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Take a moment and think about mermaids. Think about mermaid who live in the waters of Hawaii, with eyelashes made of sea-foam and tails the color of the sun. Think about mermaids sitting on the bottom of the ocean, watching the surfers above them in fascination and pointing out the patterns and designs on the bottom of their boards like children pointing out stars.

Think about mermaids in the Mediterranean being able to ‘speak human’ but they can only speak the dead languages. Think about Mediterranean mermaids still following old trade routes that ships from thousands of years followed to get from one place to the next.

Think about mermaids from the deep sea, odd colors illuminating off of their skin and tails. Think about them with skin nearly transparent and eerie smiles of teeth like needles and claws. Think about deep sea mermaids with bioluminescent tails three times the length of man.

Think about mermaids the size of whales, their upper body seeming like that of giant. Think about these mermaids swimming in large pods and helping out the smaller mermaids, fascinated by their loose, feathery tails in contrast to their relatively short stiff ones. Think about these mermaids trying to copy the smaller mermaid’s swimming patterns with quick flicks of their tails and instead sending a large splash at a nearby boat.

Think about mermaids in the tropics, with fancy fins that seem to ripple and blow in the current, creating illusions of movement to people above. Think about mermaids with fins that look like feathers who like to jump out of the water as if they’re flying before diving back into the sea in giggles. Think about topical mermaids with tails that reflect the colors of the sky and color the ocean with colors that people never thought the ocean could turn.

Think about mermaids in rivers who slither across the floor of the water like snakes and pinch at peoples toes like crayfish. Think about these mermaids living by huge waterfalls, the ones with dams built over them having long since been abandoned in favor for some other point of the river, even if it isn’t a traditional waterfall home. Think about river mermaids meeting with river spirits and nymphs and discussing daily events while listening to motorboats jet past above them.

Think about mermaids who live in creeks made from inland glacial melt in places like Glacier. Think about them sitting contentedly under a long thin waterfall, watching as cars march across the windy road far far above. Think about them writing messages on the cliff walls with the rocks from the bottom of their creeks. Think about them with short but pliable tails that they use to flit over rapids and jump playfully over bridges surpassing their domain.

Think about mermaids who live in streams of glacial melt in places like Greenland. Think about them being able to watch the stars above them in fascination through the clear blue water. Think about them dodging through the inside of large icy glaciers, sleeping on thick sheets of ice that seem to just barely be holding onto the glacier but which their family has slept on for years. Think about them with tails so blue that they seem to glow even when they’re twenty feet underwater, a melody of pastels.

Think about mermaids in the far north, with eyelashes frosted over and lips as blue as the water around them. Think about mermaids in the far north with tails of dark blues, purples and silvers. Imagine them breaking through the ice whenever their waters freeze over and rolling around the top of it in jest, laughing as they skid and slide across the ice. Think about mermaids in the far north who speak in tongues to trolls who live in caves in cliff-faces.

Think about mermaids in the north so old they remember vikings and teach the young Old Norse, believing it to still be the language of the people in the region. Think of mermaids in the Mediterranean that remember the epics that they heard rhapsodes sing of back in the fifth century.

Think about jellyfish mermaids with trailing tentacles instead of tails. Think about them with large umbrella-shaped bells wrapped around their waists like skirts. Think about these mermaids using their tentacles to jokingly sting each other, but never going towards a fish-mermaid in fear of stinging them. Think about jellyfish mermaids with bioluminescent bells and skin with patterns and designs unique to each one of them.

Think about mermaids who live in lava. Because, you know, why not? Think about them with tails of liquid precious metals. Mermaids with tails of liquid gold, nickel, diamonds, and obsidian; their tails not having a definite form and bits and pieces of them flying out into the lava. Think about their tails solidifying as soon as they make contact with water, pulling them down to the bottom of the ocean where they’re forced to live until they die. Think about them daring each other to flip their tails out into the air, seeing who can stay out of the lava the longest and not have their tails solidify.

Think about space mermaids. Think about mermaids who live in the seas of Titan, living in a sea of methane and ethane while watching the thick orange clouds circle above their heads. Think about mermaids on Enceladus, living deep in the interior next to the warm water. Think about adventurous mermaids swimming up into the cooler waters to try to see the ice fountains on the planet’s icy surface, most of them being sucked out and launched into space.

Think about mermaids on Europa. Think about them living in the ocean between the icy surface and the rocky interior. Think about the mermaids grabbing rocks from the interior and scratching long lines across the surface so as to play games and replicate the linear fractures on the surface. Think about these mermaids who live in the deep black darkness of the ocean, but swim up to the thinner parts of the ice sheet of the planet to watch the stars and galaxies light up around them when they aren’t facing Jupiter. Think about these mermaids having different constellations that they point out to others, different myths based off of them and how they arrived in the sky.

