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do you think andrew and neil tell each other "i love you"? nora said no but ,,

i disagree with a lot of things nora said and this is one of them. 

  • it’s not easy because those are big words and both neil and andrew have troubles with expressing emotions, 
  • usually they prefer to show their feelings by simple gestures: an extra blanket during movie nights, a glass of water on the nightstand when andrew drank a little too much in columbia the previous night, always lightning two cigarettes instead of one, leaving fresh clothes and a towel (the fluffy one because andrew would never say it, but neil knows it’s his favorite) in the bathroom when andrew had a rough night and doesn’t want to be touched right now, etc.
  • the first time neil tried to say those words, it was when he got knocked on the court and it was bad enough he needed to go to the hospital
  • and while the anesthesia was working miracles, neil looked at andrew and started to say “i lov-”
  • but andrew looked at him with those angry eyes that immediately shut neil up, “don’t bullshit me like you’re going to die” because fuck is neil dramatic
  • “but you know that i do, right?”
  • “just how hard you got hit in your head?”
  • when the words are finally out, it’s andrew who says it first
  • it’s an accident, of course, because andrew understood long ago that when you trust someone this much and they’re always somewhere around even if only in the back of your mind, it’s easier to speak your thoughts out loud without even realizing it
  • and of fucking course it’s because of a damn cat because lately everything happened because of a damn cat ( “andrew, he’s not damned, he’s your child” “shut the fuck up nicky” )
  • it’s a normal movie night while they’re watching one of the movies from a list that nicky and matt made for neil since in their opinion his knowledge of the pop culture was terrible (neil still remembered how scandalized nicky was when neil didn’t know what you should do “if you like it” put a damn ring on it, neil)
  • they’re not cuddling because it’s hot and they rarely do it anyway unless they’re too tired after practice to even care but they’re sitting close enough that their shoulders are touching
  • but then the cat, this damn cat, jumps on the couch next to neil. it’s fine, it’s normal. king lives up to his name and thinks he owns the place, so it’s good
  • few minutes later andrew feels a pressure and from the corner of his eye he sees that neil scoots closer to him. andrew doesn’t mind, neil respects his boundaries enough to know what andrew is or isn’t comfortable with
  • he doesn’t mind until neil is draped over his lap with a dramatic sigh and okay, he knew he signed up for a drama queen (surprisingly enough kevin isn’t the only one and andrew doesn’t fucking know how can they fit on one throne together but this is his fucking reality) but this is pushing it
  • andrew: what. the. fuck.
  • neil: oh, were you here the whole time? didn’t notice, you’re so sma-
  • andrew: tch, tch. think about what you’re doing right now
  • neil smiles but doesn’t explain. when andrew looks at the couch next to him, king is laying on the better half of it, stretching his back and why is andrew even surprised? of course neil would rather lie on top of andrew than push the damn cat off the couch 
  • “you’re fucking lucky i love you” is all andrew says, it sounds angry and impatient, but it’s enough to make both of them freeze. when neil wants to look up, andrew wraps one arm around him and pushes him down to his chest. “don’t”
  • “but you know that i do too, right?” “watch your damn movie”
  • neil says it two days after, again because of the damn cat (but by now andrew thinks that maybe king really isn’t damned after all). andrew’s sitting on the same couch one morning, he’s sideways so he’s facing king who stares back at him. andrew is talking so he doesn’t hear when neil comes to the living room and stands behind andrew. 
  • “devil incarnate, what you staring at? get away from my leg, god you’re so fucking stupid, what is that? are you purring at me? you know what i’m gonna do-” andrew says all of this with the most monotone voice while holding a cup of coffee in his hands and a cat snuggling to his leg
  • and neil knows he shouldn’t, because andrew doesn’t respond well to confessions but he just can’t stop the words that come out of his mouth. “shit, i really do love you” and it’s out there and andrew’s back stiffens and he doesn’t turn around but neil feels so good 
  • something hits andrew right this moment, in their apartment, with their cat nuzzling against his knee, holding an ugly cup that neil bought for him last christmas. 
  • those words… they feel… they feel nice.
  • they feel like home
  • so from now on neil might say them more often and andrew isn’t there yet but every time he hears it, he says “i do too” or whenever neil leaves, andrew asks “you know that i do, right?” and neil smiles at him because he knows, he always knew
  • and andrew has the damn cat to thank for all of this
  • but he won’t thank the damn cat because what the fuck and also he’s a little shit
  • let me die now
  • b y e 

