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can you explain to me...what is sanei? :v i dont know ;-; (you art is so beaty ❤)

not exactly sure what you’re looking for in the question so i’ll give a general answer?

sanei is what i, the mun, call myself. i pronounce it as sah-nay. i have two “sonas” that i use. for undertale and such, though i may use it outside of the fandom as well, i use the skelesona design. some call this one “sansei” as a joke. for original stuff i’ve used the “nekomata” design which on their own is actually a very old original character. i hope this clears things up?

[Look at that art, so beautiful, so cute… in case you are like “Why the fuck is Emily Blunt there?” that’s my mun FC, pfft. THEY SHOULD BE IN A MOVIE TOGETHER, NO? Thanks to Amaye for the art!!]

Somehow, I’ve tricked 2,100+ of you into following me and I am absolutely fucking astonished???

This blog is a reboot of an old Steve blog I had once upon a time (I dunno if any of you remember ivehadenoughrest, but that was me, I kinda came here… secretly, pfft). I’ve been on this one for about a year, and have been RPing Steve for about 4. Way back when I first started in the RP community, I was playing Coulson because he was pretty much all I thought I could pull off. After the second or third viewing of The Avengers I thought, meh, why not give this spangled guy a try?

Now, this is the longest I’ve ever stuck with one character and if I’m honest, he’s probably consumed my life a little too much. Like, seriously, I live and breathe Steve Rogers. I go about my day wondering if certain things I do would make Steve Rogers proud. STEVE ROGERS ALL THE TIME, 24/7, IT’S SO SAD…

The non-obsessive positive that I’ve gotten out of being on here for soooo long (seriously, I remember when gifs and regular text were the way to go and certain aspects of play didn’t become such a heated debate/contest) is that I feel like because of my writing partners, I’ve really grown as a writer. I’m not nearly the best, never will be no matter how much I agonize over it and get jealous/admire other quality on my dash, but I live with it because IT’S SO MUCH FUN TO BE HERE. You all make me think, stretch my writing fingers, and just… make me feel special, you know?

Now, I’m poor as hell and can’t really afford to do a giveaway with cool swag, not to mention I have ZERO skill with photoshop (seriously, everything I have are commissioned pieces, I’m lazy af plus I feel like I’m helping someone’s cause, you know?), so this is quite simply… an appreciation post. I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t be much of anything if I didn’t have such amazing followers and amazing, supportive writing partners.

I’m going to go against my very core here and make a little bias list (and okay the little turned into A LOT). I’ve always been against myself making these because I know I’ll inevitably leave someone out and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. JUST KNOW I (AND STEVE) LOVE YOU ALL. ALL OF YOU. LIKE A LOT. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’VE CHOSEN ME AND STUCK WITH MY MUSE. FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY LITTLE HEART THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!

And now, to the list!

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Where do you get inspiration to do your art?? (Not only FF)

honestly it comes so randomly to me, i work very much around my emotions. flower symbolism also seems to be another factor since flowerfell. i like symbolism, saying things without saying them. sometimes i work around my real life situations. i like themes too or music is really inspiring. i’d probably be, very honestly, dead without music. most if not all of my work is very personal.

lately what i draw though, when it’s none of those, is simply a brain farted scribble. i literally have no other way to explain it.

Me and Das Husbando as my Warden Siari Tabris (#siarinotsorry) and Alistair (”Bad cheese puns are gouda”). This is our actual height difference. I am not a short woman either.  Not pictured: Crowley the mabari on top of @nealran‘s head.

We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific with some DA SoCal cosplayers, including @stayaclassi, @featherabomination, and @forgottencuttlefish! Roaring good time.

Happy munday everyone! Hopefully I can start queuing replies tonight or tomorrow. I miss you!

