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hey!! i love your writing so much!! you're amazing x I was wondering for a stress free prompt thing would a ransom/holster/bitty (either platonic or romantic, and can be either or both from holsom with bitty) piece with ransom or holster helping out or defending bitty in anyway be possible? i hope you're having a good evening :)

[trying to get into that writing thing again, so here is a quick fic: 2.2k, reference to fighting/minor injuries, just gen. no pairings in this fic, set in Year 1]

It’s not something Bitty would have ever expected, but by March of his Freshmen year, he has sort of forgotten that Ransom and Holster are objectively huge.

He is just used to it. He is used to being crammed in the middle as they subtly steer him while he looks at his phone and they talk literally over his head. He is used to glaring upwards when he needs to glare and, really, sometimes it’s strange when he meets up with new people and suddenly his neck isn’t craning. Sure, if he has to describe them to his family or friends from Georgia, he will usually throw in their height but it’s not the first thing he mentions anymore.

 Ransom and Holster are just his big, dumb, goofy friends. They have a best friend handshake and eat best friend sundaes and he knows they must be intimidating on the ice but that’s never directed at him. They even know not to include him when they start roughhousing. He texts them gifs of big dogs doing dumb things with the hashtag: “#isthisyou.”

The point is: It’s a bit surprising when he slides into his usual seat in American History 102, next to a very nice girl named Greta, who turns to him with a somewhat astonished face.

“Eric!” Bitty waves a hello, even though privately he prefers Bitty nowadays. He had met Greta in 101, though, before he knew to introduce himself as such. “Did you hear?”

“Hear what?” he says, reaching for his bookbag and hoping he remembered to bring his history notebook.

“About the fight,” she says. “I mean, obviously, you heard. Do you have the details?”

“Err—“ he starts. The other students are leaning forward, waiting to hear his answer. “I’m sorry, I haven’t got the faintest what y’all’re talking about.”

“The fight,” Greta says. “With the hockey players!”

Bitty thinks back to their last game. Fighting isn’t actually allowed in the NCAA but there had been a bit of a tousle when one of the guys from Northeastern ran into Johnson and Jack got in his face. Bitty wouldn’t exactly call it a fight but maybe to the uniformed…

“I mean, it wasn’t a real fight,” Bitty says. “Jack is too disciplined for that but you don’t skate into a team’s goalie and Johnson was a tad slow getting up so—“

“What are you talking about?” Greta says. “It most definitely was a real fight. My friend Yazmine said there was blood everywhere!”

“What?” Bitty says.

“They’re your friends,” Greta replies. “How do you not know about this? The two huge ones that walk you around places!”

“Ransom and Holster?” Bitty says. “You think Ransom and Holster got into a fight?”

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The story of how you met: a study in scarlet

In a way, Anderson was right; the case of Hope—Jefferson, Jeff the cabbie, and Sherrindford—was about revenge. Rache, German for revenge; Rachel, it’s not a name. If we are to begin from the beginning, the real beginning, a study in scarlet shall be conducted then. Scarlet as in red, in blood, and in Rache i.e. all things German.

I’ve noted in several of my meta posts that series 4 was about the past – events that happened but certain details went unnoticed or seemed inconsequential at the time. Reality perceived differently, or perhaps, incomplete. Pink, a lighter shade of red. A Study in Pink, the pink lady, Jeff Hope, Moriarty; A Study in Scarlet, the lady in red, Culverton Smith, Faith? No. Eurus? No.

Scarlet. Roses are Red. Rosamund?

It has always been about John Watson. Ever since day one.

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キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!! : What does your muse do when very excited?


All those WACKY THINGS Papyrus does and more!!!

Lately he has been the type to squeeze his cheekbones with both hands and SQUEAL!!!!!!!!!

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I came across an upcoming book series you might be interested in. It's about Greta Helsing, a doctor to the supernatural community in London. www orbitbooks. net/2017/01/09/cover-launch-strange-practice-vivian-shaw/

This looks awesome.

Meet Greta Helsing, fast-talking doctor to the undead. Keeping the supernatural community not-alive and well in London has been her family’s specialty for generations.

