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Idubbbz and Tana Mongeau - when you pick the wrong guy to fuck with

Oh boy, this drama is gunna be messy.

This is probably going to be less of a rant and more of a warning annnnd slightly educational.. lol

actually im just really angsty today, seen all this slander about one of the best youtubers to exist, so i gotta vent here we go

What happens when your channel is run-of-the-mill clickbait-y shit, can’t take a joke/dont know what satire is, and you call out the most savage person to ever internet whose entire platform is based on decimating YouTube careers without refute?

Dear god Tana, do you know what you’ve gotten yourself into? I would say she’s oblivious, but I don’t think that’s the case. Her first tweet to idubbbz before all this happened was back in December (I believe? Too lazy to find it rn) where she called him out on his use of “the N word” and “retard”. What I find ironic is that directly after that she told him to kill himself 😂(butthatsnunofmybusiness). Irony is a beautiful thing.

ANYWHO, to anyone who finds these offensive and racist and isn’t familiar with idubbbz, sit the fuck down a moment. (If ur offended and traumatized by “the n word” and other shit like that u may want to shield your eyes in the next part to avoid being traumatized. Wouldn’t want to end up like Tana, would we?) *ahem* now listen up buttercup

1. The term “n***er faggot” and “gay retard” pertain to people who have said it to idubbbz in the past in hate videos. He is parodying those people who tried to demean him by saying those things. it is a long running joke on his channel.

2. His channel content consists of this amazing concept called s a t i r e. If you don’t know what that means, look it up, remember it, don’t forget it, because that term will allow you to thrive on the internets and most likely survive in the real world. With its power you can have fun, and experience freedom in elevated proportions. Any slur he uses is never used in seriousness - like I said, it is a long running parody on his channel. He is not intentionally being racist or offensive or whatever other label you can pull out your ass.

3. Learn to laugh ffs? This dude legit has vids of eating shit out of sewers and dumpsters. Why. Why would you take anything he says seriously

Now to the rant part yey

The thing that pisses me off the most is the blatant. fucking. lie Tana told. She described in her video that Ian had put her in a “choke hold” of some sort, which i’d expect to be around the fucking neck right? And apparently, he was also talking really loudly goading her to say “the n word”

now here’s the reality:

(here’s the OG vid)

wow he’s just choking the life out of her makE IT STOP WHAT A TRAUMATIZING EXPERIENCE

Things i do see: A genius joke

Things i dont see: a choke hold, loud voice, or goading of any kind

For those still confused as to what the joke is, is goes back to her december tweet. he must have found it funny. her tweet is so ironic and priceless how could he not? its the most atypical idiotic white girl tweet from a youtuber, so he decided to show up at her expensive-ass meet and greet to continue the joke (which im hoping was intended for a future content cop in the first place). He’s standing there as if taking a picture with her, and here is the best part. Instead of “say cheese,” he says “say n***er”.



some people just arent worthy. the world doesnt deserve you, idubbbz. im sorry.

another thing; she said in her younow mental breakdown that it was idubbbz himself who sent his followers to bully her. bitch where? he didnt say a damn thing (yet). She’s kinda done this to herself entirely, and is now wondering why. First off she started this shit on twitter, then lied, then attacked him on twitter for something he didnt even do?? what. the fuck? he did absolutely nothing but try to make a joke. you know what in some ways i feel bad for her not only because she’s unwittingly screwed with the most immortal community on youtube right now, but because she cant see the problem is her and it’s only going to get worse if she keeps it up jfc. I dont necessarily think she’s the worst person on yt either (though i havent watched many of her vids). If she didn’t blow things out of proportion she might’ve been able to salvage what she had left of her yt career. I guess sometimes mediocre content isnt enough. Often times I hope idubbbz just let’s it go for her sake but…idk, he hasn’t done anything yet and who the hell knows. Honestly I don’t like people being sent hate. But when ur ignorant its gonna fucking happen. Especailly when you think you’re morally superior to someone when you are in no place. ESPECIALLY when you dont know the facts. Choose your battles wisely.

anyway I’m not even entirely pissed at the situation, but ooo the god awful fans of hers. They’re taking e v e r y thing in idubbbz videos out of context and making them ‘offensive’ to push their anti-dubbbz agenda. Like, did yall actually watch the videos?? satire ????? ironic humour ???? do any of you know what this is???? do you even fuckin meme bro ?? ? ? ? why would i expect any less from the fans of this type of melodramatic girl who makes shitty content??? and just slander and misinfo in general dear fucking god when will the sjw trend die

well i only have one last thing to say about this: Tana, say goodbye to your youtube career. you wanted to milk this, you couldnt just solve this in peace. instead of owning up to your mistakes you’re going to play the victim, like every other youtuber that gets destroyed. The rest of the sane internet can smell that content cop from here.

