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march 2012

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Christmas Crack AU in which the boys all work at the Santa Photo Booth and nothing is quite what it seems. Or the one where Louis will need a miracle to fix this ridiculous Christmas Cluster-fuck.
Staring Louis as the guy who responds to Santa’s mail, Niall as the worlds most Irish Santa Claus, Liam and Zayn in stripy Elf tights, and Harry as a plot twist you definitely didn’t see coming.


We all know the time when the boys were asked “What’s the one thing you can’t live without?” and Zayn looked at Louis and said “You”!  :) I love this moment! But while Louis questioned Zayn’s answer saying “Me or them?” Harry said “Yeah ….. you!” looking straight at Louis radiating fondness!

And here’s my problem! I don’t understand why nobody talks about this! I wanna talk about this!!! I wanna talk about Harry’s face when he’s looking Zayn and Louis hugging, ‘cause it’s the best thing in the world! I know my gifs are not the best, but that’s all I can do!

Please,watch the video and then come back to talk about it! PLEASE!!!

me: I’m gonna go to bed yes i am

louis: i got a dagger tattoo

me: well fuck me


if you don’t think there is something shady about the fact that liam, louis bandmate and friend, thinks that louis will like the article and be soo wrong about it, than i don’t know how to open your eyes.

shouldn’t liam know what kind of stuff louis likes reading about himself and what kind of stuff he hates reading about himself?? How could liam be so wrong?

There is a woman who writes articles for yahoo uk celebs that literally takes posts and theories and discussions directly from larry blogs and writes articles about it..that in turn prompt other news outlets to write similar articles - if you don’t see a problem with that i don’t know what to tell you. 

zayneful asked:

have you seen this? skygazer555*tumblr*com/post/114131963557/ why do the larries insist on being more and more transparent with how little they care about zayn? what the fuck. they will ignore anything to make it about larry.

I don’t know how text interpretation goes for other people, but that paragraph —even the “boyfriends” bit— doesn’t seem to refer specifically to 1D? The article uses Take That as an example a few lines above, and then comes with what is the general formula for boybands— shouldn’t be a surprise since so many have at least one gay member.

Often forged from disparate personalities, with whom they are forced to live at close quarters during an endless grind of promotional appearances, the pressure of keeping girlfriends, boyfriends and even drug use secret, adds extra pressure on boyband members, whose role is to maintain a gleaming smile as long as they are in the public eye.

Sounds pretty generalist IMO. Like, I get that’s great to have that wording on something put by a big site like The Independent. It’s interesting and all, but the focus of that article kinda got lost for focusing on just one word? I guess most people reblogging it are in fact focusing on a possible take on Larry there, despite the article suggesting that Zayn could leave and that 1D wouldn’t survive losing him, comparing it to the Take That/Robbie Williams situation. It’s a bit sad to see this happen again and again.