about full service

Unfollow me if you’re hateful towards any kind of sex worker. You can’t be okay with cam girls and then talk about how “nasty” full service sex workers (the ones that actually have sex with their clients) are. I’m not okay with that and you don’t deserve to follow me if you have that much hate in your heart.

A few years ago I heard on a radio show about luxury full service sex workers, who would charge you a pretty penny, but who had high education (maybe even more than one degree), spoke several languages, etc. Basically, you would be hiring the person for a pleasant evening of engaging conversation and you’d end up doing the dirty with a highly trained professional.

My point is: James Wesley was a luxury full service sex worker, and that’s how he and Wilson Fisk met.

Fisk probably didn’t have time for romance when he was first building his empire, and also might have wanted to keep it a bit hush hush that he also liked men, not to mention he’s not the greatest at seducing people, so he might have wanted to hire someone who would be discreet, agreeable, and really good in bed. Enter James Wesley, 25 years old, trying to pay off the student loans he took for his two degrees, who speaks several languages and has a dry sense of humor that Fisk apreciates. 

And they get along like a house on fire.

Wilson was not so sure about the whole idea at first, found it distasteful perhaps, but then he has this incredibly good-looking young man in front of him that he barely dares to look in the eye, and he doesn’t seem to care if he stutters or gets distracted, and he makes him laugh, and part of him thinks it’s all fake but another buys the act. Plus, he has an excellent taste in wines. The night ends at a fancy hotel and they click together, and even though he’s the one paying Fisk is a very generous lover and Wesley makes the prettiest noises. They end up meeting again. And again. And again.

James has had a few regular clients but he had never felt drawn to any of them like he feels drawn to this mysterious man. It’s not like he has any horror stories about the job, because he serves a rather fancy clientele, but Wilson still stands out from all of them. He finds Fisk’s shyness endearing and his passion in his beliefs enthralling. Not to mention that he’s a spectacular lay. He starts looking forward to their evenings together, and he fully knows he’s shooting himself in the foot, but can’t stop it. Or maybe he tries. Maybe he calls Fisk before he makes his next appointment with some bullshit excuse about how it’s against company policy to go on over X dates with the same client (Fisk can tell it’s bull, but maybe he takes it personally and that’s why he doesn’t insist).

Haha, that’s a lie, Fisk fucking insists, because Wilson Fisk is nothing if not driven and persistent and really, Wesley should have known better than to try and pull something like that on him. 

Fisk shows up at the cafe where James takes his morning coffee -he doesn’t even want to know how Fisk found out about that- and offers him a job, with a paycheck even bigger than the one he gets right now, and an offer to pay off his student debts as a bonus. Wesley accepts (after subtly making sure that he’s not being hired to be Wilson’s personal boytoy).

He ends up in Hell’s Kitchen -which he hates- surrounded by a bunch of dangerous people who look at him like they would love to put a bullet in his brain, but he loves his new job, he’s intoxicated with the amount of power he deals with, and Fisk is still a spectacular lay, so he can’t really complain.