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BH!Grey about Mavi: “Beautiful, lovely, dangerous…but I’m a bit biased, I think.”

Agent!Grey about Mavi: “What if I never meet you again?! I can’t bear it if I don’t.”

Sith!Rizz about Agent!Siam: “I really shouldn’t drop by his office again, but maybe I would just to talk to him…ah, who am I kidding?”

Cailean about Arthas: “The next time he walks through that door, he’s mine.”

this probably could go without saying, but this is a small detail that i really love so…

phichit’s SP music is “Shall We Skate?” from the first movie he ever saw, The King and the Skater, which had a huge impact on him.

ofc, there is no such movie… because all the music in yuri!!! on ice is original…

but, there is a movie… based on a musical, based on a (highly fictionalized) historical novel… called the King and I, featuring a song called “Shall We Dance?”

now, if you’re not familiar with the story of the King and I, it’s about the King of Siam (ie, Thailand) in the mid-1800′s and the English governess he hired to teach his children about the Western world, since it was invading.  the king is portrayed as ruthless and barbaric, and the story largely revolves around the governess, Anna, using her supreme Britishness to educate and civilize both his children and him.  in reality, the king of Siam, known in the west as Mongkut, was a very well educated and spiritual man who successfully navigated his country through the tumultuous invasion of Western culture into Asia.  he and Anna never had a romantic relationship.  the movie and musical and novel are all really good examples of orientalism.

so… it’s understandable that Coach Celestino is SUPER proud of Phichit here, and sees this program as part of a signature for his skater, and as historic.  i love Phichit’s own inner thoughts even more, though. 

Many different people have skated to this music,
Many different people have told the story of my country,

but I’ll overwrite that history!
but I’ll reclaim my country’s story!

This music is mine!
This is my history!

i think it’s a really nice, fairly subtle touch, and it’s even underscored by Phichit’s princely costume, since that places him in the role of the King, and makes the story about HIM, and not Anna (the skater).

caveat: i’m not Thai, so i hope i’m not stepping on any toes with this…