The beginning of Persona 5 

Edit: Since people have been pointing it out despite my tags, yes I know they’re Japanese and yes I fixed it now

Horikoshi be like “the hardest one to draw is Todoroki because he’s supposed to be beautiful and drawing beautiful people is hard” but then you go through one (1) Kirishima centered chapter and he’s like 

so what is the truth


In other news Hiryuu’s too cute and I’m weak


When people love their group so aggresively and you have to make extra effort to understand if they are joking or antis

I don’t know if it was pointed out already, but…

H: […] Please help me, Onee-chan.

Bonus (because it reminds me of that too much):

It’s Shiro’s birthday so I wanted to write something short and nice for him as my writing warm-up today and this happened instead. Well, it’s definitely birthday-themed at least. 

Have I ever told you about my headcanon that Galra naturally have longer lifespans than humans? Happy Birthday, Shiro.

Keith sits on the edge of the bed, eyes cast downwards, mouth drawn up into a straight, tight line. His hands are resting at the drop-off of the sheets on either side of him, fingers curled in towards the mattress, gripped loosely at its corner. His shoulders curve forwards.

Shiro waits a moment or two, wondering if he’ll come out and say what’s bothering him or let it stew silently. Sometimes it’s one, sometimes it’s the other, depending on the matter, and he doesn’t want to push him if Keith’s going to offer it up himself. But after Shiro has finished changing into his sleep pants and Keith still hasn’t looked up at him, he wants to check in.

“Everything okay?” Shiro asks, coming to stand in front of Keith.

Keith’s eyes flicker up to Shiro, then to the Earth calendar drawn up on the wall, then to the clock that reads 11:58, before he says, “Yeah, it’s fine.”

Ah. So that’s what it is.

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Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me  恶魔少爷别吻我 S2 Ep.1
Chu Xia x Qi Lu 初七夫妇 ~ Confession Again

“Let’s be lovers”

pls take a moment to consider them with withdrawal symptoms every time they get paired with different people for classwork and yams rushing to find kei after dealing with less intelligent people than him for 45 painful minutes

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Hey ann is there a guy you like ? I think yusuke and akira have their eyes on you !

she’s beauty she’s grace she’ll kick you in the face

I took this today before I realized I still had my work name tag on but now y'all get to peep the sick lizard sticker I put on it 😎👌🏻

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When do you think Bakugou fully realizes that he somehow acquired a group of trolls who love to mess with him as friends? Lol gdi I love the Bakusquad so much

You know this is actually a pretty interesting question! Cause when you really think about it Bakugou is… a social animal? Well, maybe not exactly, but something really close. It’s true that he doesn’t like to party or go out in groups, and it’s also true that he values his time alone - every time he’s had the chance to opt out of a whole-class group activity he did just that, after all, so you can’t say he enjoys huge groups for the sake of being with people, and cooperation just isn’t between his skills either

But his personality calls for people to show off for. He thrives on attention, yeah? Feels best when he knows there’s people looking up to him or admirig him, and even if he grumbles and swears a lot he likes to explain things to others too. When you really really think about it, Bakugou has never been a loner sort of kid - as a child he had a huge group of kids he played with, in middle school he had two good friends that followed him around too, so the way I see it Bakugou didn’t enter high school thinking he didn’t want to associate with people? He probably expected the class to gather around him just like his peers had always done before that, cause he’s the best after all. 

