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Who's your senpai, katty-pai ?

well damn, this is gonna be a long list. i consider anyone i look up to or get inspired from in any way a ‘senpai’ so thats the definition i used when putting up the usernames:

@beeswaxdraws hands down, i wouldnt have gone beyond my first post on the frans kids if it hadnt been for bee. so if you hate my ocs you got her to blame lmao. 

@kamilecn one day i’ll be able to make lineart as nice and neat looking, and colour as beautifully as kami. one day

@anorha-nono this beautiful person (along with kami) is who made me ship frans to begin with. also i adore the way they draw the ut characters and their style in general

@mercy-monster do i really have to say why? beautiful art, a painting style i aspire to reach and a sona that i wanna squish and i wont even care that i’ll get third degree burn. 

@thebananafrappe introduced me to the wonderful world of frans/ut sin. beautiful writing that immerses me no matter the subject matter, and a beyond sweetheart to talk to. 

@onetee another amazing writer that doesn’t get the recognition she deserves at all, yall have heard me gush about blurry too many times so yall know the drill. i feel like a star whenever blurry has reblogged anything from me, her tags makes me feel so loved :’)

@momoishy her art style and attention to detail makes me cry tbh. also the hard work she and @smollvivi puts into the Faith tale comic is something to be admired. momo has a wonderful personality as well n v n

lastly, all of you give me inspiration and drive to keep making and posting art, so in a way every single one of you is my senpai, hahah ♡

always sunny fic recs - august-october 2017

hi y’all! a couple weeks ago i was obnoxiously complaining about how there was no good sunny fic in the ao3 tag lately without actually going through the tag (sorry)… so i thought i’d compile a list of fics that have been published in the past few months that i personally really enjoyed! hope y’all find something you like here too :)

What, Like It’s Hard? by GoldStarGrl (explicit, 28k words, charlie/dee & mac/dennis); worth the read even if you don’t ship anything because it’s a legally blonde AU and that’s all i’ve ever wanted

Better than Any Beefcake by macwell (teen, 3k words, mac/dennis); i opened this fic because i saw it was tagged as “mac downloads tinder” and i was not disappointed

Sweet Dee Comes Out by gayclaryfray (teen, 3k words, dee/artemis & mac/dennis); it’s not everyday you come across dee/artemis fic, and this one is wonderful

The Right Side of Rock Bottom by lightning and a lightning bug (mature, 20k words, mac/dennis); listen i’m weak for any fic that makes paddy’s the gay bar it was meant to be… this is a good multichapter read

Looking Like You Just Woke Up by haemophilus (1k words, mrs. mac/bonnie kelly); y’all. Y’ALL. my fave sunny rarepair are the moms and this was a lovely and heartfelt quick read

tornadoes and earthquakes by whatsupbitches (explicit, 2k words, dennis/country mac); yes you read that pairing right and this was such a fun read and quite honestly what should have happened in that episode RIP country mac

my soul will have to wait by punkjuggie (explicit, WIP, mac/dennis) the whole “X has temporary amnesia and Y decides to pretend they’re married because they have feelings for each other but are too emotionally stunted to face their feelings” is a fave trope of mine and i’m excited to see where this one goes!!

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Ayy your Blade of Marmora AU has literally helped my depression a little. Ever since I lost interest in other fandoms, all I ever really talk/care about fandom wise is BOM. THENNN I saw your au and I’m like “my life is complete” ,,, thank ,,, you so much for creating this blessed au ,,,, also your artwork is super pretty,,, I would commission you if only $100 wasn’t roughly 400+ in my currency :’> Keep up the great work !!

This is the kind of thing that makes posting art lovely, honestly. I’m so glad it’s helped you and although I never want to take credit for people’s journeys and power when overcoming hard things, I do know the impact having something you like to look at can have in my own bad days <3 Thank you so much for this message and oh my gosh if you have any questions about commissions on budget definitely contact me and we can talk something out and if not that is perfectly ok too! Just having your support here means everything to me! 

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Please, I really need some advice on how to stop procrastinating. I tried so hard, but I keep debating on the Internet, reading fanfiction and literally doing research on everything except the subject I have to read about.

If internet is impossible for you to work on then do it on books. It’s will be more slow but you won’t be able to start doing something else.


ff.net |ao3

Why did you pick the name(s) you are using?

My original name was bluewalltack, and I would change it to this one during the walking dead seasons after season 5 when Michonne and Rick got their constable roles. The Michonne love got too high though and so I just kept it.

When did you start writing?

I’ve been writing since I was a kid honestly. I enjoyed a lot of the writing prompts my teacher would give me so I considered them to be more for fun than work. I’ve been writing fanfiction since at least middle school.

Something you think will surprise most people about you?

I think it surprises people to know that I actually have a really hard time writing smut and I’ve never actually written sex in a fic. I usually just like to allude to it. I’m hoping to fix that very soon though. ;)

Which is your favorite story that you’ve written and why?

