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ok I’m going to bed ! I have to get back on track with my work tomorrow since last week was very stressful so any messages like about stuff you’re happy about or good things would be v nice. Thank u see u guys later I love you

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Possible Headcannon : Hanzo is shy at first about his relationship with Jesse? Like he likes to keep things private n stuff while McCree goes around with this big stupid smile ready to tell anyone who asks why he is so happy ??? McCree just being a big puppy whenever he's around Hanzo? Hanzo blushing whenever McCree is really cheesy ?? (Or PDA?) These guys are going to be the end of me

(First of all I am sorry it took me that long to answer you, I have so many things to say and I wanted to kind of organise them in a civil manner, but still failed at the attempt so here we go)

The thing is - the things you said and how you described their relationship is quite similar to the way I see them interact. I mean, Hanzo being shy and slightly embarrassed because of PDA? Yes, please. I also think it’s partly cultural, I am not sure about future Japan in the OW universe, but historically in Japanese culture public display of affection (such as hugs, kissing) is not very decent. So this might also add to the mix.
I don’t think McCree would also be too eager to announce about their relationship, but he will not keep it a secret and answer anybody who asks. (Through it does not stop him from being touchy in public ;)
If you want you can message me and we can discuss more eheheh) (I have quite a lot to mention, but I can’t really find the right approach to express it here in any coherent way, lol)

@ the world: if we’re gonna praise male feminists unnecessarily for being Decent Human Beings™ can we at least choose terry crews instead of matt mcgorry?? 

in case you’re wondering what the difference is between them, matt has increasingly been speaking over women and prioritizing his voice while terry specifically says he cannot speak for women and uses his platform to speak to other men about how they need to step up and be accountable and aware

aka the difference between being a Male Feminist™ and expecting praise for it and just…being a man who happens to be a feminist

Someone sent me a prompt involving Marianne having to explain to Bog about her period. And I was just … nah, he totally knows about that sort of stuff and is cool with it.

Bog: Have you met the woman who raised me? Do you think she would waste any effort on shielding my delicate male sensibilities? Because, no, no she would not.

*stares off into the distance like a man who knows too much for comfort*

I need more Supernatural blogs to follow!

I need more Supernatural on my dash because I’m super obsessed with this show but I only follow like a handful of SPN blogs. I only have the following stipulations, so pretty much everything is fair game:

  • Destiel shippers preferable, but not required
  • You don’t have to be pro anybody, but if you’re blatantly anti Misha, Jared, Jensen, and/or any of their respective characters, I already don’t like you

So if y’all could like/reblog this for me so I can check out your blog, that would definitely help. :)

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not a pairing exactly, but for the meme thing can you do 28 between Porrim and Kanaya?

28.Teaching the other something new

THIS GOT AWAY FROM ME i hope u like it

“Really?” you ask.

You yourself are anxious and rambling at the prospect of coming up short in the eyes of your dancestor, but Porrim is either strikingly calm or strikingly good at masking her anxiety.

“Really.” Porrim confirms. “I’d be happy to show you; I took perigrees to work it out myself.”

“Oh,” you say, because you’re still somehow startled by the offer, and because Meenah had made Porrim’s mastery of her status as a rainbow drinker seem a lot more immediate. “Well. If’s not an intrusion, then, er, yes, I’d appreciate that. If you don’t mind.”

You stop talking before you can shove your shoe further into your mouth. It’s really much too early to be making a fool of yourself, but apparently you’re a go-getter, because that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Porrim smiles. “I’d be happy to.”

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I usually try to keep fandom off this blog because otherwise, it would take it over; so much of my interests are in f/f media.

I’m making an exception because honestly Revolutionary Girl Utena is a beautiful sapphic masterpiece that I want to share with the world… so consider this a media rec.

It’s an anime from the ‘90s aimed primarily at teenage girls..

