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eun_doitz: 너! 아주! 사랑해! 찅긋!


eun_doitz: you! i really! love you! Wink!

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in_soo_tagra_m:This is very cute~

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yo fam i gotta ask, ur KiriBaku fic is the only 1 i read cus im picky asf with fanfics, im curious if you know any good fanfics out there bout these 2. because there's more fanfictions than im willing totake the time to go through

Oh!!! Thank you so much anon! I actually don’t read too many KiriBaku fics myself (I plan to make my way through them soon!) But here are the top three that have stayed in my mind!

Heart Strings by starofjems
Teen, One-Shot, ~8000 words

Summary: Red. Red was all Bakugou could see sometimes. His father called this ability to see strings of fate a gift. Bakugou called it curse. He never wanted to be fate’s pawn, never wanted to willingly play its games. More than anything, Bakugou had never wanted to know who was at the end of his string. There was no turning back.

This starts off like any other well-written but cliche “red string of fate” quirkless soulmate!AU, but it is so well-written, and there is a twist that completely took my breath away, and for those reasons, I highly highly recommend it!

don’t count on me to let you know when by newamsterdam 
Explicit, One-Shot, ~16000 words

Summary: Kirishima has always made things easy for Bakugou. But that doesn’t mean that Bakugou’s gotten any better at these things, even after all of these years.

This a future!fic about Bakugou and Kirishima reuniting after years apart, as they learn to become a part of each other’s lives again. This fic is so well-written. Like, damn. The characterization, the dialogue, the drama, heck, even the smut is well-written, and I usually don’t even like smut. This fic had me in tears and I absolutely cannot recommend it enough times.

but i’ve got an angry heart by newamsterdam
Teen, Multi-Chapter, Incomplete

Summary: Bakugou Katsuki is not going to jeopardize his future a second time, and that means staying away from anyone who gets too close. Kirishima Eijirou has never learned how not to be close to someone. Of course, they end up as next-door neighbors.

This one isn’t finished just yet, but it is still excellent. It’s kind-of a quirkless college!AU, but it’s not mindless fluff like those tend to be. There’s really good, thought-out angst with some unforgettably chilling scenes as you and Eijirou both slowly figure out what happened in his past that made Bakugou so tight-strung. The pacing of this is fantastic, and the touch of mystery is so so good.

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Nickname: I’ve had many throughout my life but the one that prevails the most is my sister calling me “Laurie” (she’s the only one who does and she almost never calls me Lauren. It’s either “Laurie” or “Little One”

Zodiac: Aries

Height: 5′8″

Last thing I Google’d: …”destiel fic recs”, please don’t @ me

Favorite musical artist: Actually impossible to choose but: Sondheim, The Wailin’ Jennys, Damien Rice, Matt Duke, Janelle Monae

Song stuck in my head: “Arsonist’s Lullaby” by Hozier

Last movie I saw: Wonder Woman

What I’m wearing right now: a comfy dress

Why did I choose my URL: (@)laurenshippen was taken (I actually have it now) 

Do I have any other blogs: There’s I think at least…eight? blogs on tumblr that I’ve made throughout the years but the only ones I run now are this one, @thebrightsessions, @worldaccordingto, and @chloeturnerart

What did your last relationship teach you: That I shouldn’t try and be someone I’m not.

Religious or spiritual: Meh?

Favorite color: Green

Average hours of sleep: 7.5

Favorite numbers: 16 and 7

Favorite characters: Will and Lyra from His Dark Materials, Ron from Harry Potter, Leslie Knope from Parks & Rec, Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls

How many blankets do I sleep with: 1 and a million pillows

Dream job: Earning a living from telling stories


Unrelated to tumblr-being-stupid type things, I have mentioned previously that 

A) I’m a graduate student 

B) I have preliminary exams coming up 

Well, that exam is on July 21st and I’m in crunch time. Stress levels are about as high as they can be and I have to put pretty much all of my available free time into working and reading (or doing things that are truly relaxing. I’ve taken up meditation. Apparently.)  

I’ve already written all the ADAD posts through then, and it doesn’t take a lot of time for me to reblog Queer Dinosaur posts. But beyond that I don’t really have a lot of time for community interaction and reblogging. So my interaction and supplementary posting is going to be minimal or even zero. This includes answering asks and replying to fanmail, or checking for people mentioning me in posts. I am sorry about this, but it’s important for me to focus and do well. When I’m free, we’ll have a big party for Kulinday (on July 25th). 

Thank you all for your understanding,


P.S. I’m so stressed I got genuinely, truly pumped about a paper on GFP-marked F-actin today, so that’s. where I’m at.

I feel like I need to apologize to everyone for being so bland and negative recently. I’d like to say I’m trying my best to be positive but I’m very tired. Thank you to everyone who has sent me positive messages the past few weeks and I’m sorry if I haven’t answered them as brightly as I would have liked. I really appreciate all of you who put so much effort into being kind and I hope you share that kindness to plenty of others and yourself!

an obvious troll blog: haha i sure am glad i’m ace and don’t think about sex 24/7 like those stupid dirty allogays

y'all: OMG!!! th,is is why…, i HATE ace people!!!!

I think the appeal of Alice in Chains, and most grunge bands in general, is the polarity of their music and the band’s personalities. Their music and lyrics are so incredibly dark and moody, often brooding, and the photos shoots are equally moody or dramatic. Once you start to actually watch interviews and get to know the people behind the music though, it’s almost like a 180 from what you would assume them to be. They’re goofy, silly, loveable troublemakers who, more or less, just want to have fun and do what they love, and this makes them incredibly relatable and down to earth. They’re not these dramatic, larger than life rock gods. They’re normal, approachable, relatable human beings and that is what makes them so magnetic and appealing for fans.


Can people stop jumping through hoops to try and say that Eren doesn’t care about Mikasa like he DID punch a titan for her as a human, but okay because he glanced back at his friends who were in danger and about to die that obviously changes everything oh my fucking god