TL;DR: do not fuck with the god of youtube comedy. it will not end as planned. Just go with the joke next time, aight?

nuff said.

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Hi Ronnie! Might I ask your opinions on Jason Todd, and how he fits into the Ronnie!verse? I also hear the Red Hood went a stint in Arkham (at some point in the confusing ball of yarn that is canon), how would the other inmates (coughcoughJOKERcough) feel about this? Thanks! :3

Hi! Omg I love this kind of question ///’) More after the cut since this got a tad bit long ;’)

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do you recommend any other intersectional feminist blogs?

this has been sitting in my inbox for a little while because i have so many and i’m about to go through my Following list and find them lol. i’m always looking for more so if anyone has other recommendations please tell me!

first, this is a list on the pro-choice blog i co-mod that has a bunch of feminist blogs, all of which are intersectional. (there’ll probably be repeats as i do happen to follow most people on the list.)

second, if anyone on this list wants to be removed or not @ ed, contact me and i’ll change it asap. 

in no particular order (other than mutuals at the top lol):

@ughmisogyny - is really nice and awesome and intersectional and yea

@yesletstalkaboutit - idk what to say they’re a rly cool sj blogger though

@guiltybonesx - almost too cool for this list. and an sj blogger

@survivor-surviving​ - not 100% sj/feminist posts but she’s a feminist and cool person

@sweetp101 - ack idk how to describe a lot of these ok well they’re a feminist and intersectional abt it

@hellofeministbadass - cool person who happens to be an intersectional feminist, hence being on this list

@i-was-a-naive-prolifer - getting Choice Language confused me about their url lol. they’re a pro choice intersectional feminist

@rainfelt - is rly nice along with being an amazing intersectional feminist yay

@mahixk​ is close to their next hundred followers! so go get them there!

@antisemisogyny - as the url suggests, focuses on the intersection of anti-semitism and misogyny

@youmightbeamisogynist - general awesome intersectional feminist blog

@adultprivilege - though this does focus on ageism and not misogyny, i thought it could be considered relevant, and it’s a topic i don’t talk about enough here

@chescaleigh - she’s a feminist youtuber, her feminism is rly intersectional and great and i look up to her a ton tbh

@moriah-explains-it-all - rly pro choice, rly intersectional feminist

@letsplaysocialjustice - sj discussions centered around lets players

@solitarelee - idek most of you probably know who they are

@fandomsandfeminism - url explains it

@hollowedskin - sj + spoonie stuff

@wtfantisjws - i think you get the theme by now. sj blog. 

@acephobia-is-real - because did you really think i wouldn’t include an amazing acephobia-focused blog? (they talk about arophobia a lot too)

@thedorkyfeminist - i’m assuming all of you know who they are?

@allopropaganda - because did you think i’d only include one ace blog?

@prochoicedoula - focuses on reproductive rights, also talks about intersectional feminism in general

@apersnicketylemon - idk this many ways to express that someone’s an intersectional feminist heeeeelp

 @feministwomenofcolor - see above lol

@racistbeautybloggers - (self-evidently) about racism in the beauty industry

@kittenfossils - is amazing? what am i supposed to say

@geekandmisandry - is probably known by all of you but just in case

@intersectionalfeminism101 - hmmm, i wonder why they’re on this list…lol but really their blog explains intersectionality theory sooooo well and it’s the first one i go to when i’m unsure about it. 

@protego-et-servio - mostly pro choice stuff, also other feminist stuff

@the-glitter-clit is a cool feminist & lgbt+ blog

@justwhitefeminismthings - is about white feminism’s awfulness and about why intersectionality in feminism is so important

@ashleymardell - posts more feminist stuff on their youtube channel but is an amazing and adorable human being who i had to include on this list

@marinashutup - also a youtuber and blogs feminist-y things

when i started this list i didn’t realize i’m following over 700 blogs but tbh i think this list is plenty long enough and i’m not going to go through the last 200😁 again, any more recommendations are welcome (through messages, IMs, or reblogs)!

