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whats ur opinion on the brendon stans vs dallons stans thing??? what do you think about beebos treatment of his other "band members" ??

idrc about the whole stans vs stans thing bc i mean, its what people do so i cant really change it no matter how i feel. Also don’t really care about the whole “treatment” thing? kinda unsure what that means, im gonna assume u mean the whole “hes the only remaining member of the band” thing and, like, i’d have a better opinion if we KNEW what happened? but like going off just what we’ve got and/or what we’re guessing, i’m not just assuming that brendon was cold and heartless or smth, they’re adults they obviously talked about it at some point, and they seem on good terms now so idk i think its all good? i havent seen anything else really on it in a while so idk

Oikawa Hair Swoop™ 

a few songs I wanted to put with this but couldn’t decide on the best fit. 

Just to be clear

You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
Y O U   C A N   B E   P O L Y A M O R O U S   A N D   S T I L L   C H E A T



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Send “UNF” to pin my muse against the wall with DESIRE

Nora let out an ‘oof’ as she felt herself pinned against the wall of the dormitory hallway. She looked up at the taller boy and let out a chuckle. “Hey, uh…you need something?” she asked, smiling.

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Hey, sorry I don't know if you've answered this before, but how exactly does the Miraculous work between Adrien and Felix? Did it used to belong to Felix and then Adrien got it? And also you perception of Felix is A++

i have talked about this before (assuming here you mean the twin au and not just the show in general, since felix and adrien have no relation to each other there), but i’m happy to rehash! i’ll put it in bullet points this time so it’s a bit easier to separate the information:

  • kwami (in this AU at least) choose their human charges based on their energy signature. they have the ability to sense the ideal candidate before they even see them; minimising their chances of going out and getting in danger with other humans while trying to find someone to bond with.

  • plagg fixates on the perfect energy signature, bonding his own energy to it right away before he even pops into the room to greet his new charge. that’s a bit of a risky move, but he already knows he’s found the perfect chat noir, so there’s no harm in jumping ahead a step–



  • now, he’s already bonded with both these kids (one of whom seems okay with this and the other who is really pissed about it) and he can’t just unbond - that isn’t the way it works; kwami stay bonded until they’re no longer needed to set the world back in balance - so the new problem is that he only has one ring. both kids need a ring, plagg needs some gateway to merge with them and create chat noir, so he has to figure something out.

  • with a huge feat of bad luck energy, he makes a second ring - a black one, decorated with a cat’s head (e.g. felix’s original ring). being freshly forged from raw dark energy it’s not nearly as subtle as the regular silver ring, but it’s definitely better than nothing. 

  • being able to reside inside the rings, plagg is able to use the magic link to essentially teleport to whichever twin is closest to an akuma attack and needs to transform (only one can power up at a time; they can’t both be chat noir since there’s just one kwami between them). it actually turns out to be way more efficient than past chat noirs; with so much time saved trying to get from point A to point B!

  • a little while into this teamup, plagg’s considering picking out twins more often! if he can get hold of tikki, he knows she’d love to hear how useful it is to have two charges canvasing the city instead of just one!

  • (tikki already has two charges. marinette’s sharing her earrings with her cousin.)

sometimes i think i could survive solely on deep meaningful conversations with people who are willing to sit and talk for hours about things they think about like their theories on stuff and how much they have changed as a person and how some people never really change at all and you just sit there reflecting on not only them but you as well

  So since a lot of people ask me about how I come up with character designs and go about making them - would anybody be interested if I recorded the process for my next RWBY villain design for a speedpaint video?

  (I’ve only got their name and basic concept in my head for far so it’d pretty much be the whole process from scratch, including getting references, line drawing and colouring) ?

vote for tyler as youtuber of the year in the 8th annual shorty awards

hey so i updated my about a little
at the v bottom with all the extra links youll see some new ones
i put some of my art on things and u can get em here
and im also tryin to do adopts again 
u can find those here


No Sympathy Part II [Part I]
Star Wars Rebels Magazine (UK) #14
Words: Martin Fisher
Art: Bob Molesworth

[ -places a new starter call carefully on the dash before stops self- ]

i’m on mobile and i can’t edit my actual page but here’s an Updated Blacklist. i’ll change the page when i can but w/e

  • moths/butterflies
  • spiders
  • all insects preferably especially closeups but particularly those three
  • irl gore
  • any kind of surgery pictures or gifs. especially gifs especially if something inside a person moves Fuck That
  • iron bull
  • sex/nsfw
  • anything that shows a persons genitals really
  • all ships but here’s some in particular cause i want people to hate me i suppose
  • dorian/iron bull
  • zer0/anyone
  • maya/anyone
  • rhys/jack
  • shakarian (i don’t hate the paring just. how it’s portrayed i suppose???)

you can tag everything as “ginny don’t look” if you want to but i have everything blacklisted individually where i can

obviously since i’m on mobile i can stomach seeing them but if you don’t tag i will unfollow you. i’m expecting to see at least some of the things i have blacklisted when i’m on mobile so it’s. bearable?? but i don’t want to be bracing myself when i have a frigging blacklist y'know

fanfic: Backlash

[deancas pining implied]

Dean reacts to the truth about Casfier

Spots swirl, sickening, before his eyes, following the circular path of water, and the rest, as it sucks down the bowl and away and Dean gasps for breath. Dizzy, he leans against the raised toilet seat as he waits for his vision to clear, less concerned about anything unsanitary staining his cheek as he is about the steady build of bile in the back of his throat and the tight, agonising twist in his gut.