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๛ - Share an embarrassing story about yourself! ❤ - Are you and/or your muse currently in love with someone? ℳ - Do you think you have a good handwriting? ((SENDS THIS A THOUSAND YEARS LATE))

Munday Meme: Send me a symbol and I’ll answer out of character  // @onixiri ((OMG IT’S NO PROBLEM HAHA you’re never late)) 

๛ - Share an embarrassing story about yourself!
Ah, okay, so recently, my brother brought a friend over and he was SUPER cute (ps this has never happened before lol) so anyway, my brother and some of his friends left to drop off people who were home and I thought cute guy went with them. So my mom was asking about him and whatever so I was talking about how cute “the friend from Michigan was” and then my mom said to my brother, “Oh I heard you just dropped off your friend from Michigan with (other boys).” and my brother was like, “What? No, he’s right here.” And so I had been talking about how cute he was for like 5 minutes and he was the only kid from Michigan and probably heard literally everything I said…. Whoops.

❤- Are you and/or your muse currently in love with someone? 
YOU’RE SO CUTE!! OF COURSE KYO’S IN LOVE WITH TOHRU!!! YOUR TOHRU, YOU CUTIE!!! I don’t have a boyfriend or anything and this is really nerdy but can I say I’m in love with my dog? I really am. Rocky is my true love and soulmate. 

ℳ - Do you think you have a good handwriting? 
HAHAHAHAHA NOOOOO have you ever seen my handwriting? It’s really bad. SOPHIE MAKES FUN OF IT ALL THE TIME AND CAN’T READ ANYTHING I WRITE *breaks her neck* But umm I actually broke my right arm when I was learning to write, and I’m right-handed so I think that messed it up a bit, but yeah, I never get compliments on my handwriting lol I think it’s really ugly.

whether it be melodies that give you inspiration for your muse, or songs that get you into the writing mood, pick 10 songs you find give you the urge, the drive, or the creativity to write for your muse, then tag your favorite peeps to get an insight on their musical inspirational feels !

Tagged by: I saw @oxntime do it, so I’m wanting to share! ^-^ 

  1.  Twenty One Pilots - Heathens 
  2.  Sleeping at Last - Saturn 
  3.  DNCE - Toothbrush  
  4.  Space Between - Sia ((anything and everything she sings really)) 
  5.  Avanae - Anti-Faith 
  6.  James Arthur - Certain Things (feat. Chasing Grace) 
  7.  Demi Lovato - Body Say ((for not so subtle reasons >.< and anything she sings also gets Maude going))  
  8.  Rihanna & Eminem ‘Love the Way you Lie’ songs (parts 1 & 2) 
  9.  Avicii - Levels (Skrillex Remix) 
  10.  Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman 

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Who I ....

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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ:

¯\_(ツ)_/¯:do you have any tumblr friends? if so, who are they?

// @trafalgar-bleedingheart-law @lunamusings @penciladdictontheweb @cor-didactylus 
And I know missed the other half. Sorry for that! 

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ:what is your favorite animal?


(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ:are you a hugger?

//I am a hugger AND a kisser. <3 

NAME: Meiri (I’ve given up trying to get away from that nickname tbh)
GENDER: Female

EYE COLOR: eeeh… Green-grey with a hint of blue and a full yellow-hazel-ish ring around the pupil
HAIR COLOR: something between dark blonde and light brown
RELATIONSHIP:  single, probably forever
ZODIAC: Taurus

FAVORITE PLACE: A full, hot bathtub to be honest… or my parent’s garden in summer, when everything’s warm and quiet and only the many birds are singing.
FAVORITE VIDEO GAME(S): Fatal Frame series, Final Fantasy series, Dragon Age series, Samurai Warriors series, Silent Hill series, Elder Scrolls series, VtM: Bloodlines, Shadows of the Damned, everything by Team ICO, Castlevania series…. aaah so many X,)  and many more
LAST SHOW/MOVIE YOU WATCHED:  Bakemono no Ko!  or ‘The Boy and the Beast’  same studio that made ‘Wolf Children’ :D  both are very cute and awesome movies I highly recommend.



No, but seriously -  I love his antics to bits, especially because it’s been so long now that he started to develop his personality… I really like that he is so chaotic and unpredictable and sometimes a contradiction in himself, as well as not an entirely nice character. I always hope people enjoy reading the shit he come sup with as much as I enjoy writing it!


For real now? I’d probably have the hots for him, but I wouldn’t date him -  guy’s waay too much trouble.


