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Don’t think about how surprised Adena is going to be when Kat surprises her. Don’t think about how she’ll be shocked at first but then she’s going to be all “Kat” and run into her arms. Don’t think about how when Kat hugs her tight, Adena relaxes into her arms. Don’t think about the happy tears that they’re both going to let fall because they thought it would’ve been a long time till they would’ve seen each other again. Don’t think about how when night falls they’re going to be wrapped around each other taking in the others warmth, not wanting to let go. But definitely don’t think about the next morning when they both wake up they’re both kind of in disbelief because this moment is real it’s actually happening, they’re reunited and in each other’s lives again and They will have many more adventures together.

Imagine this:

the trio are sat down having a girls night in with various take out, junk food and wine. Jane and Sutton are arguing about who gets the last California roll, Kat is just sat there laughing at her friends antics till her phone rings. Jane and Sutton stop arguing because they know exactly who’s. Adena and Kat have adopted a routine of when to call since they last seen each other after their adventures. Kat and Adena like always talk about how the others day went, what Kat doesn’t notice is Jane and Sutton snickering in the background like they know something she doesn’t(which they do) Kat was just about to ask what’s got her friends giggling like school girls when Adena gets her attention. Adena tells Kat that someone is at her door, this sends Jane and Sutton laughing loudly Kat wants to question how exactly she could’ve known that and wtf is so funny when she hears the door being knocked. she goes to answer the door, asks who’s there but no answer so, she opens the door and the person that greets her behind it almost has Kat letting go of her phone. Kat opens and closes her mouth a few times not sure how to process this because how Adena El-Amin is at her door right this moment after telling her it would be a while before her visa is worked out is beyond her. But Kat doesn’t question it any longer before she’s launching herself into her girlfriends arms hugging her tightly. When she finally pulls away everything that’s happened during the week makes sense. Her friends always laughing when Adena calls, Adena always sounding like she had something to hide and boy did she.

if ya don’t know by now, Peru is going through severe mudslides right now. People are losing their lives, their homes, their pets, the animals they depend on for a living, and a lot more. If ya can just take a couple minutes to check on someone you know who is Peruvian, and has family home it would be very appreciative to them to let them know you are there. If you believe in prayer and in God, please sprinkle some of Peru in there because the people really need it. If you can afford to - donate. And, last but not least if you can stay informed that would be beneficial; not just about Peru but about other developing nations - they are just as important as the big developed nations filled with power. thank ya’ll

Some Creek Headcanons

- For his birthday, Mr. and Mrs Tweak let Tweek come up with the “Coffee of The Day” special where Tweek gets to brew his own special coffee and they make that the coffee flavor of the day. It’s a tradition that Tweek has even well after he leaves home. 

- When Stripe dies, Tweek buys Craig a replacement guinea pig that looks exactly like Stripe so Craig doesn’t notices…he noticed anyway because Stripe has never had that one tuft of white fur on her paw….but he doesn’t say anything, because Tweek tried and he’s glad Tweek cared enough to do this. 

- Craig is really good at science and math as both are a necessity for space work, Tweek meanwhile is really good at English and Drama. 

- Craig is the “Team Dad” in his group of friends. “Team Mom” usually alternates between Tweek and Token depending on the situation. 

- Tweek is always trying out for school plays, and has even landed the leading role in a few of them. Craig is always there for all of his performances. 

- Tweek is insecure at times about his and Craig’s relationship, and even though by this point its clear that what began as an act blossomed into legitimate feelings for each other. He’s scared that Craig is still acting and doesn’t actually feel the same way. 

- Craig just calms him down and reminds him that they’re still together, and that he’s a horrible actor compared to Tweek. If he were acting, he’d know. 

- When Tweek heard about what happened in Peru, he became super protective of Craig just incase of any giant guinea pigs. Which, while Craig didn’t mind at first he did eventually tell Tweek that while he appreciated it. Tweek didn’t need to be over protective. 

-  When their playing the fighters of Zaron game, and Tweek gets cold then Craig lets him borrow his cape. 

- Tweek will get detention just to sit with Craig, though Craig has tried to get less and less detentions.

- Tweek has always wanted a little brother or sister, so he gets along pretty well with Ruby. 

-  Craig sometimes helps Tweek at the coffee shop. Most of the time though, they just end up talking to each other. 

- Despite his jitteryness, Tweek likes horror movies it’s Craig who gets the nightmares despite his facade. On the other side though, Tweek cries easily at sad movies while Craig can’t cry. 

Headcanon: Peruvian!Craig

This will be a long ass ride, because I re-watched the Pandemic episodes (s12e10+11) and read the whole wikia fandom entry of Craig. I love this man.

[Excuse grammar or spelling mistakes.]