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Do you think you could explain all the drama and controversy behind the miss officer and mr truffles show thing. Are they asking for too much money on their kickstarter or is this just about one of the animators saying something rude? I'm really confused and i was kinda excited over this becoming a real show but now I don't know what's going on.

here’s the post claiming animators are still not paid for the work they did on the kickstarter video

here are my thoughts about the budget proposal 

here’s why i didnt like this crap in the first place months ago

here’s a response to one of the recent posts on the MOAMT blog

someone mentioned the creator (Ami) makes gross posts on twitter and yep sure does

for the stuff that happened months ago i never thought to screencap their responses and when i went back to look up receipts for my post all the shitty stuff they said got deleted or edited, and i dunno if anyone screencapped the original responses that pissed everyone off.

a run down of the “drama” (which tbh i dont think its drama, i think their non-apologies and anti-“sjw” bitterness makes it drama. people were pretty civil and polite until Ami started getting pissed off bc ppl were offended):

  • they had an url with a slur in it (f*ggot) which is not a slur for them to reclaim. 
  • when the original post with the meme art got popular, people started to get offended at their url. they got so many asks about it they threw a fit and changed their url, explicitly stating it was frustrating and just to get people off their back. 
  • yeah, they changed the url but continued to mock the people who were offended and asked them to change it. i looked up the posts where they did this and they were all deleted or the response had been changed from mocking to playing the victim.
  • they received an ask with a transmisogynist slur in it (t word but not  the usual t word, the other one) and answered the ask jokingly. they edited their response in this receipt too.
  • their online shop name is the same name their url used to be with a slur in it. apparently its too much trouble to move their shop over under a different name.
  • they posted an “apology” (its in one of the links) which is NOT an apology it’s a “im sorry youre offended i guess, will you piss off now since i said sorry” type of thing. 
  • basically theyve had a super shitty attitude about all this and theyre always mocking people who are offended. (see the link about their twitter and them making fun of “f*ggot” being offensive.)

people thought the bear had been put down but apparently not, i dunno how valid that is. also the RCMP, “Ms Officer” in the original post with the bear, has a long history of abusing power and racially charged oppression, especially of First Nation peoples. a lot of people dont want to support this project on that fact alone, since its glorifying a police force who has terrorized native communities and has been investigated for racist motivations multiple times. 

without the screencapped receipts of the artists original fuck ups and attitude, a lot of what i say cant really be backed up through evidence. idk if anyone else capped them, i figure if they did i’d see it eventually.

also with the reports of animators being bullied around and going unpaid is on word alone, the person who posted about it says they cant disclose who the animators are. so the evidence there is thin. however, my gut tells me theres truth to it, and the fact MOAMT hasnt addressed the accusations seems fishy. (and even when they do address stuff, it usually seems really hostile and desperate, which seems too reactive for someone so innocent. but thats my gut feeling and idk i dont blame anybody for disregarding these things.)

but still, its your money. if you still wanna support it, go ahead. i just dont think its wise and tbh i dont think this person deserves that kind of support just because they drew a cute bear and had a popular post based on an already popular post. at least not from me, theyve shown themselves to be very unprofessional, bitter, condescending and just straight up rude. people try to defend the slurs and non-apology saying English isn’t their first language, but that seems like a poor excuse. their handle of the language and slang is pretty good, i couldnt even tell. and even if its true, they didnt understand those slurs, they certainly dont really give a shit about it. their apology is about as far away from an apology you can get without explicitly telling someone to fuck off, and to top it off theyre now mocking the slur on twitter that they apparently got educated about months ago.

they dont give a fuck. they fucked up and rolled their eyes about it while saying the words “sorry”, deleted all the shitty stuff they said, and then now they have this exorbitant budget for a 7 minute pitch episode based on a tumblr meme. theyve shown themselves to be extremely unprofessional, and if nothing else, i dont trust them with all that money. if people want to support it, sure. fine, its your money? do what you want, and if you dont care abt all the shady/bad attitude stuff and just want the show to be made, welp. do what you do.