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The Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding bouquet:

Lily of the Valley: Trustworthiness, return of happiness, purity of heart, sweetness; Sweet William: Gallantry, but is also a nod to Prince William; Hyacinth: Loveliness, constancy of love; Myrtle: Love and marriage, but also calls back to a royal tradition since Victorian times where brides use myrtle in their bouquets - this specific myrtle came from Queen Victoria’s 170 year-old garden; Ivy: Fidelity and marriage.

So now I’ve seen the episode, and I still don’t understand why people are so salty?

Yes, Sun was in the wrong for ruining the conversation between father and daughter. (and just when Blake was about to talk about RW_Y, why)

but I don’t hate Sun for it, after all he had important information that Blake needed to know.

And Blake, I can understand why she was so angry and why she didn’t want to hear about the white fang, but still, that was something Sun had to let her know.

Sun might not be the brightest banana in the bunch, but he understands danger and he wants to help Blake because he knows how hurt she is about what happened to Yang and the rest of the team. but following her without permission wasn’t the greatest idea, Sun, gotta tell u that

and I don’t know how I feel about the slap, especially after what happened to Weiss in the last episode

And the RNJR + Qrow conversation was really interesting in my opinion, and I can fully understand why Jaune was so upset, and I’m sure that he will cool down in the upcoming episodes.

And Qrow, oh god, Qrow plz be okay

Im honestly trying my best to get super hype about RW*BY again but theyre like…trying real hard it seems to make Ja/une the main character and its like ‘NO!! I came here for the GIRLS, WHERES MAH GIRLS???’ like the legit reason I got into RW*BY was because it was about 4 kickass girls doing cool monster hunting shit but now they’ve been like, pushed aside its sad and im now pretty apathetic about new episodes :/

Royal wedding photographer Hugo Burnand, who took the official photograph of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their bridesmaids and page boys, has given some insight into the demands of his employer.

“Kate is a keen photographer and was instrumental in how this image turned out. This image was a collaboration. It wasn’t the photographer saying: “I want this.” We discussed everything.”

[Trans] Boys Republic's Suwoong & Bangtan Boys' Jin being friends with Daehyun & Youngjae

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[Kor to Jpn Trans: aigatto_BAP]
[Jpn to Eng Trans: hellosaya]

Source: Sukira 20160229

Ryeowook (RW): “Were the other members being ‘attacked’ (means approached by females) before? Please let us know~” We received this question from the viewers~

Himchan (HC): Attack…It’s….attack

Daehyun (DH): I got only once…I was being contacted by a celebrity once, it’s a male

RW: Male…Don’t waste the time😑

DH: That’s why I didn’t mention

RW: Did Youngjae had any (attack)?

HC: During this time…Youngjae got male…

DH: They don’t want to listen about males

RW: Male? Seriously? (He was asking about dating)

DH: Male wanna be friends…

RW: Ah…Not real ‘like’? (Asking about love)

DH: Wh…what😨? No!? It’ll be a big problem!

RW: Because the way you said that makes me concern…

HC: What do you mean by that?

DH: Male wanna be friends with us

RW: Who was it?

DH: Boys Republic’s Suwoong. For Youngjae, it’s Bangtan Boys’ Jin…

RW: Ah~~~Jin contacts you…

Youngjae (YJ): Because our promotion periods overlapped, we always meet each other at the Broadcaster, we use the same waiting room too…

RW: This is not what we wanna hear about

YJ: That’s right…

RW: You really didn’t have any (attack)?

DH: We really didn’t have.

HC: Before I debut, I got a lot… because I got chubbier…and older…

RW: So there’s none

DH: For me, I really never have any, not even once. For me, I don’t have

Hopefully [Diana] would be very very proud that the big day has come upon, we all thought it was never gonna happen for him. But it has happened and I think everyone’s going to be really proud of him. It’s a big deal, it’s not just a normal wedding, it’s a really big decision for him to bring Kate into the family. There’s obviously a huge amount of pressure from the media, from the public perception, everything like that. He’s done the right thing, he’s waited and he’s done it when he feels it’s right. And it’s a huge step.
—  Prince Harry about William’s decision to marry (x)

Sometimes I think about the whole “RW*BY’s gonna have 20 seasons” thing and you know, it honestly wouldn’t drain me of all life to think about if MAYBE the series had better pacing and writing

but we’re only on Volume 4, Beacon has already fallen when we haven’t really had enough time to get to know it or the students there, and team RW*BY is already scattered across the ends of Remnant and all I can think is “there’s 16 more seasons of this? fuck”