about hope and alyssa

All of you bitching about ashlyn letting that goal in. She’s only had the opportunity to play for the USA as a starter 11 times now. Match experience and learning from it can only be done in… You guessed it. A match. Until a player is actually out on the pitch, against different opponents they can’t grow and learn. Sure training and watching helps but nothing beats getting those valuable minutes and experience that comes with it. Would hope solo have made that mistake? Most likely not because she has 200+ caps and experience. If Jill had played her two alternate keepers more in all those Friendly’s this year and last after the world Cup, both of them would have grown more exponentially. So did ashlyn make a bad judgment call? Yes. Is she going to learn and grow from that mistake? Yes she will, and she will become even better. That’s how world class players are made.

ok but the fact that bts went from going to L.A. when they were filming AHL two years ago where pretty much no one recognized them to going all the way to Norway and having all these fans notice them is crazy to me bc look how far they’ve come

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Any ideas about the third princess' semblance yet? Also what about Raine or the Villiers twins semblances. Was Alyssa named after Hopes wife... or did you forget you had two Alyssas?

Ah, good question.

I assume you’re referring to Alyssa who is Hope’s wife and Alyssa who is Snow’s other daughter. The choice of name was a coincidence. I used Alyssa for Snow’s other daughter back when I was working on Ordinary Heroes, but when I made Final Rose I decided to pair Hope up with the character from FF XIII-2 named Alyssa.

I don’t have much of an idea for what the third princess’s Semblance will be. It will almost certainly not be Saviour-related. One of the quirks of Saviour is that all bearers of Saviour and all people with Semblances that can be viewed as bits and pieces of it (e.g., Serah, Lumina, Taren, Fraise, etc.) have the distinctive Farron pink hair.

I am leaning toward something influenced by Ragnarok since, much like Saviour, people with Ragnarok and other similar abilities have Fang’s hair colour and tend to take after her in appearance. Indeed, in the snippets set in the distant future, Empress Averia VII remarks on how strong the resemblance is between the bearers of Saviour and Ragnarok and their ancient ancestors.

highlights of the SuperBowl Predictions video

-kling “yeah, that’s the panthers”
-carli is extremely reasonable and level headed
-jae hinkle teasing steph about the pats
-sam mewis “i hope it gets cancelled”
-moe being adorable 
- “well, i’m from denver…” - horan 
-becky is also extremely reasonable and level headed
- “panthers were my mascot in high school, so they’re gonna win”- okay KO
-CP doesn’t watch football, is cute
- “I love Eli and I figure Eli probably loves his brother”
-ali krieger is beautiful
- *ash and hope high five, ask alyssa what she said, realize she said the same thing, proceed to also high five alyssa*
- “see, the GKs stick together”
-alyssa is salty about the patriots
-hope calls Newton a “stud” 
-ash doesn’t give a fuck but is cute and is going to root for whoever ali roots for
-crystal dunn does lots of silly dance moves