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Try everything that seems interesting to you.  Don’t worry too much, and when you do worry, at least make it fun while you do it. Surround yourself with as much love as you can, and try to put some good into the world while you’re here because life is short.
—  Misha Collins

Shaw’s Biggest Fan

their love is the purest thing there is, it clears my soul

a fun little thing i drew to cope with season 4 klance withdrawal

“they” is shorter than “he or she”

“they” is more inclusive than “he or she”

“they” flows more naturally than “he or she”

I don’t want to see “he or she” ever again


i was wheezing while scanlating this i’m amazed i managed to finish w/o d y i n g orz luckily this issue made a clean ten pages and i didn’t have to add any extra imgs for tumblr :’ )

cleaned, translated & typesetted by me! proofread by @selena-bombastic!

About Sexiest Man Alive...

I already know I am going to offend some people out there when I make this post, but this whole thing with Blake Shelton getting sexiest man alive has made me really mad. You pick this baked chicken over all these men of color? Like literally there are so many beautiful men of color out there! “The Sexiest Man Alive” is a scam that is mostly dominated by white men! Denzel is the only African-American male I know of that has got this ridiculous title. Like what the hell? So I have made a small list of some men of color that I think could bless a cover of Peoples magazine: 

(I picked people in my opinion that I thought fit the bill better than Blake Shelton)

(Ps. Peoples Magazine, you are a joke :))

  • Idris Elba

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  • Rami Malek

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  • Isaiah Mustafa

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  • Jason Momoa

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  • Chadwick Boseman

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  • Steven Yeun

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  • Jesse Williams

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  • Harry Shum Jr.

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All of these are in my opinion. I am just tired of American Media being mainly “white“. America is supposed to be a “melting pot” but it’s not. White ran media is over everything. There are multiple people of color out there and giving Blake Shelton Sexiest Man Alive in my opinion was brainless and stupid. There are so many other celebrities they could have chosen. 

if youre in your goddamn late 20s dont get in arguments with kids like a fucking decade younger than you. of course, being a young teen doesnt excuse harmful behavior, but you shouldnt be arguing with a child the same way youd argue with someone your age. in some situations you shouldnt even engage at all. 

you should look at the situation and go “hey, is it appropriate for me to be responding this way? would i ever engage a child this age like this irl?” and decide how to proceed from there. also theres a difference between confronting a child whos harassing people and throwing around slurs, vs confronting a child whos clearly well intentioned and may have some facts wrong. 

this isnt pulling the “minor card” this is just basic fucking human decency lmao like does it make you feel tough? do you feel really tough and smart fighting middle schoolers on the internet? do you feel good about yourself?

I would like to thank Pokémon, but also the whole world for the gift of Lillie as one of the most amazing and fleshed-out character ever created with a great development (also I’m just really excited about her new “Z-mode” artwork being finally released).

jimin should be considered as oxymoron since his features are both angelic and erotic; plump lips are cute but full of desire, round face with baby fat is cute but his jawline is very masculine, he is small but his body is toned, his voice is high pitched but can be very captivating when he speaks busan dialect; he is love and the lust, he is the man that poets have been writing for centuries - a living sculpture, a perfection

What Taylor did for Jimmy Fallon warms my heart. Simple, but very meaningful gesture. And to the people saying “she talks about herself too much”, you’re never been so wrong. One thing special about her songwriting, is that even if she’s talking about her experiences, it feels like she got into your mind and wrote a song about your life, and suddenly her stories becomes your stories. That’s why it’s beautiful to see Taylor singing the “squeeze my hand 3 times” line right after Jimmy told that story about his mom, because despite what you think, she writes lyrics anyone can relate to, in one way or another.