about hope and alyssa

ok but the fact that bts went from going to L.A. when they were filming AHL two years ago where pretty much no one recognized them to going all the way to Norway and having all these fans notice them is crazy to me bc look how far they’ve come

highlights of the SuperBowl Predictions video

-kling “yeah, that’s the panthers”
-carli is extremely reasonable and level headed
-jae hinkle teasing steph about the pats
-sam mewis “i hope it gets cancelled”
-moe being adorable 
- “well, i’m from denver…” - horan 
-becky is also extremely reasonable and level headed
- “panthers were my mascot in high school, so they’re gonna win”- okay KO
-CP doesn’t watch football, is cute
- “I love Eli and I figure Eli probably loves his brother”
-ali krieger is beautiful
- *ash and hope high five, ask alyssa what she said, realize she said the same thing, proceed to also high five alyssa*
- “see, the GKs stick together”
-alyssa is salty about the patriots
-hope calls Newton a “stud” 
-ash doesn’t give a fuck but is cute and is going to root for whoever ali roots for
-crystal dunn does lots of silly dance moves

My God, I Shall Believe You (MotxDianite)

(I wrote this late at night after a Mianite stream a bit ago. I know, it’s probably really sappy and bad, but here you go!)


Mot is like a son to Dianite. Mot is his right hand man, his true follower. Mot knew he would never betray his God. That was until relationships caused him to lie awake at night, wanting something more. Mot wanted more than ‘follower’ and 'son’. He wanted love.



Characters belong to the Mianite creators and crew.


Mot lay awake at night. He remembered Alyssa, her smile, the way her eyes first lit up when he saved her from what was supposed to be her destiny. He swooped in and saved her. Mot went off to trade, and received more than his payment: he’d received his fate. He came home with a child, a troubled child by the name of Alyssa, who Mot grew to love more every day. Mot knew Alyssa was here with him, and her chest of flower crowns and pink clothing was just downstairs, and if you listened really well, you could here her breathing while she slept. Little did Alyssa know, that Mot was looking for something: he was looking for his other half.
He’d stand there, talking to his friends. Spark and Ianite would laugh together, and Ianite’s eyes would glitter when Spark chuckled, like it was the first time she’d ever heard it and thought it would be the last. Martha and Steve would stand close to each other, and would hold hands secretly behind their backs, as if the rest of the group didn’t realize they loved each other. Mot stood there, alone, knowing Dianite was watching him from afar, with Alyssa at the house. Mot had people he loved, but they weren’t his. They didn’t consider him the only part of their life. When he looked around at Spark and Ianite, or Martha and Steve, Mot felt alone, standing there, twiddling his thumbs. Mot knew what he wanted, but what he wanted was out of his reach.
Mot wanted Dianite.
Dianite knew Mot like a son. He’d watched over Mot for years, guiding him, preparing him for his next decision. Dianite was there for Mot when he had nobody, before he found Alyssa, when his life was only his and nobody could alter his opinions. Now that he’d found his place in life, Mot began to wonder if this was the end of his road.
Deep down inside, Mot was scared. He was scared that Alyssa would leave him, and that Dianite would dissappear, and that he’d have nobody. This is why Mot needed somebody. He believed he’d found the right person. Telling this individual, however, was a stepping-stone Mot hadn’t reached, not yet.
Mot was willing to confess, but, instead, he wrote.
Mot leaped from his bed, pausing to find out if he’d woken up Alyssa. Feeling relieved that the child had no idea what he was thinking, Mot made his way to his type-writer, taking a deep breath. As soon as Mot’s fingers hit the buttons, he knew he’d have to let it all out, here and now.
Mot wrote his confession until dawn. He lifted his eyes from the paper and glanced around the room, realizing that he’d written all night. Looking down, Mot saw a floor of crumpled pages. He never remembered scrapping them.
Mot wondered if it was worth writing his thoughts down. He believed they would just bring shame and embarrassment his way. However, he thought back to why he wrote these words in the first place; he remembered Spark and Ianite, Martha and Steve, and realized that they had planned to stick together, until the bitter end.
Mot clenched his jaw, bit his tongue, and typed the last words.
I need you, Dianite. I love you. I will regret this, but I couldn’t contain it. Not after everything, not after all of this.
Mot took the very last sheet and picked up the pile of finished papers. He grabbed some leather, quickly crafting something that resembled the cover of a book. Mot stuffed the papers inside. He sprinted to a chest and dropped it inside. Closing it, Mot hurried upstairs. He needed sleep, and wanted nothing more than to shut his eyes and drift away. Mot barely reached his bed before he collapsed onto his bed, grabbing the sheets from under them and carelessly throwing them on top of himself. Mot sighed, knowing Alyssa would let him sleep. He fell asleep just as the sun rose.