After inheriting a highly specialized – and highly peculiar – medical practice, Dr. Helsing spends her days treating the undead for a host of ills: vocal strain in banshees, arthritis in barrow-wights and entropy in mummies. Although barely making ends meet, this is just the quiet, supernatural-adjacent life Greta’s been preparing for since childhood.

But when a sect of murderous monks starts attacking Londoners, undead and human alike, and terror takes hold of the city, Greta must use all her unusual skills to keep her supernatural clients – and the rest of London – safe.

Garbo was a completely masculine dyke, which makes her films even more wonderful. She did the chasing, except for Mercedes de Acosta, whom she took on for snob reasons and gave a hell of a beatin — the daughter of a butcher abusing a descendant of the Duke of Alba! When somebody like Dietrich or Bankhead went after her, Garbo took it on the lam.
—  Louise Brooks about Greta Garbo in Garbo by Barry Paris

THINGS STRAIGHT MEN NEED YOU TO KNOW ABOUT NOTED BISEXUAL GRETA GARBO: yeah yeah she was androgynous and liked to dance around “””Gender confusion””” but ONLY TO AMUSE PEOPLE; any implication that she might’ve liked women is COMPLETE CONJECTURE because LOOK AT THE MEN SHE LOVED IN HER LIFETIME; yeah she liked the idea of girls in trousers but WHEN IT CAME TO TEH SEX SHE ONLY LIKED THE MANLIEST OF MANLY MEN OKAY

For Frances, it was a point of pride at one point that she was undateable. This feeling that she didn’t fit into hetero-normative structures, that she wasn’t able to settle down, and no man would be able to handle her.  She thought that she and her friend were like that and that they would grow old together and be spinsters or something.  As the movie goes on, she realizes that she doesn’t want to be left out of that aspect of life.  I don’t think she becomes worried about it so much as there’s just a moment where she sees a man, Benji (Michael Zegen), who she could have probably dated, with another girl, and she thinks, “Everybody is moving on and coupling off and doing these things, and I haven’t done it and maybe that was the wrong choice.”  For her, it’s more about that.

                                                                                                  - Greta Gerwig

Our Song (Chapter 3)

Tokyo Ghoul Idol AU

Summary: Hinami is a normal college student leading a normal, happy life. Ayato is an idol drowning in fame and fortune who suffers from sleepless nights and unforgettable nightmares. They meet through a variety show that gives Hinami the chance to sing with him. Initially bitter that she wasn’t given the chance to sing with her bias, Kaneki, Hinami starts to warm up to Ayato and sees the real person beyond the sexy bad boy he appears to be onstage. (Relationships: Ayahina + Kirishima family)

A/N: I tried to finish this yesterday but I ended up delaying it by a bit. Sorry for that. Anyway, Chapter 3 is out. Please do reblog this if you enjoyed it! Also, happy belated birthday, Hinami! Title of this chapter was inspired by an Anon! ^^

Index: Masterpost | Information sheet | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

Chapter 3: Ringtone

Three days pass and Hinami wonders why Ayato hasn’t texted her even though it was him who asked for her number. When Ayato finally does text her, Hinami accidentally reveals this to her boss at work. 

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Things I need in Hexworld series
  • story about Mingzhu the carp familiar
  • story about chief Ferguson and his familiar Athene
  • story about the frog familiar mentioned in one line in one book
  • more Roland and August please
  • a familiar/familiar story
  • story about Leona the anarchist
  • @kd-heart suggested a corgi familiar and now im dying i need it
  • story about Greta the wolverine familiar being gay
  • story about Owen’s trans brother
  • story where the witch and familiar arent the ones destined to be (which I’m assuming the Isaac story will be)
  • im definitely forgetting sth add your own

i saw something about love && stuff on my dash and i wanted to write something that i kind of headcanon for brahms. 

he is a sociopath. that being said, he is completely incapable of loving another human. && in turn, does not love greta. i know a lot of people who have seen the movie believe that he is in love with the protagonist – considering he keeps a make-shift version of her ( wearing her stolen dress && necklace ) in his own bed and forces a kiss on her during the ending scene. but brahms does not love her. she is a possession to him, something that his parents gave him in order to keep him from losing his mind at the loss of his parents. 

tldr ; he is a brat who thinks he can keep people for his own.