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pros of watching SU:

  • pure, unbridled joy and love blossom in my heart with every episode, restoring my faith in fictional media and the world

“”cons”” of watching SU:

  • my patience for all the compulsory heterosexuality and heteronormativity in the rest of media has evaporated into thin air like all the water in the Keystone Motel’s pool
  • Reasons Superheroes have Secret Identities:Protect their loved ons from enemies and fans; ensure a little peace and quiet in portions of their lives; keep the two spheres separate
  • Reason I have a Secret Identity:So no one can figure out that I'm [insert some tumblr stereotypes here] and, more importantly, unprofessional as all hell.

The Idapostate :DDD

A speedy self-insert portait of yours truly in the DA universe (there was a weekend event a while ago where the goal was to celebrate self-inserts by drawing yourself as a RPG class or something I can’t remember anymore). I’d make a terribly boring, cheerful & carefree apostate who just tends to mind her own business probably. Or maybe I’d be the asexual apostate romance companion(!), or maybe I’d be a NPC somewhere asking the hero of the story to stop a book thief who took her books and then the hero would discover that oops that book is about blood magic, and then the hero could hand it back - or decide that I’m a terrible dangerous blood mage.

You can tell it’s fantasy because my hair is down. Also I don’t really have that much hair. xD

Mostly though, I’m happy when good people have found a way to escape.

This has happened three times in the last 2 years. 

When a co-worker I really enjoy has found another job and is making the rounds saying goodbye, I always think about holding their face and saying, “I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart”, but what actually happens is I try to hide until they’re gone because I hate goodbyes.  

So my coworker wore a timeturner to work today.

It’s so important that two of my coworkers are huge Potterheads. Well, three but one of them is my good friend batfan27 and he already puts up with my girlish shenanigans.

But, like, how do you ask someone you work with who they ship? Like what if they look down on that part of the fandom? And then they are your shift manager that day? These are real issues.

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Name: Summer Joy (Joy is the middle name)

Gender: Female

Height: 5′4

Where I live: I bounce between Charleston and Columbia SC

Time&Date:  3:58 pm July 16,2015

Average Sleep: between 6 and 8ish

Last movie seen: Depatures (it’s REALLY good-you should look into it)….well shit..maybe the last movie I saw was Mad Maxx….idk idk lol

Fave bands/artists: I honestly don’t have a favorite artist rn. It was Stromae for a while…and for years my fav. band was Incubus…outside of anime openings and random songs,I guess I’ve been bumpin’ Kendrick the most rn

One thing that pisses me off: Telling me to do something I’m already doing/I’m about to do. Misinformed people talking bout shit like they really be knowin. Being ignored when I got important shit to say…idk,lots of things piss me off…

meaning of my url: Haha well…ya’ll know I like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure…for the first two arches of the series the main villian/vampire dude is named Dio Brando, once he becomes basically this somehow even more immortal fucking being in the 3rd arch of the series,he drops his last name and goes just by DIO (in all caps). And my friends and I joke about how he has a brand to maintain and how Dio Brando was just too much of a mouthful (we just being dumb) and in conversation one day I made a joke about how he was the Artists Formerly Known as Dio Brando and I had to change my url immediately-EDIT:my avi is a race-bent younger version of him in one of his more famous scenes

fave phrases: “Was it lit?” & (thanks to yungtoguro) “eat my ass”-as an insult though lol

Zodiac sign: Aries!

I would like to get to know my followers as well!!

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themoodymermaid asked:

I noticed in your picture earlier that you have a post card rack. At first I wondered why, but then it dawned on me that it would be the verybestway to store cards and shit that mean things to me! Is this what you use it for? Where'd you get it?

Hey Sav! That’s exactly what it is and precisely what I use it for! 

I collect postcards friends/family have sent me (starting with my grandma who sent me my first one before I could even read when they were in Vegas in the 70s, and the although it was addressed to and the note starts with a greeting to me, it then goes into a message to my mom about something totally mundane and having nothing at all to do with their trip; it’s pretty funny) and also ones I’ve sent to myself over the years from places, which maybe sounds odd, but they’re a fantastic and inexpensive time capsule/keepsake from a trip, and only take at most 5 minutes at the end of the night to write. I usually put things down that I want to remember about the day. What I did/where I went/who I was with, etc. and then the key is actually mailing it from that place* before going home

Doing this is also a convenient way to cringe a little bit at past you. Kind of like reading an old diary. (Hogs & Heifers was cooler in 2001 than it probably is now).