A lot of what I’ve written for this fandom is still not finished yet, but my favorite piece would have to be my (planned) long chapter fic, “That Would Be Enough”. It’s one of those stories where I feel like I can really see the progress I’ve made with my writing.

If you could have a small heart to heart with one of the characters who would it be and why?

I would definitely have a heart to heart with either Rick or Michonne, just so that I could hug them and convince them to have a dang kid already.

Favorite episode(s):

The Next World 6x10 (ICONIC)

Still 4x12 (I miss Beth so much man…)

Say Yes 7x12 (ALSO ICONIC)

If you could revamp any one specific characters personality or look which one would it be and why?

If I could change anything, I would change Daryl’s personality into the full on tough guy/protective big softy which is what I feel like the writers are actually trying to go for and did at some points like with Carol, Beth in season 4, and Maggie in season 5 (Daryl being a big brother and mentor to Beth who could also call him on his shit would have been so awesome man but I digress…)

Which of your stories, do you think, best captures your Michonne? Your Rick?

“That Would Be Enough”; I feel like is a good look on how I feel about both Rick and Michonne. They’re both people who have been through so much and are still fighting and still afraid, but at the end of the day, their love for their family and for each other is what pushes them to keep going. I have a few others that I’m working on that are similar but I feel like “That Would Be Enough” does it the best.

What, in your opinion, is the most difficult thing about Richonne or aspect of their dynamic to capture in a story?

I feel like the most difficult aspect of Richonne is their ability to communicate so much without any actual dialogue. A lot of what makes them so great is how subtle they can be and how it shows just how much they are on the same page, but it makes it hard to convey that subtlety on paper and to describe it emotionally just how pivotal they are to each other’s lives. Usually when I try to write more emotionally scenes for them I just end up on the floor crying because THEY’RE JUST THAT GOOD.

Has anything from the show affected your writing of Rick or Michonne?

A lot of the way I’ve seen Richonne has been affected by the events of season 7. It has given me more ideas while at the same time adding development to their relationship and given me a new way of viewing how they handle conflict between each other as well as between outside enemies.

What are some of the writing techniques you incorporate when writing a story?

A major technique I use is to scribble first and form the story from pieces of that. Almost every chapter I write starts as just random dialogue as it pops into my head and then I slowly form the story around that. It makes it easier to start a chapter, but much harder to finish as I often have trouble bridging the gaps between scenes that I’ve already written. It also makes it super important for me to edit and make sure my story stays coherent and flows well.

Team Family Face off

Glenn -vs- Rick

Rick, but I miss Glenn so much ;_;

Michonne -vs- Hershel

Michonne. Sorry Hershel, I always have to choose The Queen.

Carl-vs- Lori


Shane-vs- Maggie

Maggie definitely

Daryl-vs- Abraham

Abraham ;_;

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Hi I'm aro & ace and repulsed in both areas & i don't see what people are yelling about when they show me pictures of peeps they find attractive. I'm sometimes like "nice haircut"or"good bone structure"but like nothing else? Am i broken or something?

Hi Anon,

You’re not broken. Some people have repulsion instead of attraction, and that’s okay. You’re not “less than” for having a brain that works a different way.

Sometimes, when I’m being hard on myself, I ask myself, “would I treat my friend or even a stranger this way?” Chances are I’d never say such things to anyone else, so I try to say something kind to myself instead, even if I don’t believe it right then.

All the best,

Mod Sam

Dear Taylor, I’m nearly 20 years old now and you still manage to give me that same feeling that most children get when their parents tell them that they’re going to Disney World. For 7 years your music has given me an outlet to plug my bad thoughts into and turn them into something better. There is so many things I admire about you babe, listing them would take a lifetime and I know you see the impact you have on us. But I hope one day you take a second to read what you did for me, and what you do for me every single day of my life. Growing up I always felt different, and like I had to work 10x as hard as everyone else just to keep up. I was always reading and creating fantasies in my mind of a magical place where I would always belong. When I was 12 I found God and that will always give me the utmost protection I could ever ask for in this life because I know he has my soul forever. However, a few months after I got the greatest gift of salvation I lost half of my heart, my Dad. Losing a parent is an indescribable feeling and although it is part of the inevitable cycle of life, I would not wish it on anyone. I think God lead me to you Taylor because he knew I needed someone that saw the light in the deepest darkest tunnels. Ever since you became a part of my life in 2010 you have been taking my hand and leading me away from the unthinkable thoughts, shame filled moments, and complete helplessness that I have endured. My dad and I used to tell stories all the time, that’s one of my few memories from him that isn’t foggy, oddly enough. I would get so excited to go riding with him and hear his voice and the slow rumble of the car on the old backroads, the smell of honeysuckles still makes me think of him. But it’s the way you tell stories with nothing but the most brutal honesty in your music that reminds me of him too. I wrote my dad notes after he passed away and I haven’t stopped writing since then, you taught me that putting words on paper heals all wounds. For many years you were my only friend, which sounds so silly because you don’t even know me, but I’d like to believe I know your heart will enough to conclude that we would be the best of friends if you weren’t the biggest global superstar in the fucking world lol Nevertheless, you’ll always be my big sister that I never had, with the best advice, and coolest clothes that I wish I could borrow but was always too afraid to ask. Because of you I also know the difference in people that need me, and people that only want me when it’s convenient. That’s been one of the hardest lessons to learn, but every day it gets a little clearer. My best friend in the entire world, her name is Samantha and it is also thanks to you that we have the pleasure of knowing each other. During the Nashville Secret Sessions Samantha @staystaystay89 and I were two very bummed out teens because we were sure that was the last chance either one of us had of meeting our Queen aka you. Instead though, we found each other on Twitter, and we haven’t stopped laughing, growing together since that day I will never know how to repay you for that gift. I try to remember that nothing is impossible and that my wildest dreams (pun intended) are valid, you taught me that too sis. One day let’s get together and hug for a ridiculous amount of time because my 12-year-old self has needed that hug for way too long. I love you endlessly Taylor Alison Swift. – one of your future best friends, Jarraca Holder @taylorswift