Just think about mermaids.

Miraculous Ladybug Mermaid / Pirate AU

@badwolfrise and I got talking about a Mermaid / Pirate AU, because we think you can never have enough mermaid AUs. I kind of wanted to write this, but I have so much to write already. I might do some short stories and art later, but for now I just wanted to share the idea with all of you.

  • Just a few things about Merpeople in this universe: Merpeople have the ability to change between mer and human forms. Changing into a human is a matter of will, but the moment they breath water back in their lungs they change back into a merperson. They can stay as a human as long as they wish, as long as they change back every few days. Merpeople have soulmates, and this is shown by certain bioluminescent parts of their tails lighting up when they are around each other. Some merpeople have powers, and they are considered as royalty and nobility. Almost all of these merpeople with powers have Charm Speak.
  • Adrien is the prince of a kingdom just off the coast of France. As a child he would play with his friend and betrothed soulmate Lady Marinette.
  • When she was only five, Marinette was playing too close to the surface and was kidnapped by pirates. When they brought her on land to show her off, she changed into human form to save herself. The pirates tried to kill her then, but she was rescued by Tom and Sabine, a kind couple from the town she was in. Unable to figure out where her parents were, they decided to raise her. They were shocked a few days later when the little girl they had adopted ran into the water and suddenly had a tail. They kept this a secret, and slowly she became a mermaid less and less, until she stopped all together. Her memories of being a mermaid faded into nothing but a dream as the years went by.
  • Fifteen years pass, and Marinette’s town is attacked by pirates countless times. She is sick of it. Sick of seeing her town pillaged, her friends hurt, and the towns people left with their living destroyed. Deciding to do something about it, she and her best friend Alya steal a ship and become anti-pirates (basically the Robin Hoods of pirates). They call the ship ‘Lady Luck’ to spite the people who refused to sail with them, saying that a woman on the ship was bad luck. But Marinette was very persuasive. She gained a crew and they sailed around the area, targeting pirate ships. She would give them a choice: reform and go build a life, join her crew, or let the ‘sirens’ chose their fate. She never kills if she can help it. Any loot she finds she redistributes straight into the coastal towns of France, rather than giving any of it to the government. They would only keep what they needed to keep their ship stocked and running. It wasn’t long till the sight of red and black sails struck fear into the hearts of pirates who had heard of the Lady Luck and her courage female captain. But the pirate she wants to hunt down the most is the horrid Captain Hawkmoth.

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katiecro28  asked:

Did I read something about sharkboys/merpeople and heats? Or was that something else? Because I'm curious about how those heats would work.

Mmm. Not so much heats? As maybe a mating season? Or. Uh. It’s all sketchy planning right now, but my working premise is the shark clan is moving for mating season to an area close to where our humans live and work. Our Sharkboys are told it’s time they found someone to settle down with (at least for the season), only less told and more ordered to find someone by the end of the migration and stop being such immature pups, all of their other age mates have had a litter by by now.

And they rebel via human fucking.

Soooo. Not heats, really?

One day I’ll figure out how this tagging thing works, one day but apparently not today.

So, I was thinking about merpeople and what animals would werewolves turn into. First I thought sharks, but I ditched that idea. Do you know that photoset of the leopard seal trying to feed the photographer? So, Derek grew up as a leopard seal (they look like regular merpeople but can turn entirely into leopard seals instead of just having the tail), he learned to hide and his family was really adamant about to never ever EVER reveal yourself to a merperson. “They are scared of our strength” his mother used to say.

One day Derek is swimming around, minding his own business, maybe munching on some penguins, and he finds a trapped merman(Stiles). His tail is injured and he is kinda stuck where he is, maybe in some sort of trench or something, and Derek feels sorry for him because he’ll probably starve before his tail is healed enough. And since the merman doesn’t seem to have any weapon with him, Derek dives into the trench to see if he can get him out, but Stiles is wiggly, okay? And he does not plan on ending as leopard seal dinner. So he moves a lot and Derek has to let him go if he doesn’t want to hurt him, which seems very easy to do because this merperson is rather thin and bony. So Derek abandons that plan, apparently this merman likes it in this trench, maybe he wants to set up his nest here? Then Derek decides to at least get him some food, so he doesn’t starve before his tail is healed.

He swims away and Stiles is confused BIG time. Like, that leopard seal did not eat him? What? And it was really gentle despite trying to uproot him? His dad can never know about this or he’s going to ground him for forever! If, of course, anyone finds him before he dies of hunger, that is. Stiles’ heart jumps a little when the leopard seal comes back, bee-lining it towards him. Okay, apparently he’s still gonna get eaten, goodbye world and thanks for all the fish and stuff.