Everyone who knows Craig and his family, is aware of the hair colours from them. His mother has blonde hair, his dad red and his sister also. Craig’s is black. It’s normal that kids have different hair colours than their parents, but in South Park not. Look at Stan’s family. His mother has the same… pink-beige? shade like his daughter and his dad and himself have both black hair. And this counts for like every other family in South Park? (Exept for Kenny, but he isn’t a normal kid anyway) You could say, his mother changed her hair colour, but you have 1st. no proofs and 2nd. let me be. But his skin is white. In South Park, a lot of, nearly every, Peruvian has a caramel-like color. But his mother is American so he doesn’t have to be light caramel.

I mean, he was written in a Peruvian temple. He’s the only person who is able to stop the guinea pigs which were about to destroy the world; and he has his own guinea pig which he’s obsessed with. This SCREAMS that Craig is (half) Peruvian. And in SP, everyone from Peru is in a pan flute group, that means they have a sense of rhythm and like music generally: who is the one who sang in Put It Down? (s21e2) (Ps. for stupids: Cartman rapped most of the time, I mean Craig. So that nobody misunderstands me, jk)

In The End Of Serialization As We Know It (s20e10), Craig’s mom saw that his dad Thomas was accessing online. But he chatted with other women. That means, that cheating is (maybe) a common topic between his parents.
Maybe, his mom cheated on him? I think she’s actually nice, maybe a bit strange but nice. His dad is really… impulsive. Before Craig was born, I think they were in a relationship for years and Thomas broke up with her, because idk. In that time, her being a single, she had an one night stand with another man, a Peruvian man. After some time, Thomas noticed that he still loved her and made her a proposal, as apology. She couldn’t refuse and they married. But she was afraid to confess. She was afraid to confess that the condom broke when she had that ONS and that she was pregnant, from another man. She said it pretty late, that’s why he believes that she cheated on him.
After that, they told it Craig’s real dad, but he was back in Peru and wasn’t able to come to the birth. That’s why Thomas disallowed him to see his son. And because he has no solid home, like no house or a job, he’s just in a pan flute band and travels through the whole country. Craig has his black, full hair.

Craig’s real dad was back in Colorado, South Park, because of his band. They played in the mall, and suddenly he saw Laura, Craig’s mom. He remembers every ONS, because he’s a good man. And, ofc, he remembers that she’s the mother of his son, the son he never saw. He went to the family and confronted them, Thomas was jealous af but they talked in a café about that. With Craig, who finally knows that he isn’t the son of his ginger dad and that he isn’t the real brother of his sister. His real dad wanted to spend some time with his son, and Craig wanted it also so they can’t refuse.

I think, his dad is a good dad. His English is pretty good, not perfect and he still does some mistakes, but he’s able to talk normally in English. I bet Craig learns a lot about himself and about the world from him. His dad shows him how to play instruments, how to repair a car, how to speak (= sing) in Spanish and so on. He notices that he’s interested in books and meditation. And he accepts Tweek instantly, not like Thomas. Craig’s real dad LOVES Tweek, he thinks the blonde is just cute and pure, and he loves Craig’s guinea pig. So Craig loves him. Craig and his Peruvian dad is the perfect father/son dynamic.

I’m so soft and whipped for that hc don’t touch me.

I wanted to add some points real quick:

I want everyone to know, that Craig is tall! It bothers me so long, some people (not much, but enough to notice) say, that Craig is more the uke-small-type. But he isn’t. I think he’s one of the tallest, maybe the tallest in town.
His parents (Linda and Thomas) are drawn as the tallest parents.
You were able to see in episode T.M.I. (s15e4) that Craig (and Kyle and Kenny too) grew 2.4 inches in one year. This is the highest height you were able to see.
Plus he’s drawn tall, e.g in episode South Park Is Gay (s7e8) his legs look a lot longer than Tweeks, Tokens or Jason.
“The fact that his legs are longer is clearly visible in “South Park is Gay!”, where he and three other boys from his class wear identical clothes, because Craig’s pants appear much longer than the others.“ - fandom wikia entry about Craig.

In The List (s11e14) was Craig (in the real list) the first place in “cutest boys”.

And in episode Tweek Vs Craig (s3e5) was said that Craig is fairly thin. That means, that Tweek is heavier than him. I love thicc Tweek (and stick-like Craig) btw, this is my religion. But I write another hc about that.

What was Uncle Monty’s trip to Peru really about?

Uncle Monty: the man, the fool, the legend.

Readers know him as the best guardian the Baudelaires ever had: caring, respectful and an endless source of knowledge. The last few days he spent with the Baudelaires are probably the only moments of genuine happiness in the entire series.

He’s also remembered as a hapless buffoon, too gullible to recognize how suspicious Gustav’s disappearance and how threatening his new assistant really were. The first sacrifice in a long line of casualties Olaf and the Baudelaires leave in their tracks.