If you are young and lost - things I’ve learned so far in college:

1. Do not go looking for validation of your beauty or self-worth from a boy. If you do not already believe in your own worthiness, it can only be dangerous to try to find it from someone else.
2. No one is going to look at you and see all the flaws that are constantly running through your head.
3. Don’t ever regret trying. For once, don’t be the fearful one. Someone needs to be the fearless one. Let it be you.
4. Always be as confident as you are on your good days.
5. Remind yourself that you do have good days. When a good day happens, be grateful and don’t forget it.
6. Forming relationships with people will help you grow and learn. No matter what kind of relationships or how they come to be or end.
7. You are better than you used to be, and you should be proud of yourself.
8. Talking about it with a friend will make you feel better.
9. You are important. You can’t let yourself forget that. You’ve suffered for too long doubting that you were important.
10. There are things that make you love life. When the weather is nice, when someone tells you that you are good at something, when you choose to socialize, when you get a good grade, when you try a new food, when you discover a new song.
11. Compliment people. It will make them happy, and it will also make you happy.
12. Nobody is perfect. Everyone has their insecurities. Fake it till you make it. Fake that you have confidence until you actually do have confidence.
13. Don’t be disappointed if someone doesn’t like you like you were hoping. There are/will be people who do like you a tremendous amount.
14. Don’t be so focused on appearances, but do have the confidence that you are not ugly.
15. There’s no point in comparing yourself to another girl, especially if you don’t know her.
16. Don’t take your friends for granted.
17. Don’t regret staying up late with friends, even if you have school or work the next morning. These nights make college memorable.
18. The less you eat processed foods, the happier you will be. Buy natural foods and cook them yourself.
19. There are people who love you, so why is it that hard for you to love yourself?
20. Always make eye contact and watch your body language.
21. Picking at your skin when you’re stressed about something else is a stress reliever at the moment but you will ALWAYS regret it right after.
22. Don’t let other people ruin your favorite songs.
23. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying meaningless sex. But be prepared for the nights you find yourself feeling unfulfilled and wondering if you don’t deserve more.
24. Sometimes in life you have to hurt someone. But always put yourself first above any boy.

—  screwful 

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Hey Thomas! Thanks so much for sharing our film with your followers here and on twitter! I just wanted to personally drop by and let you know how much Esteban and I geeked out over your responses to the film - we both love your videos and how much of a positive and optimistic personality you are, so we're stoked to know you enjoyed it!! Thank you for your support, it means a lot!! <3

Ahhh!!! Oh my goodness, Beth, thank you so much!!! You and Esteban created something INCREDIBLY powerful and beautiful and it means so much to receive this message from you and to hear you’ve enjoyed my videos!! I’ve been excited about this short ever since you both made the kickstarter video last year, so to see it in its final form, knowing all the hard work you and your team put into it, it’s just amazing!!!! Thank you again for reaching out and also just for bringing this wonderful story into existence!! I, as well as many MANY people, are very grateful to you all. 

To all my overachievers who don’t get praise from parents and loved ones anymore because it’s just expected of you to do well: I’m proud that you passed that test, I’m happy you graduated with honors, I love that you try your hardest all the time.

I know sometimes the lack of support and encouragement from those whose opinions matter the most to you can be disheartening, but keep pushing through and being the amazing person you are.

Just Say It (Bill Skarsgard x Reader)

requested: Hi! Could you please do a Bill Skarsgard X Reader imagine? So (Y/N) played Roman’s (Bill’s character) best friend / crush in Hemlock Grove and after the show ends, they see each other in IT premiere because (Y/N) is accompanying her brother Jackson (Who plays Georgie). Just fluff and Bill and (Y/N) are in love but they don’t know and Jackson spills that they like each other. Thanks! Your works are amazing!

Word Count: 1576

Warnings: some mature language ?

A/N: Thank you so much for requesting, this is such a good idea!

