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The best (non-spoiler) thing about Voltron Season 2

… was my child (4 years old) watching it with me and being unable to pronounce “Shiro”. Her names for him were as follows: - Zero - Chiro - Chiko - Cheeto And then when I had her slowly sound it out with me: “Shi… Shiiii-ro…(short pause) That’s too hard… Let’s just call him Taco!”

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The “A Series of Unfortunate Events” Netflix series is so ridiculous and so objectively bad, but it’s also completely perfect. I am so satisfied, a word which here means “this show is everything I could’ve asked for and everything my childhood deserved.”

Person : Training working dogs and pets are totally different and ppl don’t understand that training a working dog requires a different approach. (aka a rougher approach)
Me: Cool Cool Cool. Now I know for sure you have no idea about the science behind learning theory. Good to know I can walk away from that one and not waste my time.
Me: “…….”

concept: we’re lying in bed, the first time you’ve slept over. we’re both half asleep but i cant stop staring at your lips and thinking about kissing you. finally i whisper and ask if i can. even in the dark i can see you cheeks flush and you nod your head yes. i lean in to give you a soft and slow kiss. kissing you feels like magic, everything i hoped it would be and more

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There have been some comments on a recent post of mine and I just want to clarify:
You can’t be a lesbian if you are attracted to men in a genuine way (that meaning outside of coercive heterosexuality/compulsory heterosexuality). If you are attracted to men, don’t call yourself a lesbian because you are not a lesbian and you are helping perpetuate the myth that lesbians can be attracted to men. It really is that simple.

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👉👉 's into the void in an attempt to go back in time and rewrite s2 to be Lance and Hunk centric with 2 episodes devoted to Keith being a galra and it being resolved well, not a bunch of pussyfooting around for 5 eps and then one ep reveal.

iofjwoijefowjfj kait have i ever told you i lov u bc like??? light of my life, you are lmao

(i think, though, the more i’ve been thinking about this, i really wanted like two more hunk/lance moments each like i will def agree to that!!!!! but…. BUT….. i think that the galra!keith emphasis and a bit of the keith being chosen over lance in certain instances would be acceptable to me… if it turns out dreamworks is playing the long term character development game….

like… imagine the langst when it turns out that lance is like grinning it and bearing it all while constantly being chosen second to keith: being a fighter pilot at the garrison, potentially even for blue’s connection, with shiro choosing him as leader… the potential klangst could… be…. a lot….) (refer to that one post further down my blog for Langst)

(also that doesn’t excuse the poor treatment of hunk/lance/allura,,,, like i think a lot of unfair concessions were made for their characters that were deeply concerning in a lot of ways…… i can’t even articulate my thoughts on that without writing a full on dissertation but… im just saying like honestly a bit of lance being homesick… a sprinkle of hunk’s backstory,,, a smidgen of allura actually talking to someone about why she’s angry… would have been…. Good….)