“So don’t look so worried, bambini. As you can see, your Uncle Monty has the situation in hand.”
[The Reptile Room, Chapter Five]

But what if Monty were actually one of the most brillant masterminds of the series? Was the herpetologist, in contrast with Olaf’s machinations, running a conspiracy of his own?

Let’s try to establish a different scenario under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

hey did you hear what Liam said about zayn in the radio interview?

Hi anon,

I did and i posted about it.

I’ve kind of done a rough transcript of what was said - may have got a couple of words wrong but this was the general gist.

Interview is here + 

Liam: Coming out the band it was strange, not in a bad way, but I wasn’t really sure I wanted to do the solo thing, not in a bad way but i wasn’t really sure if I was ready to step back into the fame cycle  One direction got hectic at a certain point and I lost my head with it a little bit, I was like..

Interviewer: How so

Liam: Err, just not in a good place we were hotel rooms and cars every single day. Not to say anything cause its been the most fantastic journey I’ve ever been on. Looking back on it now at the times (or there were times) there were points where i was like I just don’t know if this is for me.  I think Zayn felt that a lot as well. Obviously, that’s probably why he left. We were on the road 24/7 and you couldn’t go outside because of how many people.  I mean we were in a hotel in peru with 10,000 people outside from morning till night singing songs and it was just the most amazing thing ever because you would never not want the fans there but at the same time it was just that you were stuck in the room

I’ve not caught it all re what he said about Peru but he does close that part of it all by saying that it was amazing but he needed to regroup before deciding to do it again. 


Saturday, 07.10.2017
33 /100 days of productivity
Hey guys, I’ve got almost 150 followers and it’s incredible! I can’t belive it. I was so motivated today that I did history notes, chemistry notes and biology notes. I did a report for phisics too. I’ve also prepared some slides for French lessons. I have a presentation about a trip to Peru with my two friends - Agata and Kalina. It turned out that it’s very funny and now I think that the best decision I’ve made was being a part of this group! See you soon! xoxo

Timed Prompt (15 min)

  • Prompt: Word/Phrase: Refusal

He loosens his tie, grumbling under his breath for the entire ride to the 15th floor. The elevator dings, and his shined gators step onto the crisp gray carpet of his father’s company. He’s immediately greeted with strings of ‘hello sir’ as he walks to the executive’s office. Inside that very room lies his fate. By that, he means the person who he will marry.

Over the course of five months, his parents have been looking for a suitable partner that would help them expand their business. Being the dutiful son Kyungsoo is, he agreed to their terms as long as he is granted sole ownership of the franchise when his father retired. His older sister would be out of luck.

So here he is, walking the long stretch to the man’s office where his fiance awaits. He has yet to meet said person, or see what they look like. He only hopes that his father has chosen someone who caters to his taste, and if that person doesn’t, then maybe, he will have to rethink that offer.

The chestnut doors are pulled open by the assistants and Kyungsoo walks inside, eyes searching the room for his partner. There are five people in the room other than him. Two, he recognizes as his own parents, yet the other three have their backs toward him. He continues to walk closer and they all turn to face him, and Kyungsoo’s footsteps halt.

“Jongin!” he yells, never caring about propriety.

“In the flesh!” the other smiles wide, his arms outstretched to showcase his humor.

“Is this some kind of joke?” Kyungsoo darts his eyes toward his parents whose expressions hold profound confusion, along with Jongin’s parents.

“Son, what’s going on?” His father asks, and Kyungsoo scoffs.

“I will not marry this man, I refuse.”

“Don’t be like that Kyunggie,”

“Shut up!” he snaps toward Jongin, who smiles smugly.

“I think this will be great for all of us, don’t you?” Jongin says.

“I’m leaving,” he turns on his heels.

“Ah, but Kyungsoo, I’m sure we wouldn’t want to tell your father about Peru,”

He stops, and his body spins around with a murderous glare emitting telepathic waves of death to Jongin.

“You wouldn’t.”

“Oh, but I would.”

“Would someone enlighten us about what’s going on?” Jongin’s mother asks, and Kyungsoo swallows hard.

“Why yes, Kyungsoo, why not tell them,” Jongin grins.

“Jongin, shut the hell up!” Kyungsoo’s eyes are strained as he stares at the smug playboy.

“Kyungsoo!” his mother snaps at him. “How do you guys know each other? Tell me this instant!”

Beads of sweat form as Kyungsoo sits under the stares of curiosity held toward him. He doesn’t want to talk about this. Not now, not ever.

Jongin was his one-night stand a few months back who he spent nearly half a million dollars on courting. It was a night out on the town, just him and the guys. And Jongin, well, he was a nice piece of ass Kyungsoo thought he could score for the night. 

Little did he know that Jongin had his own agenda. And Kyungsoo found blackmail photos sent to his phone the next morning along with a selfie of Jongin blowing a kiss. The caption read: It was fun darling, let’s do this again sometime! Make sure to last longer too 😉💖😙