Originally posted by jonerysloveboat

There’s something scarily intoxicating about the acting industry. It’s like a siren beautifully singing to lure you closer and closer to the cliffs, waiting for a fatal collision. Yet (to her family’s dismay) it had affected Y/N - and now her little brother, Jackson. Their father had been a lawyer and their mother a teacher; both reliable jobs meant to procure a salary and stability. They had tried so hard to instill the idea of the American Dream and all that nonsense into their children.

Self-destruction must skip a generation, Y/N supposed.

Y/N had spent most of her acting career twiddling her thumbs as she waited for auditions and call backs that never came. She did her best to present everything good and unique about herself on resumes, but (nine times out of ten) not even that was good enough. It was disappointing to say the least and depressing to say the most. Initially, she didn’t want Jackson to pursue acting either. All the experiences he’d miss, like all the experiences she missed, could never be replaced. All the self deprecation and angst and the thoughts of ‘I’m not good enough’ - how in God’s name could she wish that upon her baby brother? But, as she sat in the backseat of a white limo, little Jackson sitting across from her, she acknowledged how wrong she had been. He was wearing such an expensive tuxedo, yet he was still pressing his nose to the window’s glass and making patterns with the fog. He wasn’t missing experiences - he was making them. Like a kid should.

It was her mother who first brought it all to light one evening over dinner, It wasn’t all bad, she had said after shoveling runny mashed potatoes onto her plate. And that was true; Y/N had played Odette Polinsky on Hemlock Grove. She was barely eighteen when she got the role and, though job single-handedly saved her career, yet it wasn’t even a completely positive memory.

Y/N was the youngest cast member on Hemlock Grove, and was completely (and pathetically) infatuated with a boy who saw her as nothing more as a friend. She had to witness the endless stream of girls come and go, as he conquered them and moved on.

“Did you talk to Ellie?” He whispered in Y/N’s ear during the show’s second season. He was leaning on his chair, with his elbow propping up his chin as he smiled boyishly. She tried to ignore the tingles as they ran down her spine, swallowing thickly. Ellie was his latest prize and she was constantly prancing around set in tube tops and denim short shorts. He followed her like a moth to a flame.

“Ya, I - I did. She really - likes you.” She managed to splutter out. Sometimes, when she was concentrating and focused, she could pretend conversations with him where just a scene. Their interactions all had a script, she would tell herself, therefore there’s no reason to panic. But this was not one of those days.

“Mmhmm,” he hummed as he scratched his chin with his thumb and index finger. He cocked his eyebrow at her and smiled, his lips slightly parted. He was so close to her, that she could smell his cologne - oranges and mint. Y/N had to stop herself from closing her eyes and leaning in.

“Well, catch you later Oddi!” He said quickly, as he briskly stood up from his chair and cracked his knuckles.

“See you Roman.” She replied quietly to herself.

Said boy just so happens to star alongside Jackson. She wondered if he still smelt the same like oranges and mint, maybe he even was -

Y/N shook her head, her curls bouncing around her shoulders. She couldn’t think about him today, today was Jackson’s day. Besides he had every other damn day to consume her thoughts. She would avoid him and that was that.

“Y/N! Y/N! Look! Look!” Jackson was pointing as he stared at all the flashing cameras and interviewers with microphones stood at the ready. His eyes lit up as he spoke and he smiled that dimpled smile of pure joy. Make those experiences, Jackson, thought Y/N as she smiled and stared with him. Soon enough they were parked and helped out of a limo by a wide shouldered man who fistbumped Jackson. Y/N smoothed out her silver dress (hoping to God, there were no wrinkles) and touched the earrings on her ears (those bad boys cost as much as a mortgage).

The boy bounded outside of the limo and was immediately bombarded by interviewers and questions (“How was working with older actors?” “We’re you scared?” “Are you going to see the movie?”).

Y/N stifled a laugh as she caught up to Jackson, making sure to look more confident than she really was in her black pumps. She subtly pointed in attempts to direct his attention to an interview who looked kind enough. Immediately the young boy caught on, at seven years old he was more aware of social cues then Y/N. Y/N went off to stand next to her parents, making sure to stay in direct earshot.

“Hello!” Jackson exclaimed happily, interlocking his fingers and letting his arms go slack. He looked so professional and gentlemanly, Y/N could’ve sang.

“Hello there Jackson! It’s so great to talk to you!” The interview knelt a bit, getting down to his level. She was tilting the microphone towards his mouth as she smiled genuinely.

“And you!”

“Thank you very much! Anyway, so both you and your sister have both worked with Bill Skarsgard right?”

Oh boy here it is.

“Yep!” Jackson said just as happily.

“How did you like it?!”

“Well, his costume is kinda scary but I saw him - em - get ready and stuff so - so it wasn’t too bad. I mean, eating me was kinda scary but not too too bad. He’s actually really nice and a really good actor and he told me a lot of stories about my sister and a lot of them were really funny but some of them weren’t really funny.” Jackson rambled, his tongue was officially detached from his brain. Now it wagged along in his jaw.

