about marcelo

We know each other a long time.

Interestingly the first time I saw him we had an argument, it was during a Brazil-Portugal match, and then he went to Real Madrid.

We have a very good relationship, not only on the pitch but also outside.

He listens a lot, we tell him to do things this way or  another and he listens. He knows practically everything, but he knows that if he listens he will improve.

He is a great professional, he helps his team very much and he is very happy when the others score goals or assist.

For me he is the best in the world.


- Marcelo

When they first met (clashed) in 2008 - and now 😊

AUGUST 20, 2017: King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain were accompained by Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the President of the Portuguese Republic to the Mass for the Peace and Concord at the Basílica de la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain. The President of the Portuguese Republic was present because two portuguese nationals were amongst the victims of the terrorist attacks that took place in Barcelona.

When you want to post a pic of your bae but you don’t want people to find out that this pic is about your bae


The boys celebrating Marcelo’s birthday.


Ruben and Marcelo from the Evil Within


fan art doodle 

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ugh….I just feel like drawing smart scientists talking about stuff today..


if Marcelo can be less of a jerk and more of a mentor to Ruben I really think they would get along well…

like he can help Ruben publishing papers…doing thesis…and they go to brain conference together…..or just do bad stuff together and go to villain cons….and then Ruben got his PhD in Horribleness and Marcelo is happy for him and they go to music concert together and they can be happy villains together and none of the bad stuff will happen.._(:з」∠)_

please ignore me ramblings _(:з」∠)_ I just have many feels _(:з」∠)_

madridistas keep reblogging that post without realising they are giving shit to marcelo and ronaldo. for all those who gave backlash to leo, what exactly are you saying about ronaldo and marcelo…