But then the leopard seal stops, drops a penguin in his lap and Stiles is confused again and the penguin uses the confusion to hightail it out of there. But the leopard seal is fast and catches it again before it gets too far and brings it back to Stiles, who still doesn’t know what to do with the bird. After a few repeats he gathers he’s supposed to eat it, but merpeople diet is made up of fish and algae not penguins. And Stiles doesn’t think the leopard seal will understand him but he explains it anyway and oh boy, apparently these beasts are more intelligent than anyone gives them credit for, because the leopard seal takes off and comes back with some really delicious tuna.

Fast forward, Stiles’ tail heals, he says good bye to the leopard seal and swims home, abandoning the makeshift nest he created with the leopard seal’s help. Where he keeps thinking about the leopard seal who looked rather sad about his departure. He berates himself for a bit before swimming out again to the trench. Where the nest is suspiciously intact, the currents should have at least partially dissolved that by now. And then he gets ambushed by an overly cuddly leopard seal.

Okay, listen, IF this leads to biweekly hunting dates, that’s his business. Okay? Same thing if his success rate goes up, too. It’s no secret that two hunters are better than one, just look at Scott and Allison/Isaac/Kira, okay? No big deal.

(Derek really likes hunting with Stiles, it’s uncomplicated and fun. Hunting with his sisters always turns into a competition and he is so not the competitive type. Also he has discovered Stiles is awesome at scratching the hard to reach places and cuddling.)

(He hasn’t told his family about Stiles. They would just worry and probably try to scare him off. He doesn’t want Stiles to be scared of him.)

And if he somehow watches the leopard seal turn into an incredibly hot merman that’s also no one’s business but his own. As is his subsequent sexuality crisis, OKAY??? Have you seen that guy’s tail muscles??? Come on!

There might be some freaking out on both sides (there should probably be some angst here or something but I am incapable of angst so you just have to think that up on your own) which gets cleared up when Stiles notices Derek is more freaked out than he is. And there is fluff and cuddles and *whispers* kisses *scandalized gasp* and everyone’s happy and smiling and stuff.

And if they end up opening an underwater orphanage for abandoned or orphaned baby leopard seals that’s also no one else’s business. Shut up. His dad is okay with this, he even comes over to play with the pups. As does Kira.

[  sunk. ]

AU Prompt: “Ok, so you panicked and kissed the human so he wouldn’t drown, but we can’t keep him and he can’t leave if he knows about us merpeople, so what are we going to do?

A/N: I’m working to get my creative juices flowing, they’ve been rather dry as of late. I saw this prompt and know I have a million other projects that need finishing, but here we are. Not quite as silly as the prompt sounds. Hope you like.

Word count: ~3700 / also on AO3

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It was complete chaos and then it was nothing.

He had known they were outmatched the minute the frigate’s sails – well, multiple frigates’ sails – appeared upon the horizon, as white and foreboding as storm clouds gathering in the distance. He shouted orders to his crew as he raced across the deck towards the wheel, cursing his own foolish folly in not leaving the island sooner.

Damn it all to hell.

But he was a greedy sort, and the days he spent in the house that had once been his home – their home – were never long enough. Even as the ghosts ripped at his heart, he relished being there. He was a masochist like that, he supposed. The haunted walls wouldn’t let him forget what he had lost – the happy life they had built together here on the edge of the world. Some days he could swear he smelled her perfume drifting through the house’s quiet air, a spicy musk that had turned a young pirate’s head all those years ago. Pain so fierce it nearly brought him to his knees would rip through him in those moments, and he’d have to brace his hand on the wall, gulping breaths as he fought to steady himself. Eventually, his head would clear and the echoes of pain would serve as a much needed reminder. It kept the fire burning in his belly, it kept him focused on the mission at hand.

Focused on his Crocodile prey.

A cannon blast jolted him away from his thoughts, and he skidded behind the wheel as shards of timber exploded all around him. The other ships were on top of them now, and his stomach dropped as the grim realization hit that there probably would be no escape this time. Another cannon fire sounded, and he smiled manically as he saw the deck of the enemy ship explode even as a returning shot rang out towards the Jolly.

At least they wouldn’t be able to say that the great Captain Hook went down without a good fight.

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MerMantis Shrimp. Even his most genuine displays of affection are incredibly violent. 

Note: I’m pretty sure real mantis shrimps are incapable of friendships with other crustaceans (and were this an encounter in the wild, it would surely be more of a dinner-for-one type arrangement), but this is the world of Merpeople and I’d like to believe that Mermantis Shrimp’s partial humanity has made him a bit more open minded.