“What were the not so funny stories?” The interviewer asked puzzled, as she tried to reposition herself so the microphone was right underneath Jackson.

C’mon kid. I love ya. I care for ya. I support ya in all aspects of life. But if you say some of those not so funny stories, you better hope to God you - Y/N’s mind was in complete freefall, every secret fantasy, dream, and hope was currently abandoning ship.

Jackson, giddy as ever, had no problem wagging his tongue some more. He took a deep breath of air before saying, “Well, he told me about how sometimes on the show he would try to - um - get her attention and it never really worked and she never liked him. He told me that she thought he was, well, I dunno what it means so it could be a bad word … ”

“Go on, I’ll make sure it isn’t a bad word.” The interviewer egged on. Y/N was starting to like this woman less and less.

“He said that she thought he was a player.” The interviewer just laughed and assured him that ‘player’ was not in fact a bad word before asking him other questions about the movie.

Y/N looked around her as if to say, Did anyone else just hear that? Her jaw was now completely slack as she hung it open stupidly. Her shoulders unstraightened, her back slouched, and she had to check to make sure that the earrings were still hanging from her ears.

“Did you hear that?” A familiar voice asked in her ear as tingles shot down her spine. Y/N looked up at the tall god that was Bill Skarsgard and nodded fiercely, as she felt her forehead with the back of her hand. Was she ill? Because now she was feeling a bit feverish in this dress.

“Did you really?” He asked again, looking down at his shoes and smirking, his lips just parted. She just nodded again. “Well, I suppose the truth is out there.” His slight accent on the word ‘there’ caused Y/N to smile widely.

“I never thought you were a player. I thought you were …  popular.” Y/N finally said, breaking the tension. Bill tipped his head back, his hands in the pockets of his tailored trousers, and gave the heartiest laugh. The breeze caught his hair and Y/N could smell oranges and mint on the wind.

Once he had stopped laughing, all Y/N could think was just say it, just say it.

“I - uh - I well I was trying as much as - I - well wanted your attention too.” Y/N finally spoke out, raising her voice to make sure he heard it too. “Wow - I always thought you didn’t like me and I want you to kno-”

“HEY CAN WE GET A PHOTO OF YOU GUYS?!” A photographer interjected the sweet moment much to Y/N’s dismay. But Bill snaked his hand on her waist and softly pulled her into him, so she was pressed into his long torso. She smiled at the small gesture, looking down at his hand as she felt him smile down on her.


Okay yeah okay yeah okay 


I can’t even pretend it’s anything else XD

so normally I’m like very chill and open-minded about this kind of thing; like okay people give the *probably* hard-working movie-studio a chance, you haven’t even seen the movie yet, let’s not go bashing something before it’s arrived okay.

and I never want to make a big deal out of “not approving of” something, that’s just not my style, nor do I enjoy planting seeds of negativity in a world that’s got enough of that already holy crap XD


I’m sorry

you done hit a nerve, Sony. And that’s just me taking it personally, which I don’t have a right to do… but damn it, Sony, you’ve made it kind of difficult with this one. 

As you can probably imagine, I’m a fan of Beatrix Potter’s work; which, fyi, appeared in the early 1900′s as illustrated children’s stories featuring Peter Rabbit and many of the animals seen in this trailer. Needless to say, these stories mean a lot to me… I would go so far as to say they’ve shaped me as a human being, and as an artist; Ms. Potter remains one of my personal patron saints. 

This trailer (at the risk of sounding like a prude) offends me, not because it strays from the classic material (God knows, the written word is no more sacred these days than a hand-me-down sweater), but because it shits on it. It takes the world Ms. Potter created, gives you a glimpse of what it looked like, then slaps you in the face for smiling fondly at the sight of a familiar, jacket-wearing bunny, and proceeds to (very loudly and crudely) inform you of how outdated, useless, babyish, and uncool the old stories are. “But don’t worry, Sony’s here to make them cool again, with CGI party animals, pop culture references, a creepy sexual undertone, and tried-and-true sight gags like ‘naked’ animals and two guys screaming at each other for five minutes!”

In honesty, I wouldn’t have been thrilled, but I could have stomached a “modern times” version of Peter Rabbit. If it had treated the original stories with a semblance of respect, I could have dealt with it. I can deal with the stupid Nick Jr. cartoon that’s been airing (though make no mistake, I’m still bitter about the American accents and significantly, badly altered character designs). At least you can tell it has some respect for Ms. Potter’s Lake District world. 

Unless this trailer is lying to me, it doesn’t appear that this movie has anything resembling respect for its source material, and that is what offends me. Not the dumb gags, the adult angle, or the cultural appropriation (though, c’mon, that’s all bad). It’s the lack of respect for a classic that has been a part of so many people’s growing up, that has changed the face of children’s publishing over the more than 100 years since its genesis. In the trailer, mischievous adventurer Peter is a stereotypical charismatic party animal… he sorta strikes me as a much less well-meaning Ferris Beuller. And Mr. Tod, one of (in my humble opinion) literature’s darkest, most calculatingly evil, and frightening villains is reduced to a bad-tempered tagalong. I could go on, but I’m exhausted already. 

