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When the starting lineup is announced, Isco and Morata joke about their place on the “menu” {} | February 26, 2017

I was watching @therealjacksepticeye play Night in the Woods, and I love the friendship between Mae and Gregg!!
(Gregg is my spirit animal tbh)


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Talking about Laura, my favourite thing in Act III was her never being able to keep her hands off Carmilla. Her ribs/sides when they were kissing, her legs!thighs when they were at the desk, the way her hands were always in her hair. I hope we get all that intimacy in the movie because it's honestly so incredible to see a fully realised love story like theirs on screen. What Natasha and Elise give to these roles, we're honestly so fucking lucky

THE FUCKING DESK BLOCKING OUR VIEW IS HOMOPHOBIC.  The only time it was ever good for was the desk fucking.

I really really really really want to see Hollstein holding hands, swaying it around, while walking.  We sort of got that in the ending credits.  We never really see them outside in an environment that allows them to walk around together.  God, just thinking about Hollstein being girlfriends I’m going to start a support group bc I can’t handle this myself.  

I hope Natasha and Elise get to work with each other again bc it’s a shame if they don’t with their chemistry that they only really got to show off at it’s best for a little bit.  I want to really see what they’re capable of, like far beyond what C*rmilla can do for them.

one thing i’d like to say is: be specific. when talking about a celebrity, or character, or show, if you can be specific with the labels, the better off you are.

alex danvers and maggie sawyer are not JUST wlw or sapphics. they are lesbians.

poussey washington is not JUST a queer poc. she is a black lesbian.

times to use more inclusive terms are when it’s multiple identities, such as avatar having many characters that are poc, clarke and lexa are wlw/sapphic, etc. you can use all-encompassing terms with shows such as these (though even with a:tla it’s best to also say that it was influenced by many south asian countries) because it represents multiple sexualities and/or ethnicities.

but honestly? most of the time representation is made, it’s for one specific minority. and while many people who aren’t that exact identity can appreciate and feel comforted by it, when you decide to slap a vague label on something that was specifically created for one marginalized group, you erase the group it was made for.

Things I haven’t noticed people talk about that I kinda want to: 

-Moon and River’s relationship tho what a strONG AND HEALTHY MARRIAGE. Yelling about how he should call her when she’s there. Wanting her to be safe so she should take at least one knight. They’re so cute and I l o v e them

-I’m going to assume that Oscar is in the same grade as Star right. Okay? Okay good. The kid dropped out of high school at like 14 maybe 15 and he lives in his car like can we consider how fucked up his family life might be for him to just fucking up and leave. And he’s still such a pure soul he’s always smiling and positive like please protect Oscar. 

-Jackie was really cute?? All she did was support Marco and even when Star ran upstairs crying she looked at Marco like Well. Do something. Sure it’s surprising that your friend yells that she likes ur boyfriend like I mean I would be surprised but holy shit she’s so good and she’s not jealous at all and I imagine her and Marco to just have a really healthy relationship tbh. She was nothing but supportive and helpful to him part 2 of the season finale 

my two cents lmao

ive been laughing for like the last hour because likealeafonthewind and I got talking abt obi-wan in general and then specifically Ad Verecundiam (aka the timetraveling vader au) and what Obi-Wan in the original timeline is up to

and while I’m of the opinion that there is no original timeline, that Vader is now a paradox, because otherwise it’s just too sad

it also came up of what master obi-wan would think of the fact that his stupid former padawan traveled back in time and ends up banging his younger self like