'Mot? Mot!’
Mot groaned, feeling stiff all over. He didn’t move. Somebody suddenly shook him, and he moaned, turning his head. Alyssa stood there, her hair wet, a grin on her face.
'Good morning! Well, good evening,’ Alyssa giggled. 'How long has it been since you’ve had a sleeping routine? Days? Weeks? Months?’
'Years,’ Mot muttered, using the last of his strength to sit upright on the bed. 'What d'you need?’
'Well, you need to eat,’ Alyssa told him. 'But, you also have a visitor!’
'Tell them to come back another time,’ Mot said, rising from the bed.
'Uh..I can’t do that,’ Alyssa admitted.
There were two loud stomps from downstairs.
Mot looked at Alyssa and cocked his eyebrow. 'Really?’
'What?’ Alyssa grinned. 'I can’t exactly say no to a God, can I?’
Alyssa headed downstairs in her pink armor, a pink and white flower crown hanging off her head. A few minutes after, Mot came down. Dianite was leaning against the entrance to their home. Alyssa was reaching into a chest, and took out a bright flower crown, tossing it toward Dianite. Dianite caught it in one hand, and twirled it in his fingers. Mot watched him from the foot of the stairs.
'What is your obsession with these..flower rings, may I ask?’ Dianite asked Alyssa, who closed the chest.
'They’re flower crowns! They’re pretty and fun to make. I can teach you!’ Alyssa smiled. She hurried over to Dianite, grabbing the crown from his hand and dropping it on top of his head, around his horns.
'Um..Maybe not today, Alyssa,’ Dianite chuckled. Alyssa hurried out the front door, leaving Dianite and Mot alone.
Mot grabbed his book from the otherwise empty chest. He moved upstairs, and put it on a shelf. He turned around suddenly and Dianite was leaning against the wall at the top of the stairs. He looked at the shelf and cocked his eyebrows.
'What have you got there?’ Dianite asked, making his way over to the shelf. Mot snatched it from the shelf and held it close to him, realizing he was stupid to leave it lying out in the open, especially with Dianite around.
'It’s..Um..Blood magic!’ Mot blurted out. 'I’m trying to learn blood magic.’
'Oh,’ Dianite chuckled. 'Well, I can help you, if you want. I know a thing or two.’
Dianite smiled at Mot, and Mot tried not to blush.
'I better be going. Ianite has been asking for my presence,’ Dianite told Mot.
'Of course,’ Mot said. 'Praise be.’
Dianite nodded and suddenly, he was gone.


Mot had just left the house when he heard his name; he turned around and saw Alyssa and Martha running toward him.
'Evening, Martha,’ Mot smiled. She grinned and nodded.
'Sorry for not being home! Martha and Steve were telling me stories about Urulu from years ago,’ Alyssa giggled.
'Nothing inappropriate, I hope, Martha,’ Mot teased.
'Nothing of the sort, Mot! What would’ve brought you to believe I’d tell such tales?’ Martha chuckled.
'I’m just heading down to the river. Were you both heading home?’ Mot asked.
'I can mind her until you come back, if you want,’ Martha offered.
'That’s very generous, Martha,’ Mot told her. ’D'you want to stay with Martha, Alyssa?’
Alyssa giggled. 'I’ll see you later, Mot!’
Martha and Alyssa began to walk once again, and Mot jogged down to the lake, the sun dropping behind the desert sand.


Do I want to do this?
Should I?
Will it change anything?
Mot asked himself these questions as he stood on the bed of the river, pieces of paper in hand, contemplating whether or not to hide his feelings for his God.
He’s my God! Mot thought. It’s stupid! It’s hopeless! Why do I think I stand a chance?
Mot jumped, and accidentally dropped some pages into the water. He watched them float away.
'Mot, stop.’
Mot slowly turned around and saw his God.
'Dianite! What are you doing here?’ Mot said. He was trying to act normal.
Dianite sighed, lowering his eyes to the grass below him. 'Mot..’
He unfolded a piece of paper and held it in front of him. Mot stepped forward to read it.
I need you, Dianite. I love you.
Dianite found the final page of his confession.
Mot backed away and didn’t look Dianite in the eye. Mot had been so stupid. He felt so worthless. He had false hope and believed that he would’ve had a chance, but instead, Mot had embarrassed himself more than ever before.
'I knew,’ Dianite whispered.
'You knew what?’ Mot muttered, all happiness draining out of him.
'I knew that you..I knew that you loved me. I could see it. More than a brotherly love. It was real.’ Dianite stepped towards Mot. 'I saw it when you looked at Ianite and Spark. I saw it every time you arrived home from a journey. You didn’t want to travel the road alone.’
'But that doesn’t matter now, does it?’ Mot snapped. 'Look at me! I’m a mess. I’m worthless. I’m stupid for believing I could..I thought I could love a God! A petty human!’
Mot removed pages from the leather folder and crumpled them. He threw page after page into the river, getting angrier every time.
'Mot..’ Dianite whispered.
'I’m so stupid,’ Mot muttered to himself.
'Mot!’ Dianite repeated, louder than before.
'My feelings mean nothing. Nobody cares about-’
'Mot!’ Dianite shouted. He grabbed Mot’s wrist. Mot slowly turned around, hands shaking.
'You are not worthless.’ Dianite looked him straight in the eye. 'You have a purpose. You were put here for a reason. You were born to follow me. You were born to be my right hand man, my helper. You are like a son to me. Never think for a second that you have no reason to be here. Alyssa needs you. Your friends, Spark and Martha and Steve need you. I need you.’
Mots hands were shaking as bad as ever before and Dianite noticed.
'Mot, I..’ Dianite gulped, looking down at the ground with round eyes. 'I need you. I..I love you.’
Mot looked up in shock. Dianite looked up slowly, and smiled at Mot. He took the remaining pages from Mot’s grasp and held them in his hands. 'How about we head back to your home, and read these pages? A lot can be revealed late at night.’
Dianite let go of Mot’s wrist and eventually, Mot began to walk back home. Him and Dianite stood close together, exchanging glances and smiles.
'Please believe every word I said back there. All of it is true. All of it.’
Mot blushed. Dianite noticed and chuckled. Mot smiled tenderly at him, his cheeks red. 'I’ll try and believe.’