I just


While we’re crapping on modernizing children’s classics, why don’t we just remake Ted and replace the main characters with Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin? 

Magic Panel Info

I promised to post the new info I gave out at the panel. Note that it’s all about Unstable. Here it is:

Unstable will have a small Squirrel theme, enough to build a deck around. There is a Squirrel lord but because its effects stack, it isn’t legendary so people can get multiples on the battlefield at the same time.

The set will have full-art basic lands with art done by John Avon. We did something with them that we almost did in Unhinged by chickened out. They look amazing.

The set will have Contraptions. I figured out a flavorful and fun way to do them but it was a bit much for black border. I consider it a home run execution. Steamflogger Boss is on the set. It appears once on the land sheet (It was the only way to get a black-bordered card in the set). Only the basic lands and Steamflogger Boss are Eternal playable. All the creatures in this set that assemble Contraptions are Riggers.

The set has a cohesive creative theme. We brought in artists and did real world building. The world is a mad scientist steam punkish world with five factions:

Order of the Widget (White/Blue) - This is the cyborg faction. They are like Esper but without any self control. They use their inventions to constantly improve themselves. You don’t need a toaster if you replace your hand with a toaster. They take self improvement to an absurd degree.

Agents of S.N.E.A.K. (Blue/Black) - This faction is the spies. They use their inventions for elaborate spy devices. The problem is, they are, for the most part, awful spies, using spy gadgets whenever and wherever they can often when not remotely called for.

Legion of Dastardly Doom (Black/Red) - This faction is the super villains. They use their inventions for death rays, weather control devices and apocalypse machines. They want to rule the world, but are constantly fighting as to who gets to destroy the world first.

Goblin Explosioneers (Red/Green) - This faction is the Goblins, it includes the Steamfloggers. These Goblins love making contraptions and are slightly obsessed with hammers. Their style is slapping thing together to see if cool things can happen. And when things don’t explode, sometimes they do.

Crossbreed Labs (Green/White) - This faction is obsessed with using their inventions to alter biology. They are all made up of hybrids of different animals. Part monkey/part spider/part leopard - sounds good. This faction mixes and matches all sorts of different animals in its quest for self improvement.

The set uses modern design and development techniques. It was designed to be drafted by itself and the release events for the product will be booster drafts. We worked hard to make the set have a lot of playability so you can draft it a bunch of times.

The set will have foil tokens, both for tokens produced by cards in the set and for popular tribes we felt the players would like in foil.

There are tons of other cool things I can’t talk about yet. The set does have a second named mechanic, along with Contraptions. It is something we’ve been trying to solve for years and with the flexibility of silver border, finally found a way to do it.

The set started design in January of 2011 and has its release date slip on several occasions. I am very proud of the work everyone did and think it’s the best Un-set we’ve ever made. I believe fans of Un-sets are going to love it.

Sure-Fire Signs an INFP Really, Really Likes You.

To probably all of INFP’s friends, it’s obvious they like someone. Maybe it’s the way they slip Crush into conversations, or maybe it’s the way their face lights up when someone else mentions their name. Although every INFP is different, there are a few things that most of us do that are definite signs you are the fancy of our eye. 

1. Talking. Talking. Talking.

As an INFP myself, I always find excuses to talk to you. Sometimes, I “accidentally” send you a message that was intended for someone else. Other times, I walk up and randomly ask you your middle name despite never having properly introduced myself before. I want to get inside your brain. I don’t just want to get my feet wet. I want to completely submerge myself into your thought processes, your feelings, and how your beautiful mind works.

2. So much staring. So much. 

I can’t help it. INFPs can’t help it. We’re not very sensory people, so when we see something that we like, it’s hard not to stare. It almost feels like a shock–something brand new that I’ve never felt before. Even if we don’t talk to you a lot, we’re always watching. 

3. Questions about you. And then answering about me. 

Asking a lot of questions lets me do two things. One, I can see your answers. Two, I can see how you react to certain questions varying in degrees of weirdness. I can see how much of me you can handle. Questions ranging from, “What’s your favorite color?” to, “Wouldn’t it be so beautifully tragic if the sun and moon actually were lovers?” We just kind of spout whatever is on our mind. Taking this a step further, when we answer those questions, we’re slowly opening our guarded hearts for you. We’re trying to let you inside, and also trying to see if that’s something that excites you. 



5. Acting a little clingy, but never in person. Only via text. 

The whole realm of online is a strange place. INFPs have carefully maneuvered their way through it. If they can’t see you every day (at school or something), chances are they just really, really, really want to talk to you. So they spam your phone with a bunch of very random statements and then regret it later because how dare they make it so obvious that they like you. 

This is probably going to get hate, but I don't care. I believe this needed to be said about the TOG and ACOTAR fandoms.