Of course that didn’t happen, but that doesn’t change that Bakugou isn’t made to be alone - he’s never had to actually look for friends before, but when people gathered around him he’s always let them be since that actually probably made him feel good and, well, the squad kids did gather around him in the end, it was probably a conscious decision on Bakugou’s part the one to not push them away cause that was how he had always formed his own groups of friends before that: people reached out to him and he let them be

The main difference from his friends before UA and the squad is that, while kids used to reach out to him because they admired him/felt stronger standing next to him/maybe needed something out of him, the squad gathered around him cause they genuinely enjoy spending time with him as equals. Actually, more than gathering around him the squad pulled him in an already existing group - he’s not the center, just a part of it

Bakugou isn’t stupid so he probably realized the difference from the beginning, after all every squad member’s first interaction with Bakugou was of them calling him out/making fun of him… well, I think Bakugou knew what he was getting into from the start, but since he likes the attention he let it happen anyway. Can’t be the center of attention if no one’s looking, right? And the squad kids are strong and reliable too, so he probably didn’t mind them since the beginning… he sure started his relationship with Kirishima on equal ground, and you see him in the background with Kaminari and Sero since very early in the manga

Anyway I think he knew what was happening since the start and he consciously let it happen, so there probably wasn’t a specific moment in which he realized he had a group of people he tended to gravitate to/that tended to gravitate towards him, he maybe just slowly realized, as his friendship with the others became steadier, that the dynamics of the squad were different from the ones of the groups he’d been the center of up until that moment. And while the being treated just as any other friend might have come as a surprise to him at first, I think he noticed and accepted it since the beginning 

(actually, my favorite thing is how the first interaction he has with Kaminari is Kami making fun of his personality and Bakugou threatening to kill him, and then the next time you see them together they’re just chilling next to each other? And even after that their relationship is still mostly them talking shit about one another, but they still spend a lot of time together?? Like, as far as we know that first interaction was when they decided they were gonna be friends, as if they looked at each other and thought “ah yes, this asshole, exactly the type of person I want as a close friend” and that’s kind of really hilarious to me lmao evidently Bakugou likes that type of relationships, which explains why he yells but doesn’t really mind Sero and Kirishima making fun of him either)

…this is sort of really long. Ahhhhh, I did say this was an interesting question, after all haha

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Do you actually like Yoongi or is it just a phase?

hate to break it to u, but most things you go through in life are phases, but that being said, this question is just so ?? ambiguous? unnecessary? people change biases all the time - is that something you have to hold against everyone just because their feelings change? I don’t know if you meant it in a rude way but it kinda hurts. even if I somehow decide to stop listening to kpop or bts a month from now or two months from now or stop stanning them or whatever, I’ll always like them for who they are. all of them, including jungkook, including yoongi - who has always been a bias wrecker of mine (as if that’ll prove anything to anyone who doubts me???? but to me it means a lot because he’s ALWAYS been there, from day one, constantly making me feel something). 

of course I like yoongi and I am pretty content biasing him and jungkook at this current moment. I can’t believe I feel the need to justify myself rn but I like yoongi. I like yoongi because he’s talented, driven, passionate. I like yoongi because he’s attractive, I like yoongi because, out of all the members, I feel like I relate to him the most. I like yoongi because I admire him as a person, including his work ethic. I like yoongi because, even tho I’ve only been stanning bts for (almost) two years now, I’ve still been able to see him grow as a person from this reserved brooding type to coming out of his shell and being more comfortable with who he is. 

I like yoongi because, despite people at first thinking he’s this grumpy old man, he’s actually a precious sweetie at heart who cares so so much for his fans that, at points when he feels like he’s let us down, it physically pains him and yet despite hiding from this, he tells us this and other things that have been on his mind or have affected him either through posts or his lyrics. so, whether this is a phase or not, whether I somehow decide to drop yoonkook, what does it matter to you or anyone if I still like them for who they are? what does it matter to anyone if a person changes their bias? in case anyone else needs extra clarification: yes hi I bias yoongi AND jungkook and I love them and I’m happy doing so