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Hey, I was just wondering, (since you said that some of the minor characters were going to have more time to shine) will you ever show what might have happened to the dancestors? There were a lot of questions unanswered about them, such as Mituna's accident, Aranea's ascension, and Kurloz's nightmare? P.S., Love your work! <3

Those are definitely things that are on the list of unanswered questions from canon we have floating around. Although I suppose I would like to stress that if we ever DO address some of those things, they will obviously just be our own fan theory about what might have happened instead of anything definitively canon. Although we hope it might FEEL canon enough! That’s the goal. :P


I found THE REAL KANKRI giving his opinions on Mituna while tumblring and had to do something to commemorate this joyous occasion.

Note: I wholly agree with people who hate the inaccurate and offensive portrayal of Mituna as an ‘innocent babbu’. And I don’t actually think that Kankri adorns his hive with creepshots of Latula and blogs about how shit Mituna is while crying, even if that would be funny.

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Hello Sei-sb! I was curious about that humanstuck you have drawn a few thing's for! Not the glorious musical one, the one you drew The Psiioniic and Dualscar fighting. What's that AU about? (Love your artwork though)

OH, that’s not my AU though, that was a commission for regdichab of her AU

SADLY since it’s not mine [and I’m REALLY BAD at explaining things] I can’t tell you about it myself….

but IT’S SO GOOD orz so so good…. I kinda wish it was like a fic or something and I could point to it at people so others could know about it too haha

[mAN I love her/their AUs SO MUCH, I’ve made a bunch of doodles for them because they are super great, I should really post them but that’d mean going through sketchbooks and finding everything… SO MAYBE LATER? But now I really want to. ALSO there’s a Mythology themed AU, that’s the one I’ve drawn for the most, it’s my favorite orz I need to show sketches of that one at least]

Djinn!Mituna & Human!Kankri ^

and then Naga!Psiioniic & Human!Signless


[And I’ve doodled more characters but it’d take me a while to find them.]

we know that sburb/sgrub logos have color based on the most important player (or as i like to call it: the one who major fucked up).

tat is for Jade. if not only for the ship thing, she was the one who made Jack Noir nearly unbeatable. let’s face it, it’s true.

this one is pretty much clearly for Gamzee and it’s no wonder why. all his Caliborn stuff, going sober and so on. as i said - major fuck up.

(i haven’t found a good pict actually… imagine yellow house here) this one is Mituna’s. yeah, he was clever, he was strong he was seriously IMPORTANT back when the pre-scratch trolls were playing.

EDIT: it could also be BLUE to match blue-purple-green-red spectrum of Homestuck. that would make Aranea the most important player in the session,

This is the question on the other hand. None of the Alpha kids is connected with red. Well, in the GameOver it COULD be Jane… but now?

on the other hand right now it’s pretty much session united. It may be Dave, it may be Karkat, it may be ARquius. Damn, even Caliborn, since his blood is red.

but have you considered… Calliope?

for the mituna asking about their relationship with kankri: for you i drew out the 2 of cups. in general this card means things are going well. you might feel more loved than usual. this card represents balanced partnership and commitment! for your partner i drew out the moon. this card means things might be confusing for you. you might have problems understanding from where you are coming from and also other people’s thoughts and feelings. do not try to force things before they are ready. for the past i got the knight of wands. this means a good time to start to travel. you are full of energy and you can get so many things done! the present is the 9 of cups. its one of the most uplifting cards. it can mean that what you’ve been hoping to happen is about to happen. and finally, for the future i got th e3 of pentacles. its also a positive card. particularly with regard of work and studies. people around you notice and appreciate your efforts. keep doing what you are doing and you’ll stay in a good track.

Mituna's brain damage - Revised theory

I was just thinking some more about the Mituna-Cronus-Kurloz thing, and came up with a quick new theory, based on revelations from Caliborn’s Masterpiece and theories I came up with yesterday.

We now know Lord English enters universes in the form of Lil Cal, through nightmares.

As I speculated, Kurloz’s nightmare might have had to do with Lil Cal. This could mean Lil Cal entered the A1 session this way, and then went through time shenanigans, perhaps even ending up on Beforus to grow up with Kurloz.

This could mean Lil Cal was influencing Kurloz to serve Lord English, in a similar way to how Lil Cal influenced Gamzee.

At some point, an iteration of Lord English may have sprung forth from this Lil Cal, and influenced events in Beforus to pave the way for his arrival. This could include facing off with Cronus, the one prophecized to defeat him.

Mituna is a Hero of Doom, and we know he protected his friends from SOME kind of doom that resulted in his brain damage, and we also know Kurloz was involved in some way.

What if Mituna knew about Kurloz having Lil Cal, and found out Lil Cal was a bad omen. He could have confronted Kurloz about this, knowing that if he wouldn’t stop Kurloz and/or Lil Cal, a great doom would fall upon his friends.

But with how we know the A1 session was a total failure, Mituna probably failed to stop Lil Cal. Because Lord English was already there. 

And then, his brain damage was caused in some way:

  • Either Kurloz has brainwashed him to make him believe he’s got brain damage
    • Remember how Mituna is rumoured to be lucid when he’s around Kurloz?
    • Remember how Meulin has flashing eyes when under Kurloz’s control?
    • Remember how we’ve never seen Mituna’s eyes?
  • Or Lil Cal corrupted his brain
  • Or Gamzee came and gave Mituna an intense beating to the head, similarly to the beatdown GO!Terezi received
  • Or Lord English came and hypnotized Mituna.

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Is Mituna so fun fake gross he can stand talking to a Zahhak for extended periods of time without being legitimately creeped out?

Aww man, this seems like a good opportunity for me to post the art of him and Arquius I did a while back!

The context here is that Arquius’s (He’d temporarily turned into a proper centaur and was really psyched about it) was being himself and Mituna started yelling shit about kicking his hornses ass, which the guy was even more psyched about. Mituna however, was not.

They did end up somehow making friends though, Mituna even very grudgingly let Arquius give him a very careful hug when he got emotional about their broship. And when Arquius got upset about something, Mituna snapped a rubber glove on over his normal glove and sympathetically patted his disgustingly sweaty flank, if I remember correctly. Good times.