Look–I’ve seen some things floating around Tumblr lately. And I’m going to be as realistic as I can here. Many won’t like my brutal honesty, but I don’t care at this point. I believe this needs to be said.

These said posts have been tagged anti-sarahjmaas, anti-tog (Throne of Glass), anti-acotar (A Court of Thorns and Roses) acomaf (A Court of Mist and Fury), acowar (A Court of Wings and Ruin), and the like.

But honestly, if you hate the thing, why the hell are you bothering to post about it–especially when it’s the whole book or series. I understand everyone’s going to like and dislike certain characters, ships, and plot points, but if it’s the whole, big scheme of things that you hate… Just don’t say it. Move on with your life and find books you actually like and obsess over those. Not ones you hate so you can ruin it for everyone else. I mean, seriously, who joins a fandom when they don’t like it? There’s the distinct prefix fan- which suggests you like it.

And don’t even get me started on when you say anti-sarahjmaas. You are literally saying you don’t support the person–not just the books. Do you even know how disrespectful that is? I don’t think you do, so I’m just gonna lay it out for you.

You wouldn’t say it to someone’s face that you’re anti-them. Think about it. You’re literally saying you despise and loathe, with every part of your being, that you hate everything about them. Their mind, soul, and body. Their religion, their sexuality, political standing, racial identity. And, if you would say it to them, you’re just awful. Hate to break it to you. Well, actually I don’t.

Basically, what I’m trying to get across to you, is to think about what you say. Yes, I know, a seemingly impossible task. Outrageous, right?

But WolfTheBookWorm, why would you ask us to think before we speak? You wail to the heavens.

Because you need to actually respect people, and if you don’t want to, just leave.

Also, I would like to add this: An author generally takes comments to heart, whether they’ll admit it or actually let it bring them down or not. I know–I am one, amateur or otherwise. You’re insulting their work–something they bleed, weep, laugh and cry over.

So just think for once–it isn’t that hard. And respect people–all people. Other fandomers. The author. Everyone.

*sighs* I’m glad I finally said it.

With that said, have a nice day, stop hating so much, and goodbye.


The types as people I know


-Really outgoing when it comes to daily life interactions, but it’s harder for her to open up about personal things

-Always there if you need her, good listeners

-Generally lazy but very responsible if something interests her

-Very independent, she doesn’t need others to do things

-She tries to hide it but she gets very emotional when something happens to her

-Extremely creative


-So bossy

-Best time manager I’ve ever seen

-She rarely breaks the rules

-So hard working and organized, she studies every day

-She only does things the way she’s specifically been told to do them

-Loves compliments

-Dominant in relationships

-Addicted to shopping but somehow she never runs out of money


-Mysterious and shy when seen from the outside

-Very down-to-earth and with a clear mind and ideas

-She will listen to you for hours even if she has other problems

-Sometimes she needs to “disconnect” from the world

-She gives good advice but never follows any of it, specially concerning relationships

-She has a “mother complex” she likes fixing and taking care of people


-Good leader

-Very outspoken and outgoing

-He has deep and philosophical side

-He constantly tries to improve himself but he’s not competitive

-He puts a lot of effort in what he does and never gives up

-Funny and flirty

-Very optimistic


-He always has something to object, his favorite answer is “yes, but…”

-He looks so nice and adorable but when you know him he’s an asshole

-Loves analyzing people

-Needs change and freedom

-So critical with himself and other people

-Love talking about himself but not in an arrogant way

-Narcissistic af but with some insecurities


-Weird and mysterious, you never know what he’s thinking

-Doesn’t like letting others influence his decisions

-He hates being like everybody else

-He has a lot of deep thoughts and existential questions

-Loves partying and being with friends

ESFJ: (my mom)

-She literally sacrifices her life for the people she loves

-She has a lot of perseverance and willpower

-Gets mad so easily and takes everything personally but then she forgets

-She thinks everything that differs from what she believes or she doesn’t understand is wrong

-She’ll never admit her faults

-So natural and funny, she says the first thing that comes to her mind


-Her dark humor is great and scary at the same time

-She can be shy but she’s very outgoing when you know her

-She’s very independent and sometimes just cares about what she wants

-Looks more confident than she is

-Loves going out with her friends


-Very kind, cares about others


-Loves books, TV shows…etc

-Talks too fast

-Likes being with people but also spending a lot of time at home

-Gets mad easily but hold no grudges

-She acts selfish but also cares about others a lot

-Loves cooking

INTJ: (math professor)

-Might be a genius

-Doesn’t know how to interact with people, usually very very rude

-Values initiative and finding different ways to solve a problem

-So stubborn

-He lives in his own world

-He values rules and organization

ISTJ:  (my aunt)

-Super bossy, she could actually work in the army

-Surprisingly chill most of the time, loves to relax and try things

-Very organized, she always gets things done

-Has sudden bursts of anger that last like 30 seconds and then comes back to her chill state again

-Very independent


-Very talkative

-You can easily tell she is confident by the way she speaks

-Very independent, does what she wants

-Loves being the center of attention in small groups

-Smart and organized


-Very independent

-Loves to roast people

-Doesn’t study but for some reason he’s always lucky enough to pass

-Loyal friend

-Has a soft side he shows his friends and family

-Very funny

Dear connorallen94,

I think everyone does to some degree or another.