ANYWAY, YES. It’s a postcard rack. I have a box full of other postcards that don’t fit in this, but I like having some of them out.  I bought it about 15 years ago at Pottery Barn, and it was around $40. They currently sell both tabletop/short (like mine) and floor/tall versions that are more fanciful than my streamlined one, and they’re a lot pricier, but HERE is that link if you’re interested. 

Otherwise, you might find them on Etsy, Ebay or flea markets. I would just try googling “metal postcard rack” and see what you find!

*They don’t really count if they get mailed from home. My friends who humor me with this all know that about me. I live to see that postmark from where ever they were, and it’s easier than anybody thinks to mail postcards. If nothing else, you can always drop it at the front desk of any hotel (even if you aren’t staying there) and they’ll mail it for you. I almost always have stamps in my wallet for that reason alone. 

meet the blogger

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Answer these questions:


1. How tall are you?
1,70 m  (5′6 or something like that)

2. What color and style is your hair?
light brown, long bob cut, technically straight but it does whatever it wants really

3. What color are your eyes?

4. Do you wear glasses / contacts?
only to drive/watch tv/look at things from a distance

5. Do you wear braces?
I used to, sometimes I wear them at night

6. What is your fashion style?
uuuh, I wear a lot of sort of bohemic looking stuff. I don’t pay much attention to it but I’m drawn towards that kind of style. I love leather, especially if brown, and linen. I wear a lot of neutral colors and I love wooden or leather necklaces/earrings/rings. I HATE jewellery wich sparkles though.. I hate wearing anything that sparkles, shines or feels uncomfortable. I love boots and band t shirts, too. 


7. What is your name?

8. When were you born?
feb 8

9. How old are you?

10. Where are you from/live now?

11. Do you have siblings?
two brothers

12. What school/college do you go to?
language studies (i’m keeping it vague)

13. What kind of a student are you?
I love listening to lectures and taking notes, generally speaking i don’t need much revising if i pay attention in class and I “get” what the thing is about in time for the next lesson. But i am STRONGLY inclined towards humanistic studies. I used to study economics and it was terrible because I’m shit at maths and logic

14. Do you even like school?
I love school, high school was one of the best times of my life. I’ve always loved learning, though I’m kind of a selective learner and if i hate stomething, I’m NOT going to learn it properly. Aka my problem with maths

15. What are your favorite school subjects?
In HS it was English, Italian, German, History, Geography and World Lit

16. What are your favorite shows?
THE 100, Mr. Robot, Twd (I just got into it again like, this week), sense8

17. What are your favorite movies?
some like it hot, the usual suspects, american beauty, unironically the lord of the rings trilogy, nightcrawler, Any Fincher movie, the boat that rocked

18. What are your favorite books?
the corrections, martin eden, journey at the end of night, fathers and sons, crime and punishment

19. What is your favorite pass time?
watching tv shows and overanalising them, listening to music, reading, going on car rides with my older bro

20. Do you have any regrets?

regret is a useless feeling

21. What is your dream job?
unrealistically: tv show writer, I would ROCK. realistically: either interpreter or working for an advertising company

22. Would you like to get married one day and where?
i don’t really care to be honest. 

23. Would you like to have kids one day and how many?
yes, but i’m not sure i’d be good at it. I’ve never had to do with kids ever. Everyone i grew up around was 13+ years older than me. I grew up along with grown ups. I’d probably ask my 3 year old son if he’s read the article about Grexit on Sunday

24. Are you a girly girl, a regular girl or more of a tomboy?
Regular girl, whatever that means. I’m definitely not a girly girly girl but not a tomboy either. 

24. do you label yourself female, male or something else?


25. Do you like shopping?
Yes! Accessories especially

26. What countries have you visited so far?
Mostly in Europe… Italy, England, France, Spain, some isles which fall under Portugal, Morocco, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Sweden, all over the Balkan countries, Greece

27. What is the scariest nightmare you have ever had?
When I was little I had a recurring dream that the witch from Sleeping Beauty was looming over my bed, that was terrifying

28. Do you have enemies?
No, because I never talk shit about anyone that way, so I never make enemies. Everyone thinks I’m the girl you talk to if you want a secret to be buried forever. I’m good with people

29. Who are your best friends?
A high school friend and a childhood friend!

29. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and what is their name?

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