It’s a beautiful surrealist exploration of the idea of liberation/revolution from the institutions of society and what’s considered to be the human condition… and it focuses on Japanese gay and bpq teenagers and teenage girls in particular… people who are oppressed and restricted by society in unique, very concrete and literal ways, and yet are so often excluded and erased from narratives surrounding these experiences.

It does end well. The ending is somewhat ambiguous, but in a really well-written way. It’s hopeful. The movie adaptation just reinforces that.

It’s very much packed with symbolism that can’t be fully understood in one watch but doesn’t have to be. When I finished it for the first time, I didn’t understand the message of this show in my mind, but I could tell it really resonated deeply and moved me emotionally. I’ve found it absolutely a joy to analyze and puzzle out, but that’s not necessary to appreciate it.

For U.S. viewers, it’s available legally to watch for free with English subtitles here, on the company’s YouTube channel.

I’m also going to link to a pretty comprehensive triggers guide here, because it does deal with some really heavy stuff. Also, this page explains what the show is about much better than I can.


Hi all! Just letting you know that the Ice Crew AU is NOW FINISHED!

Because of editing, most of the new stuff (about 8k) is actually in PART 3 (with a better ending at the very end, now in part 4), here is a snippet of the new stuff:

The thing about having routines and liking them, at least for Jack, is that he’s always been able to tell when something is off.

Before he met the ice crew, he had a strict schedule and he knew that if he could just make sure to follow it, to mentally check off everything on that list, he would be fine. And he had contingencies. If he craved ice cream and ate it, he knew to do 15 extra minutes of running the next day and some crunches to make up for it. If he felt he was hungry all the time, he went to his nutritionist. If he woke up before his alarm more than 3 times a week, it meant his anxiety might be acting up again and he had to identify what was making him anxious and fix it or maybe call his therapist and switch his meds around.

The ice crew had started to chip away at his strict schedules and now that he’s living with them, they’ve almost wiped them out completely. At least the little ones. He keeps his mornings the same and game days the same but in the evenings there is no way to know whether everyone is going to want to play Halo or whether Shitty will be wearing clothes or whether Ransom and Bitty will decide that tonight is the night for an SQUAT CHALLENGE and Bitty will have to ignore him in favor of doing a million different kinds of squats (and then both will be sore for days afterwards even though Jack told them to not go so hard). There’s no way to predict when exactly Shitty will tackle him or when Holster will decide to join in and sing at the top of his lungs with Bitty or when Lardo will repaint that one wall in the living room again just because she feels like it.

Somedays the Haus will be almost silent and sometimes it will be the loudest place on earth and sometimes everyone will listen to him when he says they should probably quiet down for the sake of the neighbors and sometimes they will just turn the volume louder.

So his schedule is out the window but Jack is still fundamentally a person who likes to know what is happening so he finds himself quietly categorizing how his roommates act when they feel a certain way and what he can do to help them and it’s not something he does consciously (because when he does actually think about it, it makes him feel like all those times he’s been called a robot are true) but he gets good at it.

At reading his roommates even though almost everyone else in the world is a mystery to him. He works them into his routines just like he did before.



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why do you think chris and jenny are a stunt? didn't you say a few days ago you wanted chris to have a wife and babies and you wanted him and nina to date? it looks like he found someone, just not nina. i guess i'm confused coz idk why he'd do a pr stunt? plus why would that lady divorce her husband over a pr stunt? it seems really serious, if anything. divorcing over another person is no joke. also jenny really doesn't seem like the type to do pr stunts. she seems very genuine. jmo tho.

Hey anon,

Jenny and Chris just weren’t making sense to me the way US Weekly was talking about them. Lots of ppl do stunts for promo, it’s normal everyday Hollywood business. It just felt weird, and I don’t usually believe everything the media tries to shove down everyone’s throats, and decided to look into it. Several articles about Jenny and Chris popped up in quick succession, esp from many sources that I have my own reasons to not trust at all, because they’ll follow whatever narrative they’re told to follow, with the same story of them meeting on set for their movie and their double date with Chris’s bro. Logically, nothing added up. 