Career success and artistic skill are only poorly correlated. What do I mean by this? I mean that you have to get a certain level of skill in order to get published/ put in a gallery/ get musical gigs, but after you get to a certain level of competency, greater or less skill doesn’t seem to have any relationship to how commercially successful you are. Other factors begin to take over in exposing your work to buyers, and moreover, the more rarified your skill becomes, the fewer the punters are who can appreciate it. You can turn a beautiful turn of the phrase while juggling 47 themes and delicately drawing an allegory for the pain of man’s condition? Great. Most people won’t notice. And while that additional skill will get you noticed among peers who are also writing beautiful novels with 47 themes and delicately drawn allegories, it is a bad predictor for commercial success. If you use that skill to delicately render specific lizards, for instance, you still run the risk of only appealing to lizard people. But mostly it’s just excess — the average person doesn’t care if Coldplay’s Chris Martin can play Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 in D on his guitar. (I don’t know if he can. But I hope so.)

This is because in the commercial art world, most consumers are not also artists. Other factors are nearly always more important to the non-artist consumer: a strong story, a topical subject matter, a celebrity name, a catchy tune, a wicked hook, a pretty cover, the creator’s funniness on Twitter, the creator’s ability to speak in public, the creator’s actual and literal hotness because wow, relatability of the themes, a movie tie-in, an omnipresent advertising campaign, availability of the work in places that rhyme with BallMart. 

It’s why you can be an international bestseller without being the best in your field. It’s why you can be an international bestseller without being remotely the best in your field.

Whenever I say this online, people like to shout “what kind of a self-drag!” I suppose because as an international bestseller, I am supposed to think I am 100% fantastic and have definitely earned my title at the top of the heap by some objective measure of wonderfulness. Also because people are weird and possibly don’t understand how self-awareness, confidence, and humility really ought to play well together if you want to be a happy professional artist. It’s crucial to understand just how big of a role you play in your own success. This is so that you can focus on only the things you can control (you can’t make your subject more topical, you can’t suddenly become a famous rock star with a memoir, you can’t guarantee you have a beautiful, eye-catching cover; you can only work on writing faster, writing more accessibly, writing well), so that you don’t take it too hard when all of your career dreams fail to come true overnight. But it’s also to keep you from being a self-aggrandizing asshole about success. You’ve sold millions of books? Great. Remember, Stiefvater, that your skill is only poorly correlated to that number. You wrote a competent-or-better book at a good time for that genre/ subject/ cover/ something, and it took off. Good job, that was nice. Get back to work.

I don’t generally mind this push-pull, actually. Imposter syndrome whispers that I might be a fraud, a just-okay writer wrapped in accolades I don’t deserve. But mostly I think that’s all right: let the voices whisper. The opposite of the imposter syndrome would be letting myself believe that I am entirely to credit for my success, and that’s just as false. The truth is a middle ground, and this truth is also why imposter syndrome doesn’t get in the way of my work. 

Because the truth is this: I’m a writer who works hard, puts down a quarter million words of fiction each year, shows up for work even when life throws health or family or world crises at me, and doesn’t make excuses. Those things aren’t subjective. Those things I can control.

So get to work.



a rant on the writing community.

Since it was fanfiction writers’ appreciation day very recently, I feel like contributing to this in a different way, and aim my appreciation to a very particular group of writers. Now, keep in mind that I am in no way belittling anyone and that I support every single writer who works hard on this website. These are just thoughts I’ve had for a long time, and even though it has been talked about plenty of times before, I still feel the need to express my feelings when it comes to this topic in particular, which is heavily related to the writers’ community of tumblr in the kpop fandom. Not gonna lie, this is something I feel kinda salty about and it might get a bit long, so please bear with me :D

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Yoongi works his ass off ever since he came from the underground scene to be part of what was going to be bts, he worked so hard and he dedicated so much of his time to build something he was proud of. up to this day he pulls all nighters, he barely rests and he does things with such care and attention the members themselves said they have to pull him out of his studio to eat and care about himself he literally sleeps in ungodly hours and said the only reason why you see him napping everywhere is because he just won’t go to bed until he’s happy with what he’s doing and the fact he struggles with anxiety and depression are huge (if not main) reasons why he can’t simply like his own production and get a decent rest cause his mind is going so fast and there are voices inside his head saying he can exceed his own creations and he just wants to do things everyone likes but he’s really self conscious sometimes and he’s scared of failing us and that is a known fact talked about by yoongi himself so why do you guys keep associating him with laziness and lack of energy when he’s one of the most active members and no one inside the group makes such comments like who are you to joke about something that isn’t even funny or a light hearted joke you’re just dismissing everything he does at the end of the day