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y1ffgod  asked:

I’ve had tavros holding a whole ass burger in his hands looking high as fuck saying “borger” stuck in my head for like, 2 days now. it’s seared into my eyelids. i don’t even know why i thought of it but every time i see tavros all i hear is borger. it’s not even that funny but I’m cursed

this is the funniest fucking thing anyone has ever sent me

another valuable writing lesson i’ve internalized from Homestuck: make your characters like things. and not cool things. the homestuck kids are richly devoted to terrible Nicholas Cage movies and bad romance novels, historical reenactment, nerd rap, and wizard slash. they make shipping grids. they are furries and bad hackers and LARPers and juggalos. 

that’s what gives characters depth, not their sparkling eyes or their bad-ass ninja skills, or genius I.Q. give them disorders and hang-ups and quirks, make them obsessed with sudoku or crafting stuffed animals, make them loathe bananas and going out in the cold.