He tries closing his eyes, thinking the black might help the sickness pass, but he couldn’t be more wrong. Instead of blissful oblivion his mind is full of Cas’ face. Or not Cas’ face. Just a face. A face that had never been Cas at all.

That had been his mistake all along, thinking that mess of black hair, pair of baby blues and five o’clock shadow had ever been anything Cas. All of that, no matter how reassuringly consistent, was nothing but skin and bone, just a fancy second-hand suit Cas had taken from that poor schmuck Jimmy Novak, a coat as easily discarded as that damn trench.

And just as easily shrugged on by another. Hands and eyes and mouth just as easily moved by another. Soft words fashioned between familiar lips. Fingers used to gently touch and caress.

Dean barely manages to tip his head down in time before a new flood heaves its way out of him, choking him, every recent – secretly treasured – memory seeing him cough more rank, viscous fluid up from inside him, as though his body is trying to purge itself of some deep rooted poison.

“Come now, don’t look so upset,” he hears again between convulsions, the voice so tender and so achingly, achingly familiar. “It wasn’t all bad now, was it? In fact –” The memory of how those chapped lips had quirked up, the gesture wide and foreign, makes Dean shiver. “– let’s face it, between me and my kid brother, I was the better Cas, wasn’t I?”

As he spits out the last of dregs of vomit, Dean clings to the side of the bowl with both hands, knuckles white, as he readies to suffer through the next wave of regurgitated memory.

“Don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy our time together,” the voice continues, those blue eyes dancing before Dean’s own. “I could see it in you. You were lapping up all that nonsense I was spewing, all those heart to hearts about our feelings, all those promises to stand by you, that we were in this together, oh your little face!”

The laughter was the scariest part – so raucous and loud, with hands that weren’t Cas’ slapping thighs that weren’t Cas’ either in vicious delight. That was when the truth really hit home – that one heart-stopping moment when he hadn’t looked like Cas at all.

“Honestly, I didn’t think I’d be able to keep it up this long, but you made it so easy…”

From his position on the chipped bathroom tiles Dean flinches at the memory of fingers stroking down his paralysed jaw. Presses his eyes shut against the way his heart had fluttered with longing at the touch, even then.

“You just…” The ghost of warm breath hisses up his neck and into his ear. “You wanted it too much.”

A sudden tapping on the bathroom door jolts Dean back to the present.

“Dean? Dean are you… are you okay?”

Sam is quiet, trying to voice his concern without being invasive.

Hearing him makes Dean’s stomach lurch once more, but this time with a well-known guilt he swallows back with ease. Because god, Sam – he’d just left him out there in the wake of Lucifer’s departure, rushed away to wallow in his own grief without a thought when he wasn’t even the one who’d been tortured by the guy for so many years. How awful must it be for Sam to know that his tormentor is roaming free in the world again, and yet here he is offering Dean comfort.

Though it feels like pushing through molasses, Dean reaches up and pulls the chain.

“I’m, uh –” he croaks over the resulting splash and roar of suction. “I –” The words he wants get stuck in his throat. “Hold on, I’ll – I’ll be out in a minute…”

Except his legs refuse to lift him, moving only enough to let him sit back against the peeling navy wallpaper between the toilet and the sink. He hooks an arm about one of the exposed pipes under the basin, but the effort needed to pull himself up seems gargantuan and the attempt leaves him panting.

He doesn’t even hear the door when it opens, despite the god-awful creak it makes that he’d been complaining about since they got here, back in that lifetime when this was just a normal case. It’s only the click of the toilet lid that alerts him to Sam’s presence.

“Hey,” Sam says, dropping down on the closed lid and hunching over. “How you doing?”

Dean sucks in a ragged breath.

“Been better. You?”

Sam lets his hands fall loose between his knees and looks down at them, staring beyond to god knows where. Though Dean can guess, and figures god has no part of it.

“I’m okay,” Sam nods, though his voice is tight.

He takes a couple of deep breaths through his nose before turning to Dean, thin-lipped and steely eyed, and it tears Dean up inside to watch him, to see Sam being strong for him.

“You couldn’t have known, Dean,” Sam tells him. “He… he’s the Devil, he’s smart, you can’t blame yourself for –”

“No,” Dean cuts him off, shaking his head. “No. I…” His heart starts up a hard, erratic beat as he works up to his confession. “I did know… I did… There were – There were so many things. Small stuff, stupid stuff, that was just… wrong. But I didn’t – I shrugged it off, told myself it was just Cas working through things or trying something new or whatever, because… because I wanted to believe that he…”

Dean turns away, pressing his forehead against the pipe under the sink.

“I’m such an idiot…”

As the resulting silence continues on, Dean fixates on the leaky faucet above him, on the slow, inexorable drip, drip, drip, drip.

“You know. Cas, the real Cas,” Sam breathes into the quiet, disrupting the rhythm. “The way he feels about you, it… I mean, I can tell he –”

“Don’t,” Dean begs, voice cracking for just a moment. “Just don’t…”

Given a few more hours, and a few stiff drinks, Dean thinks he’ll be able to pull it together. But more false hope? That might just break him.

Sam falls silent again.

Then, after a moment, Dean feels his brother press a hand against his shoulder and hold there.

And, just for that moment, Dean lets him.