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reedrgale  asked:

Alright, tell me about Cove!

01. Full name: Secret Cove Aquino (…hence why she goes by “Cove”)
02. Best friend: Ha, who needs friends! Would probably never admit that it’s either Jax or Tlaloc, because what is genuine affection
03. Sexuality: … technophile…? Or pansexual. I don’t think she has a preference.
04. Favorite color: Green! and blue
05. Relationship status: Single pringle (and bitter)
06. Ideal mate: Someone who understands what the hell she’s saying about analytics. Allows snark. It’d be cool if they were buff as heck, too.
07. Turn-ons: KNowing your shit when it comes to computers and gaming, but not being an ass about it (and maybe a little praise her direction.)
08. Favorite food: Doritos …no, its probably actually doritos
09. Crushes: Had a crush weird stalker crush on Deniz, probably plenty more on other people
10. Favorite music: Electronic and house
11. Biggest fear: Having to make a life changing decision without the right information or time
12. Biggest fantasy: Having actual statistics on turf wars to manipulate with analysis CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW COOL THAT’D BE
13. Bad habits: Playing MMOs until salty, snoopy through people’s stuff, climbing through windows instead of using the door
14. Biggest regret: Not spending more time with her dad
15. Best kept secrets: Does a lot more ‘people watching’ and sneaking around then she cares to admit 
16. Last thought: “No one on this team KNOWS WHAT THEY’RE DOING!!! ….Except me! …Probably.”
17. Worst romantic experience: Not really her own, but being a constant 3rd wheel is the worst
18. Biggest insecurity: Never really feeling like she belongs anywhere
19. Weapon of choice: Her heavy splattling, Gatalina 
20. Role Model: Some … squid astronaut and maybe like… squid… Ada Lovelace… >m>;; Really cool STEM people, you feel?

Original ‘get to know your character’ meme here!

anonymous asked:

Hey Faiza, it's really none of my business and i don't know why i even wanna know but, alas, do you have a lot of muslim friends? Also, how do you deal with the hate muslims face everyday in today's society? Especially is western countries, and since you live in England. Hope this doesn't sound too nosy. You're amazing, love you 😘

Hi, Anon!!

I have a lot of Muslim and non Muslim friends! Some are Muslim POC, some are non Muslim POC, and some are non Muslim and white! But, we deal it with it together! All of us, together.

Alhamdulillah, the atmosphere has become less hostile, which is lovely! But when I’m by myself, I don’t let it phase me too much. I come home, tell my Ammi about it, and I feel better after talking it out with her!