about long distance


and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

  • most people: I call my s/o everyday to tell them I love them
  • me: I called my girlfriend in a panicked state to tell her I had a dream that Nick Jonas stole my DS to play Majora's Mask
Why do I still love you. Why are you always on my mind. You hurt me so badly. I should hate you, but it’s completely the opposite. I will always love you. I can never stop loving you.
—  you’re the reason I can’t start anything new

Thalia realizing Jason barely remembers her 💔

I like to believe that you left because you couldn’t take it anymore and by ‘it’ I mean the distance between us.

From the beginning, we were just doomed to fail. Too much distance, lives that were just too different from each other.

Maybe we were never meant to be after all, or maybe just not back then. What I do know, is that you’ll never leave my mind.

And maybe, somewhere in the future,
we’ll meet again and make up for all the lost time, for everything we’ve missed while we were away from each other.

I like to believe.

—  L.N. | distance has torn us apart

The thing about long distance is it’s not always about not being able to physically touch them, or being able to show them off to all your friends. The thing that makes it difficult is those days you can’t talk to them. The days you are both so busy you barely speak. Or the bad days, where they don’t feel like speaking and you don’t know how to help. The days of pain and anxiety, not being able to tell them I’ll be over in 5 minutes with their favorite food and drink. Not being able to be there for them when they need it. Not always being able to call them just to hear their voice because they are at work or school. Most people take advantage of the fact that they can hear their partners voice and it’s not a big deal if they only say a goodnight text to each other. But in a long distance relationship. Not having that is what makes it difficult. Not being able to have them talk to you sleep every night because they have a 6 page report due. Not knowing the next time they will be able to visit. Not knowing if you are going to stay together like you want too. Not knowing is what kills me.