chocolate covered strawberries
most calming place: Hooome where I can chill
most stressful place: Literally any place unfamiliar and full of people lmao
most prized possession?: My PC, god bless

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I am still here, I promise. Ramble below, basically talking about current situations and what not. Long story short, Imma be here still, just kinda…. lurking in the moody corner for a while. 

I am having an extremely hard time with my mental health lately and so far we haven’t been able to stable much of anything. So I end up with tons of angsty muse but little motivation or drive to do much of anything. I apologize for being so MIA pretty much since the beginning of summer. This blog is mah babeh and I have no intentions of leaving or anything like that. Roleplaying is something I enjoy and use to escape a lot when I can. So basically, I shall never leave. 

Thank you for sticking with me throughout all this. All the spotty, rusty replies, and millions of ooc posts. I will be okay and I will be here. I just may be very in and out while I’m focusing on getting myself right. <3 


Between my health plummeting and losing my job, I’ve been feeling really down and it’s started to show in my appearance.

Today I just wanted to feel pretty- one of these days I’ll get my hair colored and start working out again, but one thing at a time. The better I feel the more I’ll want to do.

Pretty basic ‘Meet the Artist’ blab page. For those who wonder about me lol. My hair isn’t purple anymore sadly but It used to be.

Here’s the text though;

Augustus ‘Noodle’ Duke - Male/Gay - 22 - Birthday Dec.02 - Fav color is Yellow. 
Likes: Friendly people // One Piece + Anime // Monsters // Horror + Gore // My own works // Music // Animals // The gay shit // Learning // - I dunno i’m a simple fellow.

Dislikes: Bullies // Talking [I was mute for a good deal of years] // Phobia of the dark + Blackouts [More so when I know I can’t turn on the lights. Actually had a terrible night with this a few days ago god it was terrible. My roommates were concerned but all is well] - and yeah not too fond of my own thoughts. 

Random tidbits: 
I’m Allergic to the sun, so I don’t go outside much. // About half of my organs have been replaced/remade cause my body couldn’t keep itself together or working. I should be fine now though! // The gloves I wear help with circulation in my hands, as my heart is not as strong as it could be. So I have a bit low blood pressure at times. // and I’m a universal donor when it comes to blood type O- , my twin is the opposite though. O+.

Yeah. Random meet the artist doodle. 

OOC stuff

Hey, I just thought I’d show the main reason why I was busy this whole week:

Been working on a keychain for someone’s birthday (who isn’t on tumblr)! I will be making more with different characters for other birthdays, and when they will be done, I will post them all on my art blog

I should stop being slow at the end of next week, but I will try to be more active here. XD; 

justadutchperson  asked:

Aaahw such a nice meme! Vampire, Griffin, Hellhound??? 😊

// Thank you so much!! :D <3 @justadutchperson //

October positivity meme   

  Vampire:Tag someone of whom you’ve been a longtime fan.

Theres no way to only tag one person <3 so i’ll list a few but please know I am fans of all of you guys <3 @coliens & @poisonouspeach( both of you are the reason I joined tumblr years ago bc i love both of your art so freaking much XD), @idahlauridsen, @kashyurio, @soraniizu, @acommonanomaly, @justadutchperson <3 I could go on and on listing but it would be such a long list O_O but YOU GUYS <33 I LOVE YOU ALL <33  ( also if you arent included that most likely means im a new fan instead of long time but HECK YAS, fan of you <3)

Griffin: Tag someone whose friendship for you is priceless.                

Again, I cant list just one T_T

@mikhailvalhidris, @this-is-gizmo, @driftwoodprince , @minstrelmaglor , @truesanguinesoul and many more. All friendships are priceless <3

 T_T I dont know how to describe how blessed I feel to even know you. You’ve made my life that much better, and I couldnt imagine the world without you. I feel so incredibly lucky to have met such a wonderful group of friends, with so many different personalities and outlooks. You all show me different parts of the world I hadnt seen until I met you, and I feel like my life is fuller. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart <3 T_T

Hellhound: Tag someone who you see as a guardian or protector in some way.

@mikhailvalhidris  & @this-is-gizmo.  You make me feel so safe and happy whether you realize it or not <33 

@minstrelmaglor, you assure me and make me feel proud of myself, and i can live on that forever XD

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NAME: Charlie. (surprise surprise)

NICKNAME: Gavin (preferred name), Gav, captain. 

GENDER: Nonbinary, both male and female pronouns are fine but I prefer male.


HEIGHT: 5'3, or 1.63 cm 

SEXUALITY: Pansexual.


FAVOURITE ANIMAL: Owls and whales. 

AVG. HOURS SLEEPING: Normally 8 to 9, now 10 to 12. 

DOGS OR CATS: Cats, but both are good.

# OF BLANKETS I SLEEP WITH: 1, I like my comforter. A lot.


DREAM TRIP: To Japan, someday. Taste the culture and the food, and of course buy all the merch from my favorite games. Or to Nepal. I really wish to travel Asia someday in general, get a taste of it’s culture, history, folklore ‘n junk.

DREAM JOB: Let’s player (Like Game Grumps n stuff)

WHEN I MADE THIS ACCOUNT: 16th of June, 2016. 

WHY I MADE THIS ACCOUNT: Because I love???? Zenyatta??? So much???? And I was dragged into it by a friend. Plus I love rping and writing so this was just the perfect opportunity.

# OF FOLLOWERS: Last I checked, 1615.