1) Chris is always linked to women he works with or is seen with anywhere (a few weeks prior they randomly linked him to JLaw lol they’ve never even met). There’s also been lots of stucky and evanstan talk, can’t have Cap associate with anything gay right, so attaching him to ladies is always their solution. 

2) Gifted needs promo, splashy headlines of the two main leads dating generates interest in the movie, it’s a good and normal promo tactic. It actually also helps Civil War as well, since it keeps Chris in the headlines. A few of my friends that don’t even pay attention to Chris texted me when the news dropped and I was like well there you go, it’s working.

3) Jenny just divorced her husband of 4 years, only to jump into a relationship with Chris? I don’t know about you, but that sounds odd to me. I don’t know her at all, but I doubt she’d publicize her personal stuff so easily. No reps have commented or affirmed that she divorced her husband for Chris. Also, Chris is such a private guy, if he were honestly dating someone, I feel like we would never find out about it until one day he showed up with a baby in his arms in Boston. 

4) For more factual evidence, I tried to find out when the Rolling Stones article was published, since that was where Chris stated he was still single. Since the article starts off with talking about getting ready for the CW premiere, it can’t have been more than two or three weeks ago. Since Gifted was shooting in late 2015, Jenny and Chris should have started dating during that time, right? But cut to spring 2016, and Chris says he’s single…okay. 

5) If they are actually dating and I’m all wrong (and probably suffering from 1d ptsd) then Congrats to them! I hope they have some cute babies one day. But atm, this fakelationship means nothing to me lol

If you’re going to get into Lovey Banh’s books sincerely in any capacity be like. mindful about reposting the sexual stuff as a shock thing. like i know out of context the “no husband no dick to suck” whatever seems funny but she talks like. extensively in her work, in many books i read but didn’t reference in the post, about the amount of sexual trauma she had experienced in her life and work as a masseuse. don’t make that a punchline. 

Finn Amell is disgruntled on the journey to the tower and grows increasingly angry the closer they get. By the time they arrive, he’s livid and in no mood for shit. If looks alone could kill, Greagoir would be dead, and he’s tempted to actually commit murder when the Templar talks about annulling the Circle. Alistair makes things worse by a mile, however unintentional.

Because as much as he hates the Circle, he grew up there. As much as he hates the Circle, he loves his fellow mages. As much as he hates the Circle, he has to do what no one else will. He wants the Circle to fall but not like this.

I really want to know what the actual context for the pepperony “break” is like I want to know who initiated it

Because for one I can definitely see pepper saying “I really love you but a lot has happened and it affects me too and I need to take a step back so maybe we should take a break”

But I can also see Tony saying “I really love you but a lot has happened and I don’t want to hurt you any more than I already have so maybe we should take a break”

I really feel like it was a mutual decision no matter how hard it is for both of them but I just want to know THE DETAILS

About “We Happy Few”...

…You know, after any episode, I really try to focus on the positive stuff or, at least, I try to point over the stuff that was well written/had a very interesting purpose to be aired. And I’ve gotta say… I’ve got pretty few things this time. I don’t want to rant over a SPN episode, but man, they’re really working very hard to make us regret watching this last episodes. 

1) I understand we needed to get rid of Amara, but c’mon, really none at least brought Cas to the conversation? We only got the “pet” thingy, the “Cas in heaven” with his suicidal stuff that I clearly DON’T love (it seems like character abuse at this point) and the last “CAS!” Dean gave (tbh this was one of the few things I liked about the whole dramamara stuff. 

2) I usually love the comedy spotlights over episodes, but idk why it felt kinda forced: The God-Lucy reencounter. It got me, yes, and it was good for them to talk and forgive each other, but then again: Cas, Sam (everything Lucifer did to Sam, and now they’re all just… ok with it?), Dean (look, BEYOND my destiel feels, he fought EVERY EPISODE to have Castiel back and… They gave us NOTHING about what he felt towards the situation, it’s canon that Dean didn’t sleep because of it and now… Nothing?) 