Hmm… difficult, but I’d say the ones where you and your writing partner(s) just..click?  Like, you don’t even need much plotting save for maye some red string to follow and then it just.. flows. Magically. With both satisfyingly contributing and everything.


I thin we all are somehow?  And while I think I’d give everyone a chance first before declining any rp, there of course always are threads or memes I might have more muse for than another~   But that is nothing to be worried or ashamed of I’d say.


Yun definitely is my fav OC and fav muse on tumblr, I feel most comfortable playing him. My Falon’din blog is currently on hiatus bc I just don’t manage to maintain more than one blog at a time… btw -  since someone asked me to include some of Yun’s family members into the blog or as side-blogs:  fun fact, if I’d do that for all his (important) family members I would get to a total of…11 additional blogs (and that’s not counting the other important npc’s associated with him)


Well… Yun doesn’t belong to any fandom primarily, but I decided to bring him to tumblr because I missed rp’ing him and wanted him to have more interactions again, so I made a blog.


Talking about tumblr-rp in general:  I don’t see myself leaving any time soon!

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NAME: lucy
NICKNAME: lucy is a nickname, itself but my close friends call me lucky.
BIRTHDAY: june 25th
GENDER: female

TIME RIGHT NOW: 9:01pm, gmt
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: during the summer, like five, during class-term, about seven?

LAST THING I GOOGLED: this big cheating scandal at my high school lmao we all suck
NUMBER OF BLANKETS I SLEEP UNDER: one bc i’m always hot ngl… and not even in a good way
FAVOURITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER: i honestly am so bad at picking favourites… don’t ask me this no stOOP
FAVOURITE FAMOUS PERSON: um maybe dane dehaan i just love him so much
FAVOURITE BOOK:  the outsiders by s.e hinton it kills me everytime i love it
FAVOURITE BANDS/ARTISTS: bastille, catfish and the bottlemen, the killers, lorde, foster the people, bear’s den, new politics, two door cinema club, wolf gang, years and years & walk the moon.
LAST MOVIE I SAW IN THEATRES: nerve w/emma whatsername and dave franco… i actually loved it so much tbh
DREAM TRIP: i wanna go all around the world, be the next walter mitty, that kind of stuf… but i am going to berlin in october w/my four best mates so that should be pretty dreamy
DREAM JOB: my childhood/teenage dream was to be an astronaut but i suck at science lmao so i’m currently kind of at a loss
WHAT I AM WEARING AT THIS MOMENT: black jeans & a grey t-shirt i got when i was in sparta that i now wear to bed… i started changing into pjs & gave up halfway because i’m too lazy for that 

i’m tagging: @hcatherns, @it-started-out, @apartofthegrey, @anindierp, @u if u see this bc i only have like four friends

// So…I ended up coming out to my Grandfather yesterday during dinner. Every time he visits he always asks me “So do you have a girlfriend or anything yet?” And I usually just say no and leave it. But this time he asked “So do you have a boyfriend?” And I just calmly told him about this guy I’m sorta dating casually and Grandpa was just…

“OH MY GOD, I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! HE SOUNDS NICE! Listen, you should invite him to the family reunion we’re doing this Christmas! Don’t worry about a thing! I’ll handle any trouble there might be. I’d love to meet him!”

So yeah…it went well.

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Favourite Anime/Manga: Sailor Moon hands down 

Favourite Video Games: Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts series. Mass Effect trilogu. Darksiders 1 & 2. Assassin’s Creed series 

Favourite Books: Jane Eyre. Edgar Allen Poe works. Pride & Prejudice. Harry Potter series

Favourite TV Shows: animated cartoons ( Voltron : LD, Young Justice, Legend of Korra etc ) Criminal/Mystery ( Criminal Minds ) 

Last Song I listened to: Ignorance : PARAMORE

First Language: English 

About the Mun


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NAME: Laura 

NICKNAME: Lois, Little Red, yeah that’s about it, I don’t really get nicknamed much

GENDER: Female

ZODIAC: Aquarius 

HEIGHT:5′3. I’se a shorty ;)


HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin. Not by choice. Any test I’ve ever taken, any sorting Hat ever placed on my head, any HP magic 8 ball has each and every time put me in Slytherin. Not once have I ever been placed into any other house. 

ILVERMORNY HOUSE: I didn’t even know what this was. But the test said Thunderbird. I don’t even know what that means. 

FAVORITE COLOR: Royal Blue or Violet





LAST THING I GOOGLED: Ilvermorny house

FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: JEM CARSTAIRS. I dunno, there’s a lot I like, but favorite is a very high pedestal. I’ll have to think on this more


FAVORITE SINGER OF A BAND: Jared Leto, The guy from FOB, um yeah that’s it for now

DREAM TRIP: Japan- I’d love to see where my dad was born and grandma grew up. London- because their weather speaks to my soul. Maybe Greece. The pictures are lovely. 

DREAM JOB: A writer, maybe owning my own cafe/bakery/bookshop. No I legit am Scarlett. …or maybe she’s Me?


WHAT DO YOU POST?  Whatever tickles my fancy. RP stuff, eerie/haunting things, lovey stuff,stuff that relates to mun or muses.

WHO ARE YOUR MOST ACTIVE FOLLOWERS?  I don’t know. Don’t really keep up with that. But I do have a bunch of great friends in my followers list. 

WHEN DID YOUR BLOG REACH ITS PEAK?:  The blog is still young, I’d say it’s in toddler stages XD

WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO MAKE A TUMBLR? A guy I worked with at an old job was always showing me this random stuff on a site called tumblr. I never heard of it. Created my own blog just for exploration purposes and then I found the rp side of tumblr. And here we are!


WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL? It’s a play on words. Whispers-In-Scarlett. What goes on in the mind of the muse, kind of thing. Also a sort of play on words in the sense of scarlet being a color. So it could also be whispers in red. Red could stand for anything, love, lust, blood, pain, whatever word that color conjures in your mind, it’s a whisper of that. 

I was tagged by @shadowchildrp
Let’s see how much useless info I will throw at you guys. Also late so sorry.

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Name: Guia Longasa

Nicknames: Gal, G, Birdmun, Smeel, etc. (I go by a lot of nicknames.)
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Gemini
Height: 4’11″
Sexual Orientation: Asexual? My sis thinks I could be Demiromantic. Then again… I have zero interest in romance.
Hogwarts House:
Favorite Color: All shades of yellow.
Time Right Now: 11:59 pm (the time this is typed and queued)
Average Hours of Sleep: 7+ hours. I tend to oversleep too much.
Lucky Number: 7
Last Thing I Googled:
Hogwarts House Quiz
Favorite Fictional Character(s):
Too many to list.
Number of blankets I sleep under:
One for now. For the winter, two or three.
Favorite Singer/Band:
I listen to many genre of music. So, I’m not sure.
Dream Trip:
Visit Amsterdam.
Dream Job:
Becoming a character animator or director of my own stuff.
Last time I checked it was maybe 1,055. Now it’s 1,352… Like… holy fudge! I was away for a good while oh my goodness!
What do you post: RPs threads, ask, and art. Will occasionally reblog fanart (for me or Undertale related) , memes, prompts, post that relates to the characters.

Who are your most active followers: @nik-knight, @skyblue-moo, @awesomecake0, @minecraftian-grave, @divine-knight, @masked-being, @crows-in-the-desert,… and it’s about it. Most are anons.

When did your blog reach its peak: *shrugs* Never really thought of it. But regardless, I’m happy you enjoy this birdster and the stories I make and/or collaborate. I just hope you’re all ready for more events… maybe? Not sure haha.
What made you decide to get a tumblr: Saw some of my pals got Tumblr. Tried to avoid jumping in the bandwagon, but caved in. As for this blog… someone wants to interact with the birdster. Yeah that’s basically it.

Do you get asks on a daily basis: Depends really. Usually I get flooded either ten or more ask. But regardless, I try to answer any ask and make everyone included as much as possible.

Why did you choose your URL: Well, he whistles? I guess that’s about it? It’s either this or birdgaster. Yeah… I am so creative in names.

Tagging: Who ever wants to do this hahaaaa… I’m shy at tagging.