3) The fight:… Could it be more dramatic? Ok, I liked it, I’m not gonna lie (Crowley tho, good punches man, lol), but ARE YOU TELLING ME ALL THAT FIGHT WAS IN VANE? I mean, all that damage and Amara was like: Ok not so great bro, I loved you bro, now u wanna cage me again? Lol not, bye, u die boi.

4) GOD - AMARA ENCOUNTER: Ok, now. This was good. I liked it, the drama and the words and the feelings. And THANKS GOD (well, in this case Amara) WE DIDN’T HAVE TO GO ALL OVER ONE OF THE WINCHESTERS WITH THE MARK OF CAIN. But, are you for real? Amara was nearly 0% and she defeated GOD? …. K.

5) WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS DEAN/AMARA STUFF? I THOUGHT WE ALL AGREED (even the writers) THAT THE PAIRING WAS… JUST WRONG AND STUPID???? AM I WRONG AT THIS???? WHY FORCING IT EVEN MORE??? LIEK, I GET IT (for the sake of plot), BUT C’MON. This was so wrong. No Cas but yes Dean/Amara? U kidd’me.

6)… I just don’t get it. All the stuff they’ve been giving us since even last season is now a total mess. What about the “profound bond”? What about Dean NEEDING Cas? What about LUCIFER? (WHAT, IS HE DEAD NOW?) What about Dean’s feelings? Settling down with a hunter? I’m so confused. 


Do you ever get super motivated in the middle of the night to make something of your life? Because that’s me right now

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Soon hear me out.... why do I feel like Jin isn't valued by the members as he should be sure they compliment him on his good looks but besides that he's not particularly close to anyone of them and they walk over him alot

Hi anon!  I’m not sure if I’m going to be much help to you here, because I honestly don’t feel like things are like this in BTS for Jin.  I think the boys are all super fucking close, and I think they all care about each other - and Jin -  a whole fucking lot.   

I mean, honestly, all I can think of are times where - like - tae and RM are fighting over who gets to hug jin, or Yoongi is sticking up for his dancing, or jimin and kookie are filming him do silly dances while they play around in a water park, or film him doing an Eat Jin, or do an Eat Jin with him, or go to the grocery store together, or - I don’t know anon.  I can just think of so many of these instances where Jin is a HUGE and beloved part of the group - and not a single one where Jin was treated like trash by the other guys, or seemed like he wasn’t comfortable with them. 

I’m 100% not here to tell you how you should feel about this, anon, not one bit. But in my opinion, Jin is a 100% recognized and appreciated part of BTS, and  I think Jin cares about the group and everybody in it an extreme amount.  I also think he’d want all of HIS fans to also be fans of the ENTIRE group, and I trust that Jin is strong and competent enough to stand up for himself within the group if shit goes down that he doesn’t like.

You know, I came close to not answering this one (and now I see there’s another of a similar tone that was just sent) because I just - I really think this sentiment can be a damaging one.  Damaging  to Jin, to BTS, and to fans who now are in a position of feeling like they have to PICK between Jin and BTS - and that’s 100% not cool in my book.  Listen, I don’t think that every single day is a fairytale heaven for these boys together, but I feel like they’re a family. I don’t feel like Jin is a poor bullied victim, like it’s 6 againt 1, like he’s unappreciated and thrown away and unhappy.  I just don’t feel this way at all anon - and I’m really really sorry that you do.  < 3

I have become braver about unfollowing people with awful shitty opinions …

Post-Hive Ward & Jemma have a bit of a chat before a mission. 

(Vague S3 AU where the Hive stuff all played out a bit differently and Ward is, evidently, Hive-free.)

for @jessssicajones, who did a cool thing today and cool things clearly deserve pointless ws drabbles like this.

She knows that Ward’s watching.

It’s just what he does now. It’s what he always did, truthfully – always watching, always seeing, always cataloguing. His brain never quite switches off, never quite manages to quieten down the risk assessment sector.

They’re rather alike in that way, really.

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